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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Nicholai


Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:58 PM


Player Information
Name: Daximus
Contact Information: AIM, PM

Character Information
Name: Zuzwe
Type: Terrisman
Age: 35
Gender: male
Place of Origin:
Occupation: Steward to Nicholai Laurenzio (and therefore the proverbial partner in crime)
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Feruchemy
-Metal(s) Used: Like all Keepers, Zuzwe wears coppermind armbands that contain the General Archives of the Keepers and another coppermind for the storage of his Specialty (Military Strategy and Martial Arts). His necklace is made of alternating beads of Zinc, Tin, and Bronze for mental clarity, sensory perception and wakefulness. He favors ironmind bracelets (weight manipulation has countless applications for a Martial Artist) and has an impressive selection of bulky pewtermind rings. He wears steelmind anklets in case worse comes to worst. He owns other metalminds that he switches out from time to time.
-Degree of Skill: Iron and Pewter (weight and strength manipulation): Advanced. All other metals: Intermediate.
-Status: Incognito as Jimoun, a steward to Deangelo Morelli (who is really Nicholai Laurenzio).

Appearance: Every morning, Zuzwe wakes before the sun and shaves his head in the Terris fashion. Then, he devotes time to the study and application of the forgotten Martial Arts. He drills himself with exercises and routines from dozens of lost fighting styles. Years of this training have granted him a toned, athletic appearance. His traditional Terris robes do much to hide his physique, but sometimes it is necessary for him to continually store strength in his pewterminds to maintain the appearance of a typical, tall, slender Terrisman with a dark olive complexion. He has collected many pewterminds in this fashion and stockpiles them in the rare event that he might need them.

Special Skills: Within his copperminds, Zuzwe holds the keys to half a hundred different styles of Martial Arts. If he ever finds himself in a fight, he taps a zincmind to quickly analyze the situation and size up his opponent. Then he selects the Fighting Style that would be most appropriate for the current circumstances and manipulates his strength and his weight accordingly.
Strengths: Zuzwe is tactically minded and analyzes the big picture as if it were a battlefield. He thinks and acts quickly and tries to exhibit valor when the situation arises. His body is well disciplined, and he knows how to push his limits to their further extent.
Weaknesses: Though he tries to personify a military commander, Zuzwe has never actually seen battle, nor has he ever been a leader among men. He lacks the commanding presence of a charismatic leader and his voice is anything but strong.
He knows the keys to victory, but lacks the ability to cope with defeat: a resiliency that only comes through hard earned experience. As such, Zuzwe is easily discouraged and self-critical.
The number of actual physical fights he has been involved in can be counted on one hand.

Personality: In the eyes of the public, Zuzwe is just another resigned steward: tranquil, docile, subservient. However, beneath his obedient mask is a valiant fighting spirit and the burning heart of a warrior. He has been described as "a courageous fool just dying to become a martyr." He often quotes from his favorite Military Philosophers (especially Altan Wu, the poetic warlord who literally wrote the book on Military Strategy before the Lord Ruler's Ascent) and applies their teachings to everyday life.
He is torn between his desire to emulate the heroes of old and his strict adherence to the Synod's dictates that he must constantly observe in order to preserve the secrets of the Keepers.

History: During his initial training as a Keeper, Zuzwe had a fascination with the heroic warriors of old. Not only did he want to immortalize their tales, he wanted to personify their ideals. He studied the battles. He studied the strategies. He studied the philosophy. Eventually, he was instructed in the hand-to-hand combat maneuvers handed down through generations of Keepers and representing dozens of lost cultures.

When Zuzwe completed his training, he sought employment among the noble houses of the Final Empire as a Steward. He was very selective in his job search. He desired a position that offered him privacy and plenty of free time so that he could practice his martial arts techniques away from prying eyes. Eventually, he met Dimitri Laurenzio, a struggling minor lord who was trying to establish a shipping industry. Dimitri needed a reliable employee who could keep track of the extensive inventory stored in his warehouses waiting to be shipped. Although the position was beneath his station as a Steward, Zuzwe saw his opportunity for privacy and freedom in the deserted warehouses and took the job.

Zuzwe became a great asset to House Laurenzio. He was famous for his complex and undecipherable code that he used to mark ledgers and take notes as fast as a man could talk. Oftentimes, ruthless competitors in the shipping industry would steal the records of House Laurenzio for inside information on shipping schedules and contract agreements in order to find weaknesses to exploit in the business. These spies were deterred, however, as none of them could possibly understand the cryptic chicken scratch that Zuzwe used to encode the company?s secrets. Zuzwe?s contribution proved invaluable and he was quickly promoted to the position of Master Secretary. The truth behind his uncrackable cipher was that he merely scribbled on all the ledgers to maintain appearances and secretly stored all the necessary information in his copperminds for later retrieval.

Zuzwe?s relationship with Dimitri Laurenzio was never anything more than a profitable business arrangement. Zuzwe respected his employer and never saw him as anything else. On the other hand, Zuzwe developed a friendship with Dimitri?s co-executive and closest business associate: Julius Sharpe.
Julius was a great charismatic bear of a man who often engaged the Terrisman in deep philosophical bantering. He was liked by everyone, extremely friendly, and had the blessed ability to make people feel good about themselves. During one of their more lighthearted discussions, Julius boasted that he was the only man in the world clever enough to crack Zuzwe?s legendary shorthand. To this, Zuzwe challenged him. Julius pored over the ?company archives? for weeks trying to find a logical pattern to the mysterious characters. Zuzwe made sure to throw in plenty of red herrings to further frustrate his friends. After months of earnest effort, Julius finally gave up and declared Zuzwe to be his intellectual superior. The two of them became great friends.

One year, a terrible tragedy befell the Laurenzio House. Nicholai, Dimitri?s only son, was abducted and held ransom by outlaws. Dimitri desperately tried to pay the ransom money, but his business was already so deeply entrenched in debt that he couldn?t provide the necessary funds. Zuzwe left without his employer?s permission to seek out the kidnappers and negotiate a diplomatic solution.

By the means of simple deductive reasoning and a few well-paid-for rumors, Zuzwe was able to pinpoint the location of the gang?s hideout. He confronted them alone and sought to discuss the boy?s release. His proposition was denied and, discouraged, Zuzwe turned to leave. Unfortunately, the criminals couldn?t allow Zuzwe to leave with the knowledge of their hideout, so they attacked him all at once.

Zuzwe had never been a man of violence. His pursuit of military philosophy and martial arts had always been in the spirit of preservation and never of application. Confronted with the overwhelming odds, the fire of the warrior he sought to emulate as a boy resurfaced in him and he acted on his instinct.
When the gang attacked, Zuzwe, tapped zinc to grant the mental clarity needed to quickly analyze the situation. He tapped a coppermind and retrieved the lost fighting style that was most applicable to current circumstances. In an instant, he incapacitated the first of his attackers. He tapped his coppermind again to retrieve another fighting style and adopted an offensive position. By using his ironminds to manipulate his weight, steelminds to heighten his speed, pewterminds to enhance his strength and copperminds to adapt his style, Zuzwe defeated the entire gang (some of them pewterarms) in one fluid, acrobatic combination.

With his enemies twitching at his feet, Zuzwe rescued young Nicholai and delivered him safely to his father. Dimitri, in his overwhelming gratitude, asked no questions. Nicholai, initially curious about his miraculous rescue, wouldn?t discover the source of Zuzwe?s power for another few years.

Dimitri endeavored to be a better father from that point on. Instead of hiring another caretaker, the charge of educating and mentoring teenage Nicholai fell upon Dimitri?s most trusted associates: Julius and Zuzwe.

Nicholai was discovered to be a Soother, just like Julius. This knowledge was hidden from Dimitri, who had always been uneasy around Allomancy. Julius began to instruct Nicholai in the art of Allomancy as well as the much subtler art of psychological manipulation and good old fashioned charm. Zuzwe taught Nicholai the more fundamental arts of literature, history, politics, arithmetic, and geography.

Now before Julius had joined Dimitri?s company, he had not always been involved in the honest sort of work. He had run in street gangs and thieving crews as a youth and knew all the delicate procedures of the criminal underworld. His academic debates with Zuzwe often segued into theoretical plots of a more mischievous nature. Zuzwe indulged in these hypothetical scenarios from a speculative standpoint. He was curious and enthusiastic and proved to be quite the schemer himself, hypothetically speaking. Zuzwe?s background in military strategy surprisingly gave some insight into criminal strategies as well. ?The players change, but the game remains the same.?

Julius fantasized about creating a new breed of criminal. A non-violent, smooth talking, quick thinking, and educated con artist. It was an idle thought, a casual dream: one that Zuzwe respected and even shared to an extent. It was exciting. It was risky. It would be FUN.

And then they realized young Nicholai?s potential and their dreams started to become a reality.

The three of them ran games for years, under the nose of Dimitri Laurenzio himself.

When things went sour, Zuzwe was forced to betray everything he had sworn to protect.

The crew was running a con on a small country estate in the Western Dominance. The mark was a wealthy minor noble with no political power, no heirs, and a massive fortune that he guarded with jealous hostility. He was growing increasingly paranoid, as was according to plan. The crew didn?t anticipate this man to do anything violently irrational, which he did. He threw Zuzwe, Julius and Nicholai into a dank hole of a dungeon beneath his estate and left them to die.

At this point, Zuzwe was faced with a choice. Either honor the vow to preserve the secrecy of the Keepers as mandated by the Synod or use the power of Feruchemy to escape and live another day to eventually pass down that knowledge to the next generation of Keepers. With death by starvation staring them all in the face, Zuzwe used his powers and broke them all out.

Zuzwe bought the lives of his friends by betraying the ancient secret he had sworn to keep. Julius understood this and preserving his friend?s secret took an even greater precedence over hiding the knowledge of their Allomancy.

The charades last for a few more years until Julius? unhealthy body finally gave out. Julius died while Dimitri and Nicholai were away on a business trip. This man who was loved by everyone he met had only one person attend on him at his deathbed and that was Zuzwe. The last words he ever said were, ?There was no cipher, was there? You memorized everything, didn?t you? I knew it! I knew it for years but I never said anything because I always knew that you were always my intellectual superior... I respected you for it and I always considered you my closest friend... Make sure Nicholai learns to love his father... My only regret in this world is that we robbed Dimitri of his chance to truly know his son. Dimitri is the most honest man I have ever met, and despite everything we ever taught Nicholai, I sincerely hope that his father rubs off on him.?

The next few years were a blur. With Julius gone and his request to give Dimitri the chance to raise his son, the crime spree ended. Nicholai became a full partner at age 20 and accompanied his father in everything. Zuzwe continued as Master Secretary and ran his marital arts routines in stoic silence. Twelve years of camaraderie and eight years of blissful scheming had come to an abrupt end.

A few years later, Nicholai was caught embezzling funds from the family company. Dimitri, outraged, disinherited his only son. Zuzwe couldn?t bear to lose Nicholai, his last tie to Julius. And so Zuzwe requested his leave, so that he could accompany Nicholai and watch over him. Dimitri granted Zuzwe?s wish with a heavy heart.

Zuzwe and Nicholai?s life in exile was rough at the start, but it was long before they fell back into their old criminal ways?.

Roleplay Sample
Nicholai Laurenzio aka "Deangelo Morelli"
Zuzwe aka "Jimoun"

#2 Nicholai


Posted 23 February 2011 - 06:58 AM

UPDATE: History is up

Now I have to update Nicholai's history to reflect the new changes...

and then crank out some roleplay samples
Nicholai Laurenzio aka "Deangelo Morelli"
Zuzwe aka "Jimoun"

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