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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Besnell Oblodra

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#1 Besnell Oblodra


Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:46 AM

"Besnell Oblodra"
Obligator of Inquisition

Player Information
Handle :Unsure on what this is. If it is a name, call me Redwave, my customary Alias
Contact : Pm is preferable, and if necissary you can ask for my email of which will be pmed, for safety reasons.

Character Information
Name: Besnell Oblodra
Age: 44
Type: Obligator
Gender: Male
Canton: Canton of Inquisition
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: Zinc: Besnell is a Rioter
Degree of Skill: Advanced: Besnell's touch on the emotions is verging on imperceptible.

Hair: Bald
Eyes: Deep Green
Height: 6"6 however he appears shorter as he is often hunched.
Weight: 89kg
Voice: Besnells voice is Deep and commanding. It is often quiet but when necissary Besnell will raise his voice to powerful levels.
Overall Appearance:
Adorned in the robes of his station, Besnell appears in every way, the same as the numerous others who call themselves obligators. What is different however is that Besnell's hight and build gives him a commanding presence, powerful in strength, political pull and aura he can be quite the 'figure' among a crowd. Surrounding his eye are the customary tattooes of which spiral out accross his face. Not the largest tattooes of his Canton his accomplished station has attributed him with a fair few markings, and so on appearance, he is daunting but not down right scary like those who lead the various Cantons. Aside from his tattooes his face is really quite unremarkable, no a fleck of hair mars his jaw or head and his green orbs of eyes are nice but nothing too memorable. His body is wrinkled as much as one would expect of one his age, the withered-looking signs of age almost hiding the relitivly fit man that lies beneath. In short he is a strong man, in most respects, but not so much so that he stands out.

Special Skills: Besnell is an accomplished scribe and reader, a fan of the fine art of literature. These, mundane talents are not his only ones however for Besnell is known for having 'a way with words'. He can read a person and their attitudes almost as good as he reads a book, capable of taking in what he sees and adapting these traits into the way in which he speaks, so as to change his language to appeal to as many different kinds of people as he possibly can. For example, if he wished to get information out of a noblewoman he might use flatery and compliments where as if he were to do the same with a skaa ruffian he would use coercive manners and flaunt his title. Simple and subtle changes but effective all the same. His skills as a Rioter make this all the better.

As stated above Besnell is good at reading, writing and talking however he does have a way with less, civilised skills.

Besnell is a well trained warrior and endured a short intendure as a hazer for the Great House Hasting before entering the Canton of Inquisition. This skill in previous years lends itself even now to Besnell and he is an accomplished soldier.
Of course his training as a rioter is also a strength.
Besnell is bad at numerous things really, and most of those thing he hasn't specialised in (named above) he is really quite attrocious at. this of course isn't obvious though because he doesn't need to do much however their are a few things that are obvious. His running, for instance is terrible, he is slow and sluggish and faced with a situation where speed is a virtue and he will surely fail.
Besnell is also deplorable marksman, lending to his poor sight at distances.

Besnell is an altogther grumpy fellow, often with a twisted frown of displeasure on his lips he appears to be unimpressed and most often bored with his surroundings: this is not so far from the truth. This can change dramticaly though for when faced with moments in which he is required to be subserviant and atentive his persona changes flawlessly to an ass-kissing follower any Prelan or Lord Ruler could wish for. All in all he is a tired, grumpy old man pleased with where life has got him but pleased with very little else.

Born to an unimportant Noble house of the Eastern Dominance: House Oblodra, Besnell was the eldest of what became a family of 7: two parent, two brothers and four sisters. In his early childhood he was groomed and prepared for what life would give him, favoured even more for he was one of the two children who inherited Allomantic traits (his father was a thug and one of his sisters was a coinshot).

The occurence of Besnell's snapping was nothing spectacular, like many others of the time he was brutaly treated and made to witness murders till he fiinally snapped, much to the pleasure of those in his family.

After his introduction to Allomancy Besnell began his training, some days after the traumatising events of his snapping, a harsh fate that it had to begin so quickly, with little regard for his hurt feelings but the nobility were not the caring of people as they were.
As time progressed he was hailed as a pordige his skill in Allomancy lending many the words taht he would 'go far' and do 'great things for the family'.
Saddly, these great things never came to be after the Canton of Orthodoxy found out his Father had spawned a mistborn child with a servent Skaa, they subsequently murdered his family. This left young ten year old Besnell a homeless noble, spared by the Canton along with his brothers and sisters on the lifetime contract they would in later life enter one of the Cantons (Besnell was the only one who survived that long).

The following years of his life Besnell was taken care of by an unimportant lesser house of Urteu and shunned throughout most his life as an outcast till he finally got up and left.
A tortured youth Besnell entered the ranks of the Hasting guard for no other reason then he figured fighting would do him good, and for 15 long years it did.
At age 30 Besnell entered the Canton of Inquisition, starting what would later consume his entire being in the service of the Lord Ruler.
In teh passing years besnell has completed all that was required of him in his feild, acheiving higher ranks as he progressed, currently among the top ten highest obligators in his Canton.

This will be lengthened and changed as more develops and more is 'found out'.
Roleplay Sample
Besnell glanced up at the ash, and beyond it the bloody midday sun of the Luthadel sky, scowling up at it all with a look of utter discontent. The weather in the Central Dominance was poor to say the least and he wished, and not for the first time that he could go back to the days of living in the outter dominances, the weather their had been marginaly better. He sighed as he rose from the small seat out by the center square, reminding himself that Luthadel was his home now, they needed him here: he just wish the place was not so gosh damn loathsome!

He straightened his robe and brushed off the dark filth that had gatehred their, glaring about all the while at the skaa of the city, lessser people, true, but lesser things have their uses, removed the need for people such as himself having to bend down and do the hard-yards anyway.
He shuffeled about the square gazing at all things that took his interest, making a beeline for one of the many keeps of Luthadel, there were so many of the things he found it hard to remember the names, or to be honest why he was going their but he guessed he would be met their by others, if not he would have to stall till he did remeber, not such a hard task. Likely another servent skaa, overlooked after being 'played with', creating yet another misting. Such as things were Besnell rarely had any exciting assignement and he doubted today's would be much different.

#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 11 July 2010 - 03:38 AM

First of all, Welcome to the boards! I'm glad to see yet another new face around here. There are just a couple things I wanted to address with your application, and then we'll move on to the positive stuff.

First of all, I'm a little doubtful about the size of his family. Unless they used fertility drugs, noble families wouldn't have that many children. Skaa have big families, nobles have smaller.

Second, the word is "prodigy," not "pordige." Just for future reference. ;)

Now, on to the positives! Hooray! Aside from recommending that you utilize a spell checker for your future posts, I'm really happy to see that you've put thought and consideration into making a character that fits within both the rules and the setting. And it's because of that that I'm going to go ahead and Accept you. Welcome to the RP!

Also, just a side note: there are non-Inquisitor obligators of high rank within the Canton of Inquisition as per administrative ruling. When told something like this in the future, check with an admin if you're not sure.

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