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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Abraxas MacGuile's Character Apps: S1 #2 V5: Cassandolia Ferrey

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Posted 12 November 2018 - 06:38 PM


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Name/Handle: Abraxas MacGuile / AGM
Contact: PM

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Name: Cassandolia ''Diamonds'' Ferrey
Type: Skaa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel Outskirts
Occupation: Jeweler & Locksmith
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Rumored

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Cassandolia has steely gray eyes, a lithe and healthy build, and a frame about 5 feet 4 inches tall that she carried like a noble while dressing herself as a laborer. She exudes an aura of calm self-confidence, and has a tight, thick braid of auburn hair that goes down to her knees.

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Cassandolia believes that nobody should hold anybody - including themselves - back, and always gives every side of an argument a chance to explain themselves before casting her own vote. She rarely excercises caution, but when she does, the wise choice is to do likewise. The only time she wasn't utterly serene was everything from the start of the attack on their home to when Vale noticed the twins (see History), and has never broken composure since, even in the face of complete and utter disaster. Threatening her family and friends is a bad idea, and that goes double is Caedrus is threatened.
Her personal inclination is that of a rebel: "One should be able to say and do as they please without fear of disproportionate retribution."
Her family is an unknown father, Reya (Mother, Living, S2#2), Asharin (Adopted Younger Brother, Living, S1#3), Valette Davar (Female Cousin, S4#2), and her twin brother Caedrus (Living, S1#1) who she shares a nigh-Invested bond with.
Her friends include Lord Reen & Lady Kara Ladrian aka The Ladrian Twins (Male & Female, S1#5 & S1#6), the Ladrian family's steward: Shahwah (Male, S1#4), the Ladrian Twins' older brother Bartholomew (Living, S1#7), the Kandra he's hired: TriSaa (Female, S1#8), and the mysterious Mistborn known only as Vale (Female, S2#1, Pun Intended).

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Special Skills: Acrobatics, Insight, Investigation, Medicine, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival.
Strengths: Simple weapons, bows, abnormally Cosmere-aware for a Skaa, popular with Nobles.
Weaknesses: Is a perfectionist at occupation, too secretive for her own good, paranoid about her family's abilities being discovered by the Inquisition, suffers from Clark Kent Syndrome.

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Born in 899 FE, Caedrus and Cassandolia always had it drilled into them to do what they felt was right and to avoid offending others. They were grateful for what they had: a home located close enough to Luthadel's walls for them to escape into the city in the event of an attack, a loving mother with a low-risk job, a steady supply of food, etc.
They led uneventful lives up until 904, when an 2-year-old orphan was found at their doorstep with a note from somebody, explaining the lad's name and background. Asharin had joined the family.
In 914, Luthadel was attacked under cover of darkness by an unknown faction, resulting in the demolition of most of the area where the Ferreys lived at the time. Reya - their mother - and Asharin were in another part of the outskirts at the time, so the twins had to fend for themselves. When they realized that they couldn't make it to the walls before the raiders got to them, at least four things happened within 1/16th of a second.

One: the hostiles unleashed various metallic projectiles.
Two: a Mistborn they didn't know launched a spray of coins at the invaders, but aimed too far away.
Three: slivers of a strange metal got embedded in the twins' arms.
Four: the twins Snapped.

The coins launched by the Mistborn, along with the besiegers' projectiles, were yanked downwards so that only the coins hit. Noticing the redirection as well as the heightened confusion the surviving offensive line seemed to be feeling, the Mistborn flared Bronze and found the twins as they reached the wall too late to get inside.
The following is an in-timeline recording of what then transpired.


The twins backed against the wall in terror and confusion.
"We're gonna die, aren't we?" Cassandolia asked.
"Only if we can't get inside the walls!" Caedrus shot back.
Suddenly, a figure they hadn't seen before landed in front of them, yet the twins recognized her for who she was instantly because of the many ribbons which comprised her cloak.
A Mistborn.
"Hang on!" she called to Caedrus, scooping up Cassandolia in her arms before jumping back up to the top of the wall.
Oddly calm, Caedrus noticed a thin blue line like a rope stretching from his waist up to the battlements. He yanked on it in both mind and body. Hard. The result Pulled him upwards at an incredible pace, sending him past the descending Mistborn, who reversed direction, grabbed Caedrus, Pulled on the metal atop the battlements as well, and Pushed on something in the wall, arcing the pair onto the ramparts. It was then that the Mistborn spoke next.
"Are you two alright?" she asked. Stunned, the twins nodded. The Mistborn smiled kindly at them before hurling several more coins at the enemy.
"Do you have any parents?" she asked next. Caedrus, strangely trusting, answered that his and Cassandolia's mother were in the far side of the Outskirts.
"Stay with me until we find her, okay?"
"Yes, ma'am!" the twins chorused. As the battle progressed, Cassandolia mustered up the courage to ask a question.
"Ma'am, how did you make your coins hit the enemy? It looked like they were going to miss!"
"I could have Pulled on them, but I'm not yet skilled enough to do that while Pushing on the enemy's weapons. No, I didn't do it, and even if I had tried to, somebody beat me to it."
"Who?" Caedrus asked. The Mistborn paused while refilling her metals.
"You." The twins gaped.
"Me?" Caedrus whispered. The Mistborn paused again, noted that the Luthadel Garrison had engaged the enemy force's remnants, then knelt and put a hand on each twin's shoulder.
"Yes, you. You're a Lurcher Misting."
"What about me?" Cassandolia pleaded in both excitement and desperation.
"You, like your brother, are also a Misting. Unlike him, you're a Rioter, not a Lurcher."
"We don't understand what Lurcher and Rioter mean, ma'am," the twins said.
"You both will. For now, let's get you somewhere safer. Here, drink these. You may need them," the Mistborn said, downing a vial of the metals and handing the twins a vial of their respective metals, which they also downed. "Now, hold on to me tightly." The twins obliged, grabbing onto the Mistborn's sides as well as each other.
"That works. Now, let's go!" Flaring Pewter and burning Steel, the Mistborn jumped off into the night, carrying the twins with her.


"You can call me Vale," the Mistborn said as the group landed at a nondescript seamstress' shop in Luthadel a few minutes later.
"I'm Caedrus."
"I'm Cassandolia. Are we there yet?"
"Yes. Cloak is a Smoker Misting, so Seeker Mistings shouldn't be able to find us. We'll be safe here."
The twins disembarked, then looked around as 'Vale' led them inside the shop. A woman, presumably 'Cloak', looked up and, seeing the trio, put down her needle and stood up, concern creased on her face.
"Vale, whatever happened to me being the last skaa the group recruited before they finish puberty?"
"Their home got destroyed in the attack, and they Snapped between when I got to the wall and when they did. The boy's a Lurcher and the girl's a Rioter. Mind if we use a back room for now, Cloak?"
"Certainly. Second door on the left."
The group walked down the hall, and 'Cloak' - better known as Lara - returned to her work and burned Copper.


"I think our mom works here, Lady Vale," Caedrus said.
"It's just Vale, and that's a convenient coincidence. Now, let's answer some questions. Ask away!" Vale responds, taking a seat in an armchair and indicating that the twins should sit on the bed, which they do.
"What are Lurchers, Rioters, and Smokers?" Cassandolia asked.
"You know what a Misting is, right?" Vale returned.
"Only that they have just one of a Mistborn's powers."
"Well, that's the key point. Mistborn and Mistings are both Allomancer types, meaning we get our powers from consuming and 'burning' metals. Only we Mistborn can burn more than one metal, and if you can burn multiple metals, you can burn all ten."
"What are the metals?" Caedrus inquired.
"The metals are sorted in three independent ways that, when combined, determine the exact metal. The first way is if it's a Physical, Cognitive, or High metal. The second is pushing or pulling, and the last is if the effect is internal or external. The physical metals, starting with the external pulling one and ending with the internal pushing one, are Iron, Steel, Tin, and Pewter. The cognitive metals, likewise, are Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Bronze. The High metals, to the best of my knowledge, can only be burned by Mistborn, and are Gold - internal pulling - and Atium - external pushing."
"What about my question?"
"Lurchers like your brother use Iron, Coinshots use Steel, Tineyes and Pewterarms - which are also called Thugs - are self-explanatory, Rioters like yourself use Zinc, Soothers use Brass, Smokers like Cloak use Copper, and Seekers use Bronze."
"What do they do when burned, and how do we burn them?"
"Your body knows how to burn the metals. Iron lets you Pull on nearby metals with some exceptions, while Steel Pushes on them, both using the same rules. Tin increases one's senses, while Pewter increases physical abilities. Zinc Pulls emotions and amplifies them, while Brass Pushes and dampens them. Copper protects the burner from Zinc and Brass, and hides everybody in a certain range from Bronze, which lets one find Allomancy use in a certain range and identify the metals being used along with the exact distance and direction to the burner - though as I said, Copper negates this. Gold lets the burner see what they'd be like if they'd made different choices and when they'd made the choices. Atium lets the one burning it see what other people and objects are going to do a few seconds ahead of time as well as where they currently are, if you can see them. The future version is an Atium shadow, and somebody burning Atium casts multiple Atium shadows - everybody else casts just one. Now, get some sleep. I'll try to find your mom and brother. By the way, you should extinguish your metals. If you need anything, ask Cloak. I'll answer more questions in the morning."
"We will! Goodnight!"


Time passed. Vale hadn't found the twins' mom, but she hadn't needed to - Reya had arrived at the shop ten minutes before dawn and half an hour after Vale. Overjoyed, she thanked Vale and asked if there was anything reasonable she could do to return the favor. Vale initially declined, but at Reya's insistence, she changed her mind.


The reunited family was still embracing when Vale relented.
"The twins are Mistings. Since you insist on returning my favor, let me train them with their metals."
Silence fell. Reya looked at Vale.
"As surely as I am a Mistborn."
"Please do, Lady Mistborn," Reya whispered before fainting.
"Good thing she was on the bed. When she comes to, tell her that I'm giving her the day off if she wants. Try not to break anything while training, please," Lara calls while walking past.
"Okay! Lady Mistborn, am I a Misting?" Asharin asks.
"Maybe. I don't know yet. If you are, you haven't Snapped yet. And please, call me Vale."


The weeks spent training with Vale were tough, but fun and highly useful. The twins proved fast learners and good students. Cassanolia - or 'Diamonds' to those she met while training - soon became skilled in ranged combat, especially the bow and arrow, bomarding the enemy while Rioting her allies' calmness and her enemies' panic. The twins also became proficient in their chosen fields of interest: Locksmithing and Jewelry, in Cassandolia's case.


It wasn't until 915 that the twins experienced two things which changed their outlook on life forever. The first was forming a friendship with House Ladrian. The second was overhearing Shahwah, the House Ladrian steward, being informed by TriSaa, a Kandra under the employ of the house's estranged heir, that House Ferrey fell in 400 FE. Shortly afterwards, the Ferrey twins joined a cell of the skaa rebellion, little realizing that Asharin was one of the cell's founders until after the fact.

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Posted 01 December 2018 - 08:26 PM

Hello Abraxas - This section is for finished applications only - if you would like to post work in progress character profiles, please do so in the Workshop. I will be moving these there now. You can repost when they are complete.

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 06:35 AM

Hey, I like the idea of twin allomancers, but these profiles feel almost the same. Itd be great to be able to differentiate them and not define them by the same terms or by each other.

-Player Characters-
Wilor Zerrung, Prelan Matarn (Workshop), Rikor (pending acceptance), Kler

House Zerrung

Archived (for now):

Aspir Elariel (WIP), Lord Gustav Bulvier (WIP), Maxill Seraphino (Under Revision), Abryn Zerrung (Still Writing), Rasdon (WIP)

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