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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Klyde

  • Crewleader

Looking Good in Red
  • Age31

  • Relationship StatusSeparated / It's Complicated

  • OriginLuthadel

Posted 24 August 2010 - 06:53 PM

Skaa Crewleader

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Name/Handle: Comatose
Contact: matt.wiens@hotmail.com

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Name: Klyde
Type: 31
Age: Skaa
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Crewleader/Conman
Relationship Status: It's Complicated

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Klyde often looks like the mess he is. His hair is brown and always unruly, hanging just above his ears. He usually has at least a few days growth of beard. He is tall for a skaa standing around 6'00" with a stocky build. His voice his deep and resonant. His clothes are always unkempt. He cleans up nice when he must attend balls, but returns to his slovenly habits as soon as he can. He is large for a skaa, both tall and very muscular. He has a strong jaw and eyes so deep and dark many women have claimed they could lose themselves in them forever. He always has at least one knife secreted somewhere on his person.

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Klyde views the world as his for the taking. He hates things that hold him back. He takes rules, denials and refusals as challenges, and he never turns down a challenge. Though it gets him into trouble sometimes, he can usually get out of it, and be ahead in the end. Greed is a driving factor for Klyde, he often cannot get enough of anything, and so, he is never really happy. He has a volatile temperment, going from angry, to overjoyed and back again in heartbeats, and isn't afraid to lose his temper. Because of his size, his followers often tread wearily around him. He is also quite eccentric, especially when planning, he sometimes will go without eating, sleeping, or bathing until the plan is complete. He is very disorganized, and his personal life is always in shambles, as is his living space and personal appearance. Despite these vices, his plans are very often brilliant and surprisingly meticulous. They almost always succeed. Despite his temper, Klyde will never raise a hand to a woman, and often dotes on female crew members, even when he has no romantic interest in them. He flirts with almost any woman he meets, and loves 'the chase.' Once he decides on someone, he never stops until he has her. With his looks and charm, it rarely takes him long. As with rules and laws, a polite refusal from a Lady is just another challenge Klyde is sure he can overcome.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Forgery, Throwing Knives, Plotting, and Dancing.
Strengths: Charisma, moderate combat abilities with knives, coming up with a plan.
Weaknesses: Klyde is a man of appetite. Be it gambling, drinking, or women, he often bites off more than he can chew. He is also very over-proud. He also often needs a stable, business-type personality to work with him to handle the smaller organizational parts of his plans.

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Klyde's grandfather was one of the best Skaa theives the final empire has ever known. His father quite possibly was the best. He was a hard man, who expected Klyde to follow in his and his father's footsteps. Klyde was the youngest of his father's five children. His four older sisters each had different mothers, and only the second youngest had the same mother as him. His mother died when a nobleman took interest in her soon after Klyde's birth, and so he was mostly raised by his sisters, and the members of his father's crew. Klyde's father has a furious temper and a weakness for drink. He often beat his daughters for being stupid, or ugly, or useless. Klyde saw this, and as his resentment for his father grew, he swore he would never raise his hand to a woman. Under his sister's tutelage, he grew to understand women as much as any man can, and by the time he reached adolescence he was incredibly charming and quite the ladies man. He also often preferred female company to that of his male crew members. He bedded his first woman at thirteen, and she was a full four years older than he. He became known in the crew for his easy way with women, and how he could make even the most sensible house maid forget herself entirely.

His father never stopped trying to remake Klyde in his image. Both drunk and sober, he often tried to beat Klyde's laziness out of him. It never worked, and Klyde continued to think what he wanted would just come to him with minimal effort. The things was, it usually did. Despite his resentment for his father, he continued to learn from him, and soon joined the crew as a pit pocket. He was especially good at getting donations from the rare charitable noblewoman with sympathy for a cute malnourished skaa boy, and then robbing her when she turned her back. Though few woman of the ruling class had such inclinations, especially to skaa, Klyde seemed able to pick them out with ease. As he grew, one by one, his sisters left him for the whore houses, for his father saw no use for them. This deepened his hatred of his father, but he loved the rush of conning and thievery so much that he could not bring himself to leave before he had learned everything he could from the man.

He was sixteen when his father died with his second's knife in his back. Klyde's father had been a prosperous leader, and the crew dealt with the traitor immediately. However, with both their leader and his second gone, the group began to dissolve into chaos, with no clear leader who could take the place of either. Klyde picked his moment, and stepped in, before they could begin assassinating each other. After proving he could continue where his father left off, and revealing some of his own plans, the crew readily accepted him. Their gamble payed off, and Klyde led them through one successful con after another. He was twenty when he finally decided he was old enough to attend a ball and impersonate a nobleman, and that only increased his earnings.

He'd already decided that he preferred noblewomen to other skaa. They were better looking, on the whole, with years of selective breeding behind them. And the chase! By this time, he could usually get a pretty skaa girl to lift her skirts for a wink and a murmer, but a noblewoman had her propriety to think of. His promises of marriage and a life together that worked so well on sensible skaa maids got laughed at at the balls, and he soon realized that man noblewomen could catch on to all but his most genius strategies. But the pay off was always worth the work. Most skaa maids (besides the whores), looking for love were really looking for a husband, or at least a long term relationship. The many children that would undoubtedly ensue from promiscuous behaviour were not worth the risk. Because of the balance, noblewomen were far more likely to experiment, and were thus much more... experienced. Klyde was quick to catch on to the subteties of court, and managed to earn a spot in a noblewoman's bed at his first two balls. After his third ball, Klyde decided he was ready to meet his mark. Her name was Ariadne.

She was incredibly beautiful, and known for her guileless innocence caused by years of being sheltered by an over-indulgent father. Her vitality was captivating, and her honesty refreshing. Despite he knack for seeing through his ploys, she was his after their first night together. That was the plan of course. If she set her mind on marrying a man, her father would undoubtedly succumb to her wishes whatever the man's station. They were not so high up in the house as to worry overly much about marriage alliances, but high enough to have a sizable dowry ready. Any correspondence to his supposed House in the southern dominance was redirected or replaced. The plan was going perfectly. What Klyde didn't realize at first is while she was giving her heart to him, she was stealing a piece of his as well.

In the end the job came first. He would not betray his crew for a woman. He could not! Once the dowry was paid, Klyde prepared to disappear, before one of the messages managed to get passed him un-screened. He decided he could not leave without seeing Ariadne one last time, and so made one last midnight trip to her rooms. He thought he could creep in and out without her seeing. She woke up as soon as he entered the room. Despite all his careful planning, and his decision to put the crew first, he could not bear the look in her tear-filled eyes. He ended up spilling out his entire story to her, and asked her to elope with him. She said yes.

They were married in the skaa way on a small plantation outside of Luthadel. Klyde crew had been furious that he had jeopardized the mission, and so the crew was disbanded as soon as the money was split. Klyde knew he could not stay in Luthadel, especially not with his new bride, and so he began conning his way from city to city. They enjoyed a year of marital bliss, before Ariadne discovered she was pregnant.

She begged him to stop his conning, saying it was too dangerous if they were to start a family. She promised him she could do without all the jewels and dresses the money from his jobs provided, and urged him to take up a trade. She also began lecturing him about his drinking and his gambling. Most nights ended with Klyde storming out of the house and Ariadne crying herself to sleep. He left her a month later, and never saw her again. He swore to himself he would never get attached like that again. After seven years of wandering throughout the empire, living job to job, he met Delissia.

He tried to leave her at the first inn they stopped at after her father forced her on him. He never been annoyed with a lady he'd just met before, but Delissia's incessant nattering had him grumbling after the first hour of riding out from Lord Renoux's plantation. As things were, he knew he could not carry on with her, and made ready to leave as soon as she was asleep in her room.

After a quick drink in the bar, he found her waiting cheerfully, with their horses ready. Apparently she couldn't sleep with all the excitement, and had decided they should continue on tonight. He tried to leave her multiple times after that, but every time he did get away, she caught up to him in less than a day, always scolding him in round-about ways, but never insulting him outright. Next he tried to drive her off, telling her about his life as a thief, and being as disagreeable as possible. Finally, he cracked her cheerful exterior. She shouted at him for nearly an hour and then burst into tears. Klyde had never been one to let a woman cry in front of him, and they ended the night in each other's embrace. He soon wondered how he had ever managed without her.

He soon learned the value of her noblewoman's education. What came with years of practice to him was ingrained in her as part of her nature. No matter which court they visited, she drew attention at every one, and always made dozens of contacts before the night was through. Soon, he began including her in his plans, and was astounded at her success. Something in her nature made her impossible to mistrust, and the doors that had always been closed to him seemed to open wide for her. They performed con after con, and were three times as successful as he ever was on his own. Between his mind and her instinct, nothing could stop them. They fought often, and she often threatened to leave, but Klyde always had her back in his arms before sun set. The chase never stopped with her! For the first time in his life, Klyde was beginning to feel content. And then one day, she was gone.

The night before they had fought again, her spewing some nonsense about finding religion. As always, he overcame her arguments, and the night ended in his bed with their clothes scattered everywhere. She even ripped his best shirt as she was tearing it off! But in the morning, Delissia was gone. He chased her from city to city, but somehow, thought he sometimes caught glimpses of her, she always managed to escape before he could corner her. It wasn't long before his chase led him the Luthadel, the one city he had not returned to since he left it with Ariadne nine years before.

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Klyde walked through the gates of Luthadel for the first time in years. Strange, he thought. It's like I've never left. Ash fell lazily from the sky, and he didn't bother to brush it off his clothing. His hair seemed to stand on end, and it was streaked with ash from where he rubbed his hands through it. His shirt, cloak, and pants, though nicer than the average skaa would wear, were smeared with ash, as well as being wrinkled from over a week of travelling. She must have come here. She just must have. She must have noticed it was the only major city we never hit. She has to be here. He ignored the repulsed stares of the guards. He a tired, beaten, dirty skaa, one of millions. He was hardly worth notice. None the less, he kept his arms tense, ready to make knives appear out of his sleeves if need be. The cities of the Final Empire were all dangerous in their own way, but Luthadel held more dangers than all of the others combined.

As he passed, one of the guards sniffed irritably. Not surprising, he was pretty sure he stunk. He hadn't bathed, or even rinsed his hands or face, since leaving for Luthadel. It hadn't seemed important at the time. Delissia was waiting. He couldn't afford to fall behind her. The woman could melt away like mist in the morning, and he was having a hard enough time tracking her as it was.

"I hardly expected to see you again Klyde."

Klyde spun, a small obsidian knife appearing in his hand as he did. He kept his arm at his side though, so that only those close by could see it. The man in front of him seemed plain in all respects, perhaps a highly ranked skaa craftsman, or a lowly merchant. He was also his old second in command from the days when he led his father's crew. "As always Fingers," he replied, using the man's nickname, "You seem to be aware of everything. What brings you to the Tin Gate this morning?"

Fingers shook his head. "I'm waiting for a contact." He looked both ways and motioned for Klyde to join him in an alley way. Klyde snuck a glance at the guards and followed cautiously, stepping only the balls of his feet. He kept his knife handy, and prepared to draw the other one if need be.

When they were alone, if anyone could ever be alone in Luthadel, Klyde interrupted Fingers before he could continue. "You still in contact with the others? Where are Steely, or Pots, or Kindle at these days." Those three had been the most fervent of his supporters besides Fingers. If he could gather them in again, perhaps he could start up the old crew.

Fingers sighed before answering, and his dark eyes remained cold. "Steely's dead. The Inquisitor's got him. Kindle started up her own crew a while back, and I haven't heard from her. Don't think she'll be happy to see you though. She swore she'd put a knife in your chest if she ever saw you again. Pots and I have been running a small operation," he caught the expression in Klyde's eye and continued before he could interject. "We don't want anything to do with you Klyde. I may not feel like killing you, and Pots was never as unreasonable as Kindle, but I doubt he'd be happy to see you either." He sighed again. Fingers had always been reserved, but Klyde had never seen him this down. "I keep my people clear of you though, might as well give you a chance, but you stay clear of us, you hear me Klyde?"

Klyde frowned. The nerve of the man! Treating him like some diseased relative! His fingers itched to take his knife and send it flying between the other man's eyes. Fingers must have read the danger in his expression because he continued. "You abandoned us Klyde. You can't expect us to welcome you back with open arms. Why did you come back? Is she here?"

"That's none of your business Fingers. You just forget that she ever existed, you hear me," Klyde struggled not to shout. His tone remained low, but barely. "She gone, and she's not ever coming back. And what makes you think I need you guys anyways, huh" I'll get my own crew together, then we'll see who needs who." He hadn't been intending to do anything of the sort. This mission was strictly to get Delissia and get out. But now that he thought of it, he missed thieving. He hadn't done a job in months! Maybe a crew wouldn't be a bad idea. Once he got the boxings flowing again, and had some solid underlings, finding Delissia would become easier. If he found a woman looking for the safety of a crew leader's bed along the way, it served her right for leaving him!

"Good-bye Fingers. Don't worry, I'll pretend I never saw you." He wondered if he should put a knife between the man's eyes. Fingers couldn't like the idea of a new crew springing up, especially one led by someone of Klyde's reputation. There could be difficulties later on. But at the same time, he hadn't done anything yet, and Klyde had always considered murder of the last resort. "Just get out of my sight before I decide you're better off dead."

Fingers eyed him warily, no doubt thinking some of the same things he had, and wondering if he could knife him and get away clean. In the end caution won out, as Klyde knew it would. Fingers always was a cautious man. He'd just have the be that much more careful looking for knives aimed for his back in the coming months. Fingers nodded respectfully, and stalked out of the alley, becoming lost in the endless tied of skaa before Klyde could even blink.

#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 27 August 2010 - 12:25 AM

Great character. I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the story. Accepted!

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