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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Caden Hasting

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#1 Caden Hasting

  • Potential Hasting Heir (Hasting Hottie)

Looking Good in Red
  • Age24

  • Relationship StatusIn a Relationship with Eliza Fathvell

  • OriginLuthadel

Posted 27 November 2010 - 05:23 AM

The Bastard Heir

Colette Hasting's NPC Entry:


Name: Lord Caden Hasting

Gender: Male

Pertinent Information: Caden is the son of Lord Sheldon's older sister, Lady Rianne Hasting. Since Colette is an only child and Caden is Lord Sheldon's closest male relative of the younger generation, he is currently Colette's biggest rival for the House Title. He is not an Allomancer, but makes up for it with razor sharp cunning.

Player Information
Handle : Comatose
Contact : [email protected]

Character Information
Name: Caden Hasting
Age: 24
Type: Nobleman
Gender: Male
Occupation: Potential Heir
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: None
Metals Used: N/A
Degree of Skill: N/A

Caden is 6'00" and muscular, but his proportions prevent him from looking bulky. His hair is the current generation of Hastings' distinctive gold. He keeps it cut fashionably short and keeps it well styled. He has a strong jaw, handsome face, and a killer smile filled to the brim with charisma and charm. His voice is warm and charming and of medium depth. His ice blue eyes often bear a dogged or determined expression, especially when Caden is focused on a particular goal.

Special Skills: Duelling, Shelldry champion, Hunting, Horse-back Riding, Politics.
Strengths: With his natural charisma, good looks, and determination, Caden is very good at winning people over to his side. When he sets his eyes on a goal, he focuses entirely on it, and almost every motion of his daily life will be geared towards it until he has achieved his objective. His talent for politics allows him to flourish in the intrigue of Luthadel.
Weaknesses: Caden's determination can also be his downfall. He often becomes so focused on one thing that he may miss what else is going on around him.
Caden is a charismatic and charming golden boy who knows how to keep his eye on the prize. He is cunning and relentless in pursuit of his goals, and is a fearful opponent to cross either on the duelling field or in the debates of Luthadel. Though he is not as good a manipulator as his cousin Colette, he knows people very well, and is very good at making people like him. While he is usually a hit with the ladies of Luthadel, some are put off by the eyrie look he gets in his eyes when intensely focused on something. Caden is also prone to strong emotions, and while he has learned to control them most of the time, occasionally they get out of control, especially when he is angry. Caden harbours a deep resentment for the injustice he faced when younger because he was born a bastard, and has worked day and night to prove his detractors wrong. He very much wants to show he is just as, if not more worthy, to bear the noble title than everyone else around him. His extreme dislike for Colette sometimes leads him to exhibit somewhat sexist behaviour, though in truth he just as accepting of the women of Luthadel as most other noblemen his age.


Caden Hasting is the only son of Lady Rianne Hasting, elder sister to the House's Lord. Rianne was always a quiet, hesitant, and anti social girl when growing up. There was no doubt that she was incredibly beautiful, with unnaturally fair and flawless skin, and silky blonde hair. Everyone seemed to be aware of the fact except for her. Her beauty was the cause of great jealousy among the other women, and she became the butt of many jokes. She often spent her balls day dreaming instead of politicking. Her aloof nature, and lack of social skills is one of the prime reasons she never married. Indeed, many thought she was hardly aware that men existed, let alone that she was expected to fall in love with one. It came as a shock to everyone though when it was discovered she was pregnant. Hoping not to shame the man who stole her heart for so briefly a time, Rianne resolved to keep his name a secret. She did, however, confess to her brother Sheldon, that the father of her child was none other than Everett Casuana. She made him promise to keep it a secret, even from Caden.

Caden soon learned that people were treating him differently because he didn't have a father, though he didn't know quite why at first. His mother's absent-mindedness forced him to develop his strong sense of responsibility from an early age. His Uncle Sheldon became and idol to him, and Caden soon started emulating him in the way he acted, and following him around, trying to help wherever he could. Sheldon found the child endearing, and soon developed a fondness for him as well. Many of the servants began calling him the Little Lord, though some called him "The Bastard Lord," when Lord Sheldon and his close family were not present.

Soon after Caden turned five, his life changed forever. After years of trouble conceiving, his uncle's wife gave birth to a baby girl, who he named Colette. Adding the duties of father hood to his already busy life, Sheldon came to have less and less time for Caden. At first, Caden was excited to have a new friend in Colette. He was quickly disabused of this notion.

When Caden turned eight, his beloved Uncle Sheldon grabbed him in the middle of the night, and beat him deep within the basement of Keep Hasting. He failed to snap. He had always heard about snapping, and rumours of the rituals that surrounded it, but he had never realized the reality of the situation. He was angry at his Uncle for a long time after that, but forgave him when Lord Sheldon explained things to him, and told him he had only performed the beating himself to ensure it did not go too far.

As he aged, Caden soon realized what it meant to be a bastard, and as soon as Colette was old enough to understand as well, she never let him forget it. During this time, Caden began striving to prove himself worthy. When he found tasks he enjoyed, he was never happy simply being good, he strove to excel. He debuted into Luthadel society at the age of fourteen, and soon after developed a knack for politicking. It was around this time that people began whispering his name as a candidate to take the House title, despite his bastardy. Lord Sheldon was getting older after all, and Colette remained an only child. The fact that Colette was his competition only spurred on harder. He would beat her, and prove that she was wrong about him!

As they continued to grow, Caden and Colette have fought tooth and nail both for Sheldon's affections and for the right to be called his heir. The fact that Colette always had a special place in Sheldon's heart as his only child that Caden could never have only encouraged him to succeed in the other area even more. His mother has always encouraged him to do his best, and it breaks her heart to see him push himself so hard, but she is so oblivious to politics that she gives him little help, besides going to her brother from time to time on his behalf.

As far as love goes, Caden has found himself the object of many women's affections, but his cold and practical approach to courtship is a deterrent to some. Because of his talent with people though he can be quite the ladies man when it serves his purposes. As of yet, Caden remains single.

Roleplay Sample
Caden sat at his table as the other couples began to dance. His date, one Daerra Elariel, sat silently beside him, eying him coolly with a look that said she was analyzing his every gesture and picking apart every word he spoke. As their eyes met, the look was gone, replaced by a look of enthusiasm. Her face hadn't changed, it remained a mask of composure, but those eyes. Lord Ruler, how did she control them so well. Had he not noticed the phenomena several times during the meal, he would have thought it was his imagination. He supposed it made sense, apparently Daerra hadn't taken to his second's cousin's rather forward advances the last time she had been paired with a Hasting. She no doubt thought Caden would be a similar temperment. No, she probably expects worse of you. Your the Hasting Bastard, remember?

"Lady Daerra, shall we dance." he said, smiling. As expected, his smile didn't have nearly the effect on Daerra as it had on most women. She would be a formidable opponent indeed, which was exactly why Caden wanted her on his side. If he could use her to improve relations with the Elariels, whose neutrality made them seem untouchable right now, it would improve his standing in his Uncle's eyes. Furthermore, it was well known at court that Daerra saw Caden's cousin Colette as a rival. Against his cousin, Caden could use all of the allies he could get.

Daerra nodded graciously, and took his hand, letting him whisk her onto the dance floor. Caden's mind began turning her over in his head. His charms would have not effect on her obviously, and she was undoubtedly even more saavy at the art of manipulation than him. She would see through even his most complex attempt to influence her, and doing so would only hurt his cause. Perhaps if he fell back on what they had in common?

"Did you know why my cousin keeps that flock of ladies around her?" There was no need to tell her which cousin he met. With Caden, 'my cousin' always meant Colette. "I think it is because without them telling her how wonderful she is every second moment, she'd lose control and throw herself at some man just to hear it again." It was not his best Colette slam, but perhaps he could work his way up.

Daerra raised an eyebrow, and gave a small polite laugh. Her eyes said she was amused, but Caden was already beginning to doubt them. No doubt she took offense, as she herself had a small retinue of ladies. What would it take to break that formidable shell? Perhaps if he could get some liquour in her...

They continued their dance across the floor. Daerra's steps were practiced and precise, though the lacked the flair of ladies like Mia Casuana or Camille Deveaux. It was as if she was marching across a battlefield with a thousand koloss before her instead of dancing at a party.

Caden told another Colette joke just to have something to say, and continued to turn the problem over in his mind. In his other interactions with Daerra, her emotions were always firmly in check. She was not emotionless, like that strange Lady Viridian Demesne who was part of her retinue. Her emotions were just controlled, or channelled, often serving her own purposes.

A light clicked on in Caden's head. He could not outsmart Daerra, nor could he break her shell in the usual way. But if he could get her to establish an emotional connection with him, any emotion really, perhaps he could channel that and win her over. If his cousin had taught him anything, it was that the easiest emotion to bring out in a woman was anger, and so when Caden spoke next, he made his Colette insult even more sexist than the last. First he'd make her furious with him, but once she came out of her shell to lash out of him, perhaps he could better his situation. Daerra had the makings of an excellent wife for the High Seat of his house, and together, they would be a force to be reckoned with. And Caden knew he would be Lord of House Hasting one day. He had to be.

#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 28 November 2010 - 03:06 AM

Excellllent :)


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