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Map of Luthadel

Chaos's Photo Chaos 27 Sep 2011

Here is the map of Luthadel, for the year 918, the time of the RP.

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Green denotes the location of a Great House's keep. All ten current Great Houses are represented.
Yellow denotes additional locations, such as skaa rebellion places and new cantons. (Fedre Canal is canonical, it simply was in the Well of Ascension's Luthadel map)
Red denotes the 918 borders of Luthadel.
Blue represents skaa slums, due to the changes in the Luthadel borders.

(Yes, there will be a fancier version eventually. Graphics wizard, I am not.)

The original MB1 (year 1022) Luthadel map can be found here: http://isaacstewart...._MAP-webres.jpg

You will notice that the 918 map has different borders. Over time Luthadel has expanded, so we believed that the 918 map should reflect that. As such the Brassgate slums and the Ashwarrens no longer exist in their 1022 form. There are two new slums, though, one near the old Brassgate and one near the Commercial District. Still, the Twists and the Cracks are probably more densely populated in these old borders.

The Sootwarrens do not exist in 918. That region around Ahlstrom Square is known, at this time, as the Silver Quarter. Hmmm, I wonder what will happen to make them into the Sootwarrens... :D

The area around Kredik Shaw, for this RP, shall be referred to as the Palace District.

What else? I think that's about it. Basically, Luthadel is the same, just with the full list of Great Houses and slightly different borders.

Comatose's Photo Comatose 26 Jul 2014

Updated Version of the Map, courtesy of Haelbarde:

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