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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Ellsworth Venture

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Posted 12 February 2011 - 06:10 AM

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Player Information
Name: Camille
Contact Information: The usual way. Go through my admin account or contact me off the site. Just don't try stalking, or my trained mistwraith army will eat you.

Character Information
Name: Ellsworth Venture
Type: Noble
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Lord of House Venture
Relationship Status: Married to Ammeline Venture

Powers: Allomancy
-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Copper
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Known

Appearance: Standing at a full 6'5" with a powerful, broad-shouldered build, Ellsworth Venture has always found it easy to look impressive. Combine this with his keen, penetrating gaze and self-assured aura of authority, and it's easy to see why he is considered by many to be a rather intimidating man. He carries himself with the confidence and power expected of the Lord of the Empire's most influential noble House and more. His graying hair - formally dark brown - is kept in a neat, dignified style, and he is always impeccably dressed, though he tends to forgo contemporary trends in favor of expertly tailored suits of a classic, timeless cut. In fact, some members of his close family have teased him over this in private, claiming he's kept the same suits since he stopped growing out of them. Because of his height and his confident manner, he often walks with long, powerful strides, causing anyone unfortunate enough to be following him at the time to have to struggle to keep up.

Special Skills: Ellsworth has a keen mind for both business and administration, as well as an almost instinctive ability to read people. He is also a skilled duelist, and through years of training, can more than handle himself in the event of an attack on his person or his House. In addition, he has a talent for very precise Allomancy, and through decades of practice and application, has developed a particular knack for skillfully adjusting the size of his Copperclouds to hide his own team members while allowing his own Seekers to reach beyond them to look for enemy Allomancers. In recent years, of course, he spends more time teaching this trick to younger Venture Smokers than using it in the field.

Strengths:Besides his strengths in business and leadership, Ellsworth is very opportunistic. He is able to seize on new possibilities and turn them into solid plans of action, and has the ability to make people actually follow him and his plans. He is also well aware that he isn't perfect, and is willing to listen to the advice of those he trusts in order to make up for his weaknesses - when it's appropriate, of course. Most importantly, though, Ellsworth isn't afraid to make difficult decisions to make a better life for his House or his family. This causes him to make bold moves, while his ability to make plans and follow through helps him make these moves pay off in big ways.
Weaknesses: Ellsworth Venture is a stubborn man to the core, which - though it can also be a good thing - can prevent him from listening to others when he probably should. His definition of when it is "appropriate" to give advice can be very specific, which makes it difficult for him to seek counsel when around those outside his private trusted circle.

Personality: Bold, dynamic, and charismatic, Ellsworth Venture can be every bit as overbearing as his stature might lead one to think. His confident aura has been known, at times, to sweep others along whether they want to follow or not. Still others simply find him exhausting, and some unfortunate individuals even feel both. A people person at heart, Ellsworth thrives on interaction and face time, and is most likely to truly respect people who have the spine to withstand his oftentimes intimidating personality. Being in the position he is, though, he does of course value others' ability to follow orders when needed. He is a stern leader, and doesn't have patience for repeated failures.

History: Ellsworth is the second son of Denton and Celeste Venture, born two years after his elder brother, Shokhan, and five years before his younger brother, Magnus. As such, though Shokhan was technically the heir, Ellsworth was still raised knowing that, should something happen to his brother, he would inherit. So, naturally, he was trained accordingly: he received the same education as every other potential Venture heir, and despite his rowdy personality as a youth, he took to his lessons with surprising amounts of enthusiasm. It became obvious from the very beginning of his education that while he lacked the subtlety for true politicking, he had a keen mind for business dealings and the like, and while Shokhan was frequently busy being a Mistborn, Ellsworth was often seen in Denton's company, learning about the family business firsthand.

Making it easier for him to spend all that time studying under his father was the fact that, while he had Snapped, he was a Smoker, which required far less training than many other Allomancers. All he had to do was learn how to burn his metals, and from there it was just a matter of figuring out how to adjust the size of his Copperclouds and how his burn rate affected them. He learned some of this in dedicated training sessions as a child, but those soon lost his interest in sitting still while doing nothing but burning copper. As he grew older and became more involved in helping his father, he discovered it was far easier to do while working; all he had to do was commandeer the use of a Seeker and any other non-Copper Allomancer, and he could practice while doing more important things.

He also spent much time with Magnus, who followed him around constantly until his own Snapping a few years later, and his cousin Willem, who, once he Snapped as a Mistborn, was encouraged to spend as much time befriending Ellsworth as possible. Despite their age difference, the two grew into very close friends, and Willem remains to this day one of Ellsworth's most loyal supporters.

At eighteen years old he was engaged to Ammeline Vautier in a political match. He barely knew the woman, but once they were engaged, he made an effort to make their relationship work. By the time they were married two years later, they did not precisely love each other yet, but they had managed to build a relationship in which they trusted and respected one another, and liked each other well enough. Ammeline proved to be a good match and an excellent partner for Ellsworth: politically savvy, but spirited enough to match Ellsworth's bold, dynamic personality. Over thirty years of marriage they would eventually come to love each other, but for now, both were happy to have simply made such an agreeable match.

He was a young man, only in his early twenties, when life in House Venture turned upside down. Shortly after the death of Ellsworth's mother, Celeste, they were joined by a young obligator named Gethen. He was an odd fellow; he obviously disliked the more hotheaded Shokhan, and Ellsworth is to this day surprised that the two never came to blows, never mind the fact that one of them was an obligator. He would never put it past his brother to do something so stupid.

Little did he know that Shokhan would actually do something far, far stupider. He attacked and killed three Deveauxs in plain sight.

Ellsworth couldn't believe it. Even Shokhan, he had thought, would do such a thing. And when Ellsworth had been working so hard to convince his father to ally with them! He was present when Denton confronted Shokhan about his stupidity; but Ellsworth didn't trust himself not to explode at his brother, he didn't say a word. Even when Shokhan was stricken from the succession and Ellsworth declared the heir, his only reaction was to assure his father that he would fulfill his duties to the best of his ability.

He wasn't sure what led him to keep a watchful eye on his brother - other than the fact that he knew the man to be a murderous lunatic - but his vigilance saved Gethen's life that night, when Shokhan tried to murder him in his sleep. His frustration and anger at his brother's uncontrollable murderous rampages came to a head, and the two exchanged some extremely heated words before parting. Ellsworth and Shokhan haven't spoken since.

If things weren't chaotic enough, Denton Venture decided that he had had enough, and would be retiring soon. Shokhan left for the Ministry, Ellsworth was forced to decide Gethen's fate on the spot, and Ammeline discovered she was pregnant. Ellsworth inherited Venture, set right to work making contracts and pulling his House up in the standings, and did his best to adjust to being in power without letting anyone think he had to adjust. He had kept Gethen around, but only took the man's advice with great caution: he had a feeling he was trying to push Venture forward - a suspicion Ammeline shared - which obligators obviously weren't supposed to do. But he gave good counsel, so Ellsworth decided to at least continue listening to what he had to say, then make up his own mind about what he would do.

The next year, Denton passed away of an illness. It wasn't the first time he had been sick, so the family knew in a way that it was coming, but Ellsworth was still struck hard by the loss of his father. Not only was his counsel invaluable during that first year of Ellsworth's rule, but the two had been genuinely close, and Ellsworth missed him dearly. He couldn't afford to show that in public, for the sake of keeping Venture strong, but he felt it all the same. During all of this, Ammeline and Ellsworth welcomed their first child into the world, a son they named Charle. The Ventures were elated; the birth of a son as a firstborn ensured a smooth succession - or, at least, as much as anything of that sort can be guaranteed in the Final Empire. It was the birth of his son that finally began pulling Ellsworth out of his depression; despite being needed by his entire house, it wasn't until he held the child in his arms that he felt happy for the first time since his father's death.

It wasn't long after Charle's birth that Gethen finally convinced Ellsworth that it was time to strike at Sureau. Their obsession with wealth over stability was beginning to threaten the security of the houses aligned with them, and the more Ellsworth looked past the shadow of their former glory and paid attention to their rather unhinged behavior, the more he realized that Venture needed to cut ties with them as soon as possible. An attack was risky, but if they cut deep enough, Sureau would think twice about acting out in retaliation. What was more, Gethen seemed to have some hidden knowledge of what Sureau held, and it was strongly implied that Venture could acquire wealth and stability far beyond what Ellsworth had already gained for them.

There was just one little problem: Willem and his young love, Anastaise. Willem had been one of Ellsworth's closest friends growing up, and practically the whole capital knew Willem would, one day, seek Anastaise's hand. But once Venture attacked, all hope of those two having a life together would be gone. And so, while the plans for the attack were still falling into place, Ellsworth went to Sureau and tried to convince them to let Anastaise marry Willem now. Sureau wouldn't hear of it, not with Anastaise only sixteen years old. And though it pained him to know what it would do to Willem, he couldn't sacrifice the good of his entire house for the happiness of two people.

He ordered the attack.

It went as well as could be expected: though there was the hangup of one of their Mistings having been tortured into revealing that the attackers were from Venture, Sureau was knocked reeling by the sudden massacre, and the rest of Luthadel was stunned by the sudden and unexpected betrayal on Venture's part.

The scandal, of course, increased tenfold when Willem Venture and Anastaise Sureau vanished from the next ball.

Ellsworth immediately knew what had happened, and while part of him was furious, he also found himself relieved that Willem would get his beloved bride after all. It was also yet another knife in Sureau's side, which couldn't hurt. Though he did, of course, have to worry about Sureau using her as a spy. All attempts to find the young couple failed, and three days later, the couple walked right into his study. Anastaise was eventually welcomed into Venture, but Ellsworth was forced to ask Willem to keep his Mistborn status secret. At least until Ellsworth could be sure the Sureaus weren't using her.

Meanwhile, Sureau soon spiraled out of the top spot, and at roughly the same time, a mysterious Ministry contract suddenly appeared on the market. Most houses didn't pay much attention to it, but at Gethen's insistence, Ellsworth entered negotiations to secure it for Venture. Eventually the candidates were narrowed down to Venture and Deveaux, but after a rigorous struggle, Venture won out, and were given the contract.

It was only then that Ellsworth found out he had signed his family up to manage the Pits of Hathshin and mine atium for the Lord Ruler.

Ellsworth, though thrilled at this remarkable development, suddenly found himself responsible for building and manning an entire infrastructure almost from the ground up: he would need administrators, clerks, guards, transport, everything. The Lord Ruler provided the obligators and the manual labor, but much of the rest was left to Venture. All that time at Denton's side paid off, though Ellsworth also made extensive use of Willem's and Gethen's counsel, and in a remarkably short time, Venture operations had taken over the Pits in their entirety. All that was left was to name one person to oversee the entire system: Ellsworth himself had taken the helm at first, but he couldn't devote the time and effort the Pits needed and still successfully run his house. His first thought was Willem: loyal, excellent at administration, and more trustworthy than anyone else Ellsworth could possibly think of. He was the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, Willem was also his Mistborn, making the decision far less simple than it should have been.

Meanwhile, the Sureaus were beginning to try to put pressure on Venture, and Ellsworth was beginning to think it might be for the best to get Willem and Anastaise out of the capital for a while. If he could get them away from Sureau, perhaps they would have a chance at happiness. And so, though it was a gamble sending his Mistborn away, Ellsworth named Willem the chief administrator of the Pits operation and sent him and Anastaise away from Luthadel. Willem still came to Luthadel on business from time to time, and the two communicated regularly by letter, but they saw each other very little after that. And though Ellsworth longed to tell Willem to share his secret with his wife, the Sureaus knew too much about Venture's operations. It was obvious to Ellsworth that they were using Anastaise, and until he could do something about that - find proof of what exactly was going on - there was nothing he could do but keep the secrecy order in place.

Over the next couple years, Venture was rocketed to the top of the standings in Luthadel thanks to the success the Pits contract gave them. Sureau tried to strike back, but they were weakening by the day, and even without Willem there more than every so often - though Ellsworth sorely missed him - Venture was able to beat them back every time. Now, Ellsworth was able to focus on securing Venture's place at the top, reinvesting their newfound success into expanded contracts, repairing relations with Deveaux, and raising his family.

Five years after the attack, the Ventures were struck with a bout of internal drama. After a failed attack on Keep Venture, Ellsworth's younger brother Magnus challenged Erwin, the current Captain of the Guard, to a duel, with his position as the stakes. Ellsworth, of course, demanded a full explanation of events before allowing the match to proceed, but eventually he was convinced. Magnus won the duel, replaced Erwin, got married, and - much to Venture's approval - produced a son. This ended up being a good thing; the formerly outspoken, power-hungry Magnus seemed happy with his new job, and it was a relief to be through with his complaints.

A year later, Ellsworth and Ammeline celebrated the birth of their second son, whom they named Nevan. Over the years, Charle grew into a quiet boy, successfully applying himself to his studies but lacking in any sort of enthusiasm for one day leading his house. But where Charle was quiet and soft-spoken, Nevan was adventurous and straightforward right from the beginning, much like his father had been, if a little calmer. Though the boys got along well and grew very close despite their large age difference, it became clearer and clearer the more they grew that the boys were vastly different people. While rail-thin Charle stuck primarily to his books - especially those on theology - the more solidly built Nevan wholeheartedly embraced both his studies and more physical pursuits like dueling, practicing long hours with his cousin Broderick. The Ventures were delighted when both boys Snapped: Charle into a Soother, and later, Nevan into a Pewterarm.

For a while, it was life as usual: teach his sons, manage the house, put down yet another attack from Sureau. Venture's stability increased, the whole house prospered, the boys started going to balls, and life was good. Ellsworth wasn't particularly surprised when Charle, at seventeen, asked his father's blessing to enter the Steel Ministry. The boy had been reading theology since he could pronounce the word, and had been speaking to obligators more and more as of late. Still, it wasn't a decision Ellsworth made lightly. He considered every possibility before coming to a conclusion. In the end, he acknowledged that Charle simply had no interest in being the heir, and it would be bad for Venture to be led by someone who didn't truly care for the job. He would be happier in the Ministry, and the more enthusiastic Nevan was there to step into the role of heir. Ellsworth gave his blessing, and Charle departed for the Ministry, where he now serves in the Canton of Orthodoxy. They still keep in contact, as much as it is appropriate for an obligator to associate with his former house, and their exchanges are always pleasant.

And so Ellsworth - and Venture - have continued to this day. Ellsworth is still working with his old friend Augustin to restore the Venture-Deveaux alliance, and is under mounting pressure to find a suitable match for his son. And despite the fact that Nevan is nearing the age at which Ellsworth himself took over the House Title, Ellsworth is still going strong, and shows no sign of stepping down any time soon.

Roleplay Sample

"I'm afraid Lady Phyra isn't in her rooms, my Lord," a nervous guard said. "It was the first place we looked, but she was already gone. All we found was this." He held up a bundle of rags that Ellsworth vaguely recognized as the so-called "dress" Phyra had worn to the ball.

"Keep looking," Ellsworth ordered. He was careful to keep his tone moderated. It wasn't this man's fault Phyra was gone, and snapping at his own guards for no reason was a stupid thing to do. "She might still be lurking here somewhere. Put Nevan's quarters under guard, and lock down the keep. I don't want anyone leaving unless I've ordered it. And find my brother." The captain of the guard should certainly know about a rogue Mistborn.

"I'll spread your orders immediately, my Lord." The guard looked immensely relieved that Ellsworth hadn't been displeased with him personally.

"Good. Dismissed."

The guard bowed and left, and Ellsworth sighed, rubbing his temples. Leave it to Phyra to pick tonight to go rogue. What he wouldn't give for Willem to be there already; with the current situation in Luthadel, he really needed a reliable Mistborn again.

As if summoned by his thoughts, a knock sounded at his window.

Willem? he thought. Why couldn't he just use the door, if he was coming in off a barge? It wasn't like he'd gone on any assignments in Luthadel yet. But Ellsworth had learned long ago not to try to figure out how Mistborn thought sometimes. It just gave him a headache. He turned to let his cousin in--

That's not Willem.

It was a smallish girl, crouching on his windowsill. She rapped on the window again, more urgently this time, glaring at him with familiar brown eyes as if demanding to be let in. As if he would happily let in some random Mistborn who showed up at his---

That girl was Camille Deveaux.

No wonder Augustin had looked so troubled at the girl's attraction to Nevan! He was trying to get more out of the bargain for parting with his young Mistborn! And the girl had gone and promptly delivered herself right into Ellsworth's unexpecting hands.

But her presence here brought up a whole mess of other questions. She wouldn't have revealed herself lightly. And where was Nevan? Had something happened to him? He snatched open the window--

"Nevan is fine," she told him, hopping into the study from her spot on the windowsill. "He's on his way right now. I thought of bringing him with me, but that would take way too much pewter."

"Then what in the Lord Ruler's name are you doing here?"

"I'm here on his behalf. He's worried Phyra will do something stupid."

"He told you-!"

"I already figured out she was a Mistborn. It wasn't hard. Don't worry, Nevan isn't giving away House secrets. But isn't that less important right now than preventing a murderous rampage?"

Ellsworth couldn't help but grin, even in the face of this looming disaster. He liked this girl. And she had a point. Fortunately for him, she had also given her an opening.

"And what are you going to do about it?"

"I--" She paused. Ellsworth grinned again. Nevan had delivered this girl straight into his hands, whether he realized it or not, and he was going to milk this opportunity for all it was worth.

"You came here to prevent a House War, didn't you?"

"Well, yes." She didn't sound too sure about that. Ellsworth was pretty sure she had actually come here to help Nevan.

"Phyra has to be stopped, at all cost," he told the Deveaux girl. "At any cost. She's crossed the line this time. She is no longer a Venture, she is a danger to my family and my House. Do you understand what I'm telling you, girl?"

Her expression shifted. She suddenly seemed more focused. More distant and yet acutely in the moment at the same time. "I do." Even her voice sounded empty. "But what's in it for me?"

"You're seriously asking this now?"

"You're using an opportunity that presented itself to you. You could have had your own people take Phyra out instead of me. So I'm doing the same. If I do this, I want a guaranteed alliance between our Houses, and immunity against any retaliation. I'll also be needing some atium."


"Do you expect me to clean up your messes at my expense? Besides, unless you're actually willing to out any more of your Mistborn to me, who else is going to use it?"

"You are trying my patience, girl."

"Yes, I would imagine that I am."

It was obvious she wasn't going to budge, and Ellsworth didn't have time to argue. Besides, he would be budgeting an allotment of atium for the girl soon enough anyways. There was no way he was letting her slip through his fingers.

There was a bigger long-term advantage to just giving the girl what she wanted and letting her play right into his hand, so he ordered her to turn around, and when she had complied, he opened his safe and pulled out three beads of atium. It was a fortune, but Ellsworth wouldn't put it past Phyra to have squirreled away some of her own despite the tight rein he kept on her allowance of the metal, and he couldn't afford for Camille to fail. Both for the sake of stopping Phyra, and because Augustin would be beyond furious if Ellsworth sent the girl to her death.

With the safe hidden again, he bid Camille to turn back around. "We have a deal," he told her, placing the beads in her hand. Her eyes widened slightly when she realized how much there was, but she quickly recovered herself and tucked the precious metal safely away in an empty vial.

"I will report back when it is done," she said in that strange, empty voice.

"See that you do. Dismissed."

She went to the window and crouched on the sill, but paused and looked back.

"Lord Venture? Keep Nevan safe. Please." It almost came as a shock to hear the girl speak like that, both respectfully and with emotion in her voice. She really did care for him.

"I will," he promised.

Seemingly satisfied, the girl he already thought of as Camille Venture jumped out the window and vanished into the mist.

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He's sounding great... I'll move him over to pending till the RP sample is up :D

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