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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Magnus Venture

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#1 Magnus Venture

  • Captain of the Venture Guard

  • Age45

  • Relationship StatusMarried

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusKnown

Posted 17 December 2010 - 07:41 AM

Magnus Venture
Noble Misting

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Name/Handle: Moru
Contact: Draw me a map of the keep, hide a code within.

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Name: Magnus Venture
Type: Noble
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Captain of the Guard / Misting Trainer for Venture.
Relationship Status: Married -- arranged.

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Pewter
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

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To an outsider and even to many family members, Magnus would seem unapproachable, mean, and even terrifying at times. Magnus' green eyes are almost always squinting in a scowl. His lips are thin and coupled with a pointed, beak-like nose. Magnus' height and his menacing eyebrows add to a look of malevolence and severity.

Magnus allows his dark brown hair to grow to around shoulder length. He keeps it loose when he is not on the training yard, but ties it back at the nape of his neck when he is dueling or training. His face is always clean-shaven. He never allows more than a few days stubble to build up.

Magnus is very preoccupied with his appearance. His waistcoats tend to be dark jewel tones, with painted wooden buttons; he never wears metal. His suits are neatly pressed, and always immaculate, and his shoes always shined. Magnus prefers longer suit coats and most of the ones he owns are black. Magnus goes through great pains to look well dressed, as is expected of his station.

The only time Magnus can be found in less than perfect suits is in the training yard. When he is instructing Allomancers in the field, he generally wears a simple shirt and trousers. He would not want to mess up his nice suits with sweat or worse, tearing. When Magnus formally duels, he wears a suit. He removes the jacket, allowing him greater mobility. He enjoys proving to people that it is possible to duel and not wrinkle one's suit.

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Quick to anger and slow to cool, Magnus is hot tempered. That temper gets the better of him more often than not, much to Magnus' dismay. He cannot hide disappointment or anger from his face, but has a hard time showing happiness. Magnus is quiet and forceful. He has developed a commanding presence from his years of teaching and organizing the guards of Keep Venture.

Being the youngest of three children made Magnus strive to be perfect from a very young age. While he was the "baby" of the group, he was never doted on. He wanted to prove that he was important just like his older brothers from a very young age. Snapping a Pewterarm helped give direction to that desire to be perfect. He threw himself at his training (and still does) with his whole heart.

When faced with social situations, he usually plays the quiet listener. He never reveals too much information, but would also rather keep up a conversation than let it drift into an unpleasant or awkard silence. His default subject is usually dueling or training, which bores most people. Luckily that keeps him from having to interact with them long. He would rather be alone than in a crowd of people.

Magnus' narrow focus extends to his social life as well. He tends not to notice those people he considers "beneath" him. He has trained himself not to notice servants, skaa, and many of his more distant relatives. It is almost as if they didn't exist all together.

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Special Skills: Dueling, Logistics, Training, Strategy... Dueling....

Strengths: Magnus is quick in thought and action, but it is also followed up with knowledge and more than thirty years of training. He is determined, and rarely stops projects before they are complete. Magnus uses logical reasoning to determine the best outcome of any situation as it is happening. He almost never trusts his immediate gut reaction.

Magnus is an effective teacher. He has been training the pewter Mistings for Venture for close to two decades, and he is very effective at teaching self defense and training new guards. His lack of patience (see weaknesses) does not translate to training. He only lacks for patience if his pupils do not apply themselves.

Weaknesses: Magnus is too focused on the details of plans and procedures. He is not good at looking at the "big picture." He also has a hard time noticing the minute details of day-to-day life. He is more focused on observing and correcting the abnormalities. Magnus has never been great with interpersonal relationships. He has, for as long as he can remember, closed himself off. He tends to push people away, rather than let them in, and that makes him hard to warm up to.

One of Magnus' biggest drawbacks is his lack of patience. Or, more accurately, he lacks for patience where people are concerned. He doesn't care about politics, or being nice to someone because of their station in society. He gets frustrated easily when handling sensitive topics. This makes him unable to negotiate any kind of contract or business deal.

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Magnus, the third son of Denton and Celeste Venture, was born in 873. As a small child, he was very attached to his older brother Ellsworth, but had very little contact with their eldest brother, who was almost 10 years his senior. Magnus and Ellsworth were close in age, with only five years separating them, so it was easy for Magnus to want to do everything that his big brother did; following him around wasn't enough. He practically wanted to be Ellsworth right up until he was Snapped.

Like many, if not all noble children, Magnus' beating came to him while he was still a child. He was six years old, but in House Venture that was old enough to know what Allomancy was, and that everyone wanted their children to be Allomancers. Both of Magnus' brothers were Allomancers, the eldest a Mistborn, and Ellsworth had Snapped a Smoker when Magnus was too young to remember. If he wasn't an Allomancer, Magnus knew he would be a disappointment to both of his parents, so he prayed.

While Magnus didn't understand what actually happened to make nobles Snap, he knew that he wanted to be an Allomancer. He asked to his father if he could be Snapped when he turned six. He was asked several times if he was sure he wanted to be Snapped. Magnus wanted it more than anything.

Finally, Magnus' prayers were answered. He was taken to a room he had never seen before, but he wasn't afraid ... not until they started hitting him. He didn't know who they were, but he knew immediately he didn't like them. They hit him, beating him within an inch of his life, and his memory of the incident fades at that point.

Magnus woke up in bed feeling sore, but eager and relieved to find out that he was a Pewterarm. He already knew what that meant -- Pewterarms were strong and fast. That was one of Magnus' favorites from the moment he was taught what each of the metals did.

It did not take him very long to get better from his beating, but even before he was fully healed Magnus wanted to start his training. Magnus was eager to prove himself. He wanted to be the best Pewterarm that Venture had ever seen. He spent a great deal of time, even when he wasn't training with his instructor, practicing the skills he learned. He was quick to pick up new techniques. Magnus finally had something that was his own and he could take pride in.

Combat training (not just with his metals, but in fighting techniques and styles) took up most of his time, but it wasn't the only thing he studied. Just like any other noble, Magnus was educated on many subjects. He took an interest in history, writing, and he picked up a few things outside of his formal studies. Around ten years old, when he wasn't in the training yard, learning to duel, he had his nose stuck in a book of military strategy.

Even into his teenage years, Magnus threw himself into his training without regret or hesitation. He didn't spend time socializing or frivolously wasting time. When he wasn't training, he spent his time enhancing his knowledge of military strategy, or learning to duel. He would spend each night reading by candle light until he couldn't keep his eyes open. He would draw maps of Luthadel's walls, and Keep Venture, planning where he would position guards to patrol. Slowly, he realized how he was going to prove himself. When he was old enough, he would come up with a way to get his father to instate him as the captain of Venture's guards.

At fifteen, Magnus was ready to come out into society. He was expected to socialise with other nobles his age, but Magnus spent most of his time sitting with Ellsworth, dancing only when his brother pointed out a noblewoman he should ask. The reasons were varied -- all of their houses were allied with Venture in some way, but Magnus could not care less who they were.

Girls noticed Magnus at first, because of his station, but once they had one or two unsuccessful conversations with him, they realized that there were far better nobles to dance with. Magnus didn't mind; he had no interest in wasting his time getting to know any of Luthadel's eligible ladies. Magnus didn't have anything in common with them and any awkward silence in their conversation Magnus filled with talking about dueling. He wasn't comfortable chatting about the weather or anything superficial. Women were distractions from Magnus' ultimate goal, so he would marry when his father arranged a marriage for him.

Very shortly after Magnus began attending balls. His favorite -- and perhaps the most memorable -- was a ball at Keep Ewing. Delwin Ewing, a known bully and duelist, challenged the young Venture to a duel. He made it impossible for Magnus to deny the challenge, and soon Delwin would regret it. This was Magnus' first real chance to prove himself as a duelist, and he wasn't going to humiliate himself.

Delwin insulted Magnus' brother, his house, and finally Magnus himself. He couldn't refuse the challenge. Delwin and Magnus fought, but it was soon very clear that Delwin was cheating. Delwin was a Pewterarm. Magnus could see what was happening before it was obvious to everyone else. Instead of calling and end to the duel, like anyone else would, Magnus went along with Delwin. Allowing Delwin to gain the upper hand in the duel.

It soon became clear to the audience that Delwin could not move with that kind of grace and agility, even facing a younger opponent. And once it was absolutely clear that Delwin was burning pewter, so did Magnus. He immediately came back from near defeat to deftly put Delwin in his place. In the process, he outed himself – and Delwin – as a Misting.

When Magnus got back to the Keep, Denton had a very stern conversation with Magnus about his newfound duty to always present himself properly. Now that Magnus was outed as a Misting, he had an even greater responsibility to his house.

He was in the public's eye now. Magnus wasn't going to let that opportunity pass him by. He continued dueling – never using his pewter unfairly in a fight. He rarely even used pewter afterward to dull the pain of losing. Magnus competed in several competitions, always draining his pewter in front of a practiced Seeker before a duel. He didn't want to be accused of cheating the way that Delwin had. He won many of these competitions, walking away with several coveted prizes and pocket fulls of money that his brother won placing bets on him.

Life continued as normal for several years until his eldest brother absconded, leaving Ellsworth as heir. He found himself spending less and less time with Ellsworth when his brother became engaged, and even less when he became heir. Magnus just had other things on his plate, and there didn't seem to be enough time to spend with much of anyone.

He was nineteen when his brother Ellsworth took the title as head of House Venture. Denton passed away, and Magnus went through the proper mourning period. He had never been truly close to his father, but it was still sad to see him pass. The only thing Magnus truly lamented was that he no longer had much time to spend with his brother, but that had truly been happening for some time.

They no longer went to the dueling competitions, or walked away with heaps of money. Magnus judged that Ellsworth had better and more important things to do with his time, and so did Magnus, truth be told.

Magnus began to watch the guards and notice little mistakes made by Erwin, the captain of the Venture guard. He had been studying the guards for several months and found several weak spot in the routes the guards walked. He kept studying the way the guards moved. It was always the same... month after month.

He had so many better ideas for the guard layouts, but he couldn't implement them, or even bring them up to Erwin without basically giving his own brilliant ideas away. Erwin would take credit for keeping Venture safe and Magnus would be no closer to his goals.

Instead, he came up with a plan. He rehearsed three nights in a row with success. He walked from Ellsworth’s office, around the corner, down the hallway... after a precisely timed route holding his pocket watch the whole time. He counted the seconds in between movements… and then he’d walk at a brisk pace to the next stopping point.

The goal of this exercise was to see if he could make it to the outer wall of the keep before he was spotted by a guard. After he had successfully completed this walk a dozen times, it was time to bring it straight to the top.

The next night, when Magnus knew that Ellsworth would be in his study, Magnus knocked on the door. He had his pocket watch in his hand, and he was counting seconds.

“Brother, I need you to follow me,” he said. “I have to show you something important.”

With an inquisitive look, but not much protesting, Ellsworth followed him. Magnus made sure to leave the door to Ellsworth’s study wide open. He took the same route he had before, leading Ellsworth with him. He stopped occasionally, holding a hand up so that Ellsworth would stop with him. He’d count a couple seconds on his pocket watch, and then look up again before they walked straight for the next point.

They made it to the outer wall of the keep. Without running into a single guard. He stood there and held a hand up to his lips to ask Ellsworth to be quiet. He had thought about bringing this up to his brother in a meeting surrounded by people, including Erwin the captain of the guard… but this was a much more effective way of displaying the incompetence.

After a few moments, they heard a clamor back at the keep proper. The guards were finally realizing, after three full minutes of them standing at the outer wall, that Ellsworth’s study was empty, but left open.

“The guard rotation has been like this for at least the last month. Not to mention that we’re at least ten guards short of a full compliment for a keep of our size who is not at war with another house. And I won’t even go into the Hazekiller and Allomancer dispersal patterns. They’re abysmal.”

Obviously Ellsworth was shocked. Apparently, it was an effective method of showing Ellsworth that there was a problem. His brother studied him for a few moments and then said, very simply and matter-of-factly, “ Alright, fix it when you take command tomorrow.”

Magnus did.

Erwin protested in the form of a duel. Had Erwin thought that through better, he would have saved himself the humiliation of loss. By this time in Magnus’ life, he had earned at least twelve trophies (he wasn’t actually counting), and the pocket watch awarded to the Final Empire’s greatest duelists in the Masters’ Invitational. Magnus had earned himself a permanent seat among the elite duelists of Luthadel. The duel was over quickly.

At the ripe age of twenty-five, he was married to a Rhea Venture. The marriage was one of strategy. The Ollivier's wanted to solidify their contract with Venture, thus they offered their eldest daughter to go along with a newly redesigned contract. Magnus had never wanted to choose a wife. He was going to let his father do that for him... but now that Ellsworth was Lord Venture, it fell to Ellsworth. The conversation between brothers who had once been very close quickly turned awkward. They talked about it briefly, and in the end Magnus told Ellsworth to choose someone from a lesser house whom they trusted.

Magnus had never met the woman, and didn't intend on falling in love with her. He would provide for her, but he had never had a desire to be married. Magnus was not a passionate man about anything other than training and his job. Yet, once he was married, he felt different. He grew distant from his brother and his insubstantial group of friends, and focused more on his work. Indeed he buried himself in it, because when he was with other people in the keep he just felt angry. His already short temper was more easily provoked.

After one month of marriage, Magnus learned that his wife had “fallen ill.” She was with child, which meant that Magnus was going to be a father. He didn't have any idea how to handle children, nor did he want to start. Magnus had never desired children, and when Broderick was born, he had no idea what he was doing. Instead of showing his insecurity, Magnus decided to hide behind a stern face.

When Rhea's time came, Magnus was waiting outside the room, pacing back and forth, waiting for news of his unborn child. He prayed that the Lord Ruler grant him a healthy son. As horrible a father he already knew he would be, he couldn't imagine raising a daughter. He would have to leave that all to Rhea.

He was overjoyed when he was told Rhea had given him a son. He didn't let it show as he entered the room, but he was elated. Magnus waited for Rhea to fall asleep, tired as she was from her trials before holding his son. He wasn't sure how he felt about knowing that he helped to create a life... It was surreal.

It wasn't Magnus’ way to be overly affectionate with anyone. The same went for his son. He didn’t hold or coddle Broderick the way Rhea did. Instead, from a young age, Magnus taught Broderick the rules of being a real gentleman.

When it was time for Broderick's beating, Magnus was present. He wanted to see his son Snap. He didn't participate of course, but he watched. He watched his son being beaten. Broderick tried to stay on his feet, tried not to cry. In that moment, Broderick reminded Magnus of himself when he was a child. He could see the determination and the valor of a true Venture.

His son Snapped a Pewterarm, just like him, and that filled Magnus with more pride than he had ever known. When the beating was over, Magnus carried him to bed.

”DId I do a good job, father?” Broderick asked him.

“Yes, son…” Magnus said. “Now it's time to rest. When you wake up, you and I have to begin training.”

The next day, when Broderick woke, he came to Magnus’ study. He had obviously taken what Magnus said fairly literally. He didn’t want to discourage the boy’s natural instincts for determination… but he also wanted his son to fully recover before they actually began the Pewterarm training. No one could perform their best while injured.

“Why are you out of bed?” Magnus asked, not looking up from the guard rotation for the week.

“You said we’d start training when I woke up. I’m awake now.”

"You are also not fit for the training you will have to endure from here out.”

Magnus set his papers down and looked at Broderick. He could see the eagerness on his son’s face and in his mannerisms. He wanted to start training, even bruised and broken like this. It was simply not possible.

“Lesson one. You never come to training unprepared, or injured. There's always a risk that you will injure yourself further or irreparably. You need to heal, before you can really learn. I meant that we would begin once you have fully healed from your injuries. Now please return to bed.

"If you wish to start early, I will send your mathematics or history tutor to teach you while you recover”
Broderick returned to bed without much more protesting, leaving Magnus to his work. That night while Broderick slept, Magnus sat by his bedside, reading a book. He did this frequently while Broderick recovered, but never sat with his son while he was awake.

Magnus was given the task of training both Ellsworth's son, Nevan and Broderick who had both Snapped Pewterarms. Nevan definitely showed an affinity for training more than Broderick. Magnus spent more time training with his son, as a result. The fact that he was not as good as his cousin was a slight disappointment, but Magnus did not let that show. He only encouraged Broderick to spend time with Nevan. The pair became quite close through the years.

Magnus continued to retreat into himself until there was nothing left but work and training, keeping his skills sharp in case of attack, or of assassination attempts on his brother’s life. He took his work seriously, and let it take precedence over interpersonal relationships. For the last decade, or so, Magnus had fewer and fewer people to confide in. He no longer had any contacts from his dueling days, as he had not spent any time at the arena. No doubt his reserved chair was just sitting empty.

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