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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Nadia Sureau

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#1 Nadia Sureau

  • The Second Sister Sureau

House Raisaal
  • Age21

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusOpen

Posted 21 December 2010 - 04:57 AM

Noble Seeker

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Name/Handle: Comatose
Contact: By chat-box. Only by chat-box. And by special ritual summon.

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Name: Nadia Sureau
Type: Noble
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Rebel Artist
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Bronze
Degree of Skill: Novice
Status: Open

Posted Image

Nadia is tiny, standing only 5'1" but full of energy. Her tiny but healthy build makes her small compared to everyone around her, but has allowed her to become adept at climbing. She speaks assertively and often with sarcasm, and her voice is a husky alto. Her dark, roughly layered hair is rarely styled; however it dries after she bathes and that is how it stays. She also cuts it herself, and usually wears it cropped just above her shoulder. When it is styled, she does so with flair and creativity.

With a delicate nose and mouth, her most possessing feature is her eyes, which are dark, sultry, and heavily lidded. After an incident which almost left her locked in the Sureau dungeon when she tried to attend a ball nude to make a statement, Nadia always wears traditional gowns of various styles, but she rips them artistically before making an appearance anywhere. When her father protested, she calmly told him he could not lock her in the dungeon for being clumsy.

Posted Image

Nadia's way of life revolves around four central precepts, the most important being: she is the only normal person, everyone else is either crazy, or so ridiculous they might as well be. Mostly, this refers to her family, most of whom really do suffer from some form of mental illness, but it refers to the rest of the nobility as well. Nadia views the court and its intrigue to be a pointless waste of time, useful only to bring meaning to lives that have none. She's bright, and can often see through most political schemes and manoeuvres, but she does so from a distance, refusing to participate in any way.

Because of her one woman against the world attitude, she has few friends, but she can fiercely loyal to the ones she has. She has not patience for stupidity, indulgence, hypocrisy or polite society. She is also very reckless and is often quite spontaneous, not wanting to be pinned down into any one niche or role. She enjoys criticizing people she dislikes, especially delivering insults in such ways that the people she is speaking to do not know if they are being insulted or not. She also enjoys playing mind games with people, and often indulges in practical jokes. Her sister, Myra, and her cousin, Edmund are two of her favourite targets. Despite her hard exterior, and bad attitude, Nadia has a strong sense of right and wrong that she holds herself, and she only bullies those who she deems the product of their own stupidity. Those rendered dull witted by nature but have good personalities are quite safe from her criticisms, and also often find themselves under her protection.

Though she does not proclaim it too loudly, at least where the steel ministry can hear, Nadia is an atheist, believing the Lord Ruler is merely an incredibly powerful allomancer, likely using his advanced skill and potency with pewter to keep his body healthy and young looking despite old age. Because of this, she often purposefully rejects many beliefs the other nobility take for granted, one of these is the belief that skaa are animals. She often tries to speak with the skaa servants in her household, trying to convince them to assert their right as people, and hoping the anger her father. She never forms lasting relationships with skaa however, for despite her passion, she views them more as lesser beings that need to be freed than equals, making her something of a hypocrite herself. Her wild spirit, and short attention span often cause her to be board with such conversations, and she usually ends up dismissing most of the skaa she speaks to as being participants in their own persecution.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Art (Painting, and Charcoal sketches especially), Climbing, Sarcasm, Criticism, Practical Jokes, Lying, Protest.
Strengths: Nadia is very good at seeing to the heart of things. She knows the games of Luthadel well, but refuses to play them. She is also good and cutting right to the point and is fairly athletic.
Weaknesses: Nadia's bleak outlook on the world often blinds her to her own faults. She usually cares more about making 'statements' then do useful things. Despite her overt overconfidence, if somebody actually criticizes her about somethings she cares about, like her art, she could be devastated. Because of this, she usually shows her true works of art to no one, and is actually quite self conscious about them. Her use of her opinions to annoy her father sometimes causes her to be a hypocrite, despite her disdain for others who display hypocrisy. She is also very sensitive about her height.

Posted Image

Nadia was born the second daughter to Lord Stefan and Lady Emma Sureau. Her father discounted her as soon as he learned her gender. He already had a daughter; he wanted a son. And so, as a young child, Nadia developed an extremely close connection to her mother, Emma. Her mother died giving birth to Nadia's younger sister, Myra, but to this day she asserts that Emma Lekal Sureau was the most beautiful, caring, interesting, and normal individual to live in recent history. She attributes every talent and positive attribute to her mother, often claiming that she could hardly be her father's child, she was nothing like him after all.

Nadia's mother died when she was only four years old, giving birth to her younger sister. She looks back on her meagre memories of those four years as the golden age of her life, before everything went down the drain. She never forgave her sister, and as she grew to know Myra, she promptly decided she didn't deserve forgiveness anyway.

Not even days after Nadia's mother died, she saw her walking down the hall, seemingly as healthy as ever. But when she called out to her, she didn't seem to recognize her. Her own mother, was alive, but she ignored Nadia like she wasn't there. Too young to understand the complex emotions inside of her, Nadia ran to her nurse, who had taken over the role of parent for her. Upon hearing the child's assertions that she had seen her mommy, the nurse calmly sat Nadia down, and told her she just missed her mother so much, she was pretending really hard to see her. What the nurse didn't know, was Emma Sureau really was walking the halls of the keep again, or at least, her body was.

By the end of the month, most of the servants who waited on the first family had discovered Lord Stefan's dark secret. Led by the nurse, the servants formed a pact agreeing to try to keep the girls in the dark about their father's depravity for as long as possible. After a few more encounters with her mother in the hallway, Nadia never saw her again for some time, as the servants developed a system of communication allowing them to keep Nadia and her sisters in different parts of the keep at all times.

Stefan never paid much attention to Nadia as a child. He was more concerned with grooming Aveline to be his heir, and punishing Myra. He seemed to blame her for her mother's death as much as Nadia did. Her status as the forgotten middle child actually helped rather than hindered Nadia's development, for compared to her sisters, she had a relatively normal childhood, raised mostly by the upper servants of House Sureau, becoming a surrogate daughter to them. She quickly became known as a bit of a wild child, running around the keep with reckless abandon, playing mischievous practical jokes,. She had little patience for lessons, or anything really. She could never focus on anything long enough to become skilled at it, always getting bored and wanting to do something else more exciting instead. Only two things truly held her interest. One was any game involving lots of running, jumping, and especially climbing, and the other was art. At a young age, Nadia began to love doodling, coloring, painting. Her subjects didn't matter. She enjoyed drawing from life as much as she enjoyed creating mad assortments of colour and lines. As she threw herself into her art, it soon became one of the things she was truly skilled at, and thus one of the only things, besides her short stature, that she was sensitive about.

She had her ritual beating at the age of nine, snapping and becoming a seeker. Her sister Aveline had not snapped, and so, though she was only a seeker, Lord Stefan finally became interested in Nadia. Despite her love of hearing bronze pulses, and trying to sketch what they looked like, she hated training with bronze, and it took years of practice and her tutors hammering the meanings of the different pulses into her skull for her to even learn how to distinguish which metal was being burned. She often skipped her lessons, or didn't pay attention when her tutors dragged her in and told her to burn bronze. Most of what she has learned to this day was self taught. When her father heard about her lack of effort, around the time she turned ten, he summoned her to his rooms. When she arrived, she saw a strange woman there. She didn't recognize her at first, but soon began to realize the woman was strangely familiar. It wasn't until a few minutes into the conversation with her father that she realized it was her mother. Nadia was mortified. Not only had she begun to forget what her mother's face looked like, but now the woman was standing there like she had not been dead for six years.

And she still didn't seem to recognize Nadia.

She began to weep uncontrollably, and ran to her mother, trying to hug her, or hold her, or anything, but the stranger with her mother's face merely ignored her attempts at affection. Her father began shouting at her, and she began screaming. She doesn't remember anything after that, she just blacked out. She was nearly catatonic for weeks after. Only the care of the servants, and many careful conversations with her nurse helped her recover from the shock, and come to terms with what had happened. Her mother was a kandra, or rather, the kandra looked like her mother, and her father... Nadia realized two very important things that day, One: that her father was insane, and Two: that she hated him.

As she grew, Nadia soon realized that her father wasn't the only crazy one, her entire family was. First, there was Myra, obviously. The girl not only thought she was mistborn, she also seemed to think she was god's gift to man, or women rather. Nadia soon gave up trying to convince her she was not, in fact a mistborn, the woman refused to see reason. It was likely just a grab for attention anyways, Myra seemed to love attention. She was also the most selfish, conceited, and downright awful person in the world. Aside from Stefan anyways, he was the worst, and Nadia did not call him father any more. Another of her favorite targets for practical jokes and messing with was Edmund Sureau, who she used to great avail against her sister and vice versa.

And then there was Aveline. Aveline was perfect in everyway, or at least she thought she was. The only person in her narrow msiguided worldview who seemed to be more perfect than she was Stefan. Aveline was all about "Yes father," or "Of course father," or, most sickeningly, "I love you..." Stefan usually walked away before she got that last one out, and good thing he did, for it made Nadia want to vomit. How could she? How could Aveline forgive him for what he had done? How could she sit an smile at him when she knew that he had their mother, their MOTHER's body EATEN by a kandra, who he now used in his sick enjoyments. No, between that, and her positive attitude towards the politics of Luthadel, Aveline was undoubtedly as crazy as the rest of the Sureaus.

When she started going to balls, Nadia soon realized the rest of Luthadel was just as bad. Could they not see how ridiculous they were being? Did they think it really mattered if Lady A dressed worse than Lady B, despite Lady A being of greater status? Did it really matter who ruled which house? They were all high nobility, weren't they? They already had more worldy possessions than any of them could hope for. Why in the world were they all so power mad? Did they not see how the ministry used the divisions between the Great Houses to control them? Were they truly all blind to what was going on in Luthadel? As she continued to attend social gatherings, it became clear that no one else saw the hypocrisy flowing out of every mouth in Luthadel. It made Nadia want to scream. And she soon came to two more conclusions. One: That she was one of very few normal people left in the world, and Two: It was up to her to show the world how ridiculous it really was.

Nadia lost her virginity when she was seventeen, coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, right around the time there started to be talk of marrying her off. He was a low born nobleman of a lowly merchant house, one that was on poor terms with Sureau, of course. She brought him home after a ball, and snuck into Stefan's study where she knew he would discover them. Nadia would have preferred to use his bed, but the monstrosity often lurked around the bed chambers, and the thought of even touching the place where Stefan... did what he did sickened her. No, his study was just as good. On top of his desk, in fact, so when he walked in he could not miss them in the heat of their passion. That was the plan, anyways. In reality, the entire situation was much more awkward than Nadia could imagine, and when they were done, she felt no desire to repeat the act. Also, Stefan chose that night to skip his nightly visit to the study, and so he did not happen upon them until morning, forcing Nadia to sleep, cold and confused with a strange man's arm around her.

Stefan was furious of course, and Nadia got to proudly proclaim she was officially 'damaged goods' now, so that was almost worth it in her books. Later, she would often choose enemies of Sureau at random to kiss or dance with at balls, but she never slept with any of them again. That first time had been awkward and bad enough. All that mattered was that Stefan thought she was sleeping with them. Because of this practice, however, some people, especially in house Sureau, view Nadia as a bit of harlot, her sister Myra especially ascribes to this belief.

In the following years, Nadia has found many ways to show the beliefs and paradigms of the Luthadel High nobility have no hold over her, including the tearing of her clothing. Everything she does is informed by four core beliefs:
1.Stefan Sureau (not her father) is a lunatic.
2.She hates him, and he is not her father.
3.She is one of the few representatives of normality and sanity left in the world.
4.She will expose the ridiculousness of others wherever she finds it by any means necessary.

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Nadia slunk stealthily through Keep Sureau. Myra was having one of her panic attacks again, and Nadia had used the inevitable spectacle she had made as a distraction to slip away from that farce of a ball Stefan had forced her to attend. Nadia thought all balls were ridiculous, but an all Sureau ball, with a couple of token members from other houses? That was a madness only a Sureau could come up with. Luckily, Myra had begun her silly little attempt at getting attention at just the right moment. Nadia had been about to claw her eyes out from sheer boredom. Whatever Nadia thought about her, Myra was good at one thing, and that was being the center of attention so strongly she was impossible to ignore.

Nadia climbed up the steps, lifting her skirts as she did so. She had cut a rough traingle out of the skirts. The bodice was ripped jaggedly open in the front, the sleeves hanging limply at her elbows. Underneath, she wore an ash stained sack-cloth shirt and trousers. The sack-cloth itched, but any discomfort was worth the statement she was making. This was an outfit that expressed her desire to escape from the ridiculous lifestyle that was forced upon her. It was perfect for tonight.

She reachd on of the upper stories of the keep, and tore her gown the rest of the way off. She was already barefoot, wearing shoes would have ruined the statement she was trying to make. Taking the cloth from the gown and wrapping it around her arm, Nadia smashed open the nearest stained glass window. She could have opened it just as easily, but an open window could be closed, a broken one was a far more powerful symbol.

She made sure she had eliminated all the jagged shards of glass along the base, and crept out, leaving the torn gown for a guard to find. If she was lucky, they would see the broken window, and assume Edmund had tried to rape some poor unfortunate woman, and cart him off. The fact that it hadn't happened yet was a marvel to Nadia. Edmund was almost crazier than Myra. Almost. And he didn't have a speck on Stefan. Lord Sureau was undoubtedly the craziest man in the world. Seeing that the base of the window was indeed clearof glass, Nadia pulled herself out of it, and into the mists.

She burned bronze, and the mists began to spin around her. This part of the keep had several stone protrusions that were easy to climb. True, the mists could make things slippery, but if Nadia felll, well then the only tragedy would be she had escaped from this hell hole without tearing it to the ground first.

She reached the roof, and found the space where she had concealed her supplies. It was all there, fifty buckets of red paint. She had been gathering them for weeks. Because of the climb, she had been forced to carry only one bucket at a time. She would have preferred barrels of course, but there was no way to get those onto the roof without pulleys. And she was not about to ask any of her father's servants for help.

Taking the first bucket, and moving to the right spot (right above the doors to the grand keep), Nadia opened the bucket and dumped the bucket, so the paint trickled down the wall. It was a rich dark read color, like blood. The Sureau's called their keep 'gold', well Nadia thought they were bloody insane, and since she was still uncertain how to artistically represent insanity, the bloody keep it would be.

She was on her thirty third bucket when the pewter arm found her. Her four streaks of 'blood' were just becoming big enough to be seen when the mists cleared in the morning. Several splotches probably littered the steps below, but Nadia could not see that far because of the mists. No doubt those splotches had told them where to find her though.

"Why are you disturbing me?" she asked, going for another bucket.

"A prisoner has escaped," said the unnamed pewter arm. He had a name, Nadia just didn't consider it worth her time to remember it. She knew he could burn pewter because she could sense it, she knew enough to distinguish one metal from another now, at least, sometimes. She still resisted any attempt by others to train her to use bronze. The situation gave her more clues as to what he was burning, the pulses just told her that he was. Stefan always sent thugs when he wanted to find her, ever since that unfortunate incident with the hedges. The unnamed pewter arm continued speaking. "Your father has ordered that she be recaptured. He wants you to use your powers with the other seekers in order to find her."

Nadia nodded, and upended another bucket. "Vivian, eh? Good for her. Bout time she escaped this hell hole."

"Your father has ordered..."

"He's not my father."

"But Lady Nadia..."

"I said he is not my father! Lord Stefan has two daughters, and they are both as crazy as he is."

"Very well, Lord Stefan has ordered you join in the search."

Nadia paused for a moment as she upended the thirty fifth bucket over the edge of the keep. "I assume you are ordered to whatever is necessary to make me come and help?" The pewter arm nodded. "Well, we don't want a struggle, not here on this roof, I could fall to my death, after all. But I cannot leave my new project undone. If the sun comes up before it is finished, all my work will be ruined. So, I will promise to climb back down, find Lord Insanity, and help with the search, if you promise to wait here and finish my project."


"None of that, Lord Stefan said by any means necessary. Well, I've given you the necessary means. Get to it. Be careful, I want those streams of paint to be visible from below. That means they need to be thick and long, and there are still fifteen buckets to go. Try not to make a mess. Ta." Nadia gave the guard a little wave and a wink, and stepped of the edge of the keep. She heard the guard cry out as she caught herself on the ornate window frame directly below her. "I'm fine you fool, now get to work, before I decide your rooms need redecorating instead."

She laughed then, and swung herself down to crouch outside the window. It was latched, of course, but Nadia had an empty paint bucket strapped to her side. Sticking her hand into it, and strapping it to her side, Nadia bashed the window in. She smashed glass until there as a hole big enough to fit through, and then hopped through, taking care not to cut herself on any glass. Upon reentering the keep, she removed her fist from the bucket only to see it was seemingly coated with blood. As she set off in search of Stefan, she mused about what kind of story she could tell Aveline about a bloody fist.

Posted Image

Nadia strode confidently through the streets of Luthadel, straining with her bronze, hoping to feel the pulses that would lead her to Vivian. She had no intention of turning the woman over to Stefan or those over sized brutes he called 'bodyguards.' Nadia saw them for what they were: minders. Sent to make sure she didn't do anything foolish. Well, she could deal with them. They had Sureau blood in them, so it was hardly likely they were intelligent.

Suddenly, pulses of light seemed to explode in her mind. She stopped and closed her eyes, focusing on them. They were beautiful, of course, one of her favorite pass times was trying to portray bronze pulses on canvas. These ones would have been blue and silver, had they any color. As she focused more on them, they seemed to push against her, and were coming from her right. She wasn't focused enough to tell if it was internal or external, or physical or mental, but given they were at the docks in the middle of the night, she was willing to bet that was Vivian burning steel.

She pointed towards the building on her left. "Over there, I think I sense her in there." As she spoke the pulses vanished. No matter, she had sensed enough to know where to find their origin. Three of her minders nodded, and began to circle around the building in question, cutting off escape routes. One remained with her.

"May I borrow your duelling cane?" she asked sweetly. "All this focusing has made me feel faint." None of the soldiers were wearing any metal. They were hunting a coinshot, after all. Vivian could have turned it against them.

The guard looked uncertain, "I don't think I'm supposed to..."

"What am I supposed to do against a strong pewter arm like you, hmmm? I'm telling you, I'm tired. I'll give it back if there is trouble. I promise. Now give it here." The fourth minder wasn't really a pewter arm, his pulses seemed to pull against Nadia, and pewter pushed. The lurcher and the smoker in the group would have gone with the true pewter arm to apprehend Vivian. That meant this one was probably a tin eye. Or perhaps the tin eye had gone with the group, leaving the smoker to remain. Either way, if he thought she thought he was a pewter arm, he would probably trust her not to do anything. Nadia's negligence in her allomancy training was fairly well known within keep Sureau, and pretending not to notice which metal he as burning would not be too far-fetched.

The ruse seemed to work, the guard hesitated for a moment, before handing over the cane. As soon as it was in her hands for a moment, Nadia screamed, pointing towards the building she had sent the other guards into. As the guard spun, she struck him once in the back of the head. He swooned, so she jabbed the but of the staff into his belly, and then finished with another crack across the head. Finally, he fell unconscious. She dropped the dueling cane beside him. Then, not waiting to see if the other guards had heard her scream, she darted into a nearby ally way, and came face to face with Vivian Elariel, who was standing over the bodies of three street toughs.

"Please, don't run. I think I have something that might interest you," Nadia said, throwing up her arms to show she held no weapons.

"Nadia. I'd say it was a pleasure, but that'd be a lie." Vivian shook her head. "I'll be going now. Unless you want the same fate as them," she said, motioning to the bodies on the ground.

"You don't understand Viv, there's no way in hell I'm turning you in. I just knocked out one of my own guards unconscious so I could speak with you. I'm trying to help you. Believe me, it will be worth your while."

"Don't call me 'Viv'. You aren't my friend." Vivian paced forward cautiously. Perhaps she was interested despite her words. "Very well, Nadia. See this coin here? If you make one misstep, it goes through your skull. What do you want from me, hm?"

Nadia looked behind her, and flared her bronze. The pulses of the three guards remained where they should be. She could judge distance well enough to know they weren't heading her way yet. "There's no need for dramatics," she said, her voice calm. "I'm more than reasonable. In fact, I think I'm probably the only person with any reason left in my house. You know that, you've been talking to Myra. Let's just say, in my family, she's hardly the oddball." Nadia paused, tilting her head and changing her tone. "No, my entire family is crazy, which is why Stefan and his house can burn for all I care."

Not wanting to waste any time, Nadia carefully pulled out some rolled pieces of paper from tunic. She did so slowly, not wanting to spook her companion. Vivian was still holding her coin after all. And burning steel. She had nabbed the papers from a hiding place in her rooms on the way down through the keep. "These are the most extensive collection of House Sureau's defensive plans and strategies I could copy down without being noticed. After two years of imprisonment, I thought you would be more than happy to have them. They are not comprehensive, but I'm sure you can find a use for them."

"W-what?"You are just going to give them up. Give them to me?" Vivian seemed confused.

Nadia sighed. "I see your time with Myra has addled your wits. Don't worry, I'm sure it will wear off. I know you're the sensible type, or at least, as sensible as people get in Luthadel. You are far to concerned with all the schemes and other mist-wraith slobber that passes for entertainment here in Luthadel, but I'm sure that's mostly in your upbringing. I wouldn't be giving you this chance if I thought you weren't worth my time. But I'll spell it out for you. I hate Stefan Sureau. I hate his family, I hate his keep, and I hate his way of life. And I want to destroy it. But he doesn't take to kindly to traitors, you see, and as much as I would love for this hell-hole of a life to be over, I have work to do. So it seems we have an opportunity here. We both want Sureau to fall, I have the know-how, and you have the freedom. So how about you take the plans, we say good-bye, and get this over with, shall we?"

"So be it," Vivian said as she snatched the plans. "It so happens that I plan to do exactly as you say. I want Sureau dead! It occurs to me, in addition, that if you hated Sureau so much, you could escape them. Find a new House whose goals align with yours, like Elariel. You say this is an opportunity. I need supporters when I return to Elariel. Wouldn't that be the better deal?"

Nadia snorted. "You misunderstand me. I think you Elariels are as full of crap as every other house in this stinking city. I'm hardly your supporter. Our goals just happen to coincide at the moment. Now, since that's over with, I think you should be going. The guards I sent searching for you will be back any minute. Unless you want to stick around and kill Stefan for me, but somehow I doubt you'll be successful in that venture."

Vivian laughed. "You'll see. Just you wait. Your words prove you clearly don't hate Sureau enough to do what it takes to kill them. Curious fact, that is. I won't be similarly inhibited." She shrugged and walked away.

Nadia stood still for a moment. She wanted to continue arguing with Vivian. What did she know about hate? Had her mothers remains been digested and mimiced to serve a madman's whims? Had she grown up among the insane, being told she was the strange one? Nadia shook her head. Vivian didn't know the first thing about hating the Sureaus, or about Nadia. She did hate them though, if improperly. She hated them out of vengeance, where she should have hated them for the way they were. But Nadia could use vengeance, as much as it turned her stomach to participate in politics in any way. Could they not see how ridiculous it was to run around at night plotting each other's downfall? Nonetheless, if it would destroy Stefan, Nadia would do it. She would do it for her mother, her real mother, and that was that.

She returned and knelt by the fallen guard just as the others were returning, she was warned by her bronze pulses of course.

"She came from above," she said. "I think she was waiting on the roof. She'd gotten a hold of a club somehow. He... he tried to fight her off, but she flew into him with her allomancy, from behind, and I was leaning on his dueling cane at the time. He didn't stand a chance. I tried calling for help, but no one came. I think we're only still alive because she was conserving her coins... She was shooting at us with boxings." That little detail ought to set their minds a buzzing. Nadia silently blessed herself for noticing the tell tale gold glint when Vivian held aloft a coin. The first step was taken. Now she just had to sit back and watch.

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High House Noble

Posted 24 December 2010 - 06:48 AM

She's awesome. Enough said.

She's accepted, but in Pending for now until you get an RP sample.

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 09:32 AM

I love the RP sample. Enough said (again). She's now totally accepted!

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