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Mistborn: The Inquisition



Nessa's Photo Nessa 22 Jul 2017

Nessa felt a thrill of excitement when Datura said that we would train. As in, the two of them. Together. What would it be like, training with another woman who could fight? Another woman who had pewter? Well, alright, she imagined it would probably be something like the fight they'd just had, but still. It was incredible to think about. She couldn't really think of any proper reply, though, so she just nodded her understanding. Wonder how much pewter they would give her, and now long it would take to heal? She'd need to burn a lot, and fast, to get back in the fray.

Nate gave her a questioning look, and she pulled away with a grateful nod. While she trusted him to help her - for now - being touched still felt strange, and besides, she'd stood under her own power for as long as she could remember. It would take longer than a couple days to get used to leaning on anyone, for anything, no matter how grateful she was for the sudden and unwarranted kindness.

"Food sounds great," she said in response to his question, but then something occurred to her - something that confused her more the more she thought about it. "But, bedrest? My job is to... sleep? Every other crew would throw me out if all I did was eat and sleep."

Datura's Photo Datura 23 Jul 2017

Datura walked back towards her chair—alright, she'd admit, it was a throne—and sat down in it normally this time, crossing her legs with a high kick.

She smiled knowingly. "I think you'll find, dear, that my crew is very little like 'every other.' And I like to think that's why we are where we are today. You'll see."

As Datura settled back, gesturing for the two of them to leave, she nodded to herself. Yes, Nessa would make an excellent addition to this crew. She'd have to thank Ignas for this when she next saw him. Having another Pewterarm around to spar with would be... quite interesting.