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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Nicholai Laurenzio

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#1 Nicholai


Posted 11 February 2011 - 05:05 AM

Nicholai Laurenzio
Type of Character (Misting Soother)

Player Information
Name: Daximus
Contact Information: PM, AIM

Character Information
Name: Nicholai Laurenzio
Type: Disinherited Noble
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: The Southern Dominance (Lansing City and Port Tresteau)
Occupation: con-artist (see status)
Relationship Status: Single

Powers: Allomancy
-Type: Misting (Soother)
-Metal(s) Used: Brass
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Incognito as Deangelo Morelli

Appearance: Nicholai stands at 5?11? and has a toned, if slightly slender, build. His appearance tends to vary depending on the current alias his is using. Most would say that he is good looking, but that is largely due to his inviting smile. Without the smile, he becomes a different man, a man who can change his face as he wills. His prominent cheekbones may seem attractive in one situation, but in another light they may accentuate dark, hollow cheeks. His strong confident brow can sometimes overshadow his eyes, giving him a darker, rugged appearance. His facial hair grows in fast and its style varies from clean shaven, to course stubble, to groomed goatee, to tangled mess in a matter of days. One day you may say he is an attractive man, but unless you memorize the exact coloration of his blue eyes, on another day you may never recognize the haggard ruffian staring into your face.

Special Skills: master of disguise and accents, great at reading people and interpreting actions,

Deangelo Morelli: the noble heir to a foreign wine-making empire
Romulus Sterling: an eager young jeweler?s apprentice
Francis Lockhart: a gruff, intimidating sea captain without a ship
Mathias: a poor street urchin, struggling on the streets to make a living

Strengths: Nicholai is extremely skilled in the subtlest of psychological manipulation. He utilizes everything from body language, to tone and inflection, to simple great looks. He is the consummate ladies? man and knows all the delicacies of how to enchant a beautiful woman. His smiles are warm and sincere and his lies are as convincing as they are appealing. As a normal con-man, he is a mastermind. As Misting-Soother his is the grandest of artists painting a timeless masterpiece.

Weaknesses: Nicholai has never been one for physical combat or extreme labor. He is used to a pampered lifestyle and doesn?t react well to getting his hands dirty or his limbs broken. He avoids fighting at all costs, preferring to bluff his way out or speak with empty threats. His is also pretty susceptible to sophisticated brunettes.

Personality: Those who really know Nicholai know that he is lazy. He prefers not to work or strain himself in any way. He has a way with words that makes people want to believe him and he uses that the take advantage of them. His charm and sophistication eventually gives way to over-confidence and a blatant disrespect for authority. His chemistry with women is almost palpable and his ease at making friends is enviable. Is this the real Nicholai? The real mystery is trying to understand his motives. Yes, you may feel that he loves you and his world revolves around you, but do you really know what mystery, what secret, what con he is hiding behind those blue eyes? Yes, you trust him as an ally, as a brother, as a comrade, but is he really trying to get close to you to manipulate you for some greedy end?

Nicholai?s father, Dimitri Laurenzio, was the epitome of a self-made man. The House of Laurenzio was an obscure, minor noble house in Port Treseau with hardly any land to its name. Dimitri, through hard-work, gritty perseverance, and unadulterated integrity managed to pry the family name from the depths of obscurity and establish a well-respected shipping industry in Lansing City, with branches all over the Final Empire. His endeavors to establish his reputation, however, constantly placed a strain on his relationship with his wife and his young son. When his wife Virginia was killed during a shipping accident out at sea, a grief-stricken Dimitri pledged to never let such a tragic incident scar his company again. In doing so, he dropped all pretenses of being a good father to his only son, Nicholai.

Young Nicholai went through dozens of caretakers after his mother?s death. The family was well off and Nicholai had all the material needs he could ever want. He was a likeable young boy who inherited good looks from both sides of his family. He was quick-witted and curious, always finding his fingers where they didn?t belong and finding mysterious artifacts magically appearing in his pockets. He stirred up a bit of trouble, possibly to gain his father?s attention. However, he was never punished by his caretakers, who were smitten with the young boy?s natural charm and friendly demeanor. They opened up to this boy, often sharing gossip and revealing personal secrets. Caretaker after caretaker passed, each one teaching Nicholai something new about personal behavior and circumstantial motivation.

When Nicholai entered his teenage years, he fell victim to a devious plot. His current caretaker was less-than-trustworthy and set him up to be snatched by kidnappers. Dimitri Laurenzio was targeted as a wealthy merchant with no political power, thereby making him an easy target for ransom money. Nicholai was taken, and when his father refused to pay the ransom at first, he was beaten. He was beaten. And he was beaten. Something snapped in Nicholai that day and he began to beg for mercy. His kidnappers started to lighten up on him. Then Nicholai noticed that he could influence people directly, without words or charms. He could WILL them to suppress certain emotions such as anger or brutality. He subtly played on the emotions of his captors, making his imprisoned life easier and exploring his new gift.

Finally, Nicholai was rescued by his father?s Master Secretary, a Terrisman Steward by the name of Zuzwe. Nicholai was curious as to how one Terrisman was able to take out his ten captors, some of them pewterarms, but Nicholai didn't press the matter and stored the information for later.

Traumatized by his son?s abduction, Dimitri vowed to redeem himself as a father. He asked no questions when Zuzwe singlehandedly delivered Nicholai from the kidnappers. He rejoiced in his sons return and labored to atone for his negligence as a father. There were no more temporary caretakers for Nicholai. He spent more time with his father and took an active part in the company business. His tutelage and instruction was tasked with his father?s most trusted business associates: Zuzwe, the Master Secretary and Julius Sharpe, his father's co-executive. Julius was the man who shaped Nicholai into what he is today.

Julius differed from Dimitri in many different ways. He was a great bear of a man, who was quick with a joke and slow to anger. His charisma and cheerful disposition affected everyone around him. Where Dimitri was respected for his honesty and his discipline, Julius was loved for his optimism and his camaraderie. The more time Nicholai spent around the business, the more he realized that he and his father had nothing in common. Nicholai wanted to be more like Julius, to emulate him and affect people the way he did. Julius liked the boy and soon recognized that he was a fellow Soother.

Nicholai was tested for the other metals, but tested negative. He only possessed the ability to burn brass, as did his mentor, Julius. This knowledge was kept a strict secret from Dimitri who distrustful of all forms of Allomancy (?It is a deceitful art, full of deception and murder?). Julius secretly trained Nicholai in the use of his gift but not before instructing him in the subtle psychological means of emotional manipulation without the help of Allomancy. Body language, tone, misdirection, reinforcement, omission, flattery, bargaining, and good old fashioned lying. Once Nicholai had mastered these complex maneuvers, Julius taught him how to subtly and nearly imperceptibly sprinkle them with just a hint of Allomancy to directly play on emotions. He taught Nicholai to strengthen an emotion by discretely soothing all the opposite emotions. He taught Nicholai to control his negative emotions and wear an impenetrable mask of likeable behavior. Soon, Nicholai became as smooth a Soother and as gifted a Grifter as there ever was.

As exercises, Nicholai and Julius (with occasional assistance from Nicholai's co-tutor and Julius' close friend Zuzwe) would run confidence games on the people they met on the streets and on the docks. They added some stakes to the game, by conning money out of certain individuals. The two became a dynamic mentor/student con-artist pair, with Zuzwe on the wings for backup. They kept their dealings secret, even from Dimitri Laurenzio himself.

As the years progressed, the trio became more and more ambitious. One trick they pulled, on a business trip far away from Lansing City, the crew was beaten and incarcerated in an illegal prison beneath a nobleman's estate. With all their scheming, the three could not fabricate a plausible means of escape. It was then that Julius and (PENDING UPDATE)

Dimitri noticed the excessive hours his son spent with his business associates. There were many awkward attempts at father-son bonding, but the two were too different and too much damage had already been done to their relationship. To his credit, Dimitri never stopped trying, but Nicholai never opened up.

Things took a turn for the worse when Nicholai reached the age of 20. Julius was never a man of great health and his heart finally gave way. His death took an astronomical toll of the Laurenzio House. Dimitri lost his oldest friend and business partner. Nicholai lost his mentor and father figure. Dimitri felt his own loss, and the loss of his son and saw an opportunity to patch things up. He made Nicholai a Full Partner in his shipping business, filling the vacancy Julius had left. Dimitri thought he could bond with his son and instill in him the love he had for his work and for his business. He began to prepare Nicholai to take over when he died and run the business with the same sense of dignity and integrity.

But Nicholai wasn't ready to work. He never had to work a day in his life. He had always relied on his charms and his looks and just the faintest sprinkling of Allomancy to get his way. He labored under his father but never felt the same passion. He missed the parties and the balls and the excitement that his privileged life entailed before he held any responsibility. Why work when a little confidence can pay the bills? So he donned his fa?ade and played his own father.

After a few years, the game was up. Nicholai was caught embezzling funds from the family company: his father?s company, a company founded on integrity and honest work. Nicholai Laurenzio, the SOLE HEIR was caught embezzling funds. Dimitri hadn?t been so heartbroken since his wife died. This ordinarily calm and collected man exploded with rage. He disinherited his only son, HIS ONLY SON, and banished him, commanding him to never use the name Laurenzio again as long as he lived. The family name would then die with Dimitri and Nicholai would have to make his way on his own.

Zuzwe, Dimitri?s Steward, Master Secretary and most trusted servant had but one request. After years of unfaltering service, rescuing Nicholai from kidnappers, and pure devotion, Zuzwe had never made any sort of request to his master. Zuzwe had tutored Nicholai for years, cared and watched for the boy and shared unique bond with him. Zuzwe?s final request was that he could accompany Nicholai in his travels. Dimitri was devastated at first, but after much convincing, he finally agreed to it on the terms that Zuzwe would keep Nicholai alive and help him to succeed as a man in life.

And so, Nicholai and Zuzwe left the Laurenzio name behind and went out to seek their fortune elsewhere. They've hit every major city in the Final Empire, amassing a fortune everywhere they go and leaving with no trace of their passing.

Nicholai is currently masquerading in Luthadel as Deangelo Morelli, a foreign nobleman trying to adjust to city life. He is still the same Nicholai, trying to earn a fast fortune without all the work, but with good looks and charms.

Roleplay Sample
(A scene from this character's viewpoint. Take care in picking a scene. It could be a scene from the past or it could happen practically during current events. In any case, write something important to the character so everyone can truly feel the character)
Nicholai Laurenzio aka "Deangelo Morelli"
Zuzwe aka "Jimoun"

#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 17 February 2011 - 10:32 PM

Hi there, and welcome to the RP! I apologize it's taken so long to get back to you; it's been a busy few weeks in school, but now that most of my midterms are over, I can get back to RP a little more often.

I really like the idea of having more conmen around. In fact, I even know of a character yours could get in touch with! PM Comatose for more information on that. Unfortunately, there are just a couple things we need to be sure of before your character can be approved.

Contact information - I understand not wanting to give out personal information on the internet. However, members need to know some way to get a hold of you. If you'd rather be contacted by PM only, then mention that, but we'd rather you not leave that blank.

Place of origin - Everyone is from somewhere, and because your character isn't from Luthadel, this is especially important. You don't have to make up a city if you want - just a Dominance will do, but this cannot be left blank.

Finally, there's Zuzwe's revelation of Feruhemy to Nicholai. In order for this to work, because it's such a risky move, we'd like to see this expanded on. After all, the nobility aren't supposed to know Feruchemy exists - it should be made clear that this was the only way to save Nicholai's life, and Zuzwe most definitely needs to stress to Nicholai the importance of keeping it secret. Also, because coming out as a Keeper goes directly against the Synod, this is definitely a conflict we'd like to see brought up in the future.

That's everything. I'm looking forward to working with you to make everything fit together, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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#3 Nicholai


Posted 17 February 2011 - 11:31 PM

Thanks for the review! Luckily, I've already been working on the problems and I hope I can get them resolved ASAP. (I've been busy as well)

Here's my progress at least:

1. Contact Info I'll be setting up an AIM account just for this RP

2. Place of Origin I just need some time to review the GUIDE and pick the right city. (Any suggestions of a likely port city would be appreciated, as I'm not entirely sure how the new cities tie into the overall economy and storyline)

3. Zuzwe I'm hoping to flesh this out when I turn Zuzwe into a character and write HIS history. This is my big project right now.

I'll edit this all in once I find the time to write up an RP sample.

Thanks again,

Nicholai Laurenzio aka "Deangelo Morelli"
Zuzwe aka "Jimoun"

#4 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 18 February 2011 - 07:47 AM

Hey there,

If you're looking for port cities, I think these are your best options. Depends on what you want Laurenzio to do, really.


Lansing City - The capital of the Southern Dominance, located on where the River Channerel at last enters the sea. Its a massive harbor city, as well as an industrial power, producing weaponry, ships, and everything one can imagine. Fortunately, the industrial waste entering the Gray Sea is nothing compared with the ash dumping into it. To those wishing to go to the furthest reaches of the Final Empire, Lansing is the gateway to the Southern Islands and the Remote Dominance, and it is equally a gateway towards Luthadel. House Hasting and Casuana are centered here, as they are both large industrial houses. As the saying goes, "you'll get lanced at Lansing", and there are plenty of lances for everyone.

Port Tresteau - A city west of Lansing, also lying on the coast. The Southern Dominance's plantations produce well, and Port Tresteau acts as a canal hub and an exporter of food to everywhere along the sea, most commonly to the frigid ports in Farmost. House Lekal, the largest food producer in the Empire, is based here.

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