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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Lilianne Deveaux

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#1 Lilianne Deveaux

  • Allomancy Instructor

Atium Chandelier
  • Age25

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusKnown

Posted 06 February 2018 - 08:01 PM

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Name/Handle: KChan
Contact: Find me in the training hall.

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Name: Lilianne Deveaux
Type: Noble
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Professional Allomancer for House Deveaux
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Pewter
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

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At a little under 5’7”, Lilianne is tall for a Deveaux, with a slender, toned build earned through years of training. She has all the confident, graceful carriage of a Pewterarm and has long since abandoned the more genteel movements associated with proper feminine deportment in favor of a long, powerful stride and squared shoulders that some would consider more befitting of a military officer than a noblewoman.

In contrast to her emphatically unfeminine deportment, Lilianne’s features can only be described as delicate and refined: she inherited most of the trademark Deveaux features, including high cheekbones, a creamy ivory complexion, and dark-brown, almond-shaped eyes. Her jawline is slightly stronger than those of most of her Deveaux cousins, which she uses to great effect when expressing stubbornness or displeasure, but it is not so strong as to dominate her face. Nor is she afraid to highlight her features with subtle makeup; for all she doesn’t wish to put herself on display or appear vain, she still enjoys feeling beautiful in her own way.

Her dark brown hair falls in gentle curls to the small of her back, though she always keeps it tied back in practical yet pretty updos, or during missions, in securely tied braids. Her clothing is practical and well-made; for missions and training she wears a shirt and fitted trousers, sometimes with a waistcoat over them. Her dresses, when she wears them, are of elegant cut and fine material, with little in the way of fuss or frills or decoration, and she wears her skirts as practical and free of petticoats as her modiste will allow. Whether in a dress or her trousers, she frequently wears her favorite dark blue pelisse when venturing out of doors.

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Lilianne is passionate. She loves her family deeply, pushes herself to ever greater heights with every training session, and will put her own life on the line to do her duty to her family and her house. She never quite mastered the cool serenity most Deveaux are known for, choosing instead to wear her emotions on her sleeve - or, in some cases, to channel them through her fists or cane. She loves to laugh, and while her true friends are few indeed, she never tires of enjoying a good conversation in their company. Jokes are one of the easiest ways she knows to show affection - the other, of course, being a friendly sparring session.

The further she strays from her comfort zone, however, the more awkward she becomes. While she retains the etiquette that was pounded into her head through years of lessons, she has discarded most of it by choice as a way of distancing others from her - or more particularly, to push away men and any women whose companionship she deems fake and shallow, but the effect is much farther reaching than its intended audience. This means that while her military bearing is quite polished, and she can be quite good-natured and laid back among the right company, her manners in society are stiff and disjointed when she does care to use them.

Earnest and genuine at heart, Lilianne has locked away her vulnerable side and hidden it deep within herself, lest she be burned again. She can count her truest friends on one hand, and while she has a number of friendly acquaintances amongst her comrades and cousins and students, she is very rarely willing to extend the level of trust required to catch so much as a glimpse of her gentler side. Most attempts to reach that part of her are skillfully deflected with jokes, changes of subject, or other distractions. She does everything in her power to convince everyone, including herself, that she is happiest in her chosen solitude and does not wish to be intruded upon.

She won’t even admit to herself just how lonely this really has made her.

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Special Skills: Lilianne has extensive combat training. She can fight unarmed and is proficient with cane, sword, bow, and a wide variety of knives. She is quick-witted and extremely well-read, being versed in all manner of current events, history, poetry, and classic literature. She is also a discerning connoisseur of whisky.

Strengths: Lilianne is fiercely passionate about the things and people she loves, and unwaveringly dedicated to the things she’s passionate about. This passion leads her to practice a skill until she has mastered it and beyond, to protect the people she loves no matter the cost, and to stand up for her convictions. While she is an accomplished combatant, she is quite capable of talking her way out of a fight, should she be inclined to do so (which is another matter altogether).

Weaknesses: Despite being quick-witted, Lilianne does not usually exceed at the art of conversation. Her temper often gets the better of her, and even when it doesn’t, she is blunt and direct when she often shouldn’t be. She is proud and stubborn, rarely backing down even when she knows she should. The vast extent of her martial training left very little time for the feminine graces, leaving her uncomfortable in traditionally female settings and making it difficult to make friends outside her house. And despite her high rank as a Deveaux, her reputation and her near-spinster status make her place in society awkward at best.

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Born in the year 893 to Lord Gillaume Deveaux, cousin to Lord Augustin Deveaux himself, and his wife Lissentella, Lilianne Deveaux is the eldest of three daughters. Her younger sisters, Emeline and Adelia, were born in 896 and 897 respectively. While her parents would have liked a son, they didn’t particularly begrudge the arrival of daughters instead. Though to be fair, Gillaume was so busy with work and Lissentella, her social obligations, that the girls wouldn’t have really noticed if they had.

Even as a small child, Lilianne showed traits of the strong-minded woman she would grow up to become. She would contradict her nursemaids, rearrange the toys in the nursery to her liking, and break out of the nursery any time she wanted to explore. She was a handful to say the least, even with the nursemaids doing their best to contain her.

While their parents were often distant, the girls certainly didn’t lack for attention. They had nursemaids galore who doted on them and saw to their every need - that is, until each one in turn reached her fifth birthday.

As is the usual case within House Deveaux, all three girls were tested for Allomancy shortly after they turned five years old. Lilianne remembers it distinctly despite her young age at the time: an unfamiliar relative arriving at the nursery, the nursemaids on duty turning pale, and instructing her with oddly calm voices to go with the man and do what he said. So she did, and she was led to a basement room beneath the keep.

Then he turned around and hit her.

He hit her over and over again, and even kicked her, until she thought she would break. Her sides ached, her head throbbed, and she screamed until her voice gave out and she couldn’t breathe, but the blows kept falling. She wanted to ask why, what she had done wrong, but she couldn’t think properly, let alone speak.

Finally, the blows stopped, and a group of men came to stand around. She couldn’t make out what they were saying through her own gasps, but their voices sounded disappointed.

Something changed.

Lilianne felt some sort of warmth within her. It was small at first, but it spread, dulling her pain and filling her with strength. The voices cut off abruptly as the gathered men stared, watching silently as Lilianne forced herself up off the floor, trying to stand. She got as far as her knees before the warmth vanished and darkness enveloped her.

She was greeted when she woke in a sickbed not by her parents, but by an uncle she’d never met before, who introduced himself as Philippe. It was he who explained what had happened, that she wasn’t being punished for anything, what Allomancy was, and what that strange warmth had to do it. It turned out, he had been sent to her because he was also a Pewterarm, and had been put in charge of teaching her how to use her metal.

As with all Deveaux pewter-burners, her training started that very day. She was given a large dose of pewter and told how to burn it to speed her recovery, with a Seeker close by to not only make sure she followed through, but to keep her from burning it too hot for too long.

Thanks to the pewter, it wasn’t long before she was turned out of bed and ordered to dress, but she wasn’t presented with a dress or skirt like she had been expecting. The clothes laid out clearly a boy’s clothes. But when she told the nursemaids about the mix-up, they just shook their heads and helped her into the clothes, even going so far as to pin up her long hair underneath a boy’s cap, then pulled it down low to hide her face.

Uncle Philippe came to get her a few minutes later, and explained that they were going on a training mission, and that in order for her to go, she had to dress like a boy. Satisfied with this expression, Lilianne dutifully followed Uncle Philippe into a waiting carriage, then rode on his shoulders into a large crowd of people, filled with mostly men and a few older boys. She stared with awe at the Lord Ruler’s carriage, for all she shuddered and huddled a little closer to Uncle Philippe in response to the oppressive feeling that accompanied it.

She was completely unprepared for the rivers of blood that would soon flow in the fountain square.

She buried her face in Uncle Philippe’s coat to hide from the horror that crept through the oppressive weight of the Lord Ruler’s presence, but instead of sheltering her from the terrible sight, he picked her up and wiped the tears from her face.

“You must watch, child,” he said softly. “This is the Lord Ruler’s justice. As Allomancers, we must be prepared to face anything. Even sights such as this.”

Lilianne was unable to face anything just yet, though, and spent the rest of the event trying to crawl inside Uncle Philippe’s coat. He stopped trying to urge her to watch, but he did bring her to the next executions, and the ones after that, and the ones after that, until she could watch without crying or flinching, and could sleep soundly the night after.

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As she grew, so did her sisters, and even though she was the only Allomancer of the three, they remained quite close. Lilianne became somewhat of a ringleader for them, getting the trio into and (usually) out of all sorts of trouble. They played hide and seek in the gardens, rolled hoops through the empty ballroom, and made up funny voices for the long-dead ancestors portrayed in the portrait gallery. But as her training progressed, she began to notice changes in the ways her sisters looked at her during their games. Finally, they admitted that some of the things she said sometimes, especially about blood or killing, were scaring them, and that they didn’t want to play together anymore if she was going to keep being like that.

Distraught, Lilianne fled their company immediately and sought the refuge of her fellow Allomancers in the training rooms. Her beloved Uncle Philippe, with whom she was now far closer than she’d ever been with her father, found her crying in the corner behind the sandbags. When he asked her what was wrong, she told him all about what had happened, and how she was terrified of frightening her sisters so badly that they stopped loving her.

Uncle Philippe just picked her up, wrapping her tightly in his arms and stroking her hair while she cried into his shoulder. After he’d managed to calm her down, he asked if she wanted to meet someone she could talk about those things with. She nodded excitedly, and so Uncle Philippe led her to another training room, this one filled with people soaring through the air. Coinshots and Lurchers, she realized. She’d never seen them in action before, having been focused on her own training, but she knew enough about the other metals to recognize these people for what they were. And they were amazing. Could she soar through the air too, if she got good enough at running and jumping and burning pewter?

She was interrupted from her gawking, though, when Uncle Philippe brought back a young boy. He was much younger than Lilianne, and looked kind of scared and shy.

“This is your cousin Renaud,” Uncle Philippe said, gently urging the boy to step forward. “He’s a Lurcher, and he just went to his first executions a few days ago. Renaud, this is your cousin Lilianne. She’s in training just like you are, but she’s a Pewterarm. I bet if you ask nicely, she’ll tell you what her own training has been like.”

With that, he gave them a quiet corner of the training room all to themselves. He’d placed them right next to a rack full of odd wooden discs with bits of metal embedded in them, so with nothing better to do, she began idly stacking them into a tower on the floor while she talked.

“So you just went to the executions, huh?” she asked. “Was it scary?”

Renaud just nodded.

“Yeah, I was scared too. Uncle Philippe says everyone is at first, but they keep taking us so we can learn how to not be scared. I guess it makes sense, since I’m not as scared anymore. It’s not so bad once you get used to it. Just messy.”

They continued that way for some time, stacking the wooden discs while they talked. Or rather, while Lilianne talked and Renaud occasionally nodded or ventured a couple words. Upon learning that he had been practicing Pulling on things, she asked if he could show her. He nodded, and fixed a look of concentration on the tower in front of him.

Whether by design or accident, one of the bottom discs happened to be the one that slid forward toward him, causing the whole structure to clatter to the floor. Renaud looked both startled and horrified, but Lilianne just laughed. How funny it had looked, seeing the whole thing shift toward him on its own like that!

“That was brilliant!” she said, gathering up the discs. “Come on, let’s build it back up again. I wonder how far you can Pull it before it falls?”

Renaud smiled - victory! - and began building with her. Lilianne smiled all the more at that. Renaud might still be little, but he was no littler than her sisters, and she got on with them just fine. And he wouldn’t be little forever, either. He would get big soon enough, and they could stay friends forever.

Having the company of another Allomancer anywhere near her own age helped Lilianne a great deal. She learned how to refrain from making violent comments when it was inappropriate, allowing her to remain close with her sisters, but took great comfort in her friendship with Reni, young though he was, and her ability to comfort him in return. The training rooms became their own private sanctuary. Not only did they hone their skills there, but they found great joy coming up with new games using whatever equipment they could find that wasn’t currently in use. Meanwhile, sitting rooms and playrooms and gardens were where she spent time with her sisters. Before she knew it, she had learned quite painlessly how to separate her Allomancy from her so-called “normal” life.

A normal life that was coming along quite nicely, for the most part, now that Lilianne was able to separate the aspects of herself at will. She learned dancing, which she took easily to despite having no particular love for it, conversation, and other feminine arts. While her sisters were all better at such things than she, she did enjoy having something to share with them once again, so she gave it her all for their sakes, just to have something to do together with them.

She felt bad about not spending as much time with Reni recently, but his sister Rosalie had just Snapped, and he was preoccupied with comforting and reassuring her. Lilianne couldn’t blame him for that, and even stopped in to give her love to both of them when she was able. She was thrilled to learn that Rosalie was a Pewterarm; that meant they would be training together when Rosalie recovered! They were all three thrilled with the news, and Lilianne worked extra hard at her training to prepare.

Which was good, because she was soon introduced to another new training partner: Lord Augustin’s daughter herself, Camille, who had Snapped as a Mistborn. Lilianne was to help train both her and Rosalie, which she happily threw herself into. To her delight and the delight of her trainers, not only did she handle the task well, but she quickly discovered that she absolutely loved it. Watching Rosalie and Camille grow and refine their skills became one of the best parts of Lilianne’s routine, and she strove to be an instructor who would do them - and Deveaux - proud.

It was around this time that Reni underwent his own First Kill ritual. He didn’t need to say anything; the haunted look in his eyes when he showed up for training that morning, about an hour late, told her everything she needed to know. Without a thought for disrupting the normal course of training, she pulled Reni aside into a private corner and wrapped him up in a tight hug. She told him in a soft voice how she’d felt the same way when it had been her turn, and how he’d helped her through it by being her friend. It might not feel like it right now, but it would get better. She promised it would.

And so the time came for Lilianne to debut, for all she felt better prepared to go into battle than step out onto a dance floor. Her coming out was pretty ordinary, so far as such things went, with a ball and dancing and lots of young socialites. It was fun enough, she supposed, but even the glittering crystal and the stained glass ceiling casting rainbows onto the tablecloth from above them and the silks and gowns and jewels failed to capture her attention the way a good fight could.

Worst of all, though, was the way these strangers treated her. Among the Deveaux Allomancers, Lilianne was a comrade and a colleague, and her skill and dedication to the arts of Allomancy and combat were already beginning to garner respect. But of course, no one outside the family knew of her Allomancy at all, let alone the speed at which she could disarm a man twice her size and pin him to the ground. They only saw what Deveaux wanted the outside world to see: a teenage girl, primped and painted and wrapped in blue silk to be gawked at and talked down to about the weather and the latest gossip and a hundred other mundane subjects she couldn’t care less about. She barely even cared about dancing, for all the older Pewterarms had assured her that she could at least find some fun and solace on the dance floor.

She had been prepared for this somewhat, of course, by her tutors and how different life was with her sisters than in the training arena, but it still didn’t hit home until that night. After that shocking night, she slowly began to acclimate to polite society, and over the course of a few weeks even managed to make a few friends. There were plenty of young ladies around her age who were perfectly happy to be associated with a Deveaux, and she even began to take notice of the young men who danced with her. Not all of them talked down at her as if she were a child; some of them even professed to enjoy her company, and she was quite surprised to find herself admiring this one’s eyes, or that one’s strong shoulders, or the graceful way yet another carried himself in a duel.

None of them, however, were as special or quite as fascinating as Rhys Eastauffe. He was about her age, and handsome, and charming, and since Deveaux was hoping to cultivate favorable trade with Eastauffe, her parents weren’t displeased at all that he had caught her fancy. What started as a few dances led to a few dates, and before long, a formal offer of courtship, which Lilianne happily accepted.

The next couple of years passed in a beautiful, adoring haze. Rhys proved to be everything she had hoped for and more, from his love of dueling to his dedication to his house to the way his eyes sparked when he smirked at her just right. They spent many an afternoon discussing their favorite poets, exchanging stories from their childhood, and talking about everything and nothing. Though of course Lilianne couldn’t mention her Allomancy, they came to know each other quite well otherwise, and Lilianne realized that she had fallen head over heels in love with him.

It all came crashing down, though, when she finally confided in him the last secret she had to give away.

They had been discussing their future together quite seriously, figuring out when might be a good time to approach their parents about an engagement, how they would live their life together, even when they should think about having children, when it became clear to her that in order for them to properly plan their life together, he had to know the truth. He had to know she was an Allomancer, and so she told him.

His reaction completely blindsided her. He went silent for a moment, with a very pensive expression, before looking back up at her as if what he said next were the only obvious conclusion.

“But of course, you’ll be giving all that up once we’re married.”

He only became confused when she informed him, with no small amount of indignation, that she would most certainly not. But she was a woman, he insisted. She was to stay home, pursuing proper feminine amusements while having children and maintaining proper social connections for the house. Of course, her Allomantic stock would be highly prized by the house, so--

She never heard what was to come next, because that was when she kicked him in the gut, sending him reeling backwards over a nearby table and onto the floor, and stormed out of the room.

He called on her at Keep Deveaux the next day, oh so gracefully offering her another chance at his hand. They could just put all this Allomancy nonsense behind them, and focus on building a proper life for themselves. He was certain that her temper could be curbed, and that they would make quite a good match once she gave up her violent, unladylike ways.

Again she refused him, this time making sure to specify that the relationship was over, and sent him on his way. Greatly offended and disappointed, he left the keep in a hurry, leaving Lilianne alone with her betrayed and broken heart.

After that, though, was when the real trouble started. Rumors began to surface of her Allomancy, and no matter what Deveaux did to stomp them out, they just kept popping back up. And when other whisperings began to accompany them - that she was violent and ill-tempered, and a poor match for any well-mannered gentleman - it confirmed her suspicions as to their source.

Sure enough, further investigation uncovered a trail of hearsay all the way back to Rhys himself. He had told the story of his rejection to his friends during a sheldry match, and while they had at least claimed to keep the secret, he was easily overheard, and thus the rumors spread. And with all attempts to silence them failing, it was soon known all over Luthadel that Lilianne Deveaux was in fact a Pewterarm.

The other rumors took their toll as well, of course. She found the number of invitations on dates she received to have greatly diminished compared to before she had begun courting Rhys exclusively, and many of the men who did wish to associate with her were either desperate or simply not a good fit for a relationship. Most men she might have had an interest in were either already paired off, or kept away by the rumors and the negative impact her presence had on a gentleman’s reputation.

Besides, who was to say that it wouldn’t happen again? That she would fall in love with a man, thinking he was her perfect match, only to have him insist upon hanging up her knives for good? One of the reasons Deveaux was so strong Allomantically was that it saw value in all of its Allomancers: if a new one Snapped, they were thoroughly educated in the appropriate skills, no matter their gender or role in polite society. Even Lord Deveaux’s own daughter was being trained as an extremely effective assassin. How many lesser houses were as weak as they were because they didn’t believe in training their daughters? How would she know who they were until it was too late, like with Rhys?

It was simply far too risky, she decided. It was better to remain a spinster, stay in Deveaux, and continue to embrace her passion for Allomancy. Perhaps she could be like her aunt Severine, who had now made it her life’s work to advise Lord Deveaux and train future generations of Allomancers. She was a respected and accomplished woman, and lived a fulfilling life - without a husband. If she could do it, why couldn’t Lilianne?

And so the next few years passed, and it wasn’t long before Lilianne watched each of her sisters get married in turn. They had both made good matches and seemed happy enough, despite having married for political rather than romantic reasons. Lilianne’s own offers, what few she got, decreased significantly after Emeline’s marriage, and even more so after Adelia’s, until finally they stopped altogether. Between her violent reputation and her refusal of every offer she’d received in recent years, Lilianne had finally stopped the flow of suitors.

In the end, it was a bittersweet victory. She’d gotten what she wanted, hadn’t she? She would finally be left in peace now, to hone her Allomancy and her combat skills until she was trusted enough to begin training younger Mistings and the house’s daughters. So why did she still feel rejected when the offers finally stopped? Had she still wanted someone to want her, and been unable to recognize that desire until it was too late? But too late it was, and she stomped the feeling down with a vengeance. She had chosen to be happy on her own, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Eventually the pain faded, or was pushed down where it couldn’t hurt her, and Lilianne began to move forward with her life. She had long since stopped attending all but the most important balls, dedicating herself to long late-night training sessions instead. Her skills flourished even more with all the extra training she put in, and soon she was even allowed to participate in the self-defense classes taught to all young Deveaux girls. She had friends and training partners among her cousins, and even a few lady friends in society who came to her in secret for training. She had finally, truly made a place for herself among the Deveaux Allomancers, and life couldn’t be better.

Until the day her parents informed her she was to be married.

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Coming Soon!

#2 Moru


Posted 07 February 2018 - 11:01 PM

I just love Lilianne so much. She is a really great friend for Renaud and Rosalie to have, and It's going to be so adorable to watch her and Garrett get to know each other even if she doesn't really want to right now <3


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#3 Comatose

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Looking Good in Red

Posted 23 February 2018 - 08:39 AM

She’s great! Approved!

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