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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Lailen Raisaal

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#1 Amaren

Riordan Casuana's Reputation

Posted 17 September 2018 - 04:20 PM

Lailen Raisaal

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Name/Handle: Amaren
Contact: PM or Discord

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Name: Lailen Raisaal
Type: Noblewoman
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Lakeside, Central Dominance
Occupation: Socialite officially, Hazekiller secretly
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Seeker Misting
Metals Used: Bronze
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Snapped, Hidden from all but particular family members/Raisaal ranking officers (Nightswift (see below) is a known Seeker)

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Lailen stands shorter than some, at 5’5”, with a slim build. Her body and muscles are well-defined, as one might expect from a childhood of rigorous combat training, but displays no bulging arms or broad shoulders. Her otherwise noticeably feminine beauty is marked by a thin scar, cutting across her left eyebrow and temple. When around those to whom she wishes to portray a mask of innocence, Lailen wears her thick blonde hair to cover the site, as well as a lace headband to secure it. Around members of House Raisaal, she dispenses with such a façade.

Given Lailen’s willingness and skill in physical combat, you might expect her to disdain from wearing dresses. You would expect wrong. When one attends a dance, one dresses in fine clothing. Lailen’s whole life is a dance, and she always dresses the part. She likes her House colours well enough, but will generally only wear them when the situation dictates it, and is happy in a wide range of colours and styles of dresses to suit her whims. One consistent feature of Lailen’s clothing is a useful number of secret pockets and slits in the fabric, allowing Lailen to access all of the essentials a young court-going lady needs. Concealed duelling canes, knuckle guards, certain toxic or soporific substances. You know, the usual.

Lailen often remarks that her life is a game, or an intricate dance, whose music can be heard if only you listen with enough passion. No, nobody else has been able to figure that out either. Lailen never just walks somewhere when a dance will do. Hips swaying, spinning around obstacles, held items switching from hand to hand. Some would call Lailen’s demeanour irritating, but this is one part of her life which is not put on. Lailen would say – only to herself, mind you – that her spirit is in constant motion, and she is simply trying to keep up.

This behaviour is wholly suppressed in one situation; when Lailen isn’t Lailen, but Nightswift. When she takes on her Hazekiller persona, every action is measured, deliberate. Nightswift only speaks when necessary, with a strangely muffled voice due to the intricately carved wooden mask which is worn at all times. Nightswift dresses in mottled grey and black, all the better to be obscured in misty conditions. Lailen is careful to adapt her walk and mannerisms as Nightswift, making her appear more male than female. Her shoulders roll instead of her hips, she tightens her throat to deepen her voice, in an effort to further conceal her identity. Nightswift is brutal and aggressive in combat, assessing the most dangerous combatants and striking vital areas to take them down as quickly as possible. She prowls the battlefield like a predator on the hunt, and will often strike against the orders of her superiors, being absolutely convinced that her path is the correct one to victory.

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To Lailen, everything in life is a dance, a game, a contest. Most engage in House politics to gain wealth, for loyalty to House, or to amass power. Lailen plays the game for the game’s own sake. To her, the thrill of learning a new piece of court gossip, negotiating a clandestine deal with someone, or even breaking that agreement when the time is right, satisfies like nothing else. Lailen owes a debt of gratitude to her House for making her into who she is, and does feel some lingering affection towards her mother, but does not simply consider herself an agent of House Raisaal’s needs. She sees her House more as a stable base from which to operate, a safe haven which should not be betrayed for convenience’s sake. Others, however, are fair game for betrayal when the time is right. Whilst Lailen can sometimes appear cruel and uncaring, she is simply a woman who follows her passions and prioritises her own advancements. Sure, some allies may be of use in a tricky spot, but who really has time to cultivate friendships? Such a bore.

Lailen loves to play with others’ perceptions of her, having become practised at putting forward different personas to maximise her gain in situations. She currently favours portraying a sweet, innocent young woman who is excited by the splendour of noble society. Which, in a way, is perhaps founded in who Lailen might have been, had she not been born into House Raisaal. A combination of constant training in martial combat and the art of Hazekilling, as well as her House’s deceptive policy of traumatising their children into Snapping, tore away any innocence that the young girl could have developed. Still, keeps and dresses can be just as beautiful, no matter how jaded a girl becomes. To maintain her persona of innocence, Lailen has been careful to separate her dual identities as noblewoman and Hazekiller for hire. She has constructed a persona known as “The Nightswift”, a mysterious figure clothed in dark robes and wearing a mask of carved wood. So far, she is confident that the general public is ignorant of this, occasionally contracting informants to try to discover the identity of the Nightswift.

If there was a metal which heightened one’s skill of social observation similar to tin, Lailen would be a master of its nuance. Or at least, she would think so. Lailen is somewhat skilled at reading the intentions and motivations of others, but can over-estimate her ability in this area, becoming overconfident in her assessment of others and believing she can predict their next steps in the great dance of life. She will often then act accordingly, sure that her assessment is accurate.

Two areas in which Lailen’s observational skills are as good as she believes are in her use of bronze, and during combat. Lailen has trained extensively with her Allomancy, utilising every tool she has in her lifelong contest with the world. She has developed a technique she calls bursting. In a crowded environment, Lailen will often scope out any potential Allomancers by burning bronze in extremely quick bursts as she moves around the room. She is usually able to pick up on specific metals being burned, whilst trying her best to conceal the source of her own bronze pulses from other Seekers. In combat, Lailen’s observational and analytical skills come into their own, helping her to target blows with extreme precision. She has conducted detailed studies of anatomy, ensuring that although she may not fight the hardest, she can fight smart, using her knowledge to incapacitate foes that would otherwise overwhelm her in pure contests of strength.

Due to Lailen’s fondness of constructing different personas for herself, as well as her firm belief that life is a contest where the most adaptable will survive, her emotions have developed to be incredibly tempestuous, even erratic. They sway and flicker like a candle flame, and rather than try to supress or control these swings, Lailen has learned to ride the waves of her emotions, believing that she can trust these feelings to guide her in life’s flowing currents.

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Special Skills: Observation, knowledge of anatomy, bronze bursting (see above), grace & dexterity, analytical and tactical approach to combat

Strengths: Skilled actress, maintaining the secret persona ‘Nightswift’ whilst on Hazekiller duty; Intelligent, having to survive on her intellect when others use strength; Manipulates others’ perception of her to have them underestimate her; Adaptive and flexible, able to react to situations and unexpected changes in plans

Weaknesses: Passionate and emotionally volatile, Lailen is often unreliable; Reluctance to follow orders during combat, believing her tactical observations to be superior; Can become cruel and cynical, not often caring for others’ feelings; Sees mutually beneficial alliances rather than loyal friendships; Overconfident in her assessment of others and unwilling to be proven wrong

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Lailen was born in 893, to parents Cyrelis and Shanna Raisaal. Her childhood was a happy one, growing up outside of Lakeside as the second child of a smaller branch of House Raisaal. Her father was a decorated warrior and long-time Captain of his branch, and began training Lailen in combat from her fourth birthday. She trained alongside her sister and young cousin, and enjoyed making their training sessions into games and contests with the other two. Lailen won more often than not, which earned her Cyrelis’ hard-earned praise. From her mother she inherited a love of dancing. Lailen felt so free allowing herself to move and be moved by the music, taking every opportunity she could to let her reflexes and her spirit guide her. Lailen was able to use this mindset in the training room, allowing the grunts and clashes of combat to form music of a different kind. Lailen would prove to be a flexible combatant, spotting flaws or weaknesses in her opponent’s attack patterns and exploiting them. It led to her often being hit first, but she was usually always the one to hit last, which was the only hit her father claimed truly mattered.

Lailen’s idyllic childhood came to an abrupt halt on her thirteenth birthday. Her mother seemed unusually distant the day before, her father’s normally gentle and encouraging instructions in training replaced with barked orders. Lailen went to bed troubled, and woke in time to hear strange voices along the hallway and approaching her door. Sensing danger, the girl acted on instinct and sprang into action immediately. She grabbed the only weapon she could find – the curtains hanging over her window, and the accompanying rail. Her door opened, and she flung the fabric at the first intruder, lashing out with her makeshift staff. Although the rod was as tall as her and half again, she twirled it through her fingers as if it was nothing, swatting at knees, stomachs and faces.

Lailen heard a young boy yelp from down the corridor, and rushed over her three downed foes to aid her cousin Eldren. Here, she found four grown men assaulting the boy, striking at him with batons. Were they wearing Raisaal colours? Lailen leapt into action, but the men were ready for her. She fought valiantly, but was swiftly disarmed and overpowered. They’re too strong! I can’t… she thought as she tried to wrench herself from the grip pinning her. Eldren rushed the man holding her down, but was pushed aside easily. As she struggled, she saw a boot, flying towards her face.

Lailen woke up some time later in an unfamiliar room, her mother looking at her with a riotous mix of emotions on her face. She choked back a sob, and handed her daughter a mug. “Here, sweet one, drink this. You did so well. I’m so proud of my little warrior.” Lailen drunk, glad for a comforting face. As she finished the water, she felt a strange taste and texture in her mouth. Her head darted around, suddenly aware of faint drumbeats echoing from somewhere nearby. Lailen’s mother jumped up, clapping her hands and rushing out of the room. As she did, the drumbeats faded. How strange. Was mother answering some kind of summons? Lailen poked at her aching face as her mother returned, along with her father. Shanna explained that Lailen had inherited the Allomantic power of Bronze like herself, allowing Lailen to sense the Allomancy of those around her. After a period, the pair left to allow their daughter time to rest. As they did, the girl caught her mother faintly sigh, retreating into the hallway. “I’m glad that barbaric plan was worth something. If that cut on her face leaves a scar, I’ll never forgive you, Cyrelis. Let’s go and check on poor Eldren. I wonder if he…”

Lailen blinked, silent as her world shattered around her. As she spent the next week in bed – apparently the ‘intruder’ who kicked Lailen in the head had caused more damage than intended – Lailen struggled to process all that had happened.

Fact: Her mother said this was a plan of her father, not some random break-in. Only Lailen and her younger cousin were targeted, her older sister having been out of the city visiting relatives.

Fact: Lailen was now an Allomancer, a group whom she and her family had been trained to fight against for generations. That she was now a Seeker would make her an incredible asset as a Hazekiller.

Fact: She had heard whispers from older friends that Allomancy could be unlocked in children through traumatic circumstances.

Conclusion: Her parents had set this attack up… to make her an Allomancer? To increase her usefulness as a resource to the House?

As Lailen puzzled over this, something clicked into place. Her life up to now had been one of training, of constant struggle to improve her own abilities. Her parents had encouraged the contests played amongst the children, saying their competitiveness would serve them well. So, in trying to awaken power in their children, Lailen reasoned, her parents were not being cruel, but simply giving her as many tools as she needed to win the ultimate contest. Life itself. Very well then, thought Lailen, as she settled in her bed staring at the blank ceiling. In the quiet, her heartbeat throbbed, sounding faintly like the ethereal drumbeats which had echoed from her mother. If I am to play this game, I will play to win. And these pulses, inside my chest and inside my head, shall be my guide.

Across the following five years of her adolescence, Lailen threw herself into her training further than ever before. Eldred, having been blessed with the raw power of Pewter, became a blunt instrument. He fought with all the power and intelligence of a koloss from the children’s stories. Lailen saw that she could not keep up physically, and so she crafted her mind into her most powerful weapon. Long hours went into the study of anatomy, as Lailen learned her way around the workings of the human body, and how to best make it falter. She spent time with her House surgeons, learning muscle structures, organ locations and crucial blood vessels. She could never understand their disgust when she asked to apply her new knowledge to prisoners in the town jail. Those men and women were being punished anyway, why not make something useful come out of it?

On the training grounds, she found that her new skills were invaluable. Lailen danced around her foes, drowning out all but the ever-present music of combat as she swayed and feinted before striking at the most optimal locations. She came to feel a quiet sense of superiority over those who simply fought with physical strength. You could hit as hard as you liked, but if you were incapacitated before you could land a blow, that strength wouldn’t do anything. When the time came for Lailen to choose whether or not to continue her Hazekiller training, she didn’t need a second to consider. Training to fight Allomancers was a rush; the flexibility you needed to face off against a Thug one day and a Coinshot the next exhilarated Lailen. She trained herself, with help from her mother and House Mistings, to come to identify each metal’s unique pattern. Combat with an Allomancer became a true dance, with their metal pulsing out a beat invisible to all but Seekers. And Mistborn, of course – what a beautiful symphony those fights were.

Lailen’s time as an anonymous Hazekiller sent her to Klessium, renowned city of storms and intrigue. To protect her identity as a minor scion of a high-ranking noble House, Lailen created the alter-ego Nightswift, complete with an intricately carved mask, crafted to be stored discreetly and affixed at a moment’s notice. She did not even reveal her true identity to her Hazekiller team - although she suspected most of them eventually figured it out - and served under most of the larger noble Houses in the city, but most often Tekiel. Klessium was a paradise to Lailen. She finally felt like she belonged somewhere that was as passionate and changeable as she was. The Undercity enthralled her, with its looming ruins and factional street gangs, backed by the nobles as a phantom battleground. Clad in her mask and wielding a variety of self-designed weaponry, Nightswift not only protected her charges but covertly engaged in dealings and plots with several factions of the underground.

Klessium could have easily become a home for Lailen, but six months ago she received an urgent letter from her father. He informed his daughter that their House had capitalised on the downfall of their rivals, House Urbain, and had ascended to the rank of Great House. Captain Cyrelis had decided to call Lailen and her team back early, to help establish and secure their position in Luthadel. She grudgingly answered the call, not out of loyalty to House but for the promise of diving headfirst into the intricate dance that was the Luthadel political scene.

Lailen had embedded herself solely under her Hazekiller-for-hire persona for the past few months, to allay any suspicion about the mysterious warrior arriving in the city at the same time as a young Raisaal socialite. She had made herself known only to the head of House Raisaal and his twin children, Lucar and Umbra. She was kept updated about Hazekiller jobs, and lived a secretive life based in a safehouse in a run-down part of the city. Satisfied that her arrival to the city had gone unnoticed, Lailen has now formally established herself in the city, setting up in Keep Raisaal under the official premise of representing Lakeside Raisaal’s interests in Luthadel. She hopes to keep her two identities separated and unconnected; after all, masquerade balls are such fun. Keeping one’s identities hidden from a whole city? Lailen couldn’t dream of anything more exciting.

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Lailen lounged in her chair, lazily wafting her face with her hand of cards. She glanced across the boxings strewn over the table, and scanned the faces of each player. Her fellow Hazekillers based here in Klessium were supposed to be anonymous, even to each other. Lailen was fairly sure she recognised at least three of them. How many recognised her in return? It doesn’t matter too much. These recruits are loyal to Raisaal. Suspicion allayed, she focused her gaze on the man across from him. Her squadleader, known here as Mart. He was usually so confident and assured, and yet he kept checking his cards. Reminding himself of what his bluff is?

Just as Lailen was about to raise her bet, bells began ringing throughout the keep, chiming the signal for Hazekillers. Another attack, likely by a street gang again. Was it the one Lailen had herself hired to raid the place? Only one way to find out. As the others began checking weapons and strapping on their armour, Lailen laid her hand across the table. A full flare of Atium and a pair of Steel, an unquestionably winning hand. She deftly scooped up her winnings and went to secure them in her chest.

Despite the fact Mart was the ranking officer, the others looked to Lailen before they left the barracks. Outside of the barracks, Lailen’s true identity as a full blooded Raisaal was a viciously kept secret, but an open one within its walls. And apparently that meant something to the others, not that she cared. Lailen bent down and retrieved a rounded wooden object from her chest. “Go. I’ll catch up, I have a good idea where the fools will be.”

Nightswift stormed down the corridor, mask firmly secured. She drummed out a Pewterbeat on her thigh, letting the rhythm fill her mind as she prepared for the rush of combat. Pewter was her favourite rhythm; its quick beat pushed upon you, issuing a challenge and demanding a response. These skaa thugs thought they were attacking a weakened part of the keep to take the Tekiel lords unawares, according to the intel Nightswift had provided them. In true fashion, the Metalfist gang had brought their full might – meagre as it was - attempting to shock the high lords into paying them some attention. Tempting them into a good fight had taken a long time, but it would be worth it.

As Nightswift approached the ‘dancefloor’, she hung back and began bursting her bronze. Her two Lurchers were absorbing waves of assault from a Coinshot, as expected. Mart preferred to use the twins as an Allomantic shield and huddled the rest together, weathering attacks slowly and trusting in the team’s training to wear down the opponent. Coward. Those tactics would not work in Klessium’s cutthroat battleground. Nightswift detected two… three… five enemy Allomancers. A Tineye up on the roof, the enthusiastic Coinshot, the expected duo of Petwerarms, centrepiece of Metalfist raids, and… a Rioter? Nightswift never understood why they bothered bringing Julian to battles; the boy was useless with a staff. Nightswift took a moment to assess her plan of attack as she began to move. The Tineye first, then I’ll jump down and ambush the Coinshot while Mart distracts him. After that, the others will focus on the Thugs whilst I clean up the rest.

Nightswift carried on bursting as she made her roundabout way to a window near the roof where the Tineye was skulking. She would be hanging back from the fight, occasionally flinging knives and keeping watch for reinforcements. What she wouldn’t be expecting, however, was Nightswift sneaking up to the window behind her with raised hollow-sticks. Just as the girl jerked her head around, Nightswift kicked the window out, then crashed her sticks together twice before sending them clattering to the floor. The skaa gang member flinched, and Nightswift took the opportunity to vault through the open window and draw her duelling canes. Three quick strikes to the sternum, windpipe and temple put the girl out of the fight, and tin’s rhythm ceased across the open courtyard. As she screwed her canes together to form a staff, she noticed that Mart was down, being dragged away from the bloody melee down below. The Lurchers and Coinshot were in a standoff, with the two enemy Thugs supporting each other and the rest of the gangers against a ring of Hazekillers, a reversal of the battle’s starting lineup.

Zinc beat against Nightswift’s heart as she shimmied down a drainpipe, stoking her spirit and heightening her resolve. The fool hasn’t learned how to aim his Rioting. Maybe I’ll kill him last, it is a rather nice feeling. She sprinted across the courtyard, spinning her staff in a tight arc as she caught the Coinshot at the base of the skull. He slumped to the floor, and Nightswift brought her counterweight down into the man’s gut for good measure. One of the Thugs turned, clearly recognising the mask. Despite the Rioter’s courageous influence, he flinched slightly. Excellent.

In the next few minutes, Nightswift lost herself to the symphony of combat. Of iron, steel, pewter and zinc beating around her; of wood beating against wood and striking flesh; of shouts and grunts and curses. As the fight tapered to an end, Nightswift sauntered over to the downed Rioter, panting for breath. She kneeled next to Julian, and removed her mask. Confusion and horror raced across the boy’s face as he struggled to sit up. “Sara? But… You put us up to this! You gave us the intel, promised the keep would be empty…”

Lailen smiled gently, putting a gentle hand to Julian’s face as his breathing slowed. “Sorry, darling. I haven’t had a good fight in weeks.”

Accepted Characters:

Gennar, Skaa Rebel Wannabe


Erinelle Getrue, Noble Assassin

#2 Daydam

5th Tier Elariel

Posted 19 September 2018 - 03:20 AM

I really like this character! Absolutely love the unique way she uses bronze. I do think you repeated her name quite a lot during the first part of her story, and would've liked to see more synonyms or different ways of calling her, just to avoid that. However, that's just a small detail.
On a personal side-note, I'd like to see more of her noble side; Nightswift is really interesting, but Lailen herself will have to appear quite a lot during her stay in Luthadel. I'd like to see how well she can fit among the other nobles. I'm not saying you should add any of this to your app, of course, It's just one thing I would've liked to see, at least for a bit.

Again, I really like her story and personality. I can't approve your app or anything like that since I'm no admin, but I wanted to at least leave some of my thoughts here :D

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#3 Moru


Posted 05 December 2018 - 04:07 PM

I really enjoyed reading Lailen. I love that she is in a contest with life. That part of her personality really came through in the history and the role play sample. Where she's just trying to win. At life. I love it. Being a competitive person, myself, I can practically feel that mindset as you've described it.

It is an approval from me.

You need one more.

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