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The Timeline

Chaos's Photo Chaos 25 Nov 2010

This is a highly incomplete calendar of important events in the Final Empire. Please post me additional details, such as birthdates. This is so we can keep the massive explosion of events in an orderly manner, so we don't have to keep checking long histories on the character application.

The Calendar begins at the time of the Lord Ruler's Ascension. The year 918 is the present year. Years are the most specific we should get; do not list months. The transition from 917 (the previous year, where the Inquisition started) and 918 (the year of the RP) occurred a cycle or two before Julian Casuana died, so 918 begun very recently. As such, for dates of birth, just take 918 minus the age you marked in your character's application.

Events I am especially interested in: births of characters, deaths, marriages, divorces, alliances, contracts, direct House violence, etc.

535: House Elar ascends to Great House.
563: House Sureau ascends to Great House.
595: Great House Elar splits due to political infighting, creating Habren, Patreson, Seeris, Elariel, and others.
668: House Deveaux ascends to Great House.
820: House Chardain falls to House Arduenna.
823: House Deveaux allies with House Chardain.
829: House Arduenna finally falls from House Sureau's pressure.
831: House Elariel ascends to Great House.
843: House Venture ascends to Great House.
852: Maxen Sureau is born to Lord Oswaldt Sureau.
  • House Hasting ascends to Great House.
  • Aneirin Sureau is born to Lord Oswaldt Sureau.
863: House Tekiel ascends to Great House.
864: Garren Valoren is born.
867: Gethen Sureau is born to Lord Oswaldt Sureau.
872: Vassen (Ignas) is born.
  • Andrew Elariel is born to Anton Elariel and Lady Marion.
  • Magnus Venture is born.
  • Willem Venture is born to Bastian and Medea Venture.
  • House Lekal ascends to Great House.
  • Janelle Tekiel is born.
876: Alistair Elariel is born.
  • Stefan Sureau is born to Maxen Sureau.
  • Anastaise Sureau is born to Claude Sureau and Sylvianne Deveaux.
  • Lord Oswaldt Sureau kills his wife.
  • Janus Tekiel is born.
  • Rhea Ollivier is born.
881: Lord Oswaldt Sureau commits suicide. Maxen Sureau acquires the House Title.
882: Gervais Lekal is born to Thelir Lekal.
881: Matthias is born.
885: Garren Valoren ascends to head of House Valoren.
887: Aurele Valoren born; mother dies in childbirth.
889: Celeste Venture (nee Sureau) dies.
  • Julian Casuana is born to Lucius and Corin Casuana.
  • Gethen Sureau becomes House Venture's chief obligator.
891: Mia Deveaux is born to Florentin Deveaux.
  • Andrew Elariel is stricken from the succession of House Elariel.
  • Shokhan Venture attacks Deveaux and is stricken from the succession of House Venture.
  • Lord Denton Venture retires as Lord of House Venture. Ellsworth Venture inherits the House Title.
  • Aerouna Martel is born.
  • Denton Venture dies.
  • Charle Venture is born to Ellsworth and Ammeline Venture.
  • Venture attacks House Sureau. Lord Maxen Sureau dies. Stefan Sureau acquires the House Title.
  • Venture gains the Pits of Hathsin contract.
  • Willem Venture and Anastaise Sureau elope.
  • Andrew Elariel marries Janelle Tekiel
  • House Elariel reaches second place in the rankings.
  • Davinna Casuana is born to Everett Casuana.
  • Riordan Casuana is born to Leonard and Priscilla Casuana.
  • Marcille Sureau is born to Gethen Sureau.
  • Caden Hasting is born out-of-wedlock to Rianne Hasting.
  • Alistair Elariel acquires the House Title of Elariel.
  • Daerra, and then Aaron Elariel are born to Andrew and Janelle Elariel.
  • Jessica St. Croix is born to Ethan and Madelyn St. Croix.
  • Kardin Tekiel is born to Jasthom and Cordelia Tekiel. Cordelia dies in childbirth.
894: Tophian born.
895: Eleanna, posing as a noble, infiltrates House Valoren in an attempt to secure trade contracts on Garren's behalf.
  • Damien Deveaux is born to Anden Deveaux.
  • Efram Thelir Lekal is born to Lord Canler and Lady Amneera Lekal (nee Patresen).
  • Kaled Valoren born to Garren Valoren and the skaa woman Eleanna.
897: Nadia Sureau is born to Lord Stefan and Emma Sureau.
  • Gethen Sureau becomes Lord Prelan.
  • Magnus Venture marries Rhea Ollivier, solidifying a Venture-Ollivier alliance.
  • Broderick Venture is born to Magnus and Rhea Venture.
  • Aldwin Tekiel is born to Lord Hector Tekiel.
  • Claudia Elariel is born to Lord Alistair and Lady Helena Elariel.
  • Tamsin Landell is born to Jansten and Elspeth Landell.
  • Nevan Venture is born to Lord Ellsworth and Lady Amelline Venture.
  • Colette Hasting is born to Lord Sheldon Hasting.
  • Eliza Fathvell is born to Lord Desmond Fathvell.
  • Camille Deveaux is born to Augustin Deveaux.
  • Etienne Deveaux is born to Leon Deveaux and Katrien Deveaux (nee Vaudin).
  • Twins Lucille and Luthair Deveaux are born to Jerram and Elinne Deveaux. Elinne and Luthair die shortly after the births.
  • Myra Sureau is born to Lord Stefan and Lady Emma Sureau (nee Lekal). Emma dies in childbirth.
  • Adalae Lekal is born to Lord Canler and Amareena Lekal.
  • House Lekal allies with House Raisaal.
  • House Lekal breaks ties with Sureau and the Sureau Coalition.
  • House Sureau fails to destroy Lekal.
  • Sureau and Lekal sign the Tresteau Accords to end the conflict.
905: Matthias assumes leadership of a skaa thieving crew in Belinsk, Farmost Dominance.
908: Grela brings Matthias into the rebellion.
911: Julian Casuana marries Mia Deveaux. Houses Casuana and Deveaux ally.
912: Marcille Sureau marries Eston Deveaux, and Deveaux and Sureau ally.
  • House Casuana ascends to Great House.
  • Tophian succeeds her mother, Grela, as rebel leader following her death.
915: Insurgents destroy Belinsk, the capital of the Farmost Dominance.

  • Damien Deveaux's fiance, Elianna Damerell, dies.
  • House Ewing is exposed for doing research into metallurgy contrary to the edicts of the Lord Ruler, and is destroyed by House Deveaux.
  • A failed covert operation by House Sureau results in Vivian Elariel's capture.
  • Ignas arrives in Luthadel, rebellion starts.
  • House Fathvell ascends to Great House.
  • Rebels kill Lord Lucius Casuana. Julian Casuana acquires the House title.
  • Aerouna Martel becomes an Inquisitor
  • Aerouna Martel kills Lord Urbain. House Raisaal ascends to Great House, taking Urbain's spot.
  • The Inquisition begins.
  • Gethen Sureau becomes an Inquisitor. Ashriel Deveaux becomes Lord Prelan.
  • The Inquisition kills Marcille Deveaux (nee Sureau) and her husband, Eston. The Sureau-Deveaux marriage alliance collapses.
  • Julian Casuana dies in an accident. Mia Casuana acquires the House title.
1022: Mistborn, the Final Empire
1024: Mistborn, the Well of Ascension
1026: Mistborn, the Hero of Ages
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Comatose's Photo Comatose 26 Nov 2010

This is everything I have for now. Let me know if there are any problems.

820 (approx.)- House Chardain falls to House Arduenna
829 (approx)- House Arduenna is utterly destroyed by the Sureaus.
831- House Elariel ascends to Great House
873- Lord Andrew Elariel is born
875- Lady Janelle Tekiel is born.
876- Lord Alistair Elariel is born.
878- Janus Tekiel is born.
892- Lord Andrew Elariel is stricken from the succession.
893- Lord Andrew Elariel is wed to Lady Janelle Elariel
895- Lord Alistair Elariel becomes head of House Elariel
-First Lady Daerra, and then Lord Aaron Elariel are born to Lord Andrew and Lady
Janelle Elariel (nee. Tekiel)

Chaos's Photo Chaos 26 Nov 2010

Added all of that, though I edited some of the formatting. Interesting when Elariel ascended to Great House, that's for sure.

Moru's Photo Moru 11 Feb 2011

I realized I had not posted here for Magnus and Rhea.

873 - Magnus Venture is born.
878 - Rhea Venture (nee. Ollivier) is born
898 - Venture contract with Ollivier house solidified with Magnus' marriage to Rhea Venture (nee. Ollivier)

Lyrebon's Photo Lyrebon 03 Dec 2011

Gather all my events together in one place :( This is what the Valoren timeline has on it so far. I'll edit it when I have a more concrete history.

864 - Garren Valoren born.
881 - Matthias born.

885 - Garren ascends to head of House Valoren.
887 - Aurele Valoren born; mother dies in childbirth.
894 - Tophian born.

895 - Eleanna, posing as a noble, infiltrates House Valoren in an attempt to secure trade contracts on Garren's behalf.
896 - Kaled born.

905 - Matthias assumes leadership of skaa underground crew.
908 - Grela subsumes Matthias into the rebellion.
913 - Tophian succeeds her mother, Grela, as rebel leader following her death.

Thoughtful Spurts's Photo Thoughtful Spurts 03 Dec 2011

901: Zincell is born to a breeder in the Terris Dominance. The synod discovers she's a Feruchemist.
913: Zincell is unable to bear children, and is trained as a stewardess.
915: Zincell goes to work as a stewardess, the house dies in the Farmost Dominance's rebellion. Zincell starts travelling.
918: Zincell arrives Luthadel.
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