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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House D'Orsay

Major House

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#1 Mora

Sureau Assassin

Posted 31 January 2016 - 02:08 PM

Major House

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General Information
House Name: D'Orsay
Classification: Major
Socioeconomic Rating: 5.4
Colors: Burgundy & Gold
General Description:
Long before the Final Empire carved out its network of canals the people of the land - including the Lord Ruler himself - traveled on foot or by horse. House D'Orsay has been an important part of this tradition, since before records have been kept. The family prides itself on breeding the finest horses in the Final Empire for every need, such as recreational riding, plowing fields, hauling supplies, drawing carriages, hunting, racing, and speedily delivering messages.

Given their status as renowned horse breeders, all of the D'Orsays are expected to be expert riders. They're said to be a bit more rugged than some of the other noble families due to the hands-on nature of their business; they're not afraid to get their boots dirty.

Based in the Eastern Dominance, in the countryside, the River Seran borders part of their extensive ancestral holdings. The D'Orsay family has a vast ranch and an elegant, old manor that has been in the family for hundreds of years. Their home isn't so large or ostentatious as many more recently built structures but it has an air of old charm and refinement - like a partially worn leather-bound book. Lesser D'Orsay cousins are settled in more modest holdings in various spots across the Final Empire in order to better serve the needs of the populace with local operations; all operate under the same philosophies and techniques as the main branch of the House to ensure they turn out equivalent quality steed.

Over time, D'Orsay's business organically grew into other areas, including farriery, saddlery, riding lessons, carriage and cart construction (an enterprise that grew from a relationship with lesser houses who provided carriage construction services), horse racing (which began as a way to show off the speed of their animals), and finally, gambling on the races. Their first and largest race track/betting facility is located on the outskirts of Klessium; the family would like to expand this increasingly popular enterprise to other dominances.

The ancestral seat of the family is located in a more civilized part of the Eastern Dominance compared to the hub of corruption that is Klessium, but that doesn't mean the family hasn't taken steps to protect itself from the threats the Dominance is known for. Their properties are well-fortified and the House employs ample security, especially for their more public venues, and for protecting their valuable assets (horses).

Character Information
Head: Alain D'Orsay (NPC)
Heir: Constantin D'Orsay (NPC)
Player Members:
-Axelle D'Orsay (b. 890)
NPC Members:
-Lord Alain D'Orsay, Head of House (b. 862)
-Lady Florence D'Orsay, his wife (b. 863)
-Constantin D'Orsay, house heir (b. 884)
-Francois D'Orsay, second-born son (b. 886)
-Pearce D'Orsay, third-born son (b. 888)
-Evers, House Steward (b. 858)
-Rian, Skaa Stablehand, Husband of Faye (b. 869, d. 910)
-Faye, Skaa Fieldworker, Wife of Rian, Mother of Mace, Rex, Lyn, Tyne, Kayse, and Axelle (b. 872)
-Mace, Ska Blacksmith (b. 889)
-Rex, Ska Stablehand (b. 892)
-Lyn, Skaa Fieldworker (b. 893)
-Tyne, Ska Stablehand (b. 895)
-Kayse, Ska Fieldworker (b. 896)

Inquisition Notes

Home & Wealth
Current Location: [The countryside outside of Luthadel; Lord Alain is looking for a match for his youngest son, and looking to make deals to build racetracks in the other dominances
Ancestral Home: Eastern Dominance
Financial Avenue:
-Breeding of Horses
-Horse Training
-Riding lessons
-Horse Races (Ticket sales & betting)
-Crafting/selling a variety of horse-drawn carriages and carts, and skaa-carried palanquins for those spots that aren't suitable for horses

-House Elariel [Positive] The houses have a positive relationship as the Elariels have a standing contract with House D'Orsay for their equine needs.
-House Brehaut [Positive] The houses have a positive relationship as the Brehauts have a standing contract with House D'Orsay for their equine needs.
-House Driskell [Positive] While the contract between the two houses is young, both parties are hopeful that it could grow into something more substantial and beneficial for both of them.
-House Faarskar [Friendly] The houses have a friendly relationship as the D'Orsays have been assisting with Faarskar's transportation needs for some time; the D'Orsay reputation for being honorable is something Lord Astor has seen for himself.
-House Sorelle [Mostly Positive] The houses have a mostly positive relationship as they have mutually beneficial contracts and House Merrick has been the exclusive builder of House D'Orsay since the original manor house was built.

-The Steel Ministry: House D'Orsay provides horses, carriages, carts, farriery and saddlery services for the Ministry.
-Army & Garrison: House D'Orsay provides war horses, and messenger horses, along with necessary services and accessories (saddlery, farriery)
-House Elariel: House D'Orsay provides horses and accompanying services as necessary (saddlery, farriery)
-House Brehaut: House D'Orsay provides horses and accompanying services as necessary
-House Driskell: House Driskell has provided a parcel of land, stables, and food for horses in exchange for transportation services, which has provided not only a transportation contract but has provided another base from which to conduct business.
-House Faarskar: House D'Orsay has a contract for transporting Faarskar's goods when needed; House D'Orsay purchases metal from House Faarskar for use in the farriery part of their business. They also seek out House Faarskar for their jewelry needs.
-House Sorelle: House Merrick provides building services for House D'Orsay, including the building of stables. House D'Orsay provides draft horses, carts, and drivers to transport stone and lumber for the building house.

Governance & Customs


The main branch is supposedly comprised of the line of the family that can be traced back to the originator, Marius. Leadership of the house generally falls to the eldest son within the main line, but if there are no sons, it will pass to a daughter such that the bloodline remains purest. Males who marry into the main branch of the house will be asked to take on the family name if leadership of the main house, or lesser houses, fall to them.

Riding Culture & Work Style
All D'Orsays are expected to learn to ride at an expert level, starting their education as young children. It is traditional for heirs of the main branch of House D'Orsay to be gifted a horse upon their seventh birthday - the age that young Marius is said to have first ridden. Instead of a parent choosing a mount for their child, the child chooses one they feel a bond with, and offers the horse the traditional apple and grain. The horse must accept the food in order to make ownership official. Among those lesser houses in each dominance only the patriarch of each officially owns their own steed, as the animals are scarce, and the priority is breeding and training them for sale - an endeavor which takes a great deal of time and money.

D'Orsay weddings also involve the family steed; following the ceremony the D'Orsay groom places his bride on his horse (or one currently in the possession of the family), and the couple rides off for some time away from guests' attentions.

Female D'Orsays are expected to wear a similar riding habit to men, which includes pants, and they too ride astride. They all learn side-saddle just so they can teach it to female riding students at the request of their families. It isn't at all strange for even the most high-born D'Orsay women to be seen in slacks if at home or work.

The House values honest hard work, and takes pride in having their hands in all of their operations. D'Orsay hands are known to be rougher than many other noble hands given this approach to business. They bring integrity to all their dealings and value continued improvement of their House and businesses over political matters. They are less given to gossip and one-upmanship than many of their peers. They are proud of their origins and the work they do, even though they are well aware that they are far from the top and looked down on by many of the elite. It is important to note that the upper layers of the House are well-educated, and the hands-on approach does not indicate a lack of learning, but pragmatism.

House Symbol & Jewelry
The Lord of the House wears a signet ring fashioned with the shape of a stallion's head with a flowing mane. Horsehoes, stirrups, and horsehead shapes are common in jewelry belonging to members of the family. The official symbol of the house looks like a Fleur de Lis with the top parts of the right and left plumes modified to resemble a profile of a horse's head; this image commonly appears in House artwork, decor, jewelry, and textiles. Goods made by House D'Orsay are marked with an ornate open D that looks like a left-facing profile of a horse that culminates in an upward curve.


The earliest records of House D'Orsay are those that exist in folklore, in the form of myth passed on from parents to children for generations before history was recorded in writing.

The Myth of House D'Orsay

It was said that during one of the Lord Ruler's trips to the Eastern Dominance, he happened upon the modest home of the D'Orsay family, near the River Seran. Loyal, and Lord-fearing, the family offered up what resources they had to the traveling God. It is said that during the brief encounter the Sliver of Infinity seemed amused by the ministrations of the littlest D'Orsay, Marius. Some say he even touched the child on the head, others say it was a brief touch to the tip of his nose. Either way, one thing was clear; Marius wasn't quite the same after that.

The legend says that soon after his encounter with the Lord Ruler, he discovered that he had the ability to speak the languages of the animals that lived in the woods surrounding his family home. One day, whilst he was collecting firewood, he came across a magnificent ebony stallion drinking water from a stream. He paused where he stood, not wanting to disturb it or scare it away - for in those days, horses were elusive creatures, not used to man. Instead, he opened his mouth and spoke in the steed's own tongue, drawing the animal's gaze and attention - without inspiring fear. He introduced himself and spoke to the horse for hours; after some time he set aside his firewood to cautiously approach with empty hands. The stallion allowed the boy to pet his back and to brush his fingers through his long mane. Eventually, the horse shared his name, so the little boy would know what to call him. In the common tongue his name translates to Maelstrom. Before Marius left for home, they agreed to meet at the same spot the next day.

So it was that the boy returned the next morning, with a sweet green apple to offer his newfound friend, and some oats from his family's farm. In appreciation, the stallion led the boy to parts of the forest he'd never ventured to before. They explored until after the sun set and the world turned dark. Maelstrom showed Marius flowers that only bloomed at night, spots where fireflies lived, and the best places for looking at the stars. But other creatures also enjoyed the cover of night, and a wolf pack slowly tracked them through the woods, until it was ready to make its move.

The predators emerged from the blackness with threatening snarls, intent on making a meal of both the stallion and the child. But Marius knew their language, and though afraid, he stepped in front of Maelstrom and spoke to the wolves in a strong voice, commanding them to stand down. The wolves were shocked, for no human had ever addressed them thus, so they froze for a moment as they beheld the pair, and after a long moment the alpha told his packmates to retreat. Warily, they all took a few steps away, before running off. The stallion was so grateful that he bowed to Marius and swore he and his kin would serve the boy and his family, always, with the speed of their legs and the strength of their backs and unwavering loyalty. He told the boy to climb onto his back so he need not walk home, and so the littlest D'Orsay became the first human to gain the trust of a horse and become a rider.

It is said that all of the D'Orsays have a little bit of Marius in them, in that they have a talent for communicating with horses, even if the specifics of the language were lost - and that is why they produce the best horses in the land.

Manor Description

D'Orsay Manor was built long ago, when the House first rose to status and fortune within the Eastern Dominance, to show how far they'd come. To say the original footprint of the family's ranch was a great deal smaller would be a vast understatement. Rather than move from that parcel of land that had become sacred to the family, they bought up all the connecting tracts, and expanded bit by bit to command a large swath of the dominance, far from the Ashmount Faleast, where crops grew more readily and the weather was temperate, with the River Seran providing easy access to water. It was only after they'd expanded their holdings enough that they invested in building a house that could remain in the family for generations to come.

The main house is constructed in a classic E shape, with the two outermost gabled wings projecting north, and a centrally placed full-height gabled central wing and grand entrance, that doesn't project out as far. The structure was built from a honey-gold limestone and its three stories plus cellar are topped with a darker grey stone tiled roof. The first and second floor have high ceilings accentuated by long, leaded transom and mullioned windows that run five panes wide at the center of the front faces of the outer wings on both the first and second stories, with a shorter three-paned set just above them on the narrower third-floor face below the gabled roof. The central section of the E shape has a rounded entrance with a sturdy dark mahogany door. Above the door are three rows of similarly leaded, mullioned and transom windows, shorter than those on the outer wings, four panes over four panes with three panes on the third floor. Windows of similar style bring natural light to the rest of the of the house. Numerous chimney stacks extend up out of the roof, along with ornamental finials that crown the central and outer points of the pointed faces of the outer wings and central wing. Ivy grows up the east side of the building, and partially extends to adorn the northern face of the wing.

The main door opens to the great hall, which runs straight to the back of the house. At the left and right sides of the hall are two staircases that curve in towards the center of the room, and lead to a second floor gallery where guests can watch the festivities below. The room is mostly a milky white marble with pale gold and grey veins. There is a central multi-tiered chandelier, two story columns, and candelabra style lighting. There are no additional adornments as the natural tones in the stone and the large windows create an elegant atmosphere. The rest of the house is dominated by rich mahogany woods, and burgundy carpets and drapes. Old stone hearths and exposed dark beams are commonplace in the house, lending it a more rustic country air. Much of the art in the house is related to their equestrian trade, with landscapes, classical images of the hunt, as well as images of all of the House Lords with their prized mount accounting for most tapestries, paintings, and sculptures found within.

There are a number of notable out buildings, constructed from brick and stone, added over the years. Chief among these are massive two-story barn complexes, split by the type of horses raised there. There are also workshops for all of the individual business extensions: a smithy, a saddlery, and a carriage and cart-builders. There are also smaller timber, plaster, and thatch cottages where the skaa workers live.

The grounds of the estate are quite extensive, providing more than enough room for horses to exercise and go to pasture. There is even a small racetrack for guest entertainment. A greater variety of trees and plants grow as the land is located far from the Faleast Ashmount.

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#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 20 November 2017 - 12:23 AM

Everything seems to be in order here. I like the folklore you put in!

Since D'Orsay isn't a Great House candidate, I'm more okay with letting you develop additional ties and contracts (or rivalries! ;) ) during the normal course of play, or just as you think of them, so it's an approval from me!

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