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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Delissia

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Posted 05 August 2010 - 06:19 AM

Undercover Skaa

Player Information
Handle : Comatose
Contact : [email protected]

Character Information
Name: Delissia
Age: 20
Type: Skaa
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lady in Waiting
Marital Status: Single

Powers: Not Applicable

Delissia is short and curvaceous, but not in the least bit plump. She stands about 5'2" when standing up straight (which she is always doing, good posture is only proper, after all). Her hair is long and very curly, and she often wears it hanging down her back. It is one of her most distinctive features (besides her pretty smile of course), and is a bright carrot-orange. Her eyes are blue, and though they are smaller than she would like, they come fully equipped with long ready-to-bat eyelashes. Her cheeks are lightly freckled, and round like apples. She only really looks attractive when she is smiling, but when she is (and she seldom is not) she lights up the entire room.

Special Skills: Dancing,Gossip.
Strengths: Delissia is very good at getting out of sticky situations. She's managed to run away from one of the greatest thieves in the business more time than once. She also has a very innocent and helpless demeanor that makes others want to trust her. Her greatest strength is her charm, which she uses to make fast friends with nearly everyone she meets.
Weaknesses: A man named Klyde.

Delissia is bright and bubbly to the point of excess. Many at court think she is simple and very silly. She is also quite the gossip. Few have ever seen her sad. She hates troubles, and gets rid of hers by ignoring them entirely. She doesn't think of herself as a Skaa, and she is a fervent believer in the Steel Ministries teachings. She is actually very religous, even for a noblewoman, though her theology is flawed. Because of this, she can be quite racist towards her own people. Of course, if she thought about that, it wouldn't make sense, but that's exactly why she doesn't think about it. The way she ignores her problems causes them to often come back to haunt her, especially the problem named Klyde.

Delissia was born under the name Millie to a skaa maid and her field worker husband on the plantation of House Renoux, in the Western Dominance. A few days after Millie was born, the Lady of the House died in childbirth, and thus her baby was given to Millie's mother to nurse. The baby was also a girl, and was named Delissia. It should be mentioned that Millie's mother was not the smartest maid, nor the most graceful. She was actually very clumsy. A few more days passed. Millie's mother awoke in the middle of the night to both babies crying incessantly. She had been asked to move into the manor to ensure the little Lady Delissia was well fed. Thinking her dexterity more considerable than it actually was, Millie's mother attempted to pick up both babies at once. As she was rocking both babies back and forth, begging both her daughter and the Lord's to go back to sleep. In her tired state, she did not notice the small rattle that she had left on the floor when putting the children to bed. She stepped on it and slipped. Luckily, she managed to maintain her hold on little Millie. Unfortunately, Lady Delissia Renoux slipped from her wet-nurse's grip, and her head was dashed upon the floor.

Millie's mother was shocked. She had dropped Millie once before, and the child had been all right, though she had felt horrible after. She tried in vain to get the child to wake, but when she moved to lift it, she spotted blood on the floor. She sat back and wept for a time, but when she was done she knew there was not a moment to lose. Lord Renoux would likely have her head, and possibly her husband's as well, if he knew she had unintentionally killed his first child, and the only tie he had to his deceased wife. She quickly disposed of the child's body, and wiped the floor clean of blood. Then she burned her dress in the fireplace, and washed the baby's linens. As the red sun began to creep into the sky, Millie's mother fitted Delissias Renoux's linens over her own daughter's head.

When another maid came in to check on her, Millie had effectively become Delissia Renoux. When asked about her own child, Delissia's wet-nurse said that her poor Millie had taken the fever, and she had sent the child to her hovel, so she would not infect the Lady Delissia. After a few days, she let it quietly be known that her own daughter had succumbed to illness, and had died. The women of her community had comforted her, but pointed out that at least she still had the Lady Delissia to care for. She told only her husband the truth, and while he didn't like it, he saw the necessity, and took heart in the fact that his daughter might have a better life because of it. At first, even Lord Renoux suspected nothing.

Delissia began to grow up, and her 'wet-nurse' was soon dismissed. To the surprise of everyone in the Renoux household, her hair grew out incredibly curly, and a bright carrot-orange that was unheard of in the Renoux line. Many assumed she must have gotten it somewhere from her mother's side, but Lord Renoux had met several of his wife's relatives, and none of them had had hair of this colour or curls of that vitality. At the age of eight, Delissia was beaten nearly to death, and it nearly broke her father's heart. Nonetheless, it had to be done. He was a Mistborn, and his wife had been a smoker, so there was a good chance that Delissia had inherited the allomantic talent. As a minor house, Renoux was in sore need of allomancers and so even his beloved only daughter could not be spared. It came as a surprise to everyone when she showed no abilities at all.

Delissia continued to grow. She had a cheerful disposition, and was well loved by everyone in the house hold, especially her father, though he could not escape the suspicion that he was missing something with her. He hated to think ill of his deceased wife, but he soon came to the conclusion that she must have had an affair. She had always seemed more than faithful, and it saddened his heart to think so, but nothing else fit. Luckily, he had his darling Delissia to fill the void. Life seemed to be perfect for the girl, until the fateful day she turned eighteen.

She was a young lady now, and Lord Renoux was expecting to forge a valuable alliance, and find a safe home for her to marry into. His plantation was also achieving some measure of success, and so he had decided to expand his manor with an addition. The West Garden was rarely used anyways, and so he ordered that the workers begin tearing it up. He was taking a birthday tea with his daughter, and one of the Skaa workers called out. At first he thought nothing of it, but he soon found out that while digging, the worker had uncovered the skeleton of an infant. This was unusual. True, the Skaa often had difficulties with children, but he had given them a small plot of land to bury their dead in. He did not like the fact that one of them had sought to use his garden as a burial ground. He had his servants ask around about women who had lost children. Every mother who had lost a child managed to locate the child's grave easily, and the search went on, until they came to Delissia's old wet-nurse, who was said to have lost a child the same year Delissia was born. Lord Renoux himself did not make the connection, but his investigator looked the woman up in the records before she and her husband were brought forward for discipline. He could not believe he had allowed such a woman into his house! And near to his beloved daughter!

As the woman and her husband approached him, he prepared to give them a stern lecture, and then have the task master give them both several lashes. It was best to be stern with skaa. However, as they approached, something stopped him. He couldn't say later whether it was the way the man's hair curled and shone in the sun despite the ash covering his body, or the roundness of the woman's cheeks and the shape of her eyes, but seeing the couple together gave him a feeling in the pit of his stomach he did not like at all.

Going purely on instinct, and dreading what he would find, he asked the the couple's children be brought to him as well. They had had four children together after their first 'died.' As the children were brought forward one by one, there could be no denying it. Each child had thick curly carrot-orange hair, round apple cheeks, and freckles. There could be no mistaking them for Delissia's brothers and sisters. And that meant the infant who's skeleton had been found had been his own.

Lord Renoux was furious! He immediately ordered that the man and woman be executed. He spared the children, for they had done no wrong, but ordered that the entire hovel receive several lashes each for not turning the woman in. They must have known after all. They must have!

It was not until later that night that Lord Renoux finally cooled down. Now, he had to decide what to do about Delissia. He had not spoken to her since their tea earlier that morning, and he knew she would be put out about him not spending time with her on her birthday. Lord Renoux had a bigger problem, however. Several servants and taskmasters had been present when he had the children brought forward, and word had spread of their resemblance to the Lady Delissia. There could be no hiding that his daughter, his darling, was a Skaa. He would be disgraced enough already, he could not allow her to continue living under his roof. But he could also not bear to send her out to the fields. He remembered the way she had cried out during her beating and wept. How could he choose between his daughter and his house?

A way out came to him when a servant knocked on the door. Apparently, when the taskmasters had been lashing the members of the man and woman's hovel, they had found they were hiding a fugitive. He was a man in his late twenties, and apparently was a Skaa thief of some renown, for they found him in possession of two hundred boxings. Lord Renoux asked that the man be sent to him, and then called for his daughter.

Once the three of them were alone, he outlined his plan, and the reasons behind it, simply and with out embellishment. He expected Delissia to weep, but he was glad she did not, for it would have broken his heart. She just shook her head, insisting it was impossible, until she could no longer deny the overwhelming evidence. Seeing her father's sad expression, Delissia took him in her arms, and held him close while he wept uncontrollably. She told him it was okay, that she would go with this strange man. That she would stay safe. That she understood, and that she would never forget him. He told the Skaa theif sternly that he must take care of his daughter, in exchange for his freedom, and that if he ever found out he had harmed her, he would give him to the Steel Inquisitors.

Delissia packed her things, and left silently in the night with the handsome Skaa thief. She never saw her father again. She kept her promise, and never forgot him, but she remembered only the happy times. She pretended he had sent her away so that she might learn about the world, and find a husband on her own. She refused to acknowledge that she was really a Skaa. For that matter, to herself at least, she denied that her companion was Skaa as well. His name was Klyde.

Klyde was actually a very talented conman, looking to start his own crew. His easy way of impersonating nobleman made it easy for Delissia to delude herself that he actually was one. Klyde, while annoyed with the ditzy young girl at first, soon realized the value of having a woman around who was actually trained at court, and not just taught to impersonate a noblewoman. After she got over hating Klyde, and being annoyed with his snide demeanour, lack of respect, and dishonest lifestyle, she discovered she was unexplainably, but intoxicatingly attracted to him. Soon, they began a passionate romance, and she found she could no longer say no to him. By the time they reached their first city, Klyde already had a con in mind, and Delissia became Delissia Arnell, a courtly gossip, travelling the Final Empire with her body guard, on orders from her father to secure a marriage contract. They performed con after con, the perfect team, always leaving town before anyone got suspicious. Delissia was having the time of her life with the man of her dreams, that is, until she met god.

She could never tell you what made her do it, but somehow, at one of the balls in the Fadrex City, she began talking to an elderly Obligator. Normally, she avoided the Steel Ministry, as any intelligent con woman would, but for some reason she could not get enough of the delightful old man. Later she would call it fate. He taught her the precepts of the Lord Ruler's church, and she drank it up, detail after detail. She had always found religion boring as a girl, but perhaps her change in circumstances had left her wanting more out of life. Or perhaps, there was some small part of her, deep inside, saying surely a Skaa would never be a devout follower of the Steel Ministry. She took to her new, or rather, old religion with great fervour. Two days later, she told Klyde she couldn't con with him any more, and that she was leaving him, to find a respectable husband, and that they couldn't be lovers anymore. They just couldn't! And no, she wouldn't take him back even if he begged. And yes she did like it very much when he kissed her, but no, that didn't mean she was staying. And no, she didn't think he was unattractive.

Long story short, she ended up back in bed with him, but in the morning she could scarcely look at herself in the mirror because of her shame. When Klyde went out to talk to an informant, she packed her bags and left, hoping Klyde would never find her amid the splendour and the masses of Luthadel.

And so, Delissia Arnell, a noblewoman supposedly of the crescent dominance, has arrived in Luthadel, hoping to gain a position as Lady in Waiting to one of the ladies of the Great Houses, armed with only her faith, her sunny disposition, and her never-look-back attitude.

Roleplay Sample

Delissia fanned her self and laughed prettily. Some women didn't know it, but there was a trick to giggling just so, that made it prettier than laughing in other ways. Delissia knew, but she didn't lord it over others. That would have been rude. Take her companion, Lady Lynn, for example. Delissa could have informed her that her dress made her look like a cabbage, and that she laughed like a mistwraith, but Lady Lynn was her dear friend, and she would never say such a thing.

"Oh Lady Lynn, where do you hear such things? Everyone knows that Lord Allen is no longer availiable." The expression on Lady Lynn, and her other companions' faces told her that no, everyone did not. "O dear me," she gasped. "You mean they haven't made the announcement public yet? You know I couldn't tell you then ladies, after all, what kind of friend would I be to Lady Prudence if I let spoiled the pleasure of announcing her engagement for her?" She realized what she said too late. Well, too late now. I really must limit my wine intake at the next ball. "Please, ladies, this must remain a secret between the ten of us. Lady Prudence will be so put out if she discovers I told you. She is a dear friend of all of ours, isn't she? I know we'd all hate to see her sad." The other women nodded. Delissia put her drink down, and fingered her medallion carved into the symbol of the Steel Ministry. She silently thanked the Lord Ruler she had such good friends!

She smiled prettily as Lady Lynn began into another hilarious anecdote. Some women didn't know it, but there was a special way to smile that made you look prettier. Take Lady Prudence for example...

Delissia caught sight of a framiliar form weaving through the crowd.

"Lord Ruler!" she swore, earning stares from her companions. She couldn't help it of course, didn't they realize that was Klyde making his way through the crowd? She'd know his strong shoulders anywhere. Klyde! He'd found her. She couldn't let him see her though. She'd be putty in her hands. She had her faith, her propriety to think of.

ESCAPE! screamed her mind. "Forgive me Ladies, I'm afraid I must be going." She turned sharply and walked with rightous determination towards the door. She would have run, but she could not. She was still a lady, and this was a ball after all.

(Klyde to come later)

#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 06 August 2010 - 01:17 PM

Hey, look, we moved the topic without responding! That's because Delissia is awesome.


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