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Mistborn: The Inquisition



Borborygmus's Photo Borborygmus 08 Oct 2011

So the idea behind this game is to ask a question of the character below you. Then the next poster answers in-character!

I'll go ahead and start. :D

What would you say has been the most significant event in your life to date?

Trev's Photo Trev 08 Oct 2011

The day I found my first vial of pewter. I took control of my life from that moment, and now my choices are my own.

Right now, at this moment...what do you want the most?

Rhea Venture's Photo Rhea Venture 08 Oct 2011

I would like my husband to do what I tell him for once. Perhaps even show some sort of hint that he actually cares for me. That would be splendid.

Do you see yourself ever getting married?
(If you are already married... When you were young, did you ever see yourself getting married?)

Gervais Lekal's Photo Gervais Lekal 08 Oct 2011

Hell no.

What's wrong with you?

Lucille Deveaux's Photo Lucille Deveaux 08 Oct 2011

What do you think? I want my essay back. I'll hug you if you don't give it to me!

Do you like to read?

Ignas's Photo Ignas 08 Oct 2011

101 Tips for Setting Fires.

How do you want to die?

Trev's Photo Trev 08 Oct 2011

With my back straight and my heart free, spitting in my killer's eye.

What was your worst mistake?

Ignas's Photo Ignas 08 Oct 2011

Not setting enough things on fire, and waiting too long to do it.

What is your biggest fear?

Etienne Deveaux's Photo Etienne Deveaux 08 Oct 2011

What! I'm not afraid of anything at all! Not Etienne Deveaux, no sir.

Do you believe in candy?

Aldwin Tekiel's Photo Aldwin Tekiel 08 Oct 2011

Of course. We feed it to the koloss waiters.

Do YOU have koloss waiters?

Sanna Tekiel's Photo Sanna Tekiel 08 Oct 2011

Obviously, coz. Because we have koloss waiters. I honestly don't know why you're asking me this.

Are you feeling alright?

Delissia's Photo Delissia 08 Oct 2011

"Thank-you so much for asking! Of course I'm feeling all right. Splendid really. Especially since now a know there are people out there who are concerned for my well being. You have no idea how pleasant it is to know that someone really cares. It just makes me want to smile all the brighter. Why, I think everyone should ask everyone if they are all right all the time, then we will all know we all are here to care for each other."

"What does the color yellow mean to you?"

Gervais Lekal's Photo Gervais Lekal 08 Oct 2011


Who gives a steaming pile of crap?

Nadia Sureau's Photo Nadia Sureau 08 Oct 2011

"You. You're the only one full of enough hot air to manage the feat."

"What is your biggest hypocrisy?"

Marisha Nathar's Photo Marisha Nathar 08 Oct 2011

I use my own brother, trying to protect him from the other people that would use him. He is my tool...but I'm the one who is supposed to love him.

Why are you here? What keeps you going?

Andrew Elariel's Photo Andrew Elariel 09 Oct 2011

"I am here to succeed. Doubt is for the weak and untalented."

"What is your biggest secret?"

Ignas's Photo Ignas 09 Oct 2011

I have a daughter.

Fire: great thing, or greatest thing?

Eythen's Photo Eythen 09 Oct 2011

I have to admit, it has its uses, though I'm sure we'll disagree on the best applications.

Why do you fight?

Daerra Elariel's Photo Daerra Elariel 09 Oct 2011

To prove myself.

What is your greatest insecurity?

Adolphus Lekal's Photo Adolphus Lekal 09 Oct 2011

Insecurity? I'm not even really sure if I know what that word means.
<span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>... I don't want anyone to know what a failure my family thinks I am.</span>

If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
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