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Victor Cairhaim

Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 11 May 2018

Victor Cairhaim
Noble Misting - Rioter

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Name/Handle: Lord Kronos
Contact: PM Please

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Name: Victor Cairhaim
Type: Noble
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Fellise
Occupation: Vineyards and Wineries
Relationship Status: Widower

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

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Victor is a tall man at 5’11”. He has black hair, but it is greying. Victor is of medium build and is rather thin. His eyes are dark brown. He can put on a happy face when dealing with clients. In private, however, his demeanor is morose.

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Victor cares little for others. His focus is more towards himself and his interests (although this is more of a defense mechanism due to the loss of his wife). The exception to this rule is his family. He cares deeply for his kids (he has four). He gets along well with others when it serves his needs. Victor is able to put on a face for clients and other nobles, but is generally pretty jaded due to his wife’s death. He hates skaa (this thought process came from his parents who always treated skaa with disdain) and has no problem with punishing those that work in his vineyards for little things. It is something that he does take pleasure in.

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Special Skills: He is exceptional at making deals and lying in order to make those deals happen. He is good at observing others and getting a sense for their emotions. This comes in handy when he uses zinc to alter emotions

Strengths: Despite his general morose nature in private, Victor is good at hiding his personal pain from others, and is good at building relationships with other people, even if they don’t know exactly who he is behind closed doors. He is good at negotiating deals and contracts. He excels at manipulating others.

Weaknesses: Victor is a strong man, but he has absolutely no combat skill. Combat has never interested him, and so he is useless in a fight. With the exception of his children, he is incredibly selfish and works generally to suit his own interests. He is prone to rages which generally take the form of abusing skaa.

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Victor was born in 873 to noble parents named Gerald and Victoria Cairhaim. Growing up, he wanted for nothing. His parents had the money to see to his needs as well as his wants. As a result, he is used to getting what he wants. Despite this, his parents were rather cold. They didn’t interact much with their kids with the exception of teaching them their duty to the house. His emotional needs were left unfulfilled, and as such he felt empty inside. As the oldest child, he was taught how to run the family business of growing and fermenting grapes to create wine. His father would often take him on business trips, having him observe negotiations to learn how to deal.

On his 11th birthday, his father decided to see if his son was an allomancer. His father observed while he was beaten. The thing that hurt the most was that his father didn't seem to care. It was business as usual. Victor snapped that day and they found out he was a rioter. Gerald was excited to notice this and he immediately set to increasing Victor’s training in reading body language and utilizing his gift of zinc.

The rest of his adult life continued much in the same ways, but as he grew he began to attend balls in Luthadel. It was at a ball at Keep Lekal that he met Kyra. Kyra struck him immediately with her beauty and grace. It was his second ball, and seeing that she was alone, he asked her to dance. She accepted, and for the first time in his childhood, he felt like an empty void had been filled. He found himself being genuinely smiling for the first time in his life. Kyra and Victor began attending balls more often together. Victor and Kyra found themselves falling in love with each other and at age 20 they were married.

His parents, seeking retirement, left Fellise and left the business to Victor. He took over and continued to do well for himself. Being noble, Victor and Kyra had trouble getting pregnant, but when Victor was 27, Kyra became pregnant with their first children. She had twins - a girl name Anaya and boy named Liam. Three years later, they had another girl they named Bella, and a year after Bella, they gave birth to another daughter named Kiriena.

Victor’s parents had been distant, and this made Victor strive to be different than his own. He loved his children deeply. Following tradition, he had his children beat at eleven to see if they would snap. He observed all of the beatings but instead of the cold glare that he remembered from his father, he teared up. Anaya and Liam both snapped, the former becoming a pewterarm, and the latter a tineye. Bella became a smoker, and Kiriena alone didn’t snap. For weeks after Kiriena’s beating, he would often wake of nightmares just of his little girl screaming.

Shortly after Kiriena’s beating, Kyra became ill. Despite trying everything, Kyra succumbed to her illness and passed. This moment struck him deeply. His love for Kyra had been deep. His attitude changed to something more akin to his father’s. He became more selfish, and even though he still loved his children and cared for them deeply, they noticed he grew more distant especially towards Kiriena (she looked the most like her mother and he still carried guilt because of her beating).

Lying to get what he wanted became his defense mechanism. Victor sought his own interests, manipulating others to get what he wanted. He never remarried. No one held a candle to the beacon that Kyra was. He attended balls to make contacts, but as his oldest reach maturity, they went to balls more often. The pain is still there, and it always will be.

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A knock came to the door, pulling Victor out of his thoughts.

“Daddy,” a soft voice came through the door.

“Come in,” Victor said.

The door open and there stood Anaya. She was fifteen now, and was becoming a fine woman in her own right. Her own mannerisms matched that of her mother. She was dressed in all black for mourning. He noticed she had decided not to wear make-up today. That was perhaps a good idea. Victor could see that she had been crying.

“It’s about to start,” she told him.

Victor nodded and stood up, hugging his daughter. That hole that had been inside of him as a child was there again now that Kyra was gone.

“It will be okay, daddy,” Anaya told him.

Oh, child. No it won’t Victor thought.

Victor held back his own tears, staying strong for his children as he met them to go to their mother’s memorial service. All of them had tear streaked cheeks. He met each one’s gaze and gave them a hug, noticing how much little Kiriena looked like her mother. In his mind he could hear Kiriena’s screams again. Screams all for nothing.

The family went and the funeral happened. It was all a blur to Victor. He didn’t really pay attention at all. All he remembered was coming back to Cairhaim Manor that night and making sure his kids got to bed. That is when the entire emotional release came. The tears fell, the pain felt so exquisite now.

“My Lord,” a voice interrupted his turmoil.

He turned and a skaa woman stood there with a glass of wine. He ended every night with one. The woman was just doing her job, but she was there. She had seen him cry. She had seen his weakness, and all the rage erupted as he backhanded her across the face. The wine spilled to the floor, furthering his rage. She looked up at him, fear in her eyes and her split lip trembling as he beat her.
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It's great to have another winery on the boards. Approved! One more to go!

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I left a comment for you on discord about the number of children. Basically, "three or less" is kind of the regular size of a noble family, so I would prefer to keep the number of families with more than three children low. That being said, we don't have many at the moment, so if it is important that Victor have four children, then that is totally fine. I just wanted to check and see if three would work.

Anyways, regardless of whether or not you change the number of children, he's Approved. Congrats!