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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Tamsin Landell

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#1 Borborygmus

Nessa's Baywrap

Posted 01 December 2010 - 12:41 AM

Tamsin Landell

Player Information
Handle: Marisha
Contact: Y'alls know this!

Character Information
Name: Tamsin Landell
Age: 20
Type: Noble
Gender: Female
Occupation: Noblewoman
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: None
Metals Used: None
Degree of Skill: None

Hair: Tamsin?s hair is a very dark brown, nearly black; it reaches to the middle of her back, and is usually flowing, although gathered away from her face.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Height: 5?4??
Weight: 110 lb
Voice: Tamsin has an even-tempered alto voice.
Overall Appearance: Tamsin is short and lightly built, with a fine-boned face. She has rather heavy eyebrows, dark eyes, and a small, upturned nose. Her features are quick and expressive, sometimes bright and smiling, and yet also easily freezing into a cool mask of reserve. She carries herself with a sense of dignity that can make her seem older than she really is. This effect is compounded by the high-collared, modest clothing that she normally wears, a style that is more usually worn by women resigned at least to middle-age.

Special Skills: Management, accounting.
Strengths: Tamsin?s principal gifts are a level head, firm judgement, and an equanimity that is difficult to upset in a normal situation.
Weaknesses: She is afraid of taking risks, which is not conducive to advancement, and moreover, she is not ambitious. In a dangerous situation, Tamsin would very likely become passive. Fear causes her to freeze.

Personality While friendly when approached, Tamsin is nevertheless not usually the one to initiate communication with a stranger. She's also reserved, not often sharing her personal emotions on anything serious except with those to whom she is closest. On the other hand, Tamsin is perfectly able to express her opinions, and is almost distressingly honest; she does not bother with the small white lies of ordinary conversation. Because she is very assertive and confident in the way she carries herself and speaks, she can also seen as a little intimidating at times.

Tamsin is very decided in her own mind, usually. She thinks very carefully about most things, without making many impulsive choices; as a result it is not easy to sway her opinion. Those who have dealt with her in a business setting know that she is very difficult to bargain with; she has generally decided on a fair agreement, and will not countenance any alteration.

It would be easy to consider her as dull and boring; she is rather settled in her mind and habits, in fact downright domestic in temperament. She is perfectly content with what she has, and is not interested in furthering the family interests or advantage. Overseeing the household, looking after her father, and helping with the Landell finances are quite enough to fill her horizons. So long as Jansten is not pushing her to move along and marry (and fortunately he is no more disposed to lose his only living family member than she is to leave him) Tamsin does not intend to go anywhere. In fact, if there is anything that she dislikes above anything else, it is change of any sort. Consequently, the continuation of the Landell line is rather in question; however, it is not a question that concerns either of them.

Her relationship with her father, appears inexplicable to outsiders; he is sarcastic and undemonstrative by nature, and tends to subject her to constant raillery. Jansten?s gouty temper makes him a perfect tyrant at times. It might be expected that she would be only too glad to get away from such a father. However, for Tamsin?s part, she is devotedly attached to him. She understands intuitively that Jansten loves her, whether or not he expresses it in a way comprehensible to others. He is friend and confidante as well as father, and she returns his teasing either by disregarding it, or with banter of her own ? this lighter side of her nature reserved almost exclusively for him.

History Tamsin Landell was the first and only child of Jansten and Elspeth Landell, who were, as it happened, the only Landells remaining. The slow dwindling of Landell?s numbers did not reflect any synchronous change in fortune, however. Although House Landell?s moderate place in the hierarchy of Luthadel had been relatively recently achieved, only two generations ago (before which it had been a small title tied to a plantation in the Southern Dominance) it did have a stable reputation. The Landell fortune was in transportation. Jansten?s grandfather had been the bright spark to see that there was opportunity not in long-distance transportation (the Great Houses already having a monopoly on the canals) but in providing reliable service over shorter distances. He had built up a hauling and courier firm that fit itself into all the gaps that the canal system in the Final Empire could not fill.

His son, and Jansten after him, maintained the family business, slowly expanding it over time. The Landell name came to be associated with reliability; the Landell carts operated precisely according to schedule despite the vagaries of weather and circumstance. Landell made it a point of honour to follow through on every agreement, and thus they came to be preferred over local delivery options. For more sensitive cargoes, such as valuables and correspondence, Landell couriers could again be relied upon to provide prompt and confidential transportation.

Tamsin was only three when Elspeth passed away, too young to really understand what had happened. After that, her raising fell to the charge of her father, who saw to the process in a rather haphazard manner; he hired a governess to help see to her indoctrination in feminine pursuits, and yet he did not like to let her out of his sight. She was eager to spend every moment with her father that she could get; she did not have much opportunity to make friends as a small child, and so he and the servants of the household were her entire world. It became her greatest pleasure to wait on her father hand and foot, and he for his part was more than happy to take advantage of her self-imposed servitude. Her lessons suffered as a result; she was deficient in dancing, needlework, music, and art, all the pursuits of the accomplished lady.

On the other hand, she received a more unconventional, but perhaps far more useful education in the process. Jansten was known to sometimes commence business conferences with his young daughter sitting on his knee; she was very sensible of the privilege, and would remain wide-eyed, quiet, and grave throughout. This continued as she grew older, only she would sit beside him ? his gout no longer permitted the knee ? and gradually began to take a more active role in the proceedings. Jansten was immeasurably proud of the business acumen that she proved to have as she became a young woman, and so Tamsin was set in a hopelessly unladylike path.

This did not prevent her from attracting a few eyes, of course. She was pretty enough despite her curiosities of dress and lack of accomplishment, and she was the sole heir to the Landell fortune, which was not inconsiderable. However, hopeful swains found that they had a true fire-breather to deal with in the form of her father; he had a choleric temper and a hefty dose of sarcasm to begin with, and when he believed anyone was encroaching upon his daughter, he could become truly terrifying. More than one unfortunate suitor was driven away by Jansten. Matters were not helped by Tamsin?s lack of encouragement. Inevitably, and usually after only a very brief time, gentlemen give up the pursuit.

Now in his elder years, Jansten?s health is failing; his chronic gout occasionally prevents him from making an appearance at meetings, and as a result Tamsin will sometimes stand in for him entirely.

Roleplay Sample
Tamsin tapped her fingers on the surface of the table as she watched her father pick at his food. He never had much of an appetite during the flare-ups of his gout; during the worst of the episodes, the laudanum he would take to help manage the pain kept him from having interest in food, or in fact very much of anything at all. And when the attack began to recede, he would cease taking the laudanum, and then the pain itself would destroy the appeal of food. It also put him decidedly out of sorts.

?What the Deepness does Casuana think it is playing at?? he harrumphed. ?Simply breaking off contract with Sureau and Venture like that ? and leaving us twiddling our thumbs, expecting a shipment, and it never appears? Mia Casuana is a damned fool, and she?s going to drag her House down with her, and it will deserve it for letting her ever get in charge. Never ought to have let a woman into a business meeting.?

?I am of the female persuasion, Papa, if I may remind you,? Tamsin pointed out. Mia was, so far as she knew, the only woman who actually led a Great House, and she had a great deal of respect for her. Lady Casuana had impressive presence, and in her opinion a great deal of good sense; she had to have a very good reason for what she had chosen to do. No one would choose to offend Venture and Sureau lightly. It might have caused them some trouble, but that was no reason to insult the entirety of the sex.

?None of your impertinence! You?re my daughter. It?s a different matter entirely.? He scowled over the dish of creamed peas at her. The point was unanswerable, and so she took a bite of her own food instead of replying. Her father grunted, and then went on. ?I?ve half a mind not to go to the ball this evening.?

?Oh, come now, Papa; it?s only the gout talking.? She knew how important it was that they put in an occasional appearance, when he was up to the task. Particularly after Casuana had caused them this difficulty, it was important to attend and show Landell?s good faith. Things needed to be patched up between them. The arrangements they had previously had with Casuana had proved to be to their benefit, and it would be a significant loss if they could not continue on, despite this occurrence.

?Well, it?s talking loudly enough. I can barely take a step for the pain in my feet, that fool of a doctor drew off far too much blood and I?m dizzy every time I stand up too fast, not to mention I?ve a headache. I don?t feel like being on my feet all evening dealing with that bunch of bloodsuckers. And I?m not going to take a chair, I can tell you that right now. I?m not about to be carried about everywhere I go like some helpless fat old woman.?

?It will offend Casuana,? Tamsin said, raising one eyebrow at him.

?Good! I?d like to offend them. They?ve offended me.?

?I know perfectly well you don?t mean it, Papa, and you won?t do anything so nonsensical,? she answered, setting down her utensils across her plate and rising to cross around the table to his side. He plucked her hand right off his shoulder when she set it there.

?Don?t you lecture me, young lady! I?ll go along myself, and leave you behind, and see how you like that.?

?You know you shan?t be able to get along without me, so I?m not terribly afraid of your threats, Papa.?

?That?s more than enough out of you! Can?t get along without you, can I? Are you trying to cast up my age to me? Next thing you?ll have me a doddering fool with one foot in the grave. The ingratitude of children!?

?Oh, humbug to you!? she returned. ?I?m going to go and get dressed; shall I wear my blue dress or the green??

?Neither of them; wear the brown. It makes you look like a mule, and others will appreciate the warning of your character.?

?The blue it is, then,? she returned, ?brown suits you better, Papa,? and turned about on her foot to sail out of the room.
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#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 04 December 2010 - 02:05 AM

Another well-written character, as usual! Accepted! :D

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