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The Girl With Fire in her Hair

Daeric Vaudin's Photo Daeric Vaudin 31 Oct 2017

Their little group had gathered a few of the hotel's patrons as they made their careful way down towards the ground floor of the hotel, drawn by the calming effects of Jalen's Soothing. Even then, with Jalen presumably flaring his brass as high as he could, Frederin still had to remind them to back up as Winchester tested the door to the stairwell. Smoke was billowing ominously from the crack at the bottom, and as soon as his fingertips brushed the surface of the wood, he yanked his hand back, hissing softly.

"No good," he said, shaking his head. "We open that, we're as good as dead."

"Guess it's the window after all," Daeric sighed, reaching into the inner pocket of his coat. For all steel was one of the slower burning metals, he was still about to need a lot of it. "Everyone to the front of the building. Any men who are able, throw something through the windows to clear the glass and begin throwing things down. Ladies, once the glass is clear, line up in single file, please."

He hadn't really considered himself the leader of this venture, and had given the orders without thinking, but nobody hesitated to follow them; they instead moved about with an almost eerie calm to do as he asked. He would have to buy Jalen a drink if they had any money left after this; he didn't particularly want to imagine what it would be like to have to deal with all of these people in a state of hysteria.

There were multiple crashing sounds as the men broke through the windows, and Daeric couldn't help but wince as Frederin and Winchester began shoving the first of their luggage out of the windows. Sure, it was better than letting it burn, but it was still painful to watch.

But there was work to be done, and they didn't have any time to waste on mourning what might become of their luggage - the hallway was already starting to fill with smoke, even with the windows now smashed open. Thankfully, most of the crowd had already witnessed Daeric's Allomancy, so he didn't have to bother explaining the situation; he merely tossed a handful of clips out the window and extended his hand to the first lady in line, who consented to being carefully scooped up into Daeric's arms, and then they were out of the window, both of them gasping for the clean air even as he lowered them carefully down. Another trunk tumbled out of the window next to them, landing in the street with a sharp CRACK. The lady flinched, and Daeric had to flare his steel to correct their course, but they landed safely, and he quickly set the lady down to be ushered to safety by... someone. Daeric hadn't really noticed who; he was too focused on the burning in his lungs and the fact that his friends were still up there. Someone reached out to lead him by the arm away from the building, but he shook them off with a brusque "Not yet" and launched himself back into the building.

It was going to be a long morning.

Delissia's Photo Delissia 03 Nov 2017

"Miss, I think that's about as far as I can boost you."

Delissia frowned, but kept the dreadful thing from ruining the brightness of her voice. "You are doing very well my good Sir! Thank-you again so much for this. I know I'm quite light, but even so it must be a strain to hold me up for so long." The restaurant owner cursed under his breath as Delissia shifted too far to the side trying to reach a brick that looked like it might be a good handhold. "You really, truly, are among the most valiant and brave of men for what you . . ." Delissia trailed off as she watched a man leap from a window carrying a woman in his arms. As they fell, the man seemed to lurch through the air, propelled by an unseen force.

Allomancy. That's the ticket! The man seemed almost familiar, though it was difficult to tell with all the smoke and his general state of dishevelment.

Delissia nearly knocked the poor restaurant owner over when she hopped down from her perch without warning. "Thank-you again, kind sir, but I think I've found another avenue."

The restaurant owner was breathing heavily. "That's quite all right miss, but I really think you should reconsider . . ." Delissia silenced the man with a friendly embrace and a kiss on the cheek, and then hurried back down to the street where should found none other than Daeric Vaudin unloading another frightened victim.

"Lord Daeric!" she called, stopping him before he could launch back up. "Just the man I was hoping to find." Daeric looked like he might interrupt, likely to insist on the urgency of the situation, but Delissia soldiered on, determined to have her way. "Since you're going up anyways, I don't suppose you could give me a lift? Silly me, I seem to have left something rather precious behind, and I couldn't bear not to go back for it." Before he could get away, Delissia reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You must forgive me for intruding and engaging in such an intimate posture without notice, but you know I trust all of you so much, and this really is an emergency after all, isn't it? I'm quite light you see, so the weight shouldn't be any trouble at all."

Delissia batted her eyelashes and gave Daeric her best smile. "But we really should be going, shouldn't we? You have those people to save and that building won't last all day."

Maximillian Driskell's Photo Maximillian Driskell 05 Nov 2017

As Max walked, he saw the fire. Lucky that wasn't the Rosy Sunrise, he thought as he approached the building. He started to look around, trying to memorize the scene to draw it later. People moved frantically all over the place, trying to get away from the hotel.

A sudden noise made him start, and he turned around to see a couple men throwing some luggage out through a broken window. Just a moment later, a few coins came out of the window. Before Max could react, a man jumped out with a lady held tightly in his arms, drawing gasps from the people nearby. A Coinshot. Max started to get closer to them unconsciously, trying to memorize the image of the pair slowly coming down.

Another trunk fell to the ground with a loud CRACK, making Max flinch. This place was dangerous, and he was thinking of sketching? The Coinshot and lady landed safely just in front of him, and a group of people walked to them to help. I have to help, he thought, looking at the man as he Pushed himself back into the building. He came back out just a moment later with another lady in his arms. After they landed, Max grabbed the lady softly by the arm to take her somewhere safe. "Are you alright?" he asked nervously, but she seemed shocked. He turned to look at the Coinshot, and saw another young lady smiling to the man, her arms wrapped around his neck. Lord Ruler, just a minute goes by and this guy gets hugged by three women. All I get is the one who can't even talk-

The lady. He had to help her. Max turned around and took her to safety. After they got far enough, he stopped and turned to look at her. She still seemed terrified, and was breathing heavily. Max burned zinc and started Rioting her confidence softly, trying to help her regain her composure. This would be much easier if I was a Soother, he though, looking at her.

"Relax, we're safe", he said, smiling. "You're lucky that Coinshot was there to save you".

The lady just nodded absently.

"If it makes you feel better," Max said, suddenly getting nervous as he realised what he was about to say, "the two of you looked incredible, falling like that. You guys have style". What? By the Deepness, 'you have style'? What's she going to think of you now? Max blushed furiously. Luckily, a hint of a smile appeared on her face. Guess I'm not that stupid, he thought, looking back at the building.
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Daeric Vaudin's Photo Daeric Vaudin 05 Nov 2017

Daeric was beginning to wonder how he was to manage this. His lungs already burned from the smoke, and carrying even the comparatively smaller women was a little disconcerting; it took a great deal more effort than he had expected to keep himself from lurching awkwardly off course and upending both of them onto the cobblestones below. But manage it he would, somehow, because otherwise, people would die.

No pressure.

And then someone was calling his name - just the man she was looking for? What? - he just stared at her, uncomprehending, as he tried to force his mind off course from his previous line of thought and follow the flow of the conversation being directed at him. And no sooner had he recognized the speaker as Lady Delissia - what was she doing here? - and that she was asking him to be carried up, into the burning building, than she was throwing her arms around him, holding on tightly.

He wanted to tell her that there was no way he could in good conscious carry anyone into the fire, especially just to rescue a personal belonging or two, no matter how precious.

He wanted to tell her that carrying people up was more difficult than carrying them down, and he had to conserve his strength for the crowd left upstairs.

He wanted to tell her to describe the item, and he'd have the men upstairs look for it.

But she was set on her course, and he would have to bodily remove her to get away. And, seeing the absolute certainty in his eyes, he couldn't help but fear that if he did such a thing, she might latch onto his legs as he jumped anyway and, in doing so, doom them both. He would have to convince her, and that would take time. Time, they both knew, none of them had. And so, without a word, he merely sighed, wrapped an arm around her waist, and Jumped.

He deposited her carefully inside, much to the startled confusion of the group inside, and noticed Jalen immediately stepping forward to protest. Daeric instead fixed him with a meaningful look, and said to Delissia, in firm but not unkind tones, "Stay with Jalen," and then he was taking the next lady into his arms and leaping back out of the window.

Jalen Domaille's Photo Jalen Domaille 05 Nov 2017

With Daeric gone, Jalen found himself directing the flow of people in their increasingly smoke-filled landing. His Soothing was still in full effect, though he'd need more brass from his luggage if they were to keep this up much longer; they'd tossed most of the trunks out the window without thinking to get it out ahead of time. Fortunately, he didn't have to flare quite as high as he might have otherwise; Frederin, ever the master of logistics, had organized the men in sort of a conveyor line of baggage, fetching down everything they could and passing it along to be thrown out. With something to occupy their minds so, no matter how hot and tiring the work as, they didn't have as much time to fuss and fret as the women did, which meant they could get away with a lighter touch. And as the ladies' line for escape shortened, they too began to see the light, and so he could ease up bit by bit as Daeric brought more of them down.

And then Daeric was landing again, and depositing Lady Delissia on the landing. He hurried over, but before he could get any words to even come to mind, Daeric had fixed him with a significant look - the look that said I'm trusting you with this, then instructed Lady Delissia to remain with him, and he was off once again. Jalen couldn't blame them there; at this rate, the whole group might have to move up a level while they waited for rescue.

Whatever madness had induced her to come up here, Jalen had no clue, but he couldn't let any harm come to her. Trusting that entering the general area of his Soothing would calm her down and help her think more rationally, he reached out and took a firm but gentle grip on her upper arms before she had a chance to go haring off and out of his influence - and into danger.

"What's this, now?" he asked, as softly as he could under the circumstances. "Lady Delissia, why did Daeric just carry you into the fire?"

Delissia's Photo Delissia 06 Nov 2017

Despite her earlier show of bravery, Delissia couldn't help but scream as she and Daeric lurched into the air. This, why, this didn't feel like graceful flight at all! If anything, it felt like she was falling, just in the wrong direction.

Before she knew it, Delissia found herself back in the hotel. She immediately let go of Daeric and took a few bracing breaths. She could do this. Now that she had her feet back on the ground, there was nothing to stop her from rescuing Klyde . . .

. . . Except, of course, for the crowd of terrified people desperate to get out.

She could see them watching her, with a mix of annoyance, frustration, and confusion. Who was this strange woman coming back into this death trap, when everyone else was so eager to escape? Anxiously, Delissia began to search the crowd, but could not find any sign of Klyde. Where was he? What if he didn't make it out? Lord Ruler, what if anyone didn't make it out all right? Delissia had only wanted to escape, she'd never meant for this to happen, and she certainly didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"What's this, now?" Jalen's voice cut through Delissia's panic, allowing her to momentarily shove her crippling guilt deep down where it couldn't overwhelm her. "Lady Delissia, why did Daeric just carry you into the fire?"

"Why Lord Jalen! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! Why, I daresay there's no one I'd rather be escaping from a fire with after our experience over the weekend. You four really could make a career out of this sort of thing." Delissia licked her lips and coughed into her shoulder, prettily of course. The smoke was starting to get in. A cursory glance over the crowd told her that Klyde was no where to be seen.

"I. . . you see I . . ." Delissia struggled to find the words. The excuse of finding her powder box seemed petty and shallow in face of the fear in the eyes around her. How would all of these people feel, seeing her waltz back into the death trap they were trying to escape for a silly trinket?

What would they think if they knew she had set the fire?

Don't be silly, Delissia. Ladies don't set fires!

That was right, wasn't it? Fire was the weapon of those godless skaa. She was a woman of faith of the utmost character. And now, it was her job, no her duty as a citizen of her Lord's empire, to see these people to safety, And Klyde, of course. She couldn't very well forget about him, no matter how much of a ne'er-do-well he was.

"I think an. . . acquaintance of mine, is still trapped below. He was in the front lobby when I left, but he hasn't made his way out. I'm terribly worried, Lord Jalen, and I simply must see that he is safe." Before she could get to Klyde though, she needed to do something about the terrified people in the room. The four from Urteau and several others were doing their best to keep things organized and calm, but people continually glanced back towards the door to the hall, and the smoke that was starting to drift in underneath it, and out of the vents.

A little boy nearby was curled up in a corner, shaking with tears streaming down his cheeks. Delissia drifted away from Jalen before he could respond to her statement, and knealt down gracefully next to the boy. The boy shied away, ashamed and trying to hide his tears.

"Here," Delissia said, producing a handkerchief form her sleeve. "You look like you could use this. It is very kind of you not to shame everyone here with how brave you are being, but I think right now what everyone could use a a big smile. Could you do that for me? Here, let's get you cleaned up." Delissia dabbed the boy's face, cleaning away the tears and some of the smoke stains. "There, that's better. Now I think you're all ready to be a hero."

"But . . . but I'm not . . . I mean, I can't . . ."

"Oh I'm sure you can do something. You know, I was at the Casuana Ball last weekend, and the fire there was much more scary than this one. Not that this one isn't scary of course, it really is, but you should have seen the panic over the weekend! I'm sure it would have been a much more pleasant escape had I been your splendid company good sir. You're eyes have quite the calming effect you see, and that grin . . ." Delissia frowned. "No, no that's not it. Show me that smile again? I'm sure I saw it earlier."

The boy, still hesitant, quirked his lips into a semblance of a smile. It wasn't a pretty smile, but it was an honest one, and in these circumstances, that almost made it better. If smiles couldn't be pretty they might as well be honest after all.

"There it is! Such a handsome young man! Why, I feel my spirits lifted already. I'm sure your turn with that noble Coinshot is coming up soon. It's fun escapade, flying like that, so no need to be scared, not that I think you will be, of course, not with that cavalier attitude and winning grin. But it would be shame to deprive these others of your brilliant company. Why don't we try to cheer some of these others up, the two of us, while we wait for your turn to go down?"

Delissia took the boy's hand in her own, and began making conversation with some of those gathered, trying to lighten the mood where she could, striking a delicate balance between making witty quips while acknowledging the emotions around her. A few minutes later, she found herself near Daeric's landing zone. She gave the boy a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, and told him she was happy to know he could hold down the fort without her until his turn came.

Then, Delissia began to make her way to the back of the room, trying not to draw too much attention. She moved from circle to circle, sharing a joke with an elderly gentlemen, then turning to gossip with a young noblewoman for a moment, then flirting a bit with a gangly teen, until finally she made it to the back of the crowd.

All right, here goes nothing. Delissia didn't know how she was going to find Klyde, but she was sure she would figure out what to do when she got there. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, Delissia quietly slipped out the door and into the hall.

Maximillian Driskell's Photo Maximillian Driskell 15 Nov 2017

Max kept going back and forth, guiding people to safety as the Coinshot brought them out of the building, making sure they were alright, and then running back to the hotel to wait for the next person to come down. He kept his zinc burning lightly - it wasn't as useful as brass might have been, but it was never a bad thing to make people feel a bit more confident. If only he could Riot himself. Keep going, you fool, he thought as he approached the building.

The Coinshot got to the ground again, carrying another lady. Max took her arm softly, smiling at her, and turned around to look at the nobleman. He looked exhausted. "Hey, how many more are-"

The man was going up again, as if falling upwards. Well, Max thought with a sigh, it's going to be a long day. Welcome to Luthadel, Maximillian Driskell. He finally turned around and guided the woman to safety. He couldn't complain. At least he wasn't caught inside the building.
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Jalen Domaille's Photo Jalen Domaille 28 Nov 2017

To say that Jalen was getting frustrated would be an understatement. No matter how he tried to get Lady Delissia's attention, by following her or calling her name or even reaching for her arm, she slipped away. As though getting away from him would get her closer to her friend with the hotel burning out from under them! They were going to need to all move up every minute, not down, and trying to make her way alone would only get her hurt - or killed.

Finally, she broke away through the crowd and made her way to the door, and Jalen saw his chance. He burned his brass a little hotter, laying on the comforting layer of calm all the more, hoping that it would keep the crowd subdued while he ran about like a cat chasing its own tail while maybe making Lady Delissia focus enough to listen to him.

"Delissia!" He called as her hand wrapped around the doorknob. "Delissia, wait!" The door opened and he lunged forward, slamming it shut again before too much smoke could pour into the room. There were a few shouts and grumbles at what did make it in, but Jalen flared his brass, and they settled down.

"There's no going to your friend by that route," he told her in a firm but low voice. "The floors beneath us are completely engulfed; the reason Daeric is ferrying everyone out is because nobody can walk any further. We're all stuck up here until our turns to be carried down. If your friend was on the bottom floor when you lost him, your only choice to find him is to search from ground level. Is he an Allomancer?"

Delissia's Photo Delissia 17 Jan 2018

Delissia frowned at the puffs of a smoke that managed to drift in before Jalen so rudely slammed the door. That didn't look good, not good at all. In a different setting, she might have focused on the playful way the little puffs curled and twisted before dissipating into the general smog that that hovered around the room, but under the circumstances all she could think of the much thicker tendrils of smoke that would be accosting Klyde's lungs while Jalen Bloody Domaille wasted what little remained of her ash-blackened time.

My, did I think that? How unladylike! Where had that come from? It must be Klyde, she thought, fingering the Steel Ministry pendant that hung from her neck, He's in my head all over again.

"Lord Jalen, I really do appreciate your concern for my well being, but I'm afraid I must insist that you let me pass. I understand you gentlemen are all quite preoccupied at the moment, and understandably so, what with this positively dreadful conflagration imperiling all of these lovely people, and I by no means intend to impede your noble efforts to save the day." Especially since I started the fire. Stop it. Ladies light fires in people's hearts, not in decent, moderately priced hotels with surprisingly potent liquor collections. "If I have inadvertently caused you some small distraction, I really do apologize, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, but with an equal measure of sincerity and conviction, I really must do what I can to help my friend, who is somewhere alone out there in all that smoke and flame, waiting to be rescued." Delissia's fluttering eyelashes began to glisten, but whether she was instinctively conjuring tears to get her way, or they were arising as a result of the smoke in the room, she could not say.

"My friend and I, we may not be be Allomancers, Lord Jalen, but we have . . . that is to say we . . . We have been through so much together that it seems impossible and terribly dreadful to abandon him. I mean, this entire 'flaming inferno sent by the Deepness to destroy us all' thing seems a little absurd and more than a little cliche after the Casuana's put on such a marvelous show of it only a few days ago, don't you think?"

Maximillian Driskell's Photo Maximillian Driskell 21 Jan 2018

Max was running out of patience. The Coinshot was still taking people out of the building, going up and down non-stop, but it seemed like there were still many people inside. Maximillian looked up as the young nobleman jumped out of the window again, bringing a noblewoman with him. I need him to know me, he thought. If he was going to spend all day in that place, at least he'd make himself known.
Max downed a vial of zinc, replenishing his reserves, and started to walk toward the place where the Coinshot was landing with the lady. There's no time to be subtle or shy. He's going to answer me this time. He flared his zinc, Rioting the Coinshot to make him more patient and trustful, while trying to make him feel just a bit surprised.
"HEY!" ...Too loud. Lord Ruler, too loud. His scream seemed to catch the attention of every single person in the place. Nice one, Max. Now everyone in this place knows you. Max flushed, stopping in place and looking at the many people staring at him. He shook his head and tried his best to appear confident as he approached the other young nobleman. "How many more are up there? Do you need any help, lord...?"
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Daeric Vaudin's Photo Daeric Vaudin 23 Jan 2018

Breath after breath came harder for Daeric, his lungs drawing in air and smoke alike until he was sure the fire had caught within them. He swallowed, though his throat was bone dry, and black specks swam in his vision. How long could he keep this up?

As long as he had to, of course. Or until the world went dark around him. Whichever came first. It would be a near thing, at this rate.

He hit the ground hard this time, jarring his knees and grinding his teeth against each other, and staggered a couple steps before finally setting down the lady he'd carried. She gave him a peck on the cheek and hurried off into the crowd, and he swayed, unsure if that had actually just happened. A moment later, he jolted back to reality, ripped off his coat, wiped it across his soot-stained face, and threw it carelessly to the ground. It was in the way, and ruined by the smoke besides.

Just then, a surprising tug came at his emotions. Patience, he thought? Was someone trying to get his attention?


Yes. Yes they were. He turned, suppressing the mix of irritation and relief he felt at being kept grounded for a moment longer. He must have been quite a sight, standing there soot-streaked and tousled in a sweat-soaked shirt and loosened cravat, and his already dark vest looking more black than gray from the damp and smoke. He didn't particularly care.

The culprit, as it turned out, was a young man around his own age. One of the bystanders, probably?

"How many more are up there?" he asked. "Do you need any help, lord...?"

"Daeric Vaudin," he answered in clipped, strained tones. He wasn't intending to be rude, of course, but the present situation made efficiency more important than manners. "And yes I do. Please. Thank you." Whichever applied right now. "Water, for the building and for me. Wet handkerchiefs for the handful still up there. You an Allomancer?"

Jalen Domaille's Photo Jalen Domaille 13 Feb 2018

Jalen pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, suppressing the impatient sounds and rather inappropriate words he wanted to utter instead. What part of 'there's fire below us' didn't she understand? Why had his sweet and trusting friend turned into a complete madwoman? There was nothing else to do at this point; he just wasn't getting through to her.

Forgive me, Delissia. It's for your own protection.

He burned his brass higher, reaching out to Delissia with a practiced, delicate touch. Gently, very gently, he smoothed away her frustrations, her urgency, her stubbornness, and a plethora of other, more subtle emotions. He wanted - needed her to be calm, rational, and actually open to what he was saying. As the Soothing settled into her, he reached out with his hands and gently took her by the shoulders in what he hoped was a reassuring grip.

"Delissia." He kept his voice low and firm, gentle but in control - but hopefully soft enough that he wouldn't spread any more panic. "I need you to listen very carefully to me. We. Are. Trapped. Up. Here. The fire has spread to the stairwells. There is no way down, except with Daeric. If we could get to the ground floor without burning or suffocating, we would be doing it. The only, and I do mean the only, way to reach your friend at this point is through the ground floor. Do you understand?"