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Mistborn: The Inquisition


House Mraziel

Tia Mraziel's Photo Tia Mraziel 11 Sep 2010

Minor House

Leadership Information
Handle : Amejisuto
Contact : Tia Mraziel, AIM - KoganeTsuki

General Information
House Mraziel is a Lesser Nobility, one that specializes in the export and import of plants and flora. The plants they import are usually either put towards their other export and import business - Medicines. If this is not where they go, they go to the Noble's Gardens. If you go to a Noble's Garden's, you will definitely see quite a variety that was brought in by House Mraziel. Their botanists specialize in making sure the plants are the healthiest around.

House Mraziel prides itself on the efficiency of the skaa they employ. Beatings are not taken kindly - and they also do not approve of abusing their skaa workers. Abuse leads to rebellion, and rebellion does not breed loyalty. Some Houses look down on them for this - but they have never had a shipment go missing, and they have never had a rebellion in their whole family history.

Mraziel tends to treat it's members fairly and kindly. They are very virtuous and refuse to break a contract unless the other party has been untruthful. House Mraziel has never had a Mistborn - but Mistings are not uncommon. The family has many cousins in the country that are mistings, and run small holdings out there. Though Mraziel is not a Great House, they still do their best to survive in Luthadel's Hierarchy.

They are known as a house of truthful individuals. House Mraziel will never lead you astray.

Character Information
Player Members:
Tia Lumina Mraziel - Heir
NPC Members:
Venial Mraziel - Leader
Makia Mraziel - Wife of venial, Mother of Tia
Percin Mraziel - Great-Uncle of Tia
Sirel - PewterArms, Third Cousin by Marriage, Shop Guard

Home & Wealth
Ancestral Home: Central Dominance
Current Location: Luthadel
Financial Avenue: Import and Export of Plants and Medicines.

None Yet

Allies and Rivals
None Yet
None Yet

Manor Description
A rather simple looking Manor, that is well built and well kept. The home is a moderate size - and may one day increase in size. If House Mraziel can increase their standing in the Nobility. What Mraziel does host - is some of the best Garden's in Luthadel. Next to the Nobles. Since their specialty is the import and export of such things. They have well kept Gardens, and their members often go to Noble houses to keep the gardens up-kept properly.