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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Andrew Elariel

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#1 Andrew Elariel

  • Disinherited Heir

House Raisaal
  • Age45

  • Relationship StatusMarried

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 08 January 2011 - 03:06 AM

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Noble Soother

Player Information
Name: Comatose
Contact Information: Click your heels three times, turn around, and say, ?Comatose is the lord of my soul.?

Character Information
Name: Andrew Elariel
Type: Noble
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Great House Dealings
Relationship Status: Married to Janelle Elariel (nee Tekiel)

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Brass
-Degree of Skill: Savant
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Andrew's dark hair is going quite gray, making him look dignified rather than old. Even at forty five, he is still undeniably very handsome. His figure is lean, and well defined, kept in shape by years of dancing, and training in the male courtly arts. He always moves with grace and decorum. His face always remains a mask of composure, and his dark eyes usually seem cold and calculating. He only rarely shows any emotion beyond a charming smile or wink to banish people's unease. He is about 5'11"tall. His voice is a deep, smooth, and powerful.

Special Skills: Psychology, Lying, Manipulation, Dancing, Polticking, Reading People, Interpersonal Relations, Negotiations, Bargaining.
Strengths: Andrew is very good a making people like him, and can be very charming when he wants to be. He also understands how people think and behave, and how emotions work, better than almost any of his peers. His uses this skill to great effect in his continuous, subtle and complex soothing.
Weaknesses: Because of his incredible ability to control people, Andrew often sees others as anything other than tools to be worked with. Because of this belief, he often becomes overconfident, and is prone to underestimating people. This world view also prevents him from seeing anyone as his equal.

Personality: Andrew is arrogant. Every action he takes and every word he speaks is perfectly planned and controlled. He views himself as one of the smartest men in the world. This is partly because he views intelligence in the context of power, rather than knowledge. To him, it doesn't matter if someone is an unparalleled genius at mathematics, science, philosophy, art, or all of the above. Even if he had no education at all in the aforementioned topics, if he can outsmart or manipulate them, he thinks he is more intelligent. For then, all their knowledge becomes his tool, instead of theirs, even if he himself does not understand it in the slightest. And he is incapable of seeing anyone who he thinks of his tool as his equal, let alone as his superior.

Andrew sees his manipulation of people as his right because of his talent and brilliance. His skill at seduction in youth has led him to hold a jaded opinion of women, believing them unworthy of holding true power. He views skaa as inconsequential and never deals with them. While he he not unskilled at duelling or other physical pursuits, Andrew has never had a passion for sport or violence, viewing the more physical pursuits as beneath him. He has never truly raised a hand to someone. When he needs violence done, he gets on of his many tools to do it for him.


Andrew Elariel was born in 873, as the first son to Lord Anton Elariel, and his wife, Lady Isovel. His grandfather, the great Daeron Elariel, who overcame adversity and hardship to move his family to Luthadel was the Lord of House Elariel at the time. Anton was overjoyed to finally have a son to succeed him after he and his father died. As Andrew began to grow, it became clear he was a bright and intelligent child, learning everything children do with ease and speed. Andrew's brother, Alistair, was born three years later.

Andrew's earliest years occured during confusing times for House Elariel. Daeron, the greatest Lord Elariel had seen since the house's founding, was ailing. When Andrew was born, his father already handled many of the day to day affairs within Elariel, and the house had recently slipped in rank from fourth to fifth. Andrew didn't get to interact with his grandfather much, for he was very old and very sick, but he heard the stories. Stories of greatness, of a political genius and powerful mistborn whose actions helped Elariel to rise faster than it ever had before.

Daeron finally passed away at the age of 92 when Andrew was seven, and his brother five. His father quickly assumed the role of Lord, but even at his early age, Andrew could tell Anton felt overshadowed by Daeron's legacy, and overheard many among the family members wondering about his leadership abilities. Anton proved to have an astute business mind and keen sense of politics. He did not have the genius of his father, but he still managed, through years of dedication and hard work and with the help of his ambitious wife, Isovel, to move Elariel up through the ranks from fifth to second, although the actual second place ranking was not achieved until near the end of Anton's reign.

Soon after his grandfather died, Andrew began to wonder if he was a mistborn. Several of his family members had mentioned he bore a strong resemblance to his grandfather, and all his tutors agreed he had a brilliant mind, perhaps even smarter than the legendary Daeron. He did not often play or speak to his brother, or other children his age. Despite being only seven years old, Andrew was usually found talking to adults, and those who he spoke to were often surprised at his sophistication and maturity. This earned him great praise and respect from both his father and mother, who were both overjoyed to have such a gifted son. Lady Isovel was especially fond of her talented eldest child. All this praise and admiration only strengthened Andrew's desire to distance himself from other children. He saw many of his cousins simple minded, and found speaking with them dull. Having begun reading at the age of five, by seven, he was already flipping through a dictionary trying to improve his vocabulary. One of his favorite pass times was speaking to the other children with words they didn't understand, and tricking them into insulting themselves.

With his superior intellect and the constant praise he received from his teachers, Andrew's wondering if he was mistborn began to turn into certainty. He was mistborn, and we was destined to lead his house to greatness one day. He began asking his father and his tutors about snapping, and, finally deciding he was mature enough to know, they told him about the beatings of noble children to bring out any allomantic talent. Rather than being deterred or frightened, as most children would, knowing how allomancy was discovered only made Andrew eager. He was a mistborn, he knew it! And his father had to start his training right away. Anton, however, refused, saying it was best if Andrew waited until he was older. Growing frustrated with his father, one day, about a month before his eighth birthday, Andrew took matters into his own hands. He climbed up to the flat roof above the Elariel ball room, and jumped off. He broke both of his legs, and an arm. He also snapped.

His parents were furious with him. He could have been killed after all, but all Andrew cared about was the allomancy. He refused to be helped until he was tested, despite feeling more pain than he had ever felt before. When it was revealed he was a soother, Andrew didn't know what to think. True, he was an allomancer. But he wasn't a mistborn. He ran through everything in his head again. He had been so certain! There was the strong resemblance, and his intelligence. He was destined for greatness. But how could he be a second Daeron without being a mistborn?

His recovery was slow, taking several months. The woman who was nursing him back to health thought it would be good for him to move around, even if he couldn't walk, and get out of his room. So, once he was healed enough, she would have two guards carry him out of his room into one hallway or another, where she had set up a table and chair for a change of scenery while he did his lessons. His lessons, as usual, never took him long, and he usually just ended up watching people go by. There was no end to the people in Keep Elariel, even in the central keep, where access was restricted. There were the family members, the servants, the Terrismen, the guards, the visiting nobles. As he watched, Andrew began to notice patterns in how people behaved and acted. These patterns fascinated him, and even after he was healed, he continued his hobby of watching people, and learning how they worked.

His training of course, did not wait until he was healed. His father wanted it to wait, saying it was too strenuous for him, but Andrew knew what he really wanted. Andrew was a soother, his training would hardly be physically taxing. What his father really wanted was to punish him for snapping himself. This was the first time Andrew and his father had ever truly disagreed on anything, and it quickly became a fierce battle of wills, child against parent.

In the end, Andrew won. It surprised him. Not that he had gotten his way, he had always known his father would come around. What surprised him was how he felt about it. He had expected to feel excited and triumphant. But instead, he felt disappointed. It had been almost too easy. His father was one of the greatest men in the final empire. He had already set Elariel back on the rise, though it had begun to decline in the final years of Daeron's life. He had all the learning, knowledge, and training the empire could offer. And Andrew had beaten him despite being an eight-year-old child. The day Andrew Elariel began his allomancy training was important for two reasons. Firstly, it was the day he began to look at people as objects to be molded. Secondly, it was the day he lost all respect for his father.

Soon, Andrew was fully healed, and he resumed his training as a nobleman in earnest. He soon became competent, if not adept, at all the courtly arts suitable for a male, including horse-back riding, shelldry, hunting, and duelling. Of these arts, his greatest skill was at dancing, at which he was phenomenal. His greatest strengths, however, remained in dealing with people. He became incredibly skilled at debate, negotiation, and manipulation. He also grew in strength and skill with allomancy, which he threw himself into. He had been worried at first, that his brother Alistair would be mistborn, but when the boy was discovered to have no allomancy at all, Andrew contented himself with what he was.

At the age of thirteen, after five years of training, he realized he was better than his tutors. They didn't realize it until two years later. During this time, Andrew decided to test himself, to see if he could outwit these masters of emotions. He would purposely be less subtle than he truly was. He used his obvious soothings as masks for more subtle ones. His trainer critiqued his distractions, and his true manipulations came through unnoticed. He soon became so subtle, and skilled at doing multiple soothings at once, that only the most skilled seekers could detect what his true intent was.

He also continued watching people, dissecting how their actions related to their thoughts and emotions. He began to do the same with emotions, learning what feeling led to what other feeling. He devoured any books an the human condition, the mind, or emotions. By the age of fifteen, he was soothing in all his interactions within his family, practicing his art, and whenever he had a smoker with him, he would be soothing in his interactions with others outside the family as well.

He began attending balls around this time, and quickly became on his fathers most trusted negotiators. He also became a hit with the ladies of court. He and a few of his cousins had snuck out to a skaa brothel when they were younger, and while some of them made a habit of the practice, Andrew never had. He saw the skaa women in the brothels as beneath him. He knew he was handsome, intelligent, and powerful. Why should he pay for cheap whores, when he knew he could get beautiful noblewomen for free? Indeed, this proved true, for Andrew became successful at getting almost any woman he set his eye on, one way or another. He didn't make a habit out of that either, however. He had a reputation to uphold.

Despite his success with the women of court, Andrew always tired of his dates and never really developed lasting relationships. No matter how beautiful, talented, or intelligent his dates seemed to be, Andrew always found them lacking, or unworthy of him. The beautiful ones were too stupid, the talented ones puffed up, and the intelligent ones, well, they weren't intelligent enough. It didn't matter if they were book smart, budding scientists, or even if they shared Andrew's passion for manipulation and politics, he found he could always outsmart them, trick them, or soothe them into doing what he wanted. And once someone became his tool, he could not look at them as an equal. His easy way with women has led for him to view them, even moreso than others, as his inferiors.

And then he met Janelle. He was eighteen, and she was sixteen. She debuted at the same ball as his brother Alistair. He asked her to dance because he saw his brother staring at her, and wanted to prove his superiority. There was no question that she was beautiful, incredibly so. The only flaws Andrew could detect in her appearance were skillfully concealed with make-up and her choice of clothing. After one dance with her, however, he found her lacking. Though beautiful, and an incredibly skilled dancer and conversationalist, Andrew had found her to be, on the whole, mundane. It was as if someone had drawn a caricature of a noblewoman, and brought it to life, and Janelle was the result.

Despite perceiving her flaws, he danced with her again. She had been beautiful after all, and Andrew supposed, had he not been picking apart her every word, he would have enjoyed conversing with her. As he got to know her, he soon realized something. Janelle wasn't just a caricature of a typical woman. She was a representation of the ideal noblewoman. She was too perfect. It was almost as if... it was all a show. Andrew had nearly faltered in his dancing when he came to the realization. Normally, he could spot lies and falsehoods a mile away, seeing people for what they were after only one or two encounters. Janelle, however, acted the part society had given her flawlessly, and that lack of flaws was the only thing that had clued Andrew in that something was wrong.

He never gave any thought to love, of course. What was love to a man who could create affection or hate with a thought? How could a man who understood how the mind worked ever be caught off guard by his own feelings' He did, however, begin to pay attention to Janelle Tekiel. Spending time with her was hardly an ordeal. True, she didn't seem capable of understanding people the way Andrew did, but then, her act was so complete, he had difficulty telling what she was and was not capable of. Andrew normally found speaking with women to be dull, but Janelle had a way of making the same old gossip he had heard a thousand times interesting. He couldn't put his finger on it. Perhaps it was the way her eyes seemed to sparkle just when his attention was drifting, or the way she laughed at all the right moments. Whatever it was, the more time he spent with her, the more certain he became of her brilliance as an actress.

True, she wasn't skilled at negotiations or politics, nor did she appear to be intelligent by any means, but then, that wasn't the point for Andrew. With her ability to change her face and body language to match her whims, Janelle ensured everyone saw her as she wanted to be seen. She seemed to have everyone at court fooled. Even Andrew had to admit she had him taken in, for though he was certain Janelle was acting, despite his considerable powers of observation, and thorough understanding of the human psyche, he had no idea which face was her true one. He began to imagine what he could do with her talent once he broke through to her, and he could channel it towards more important goals than being a good noblewoman.

He had been soothing her from their first encounter of course. He'd started by nudging her inhibition when he told a joke so she'd laugh, her doubt when he wanted to seem impressive, and her distrust when he wanted to charm her, but he did that with all the people he spoke with, using more delicate and precise soothing when he had a particular goal in mind. And, when he discovered the truth about Janelle, that is just what he did. He hoped not only to break through her shell and see what lay beneath, but also to win the love of this woman who had proven so formidable. He prepared his most devious and subtle combinations to subvert her defenses, and readied his most powerful and convincing ones to seal the deal. When he began to implement them however, he found they had no effect whatsoever. That was to be expected, of course. If Janelle was acting, it meant she wasn't showing her true emotions, but he had been sure his soothing could break through to her where is words had failed. For the second time since he had met her, Janelle had proven Andrew wrong.

At first, he assumed she must be an allomancer as well, and her copper was keeping his soothing out. Several experiments with one of the Elariel seekers, however, proved his theory untrue. Janelle's lack of allomancy only intensified Andrew belief that she was the woman for him, for surely only someone as brilliant as himself could withstand the power and precision of his allomancy. His soothing became more complex, and Janelle continued on, seeming not to notice. They grew more erratic and unpredictable, but he still failed to catch her off guard. He began to soothe her with as much power as he dared, sometimes even risking her discovering his manipulations, but all was in vain. Janelle continued to dance, prattle, and flirt away, as if nothing was amiss. It was obvious she enjoyed spending time with him of course, but then, she was supposed to enjoy his company. He was the heir to the third most powerful house in Luthadel, and she was the daughter of a lord. Even before they began their courtship officially, a year after they met, both were beginning to feel increasing pressure from their families to think on marriage.

They spend any time they could with each other, they both had very busy social schedules, after all. When they did find time for eachother, they would often dance, or discuss the state of luthadel, or politics, or even the weather. Niether of them ever let their guard down enough to speak truthfully about themselves. The closest Andrew ever came was one of his many attempts to manipulate her in some way, and Janelle never revealed any signs that her complex defense of faces and body language was close to breaking. He could see that she was beautiful, incredibly so. He thought her the most beautiful woman in her generation, and many others seemed to agree. Her dancing, singing, and above all, her acting, proved that she was incredibly talented as well, but what Andrew was really interested in was her mind. That was why the shallow nature of their conversations did not matter to him. The true interaction, in his eyes, was the competition between his soothing and her act, both trying to out manipulate the other. In his mind he began to imagine what Janelle was like, the real Janelle. In his mind, she was brilliant and cunning, a master of manipulation. He nearly held her as equal to himself, her only failing being a lack of vision or goal to use her talents for.

It was during this time of courtship that he began making plans. Elariel was currently ranked third in the house standings, and had been for quite a while. And his father was so occupied with fortifying and holding thier position, he gave no thought to advancing. Andrew was quickly becoming certain he would ask Janelle to marry him. He was also fairly certain she would say yes, even though her eyes and body language betrayed nothing. Whatever she acted like, his soothings were getting through to the woman underneath. But he wanted to ask her, not as a mere heir, but as Lord of one of Luthadel's greatest houses.

The plan involved Andrew's brother, Alistair. He had always ignored Alistair up until this point, but he thought that part of the plan would hardly be an issue. Where Andrew took after his grandfather, Alistair was definitely his father's son. Andrew had already proven himself that he could manipulate his father on multiple occasions. How hard could his brother be? Anton was growing older, and was already a shadow of the man he once was. Andrew set about turning his father and brother against each other, soothing not only them, but all of his closest relatives and involving them in the the plot. The soothings he worked on his father and brother were his best, sometimes not even affecting the emotions he truly wished to soothe, but emotions that would create a chain reaction, and result in the desired feeling later on, making his allomancy impossible to detect. The plan, at it's core, was simple. He would get his brother to kill his father. Alistair would take the blame, and he would take the seat. He had no intention of waiting into his thirties or forties for the title, like Anton had.

He could practically smell the lordship when Alistair betrayed him. Somehow, his brother had not only uncovered the plot, but found enough evidence, that he was able to prove Andrew's guilt to their father. Andrew did not know how he had missed the deception, or how Alistair had managed to out manoeuvre him. Anton, realizing his life would not be safe as long as Andrew was in line to inherit, punished him be removing him from the line of succession. This failure was a serious blow to Andrew's pride, and he has never forgiven himself. Since, he has struggled within house Elariel to gain as much influence as possible. The scandal was covered up of course, and no one outside of the house ever discovered why Andrew did not inherit. Many assumed it was some sort of misconduct, and only Anton, Alistair, and his witnesses knew what truly transpired, and how close Andrew came to having his own father killed.

Lady Isovel knew as well, of course, though she and Andrew never truly spoke of it. He'd always known that, should he succeed, his mother would approve, and he had never questioned his ability to live up to her expectations before that moment. The only thing she ever said to him about the whole ordeal was that, having allowed his brother to find out, he deserved to fail.

The following year, House Venture attack Sureau, gaining the coveted position of first rank, and causing Sureau to fall. In the chaos, Anton, with the help of Andrew and Alistair, managed to beat out the Deveauxs and the Hastings, becoming the second most powerful house in Luthadel. In the same year, Andrew and Janelle were finally married. Andrew had thought that his fall from grace would end their romance. He knew forces from within their family, primarily her father's cousin, Lady Justine, had been hoping to secure Janelle a position as the wife of a Lord. But it seemed his frequent soothings had been more effective than he thought. In the months following his disinheriting, he had increased his soothing of her. He already had a firm place in her emotions, but he began to solidify his hold over her even further, using a touch more delicate and precise than anything he had done before, until Janelle's every emotion was his to command. She had shown no sign of submitting to his manipulation of course, so Andrew did not realize what effect his attentions were having on her until it was too late. All he knew was he had already lost his chance at being Lord of House Elariel. He was determined not to lose his perfect woman as well.

Even when he proposed, Andrew was not certain she would say yes, not knowing that she was so under his spell, he could have asked her to tear her mother's heart out with her own hands. Their marriage was the social event of the year, and might have been remembered forever had it not been for all the chaos with Sureau and Venture, and the scandalous elopement of Willem and Anastaise. Still, Andrew found that, for once in his life, he was happy. His father even shook his hand on his wedding day. True, it was only to keep up appearances, Anton had not even looked at Andrew in private since he had stolen his inheritance, but Andrew could see the grudging respect in his eyes. He didn't care that he had put half of it there himself.

He discovered the truth about Janelle soon after his father died, and Alistair inherited, when she became pregnant. For the first year of their marriage, they had continued on as they had before, never truly opening up, but enjoying each other's company, with Andrew's constant soothing in the background. It started with the pregnancy. Not only had he been ecstatic over the thought of having children he could mould and use against his brother later on, Andrew also saw the time of weakness as a chance to break through to the Janelle underneath. Women were known to grow weak and irrational during pregnancy, surely even Janelle already perfected performance could not withstand both that and his constant soothing. But Janelle proved him wrong yet again. She continued to present herself as the ideal wife of a high nobleman, just as she had acted the part of the perfect single young lady before they were married. After nearly four years of pursueing her, Andrew began to wonder if he had been chasing a fantasy. What if, the face Janelle chose to show the world, was really the only one she had? He clung to the fact that she still seemed able to resist his soothing. She had to be acting, she had to.

In the end, he did the only thing he could think of. He confronted her directly. Now that there were children on the way, she could hardly leave him and save face, not that he feared she would without them, but he had wanted to be sure. He couldn't bear the thought of losing her, not because he loved her, but because of how it would feel to fail yet again.

"What are you hiding?" he said suddenly, when they were alone in their rooms. They were preparing for bed. Janelle, her belly already beginning to look repulsively bloated, was dressed in an elaborate night gown, and was brushing her long golden hair. She had been focused more on her hair and face than ever before, now that her body had begun betraying her. As he asked the question, he carefully began to sooth away her inhibition, doubt, awareness. He did so naturally. He had long ago given up hope he could break through to her with soothing alone.

"What do you mean husband?" she asked. She spoke carefully, as always, but made it seem natural that she was using the perfect tone for the situation, and that her voice was just high enough to be attractive, and low enough to avoid any hint of annoyance. "You know I hide nothing from you, love."

"Behind these face you make. What are you hiding? You can't think that after all this time I haven't sensed that you've been acting? I know what you are doing Janelle, and I want you to stop. We're about to have children, and it's time we stopped playing with each other. It's time we truly met each other, without all this facade of yours in the way." He continued soothing, suppressing more as he spoke. Now, he carefully soothed away both her pride and her shame. People were more likely to talk honestly when they were somewhere in between those two. He slowly began removing her suspicion as well, he would want that gone entirely as soon as possible. He slowly began to nudge rebellion, defiance, and anger, hoping to take preventative measures, in case any of those kicked in.

"I don't understand Andrew," she said, wrinkling her perfect brow for a moment, as if she truly were confused. "What do you mean? What is this 'facade' you are convinced I am behind. I am who I am. Whomever did you think I was?"

"No one is that poised, that perfect, that careful in everything they say, Janelle. You may have the rest of the court fooled, but you can't fool me. This image of perfection you present, it isn't natural. Others might be too blind to see it, but not me. You know you can trust me Janelle. I'm your husband for the Lord Ruler's sake. You've got an amazing talent, I'm not denying it. I just want to see that it's used properly." He intensified all of his soothing at once. He only increased it by the barest fraction, but with the quantity of emotions he was manipulating, even that should have had a pronounced effect. Finding a level he was comfortable with, Andrew began to ease off her shame, and began to soothe her confidence. Maybe, if she felt just a tad guilty...

"Oh Andrew, you're such a charmer. You aren't teasing me, are you?" Her eyes said she obviously was, even though he obviously wasn't. Looking at how they seemed to sparkle though, he could almost believe she believed what she was saying was true.

"None of your tricks. You are acting Janelle. You don't really feel amused or flattered," despite himself, Andrew was beginning to get angry. Were he another man, he would have raised his voice. Instead, all the warmth in his tone seemed to vanish, leaving his voice hard and fearsome. "I know this, Janelle, because I'm soothing you right now. Like I always do. I told you I am a soother, remember?"

For a brief moment, Andrew caught a flash of uncertainty in Janelle?s eyes. It was gone soon of course, quickly replaced by confusion. But, after all this time, he had seen it. A weakness he could exploit! He was almost there! He began to soothe her confidence a little more, along with her certainty and courage. If fear was what it took to get through to her, then he could work with that. Andrew knew all about fear.

"You know I don't understand allomancy, Andrew," she said, her tone a perfect blend of confusion and annoyance. That was what made her act so perfect. It was like Andrew's soothing of his tutors, in a way. The annoyance was a distraction, and was meant to be seen through. The true emotion she was playing was confusion. Hoping to unbalance her, Andrew decided to reverse things, soothing away her confusion and tolerance, making her more annoyed. As he did this, he continued to adjust his manipulation of her other emotions, building her fear. Fear, it seemed, was the key.

"See Janelle, that's why you can't fool me. I know your annoyance is a distraction, you really want me to think you are confused. But I know that you can't be confused, because I am making you feel... angry," as he spoke, Andrew suddenly soothed away all of her emotions with all the power he had, leaving only the one he spoke of. "Or passionate, or saddened, or happy. You see dearest? I know exactly what you are feeling, because I am forcing you to feel it. And yet, you don't react. That means, the emotions you are showing me, are not your real ones, because your real ones, are created by me."

"Andrew, I..." her look was still one of confusion, outright now. It seemed she wasn't done playing games with him, and Andrew was quickly losing patience.

He had left off his blanket soothing, as she spoke, and returned her emotions to the levels he had held them at before. Now, he performed what he liked to call, the scale. With the scale, he soothed away every emotion but one, like he had been doing before, but changed the emotion he left untouched too quickly for anything to take root. Like performing a musical scale on an instrument, without leaving time for any one note to ring. This technique not only disorientated the subject, but it gave whatever emotion, or note, he ended on more strength. One by one, he let her feel every emotion he could think of in it's pure form, always switching before the second was up. The entire procedure took only moments, and when it was done, Andrew brought her back to where he had her before the scale yet again. Then, instead of soothing all at once, like she would now be expecting him too, he began to intensify his soothing of the emotions he was already manipulating, and began to add others, one by one, leaving only her fear untouched. In this way, he built her fear, bit by bit, the allomantic equivalent of a crescendo.

"You are afraid now Janelle. You are very afraid. There is no need to be ashamed. It's not your fault you feel this way. Don't you see? I am doing this to you. It's all me. We're alone. There is no one to see. There's no need to pretend any more," as he spoke, he let the warmth creep back into his voice. He began to soothe her fear away again, and began to let love, loyalty, comfort, and trust seep back in.

Janelle looked deep into his eyes, and then... she began to cry. Andrew was surprised, but inside he felt his heartbeat quicken. He had done it! It would seem, all he had needed was a direct confrontation all along! Now, he could...

"I'm sorry Andrew," she whispered. "I... I don't know what you are talking about. I think I understand what you are saying, but I don't understand what you want from me. I don't know why your allomancy isn't working. I just want you to be happy, and to be happy with me. I love you, you know that. I love you, and I want you to be happy, and I want you to love me. I think, I might have behaved the way you described as a girl, I'd pretend when I didn't actually know what I was doing. But, the pretending taught me, and I learned. I wanted to please my family, and I wanted people to like me, so I learned the right things to do and say. I remember pretending other times, when I was uncertain, or wished to seem a certain way, but everyone does that. I've only ever wanted to be a good wife to you, please don't be angry with me. I'm just so confused, and I don't know what to do. I don't understand. Please, just tell me what to do, and I will do it. Please! I love you."

Andrew sat back in shock. In all his planning, prediction, and analysis, he had never even suspected the truth. It would seem, what had started out as an act for Janelle, had become real, at least to her. That was the secret to how she acted so well, she didn't just convince everyone else, she convinced herself as well. All in an effort to attain perfection. And he... and he had destroyed what little of her remained behind that shell with his soothing. It had been effective, more effective than he had ever imagined, but because she had never given any sign, he had over done it, replacing any bit that was left of the genuine Janelle with adoration for him. And that woman, that genuis, that dream he had been in love with, was just fantasy. For once in his life, Andrew Elariel did not know what to say.

"It's all right dear," he said soothingly, taking her in his arms. He soothed away all her negative emotions then, but gently. He didn't want to damage her any further, he still had use for her after all. He left her with peace, love, happiness, and courage, hoping to restore her spirits. "I... I merely had a frustrating day, and I took it out on you. Will you forgive me?"

Janelle sniffed daintily, and then gave a weak smile, but Andrew recognized it for what it was. His brief glimpse of the sad creature his wife had become was gone, her proper face was back in place. "Of course dearest," she said, "How could I not" With the baby on the way, I have no doubt you?ll have to deal with more than one outburst from me. Forgiveness is the least I can give you.?

"The least you say?" said Andrew, soothing away her inhibition and propriety, hoping to enflame her passion. "I think you have something else you can give me..." He began to nuzzle her neck, and then, the whole encounter was over. They made love that night, and then, everything seemed to be forgotten. For Janelle, at least, everything seemed to return to normal, but Andrew never looked at his wife in the same way again. The woman he had always dreamed of was fantasy, and so, just as he put up with the imitation instead, just as he put up with being merely the brother to Elariel's lord.

Her pregnancy continued without complication, and she gave birth to twins, who Andrew named Daerra and Aaron. The boy, he named after Aaron Amin, one of the legendary first mistborn, who the Elariels claimed descent from through a woman who married into the Elar line, hoping the boy would be a mistborn as well. The girl, he named Daerra, after the grandfather he had hoped to become. He didn't trust the idea of a female mistborn, but the choice between that and no allomancy among his children was an easy one.

He was disappointed when both his children snapped, for though the twins were both allomancers, niether was a mistborn. Many years later, when his niece Claudia snapped as an adult, Andrew was furious. How could his children be mere mistings, when his uselss brother had sired a mistborn! And a useless on at that, for in Andrew's eyes, Claudia was of less use than Daerra.

Aaron proved to be a disappointment to him. He was too uncaring to take charge, but too independant to be properly moulded. Andrew had hoped to fashion him into the perfect Lord, and find a way around Mikhail, so he could rule through his son. Despite his talent with allomancy, however, Aaron proved again and again to be a disappointment.

Daerra, however, rather than being a disappointment, proved to be a nuisance. The girl had some ridiculous delusions of grandeur, thinking herself some great political genius. Andrew didn't know where she had gotten the idea from, but he saw it for the foolishness it was. No matter how he tried in later years to marry her off, she seemed to resist his every attempt. Andrew didn't understand what the trouble was, she was good looking enough, but for some reason the girl seemed intent on being an ever present thorn in his side.

His relationship with Janelle continued as it always had, except for one thing. Without the challenge of striving to break through to her, Andrew soon grew bored. He enjoyed her company as much as he had before, but he missed the rush his soothing of her had created. It didn't seem the same any more, to sooth her when he knew what she was hiding. And so, Andrew began to look elsewhere, having many short affairs throughout the years. None of them ever seemed fulfilling to him, and he soon found himself back where he was before he met Janelle. He was brilliant, without equal, and alone.

Roleplay Sample
"Let me get this straight, Lord Liese," said Andrew, smiling slightly as he did. "Your house is asking, not only for our previous contract to be re-negotiated, but for the advantages of my house to be lessened, and the rewards for yours increased?" Andrew raised an eye brow, soothing away the man's certainty, confidence, rebelliousness, and independence almost entirely. They were relatively late into their meeting, and had enough control over the man's emotions that he could now push them almost wherever he wished. His touch remained subtle of course, but he was confident enough in his understanding of Lord Liese not to worry about how much power he used.

Lord Liese stuttered for a moment. Andrew supposed he had reason to. Despite the basis of his previous sentence being accurate, he was vastly overstating things to say Elariel's advantages would be 'lessened'. That didn't matter now that he had Liese off balance. Feigning boredom, Andrew checked his pocket watch. I might get out of here early! Normally a contract like this wouldn't require Andrew's attention, and he woudln't have even considered meeting anyone but Lord Liese himself, but Andrew's inferiors from the second and third tier had proven unable to deal with the man to Alistair's satisfaction. Supposedly Lord Liese was a talented negotiator. Andrew had found him above average at best. The inadequacy of his relatives never ceased to amaze him.

He continued his soothing, digging his fingers more deeply into Lord Liese's puny mind. He'd never be able to see the man as great at anything now. Not after he'd had him wrapped so tightly around his finger he could snap and have the man, who was lord of his house, dance a jig.

"Enough of your jabbering, Lord Liese," Andrew said, waving a hand, cutting the poor man of before he could form a coherent sentence. Andrew pulled one of three envelopes out of his jacket pocket. It was a copy of the contract, but with changes that would suit Elariel far more than it would House Liese. "I agree, the contract is in need of changes," Lord Liese's eyes widened. Poor fellow, he actually thought he was going to like said changes. Andrew unfolded the papers from the envelope and passed them to his puppet.

"It's there, take it or leave it. We won't make another offer, and if you somehow convince us too, I doubt it will be better. You should know, I had to fight to get you so much. My brother was considering cutting of relations with you entirely, and pressuring our allies to do the same." That in itself should be threat enough to get Lord Liese to sign the thing without reading it. Elariel's mercantile empire was far reaching, and because of their policy of only forming relations with lesser houses, if Elariel decided to shun House Liese, many of those lesser houses would follow suit to avoid a similar fate.

Lord Liese, however, proved himself a man of practicality, if nothing more. He read the entire thing. His eyes were even wider when he reached the end. Andrew didn't bother to increase his soothing. He knew he had won.

"Is there a problem, Lord Liese?" he asked casually.

"No, not at all. No, this... this looks just fine. Thank-you for your time Lord Elariel. Perhaps we could share a drink at the next ball, yes?"

"I would be delighted Lord Liese," said Andrew with a smile, "I always enjoy the company of friends at balls." Inside he was already picturing himself strolling away from this building and finding someone infinitely more interesting to play with. "I take it you'll be signing then?"

Liese jumped again, looking at the pen in his hand as if seeing it for the first time. "Yes, of course, Lord Elariel, right here I suppose?"

Andrew nodded, and beckoned the Elariel obligator he had brought with him forward to witness. The rest, was mere formality, and then he was on his way.

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