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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Sabine Vesta

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#1 Sabine Vesta


Posted 17 October 2011 - 05:14 AM

Sabine Vesta
Noble Misting)

Player Information
Name/Handle: Sabine
OoC Account: Sabine Vesta
Contact Information: Pm please

Character Information
Name:Sabine Vesta
Type: Halfbreed Skaa/Noble (secret)
Age: 20
Gender: F
Place of Origin: Port Tresteau in the Southern Dominance
Occupation: None
Relationship Status: Single

Powers: Rioter
-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Zinc
-Degree of Skill: Yet to be Snapped

Appearance: Sabine is a slight woman, with a small stature of 5'4''. Her skin is porcelain and her cheeks carry a natural rose hue. Her dark brown hair is wavy and runs half way down her back. She has hazel green eyes, full rosy lips, and a slender neck. Her hands and feet are small and delicate, but she has used them for hard work before.

She moves gracefully with timid breaths that hide her true strong and independent nature. She has decent muscle tone, but sinewy enough that clothes easily hide this.

Her eyes can give so much away, which is why she usually looks away from people if there is an emotion that she does not wish to reveal. They are obvious and if anyone watched carefully, they could almost see her thoughts.

Her clothing is bright and usually cheery. As a merchant's daughter, she has access to fine clothing, she wears exotic silks and colors, preferring the lighter feel of their clothing.

Special Skills: A knack for Languages, well read, singing, dance, and artistic

Strengths:Sabine is highly versatile and intelligent and is deeply involved in following politics. She is quick to learn and adapt, having a natural ear for languages, and a natural knack for numbers and business. Although she is capable with numbers, she dislikes them fiercely.

Diplomatic, she is logical and a good problem solver. Understanding that there are two sides to a story, Sabine rarely one side or the other, finding many opinions and viewpoints valid and understandable. This allows her to get along with many different kinds of people.

Sabine can be very charming and social. Her fun-loving and open personality make her a favorite when anyone visits and the few parties she has attended. She is quick with a good joke or story and loves to entertain.

Weaknesses: Sabine rarely is able to solve her own emotional problems or take her own advice even if she can do it very well for others. Sabine has the tendency to wear her emotion obviously, unable to hide what she is feeling. This makes her vulnerable; others can see a weakness and use it against her.

She has little patience, especially for those who will not help themselves and can be quick to anger on certain subjects. Haughtiness, judgement, or control are a few traits and actions in others which could set her off, especially if directed at her or someone she loves. Forgiveness does not come quickly.

Sabine is capable of sympathy, but is picky about who receives her help, making sure they deserve it. Also realizing that not everyone can be helped, she will ignore some who need it so she doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Personality: Stubborn to a fault, Sabine rarely gives in even if it is best to do so. She has a difficult time admitting fault but knows this about herself and makes a conscious effort to be less biased towards her own opinion. She appreciates open-mindedness and feels hypocritical when she refuses to admit when someone else has a point and yet it is not easy for her to back down. The only reason for it, because she knows she is wrong, is stubbornness.

She wishes she could feel more loyal to more people, but the truth is only a select few get this devotion and she is not quick to give it away or quick to give it back to someone she has taken it from. She feels heartless on occasion, sometimes able to turn a blind eye on suffering sometimes feeling since she is helpless to act, there is no sense in worrying. Children and animals are the exception to this.

Determined and intelligent, this is a woman who knows how to get things done and will not hesitate to act. She commits to decisions but is versatile enough that she is able to change courses if the current one is not working. She attempts to take advice, but will only accept it from a few select people. Her compulsion to act and solve problems immediately are deep rooted since childhood where impulsive action were practiced almost daily. Act first, clean up ears later.

Sabine craves approval from others, especially her father and those in high places, but does not wish to be controlled. She switches back and forth from seeking this approval to rebelling when all of the hard work fails to please. Part of her wants the attention and approval of those who do everything right, and another part is rebellious against always doing the right thing and being straight laced. Extremely social, Sabine hates to be alone, craving the company of others. She loves parties and social events, or, at least, the thought of them since her father never entertains.

History: Sabine is the product of an unwilling union of a noble woman and a crazed Skaa slave. Her mother, Amelie, was the beautiful and kind wife of the prestigious trader, Brax, who loved his wife dearly. Their Skaa were treated like any other slaves, if a little better, but one lost his mind after a work accident where he hit his head. Physically recovered, the other Skaa began to notice his illusions of grandeur, as he spoke of owning the estate and the mistress being his wife. No one spoke of it since much of the time he was lucid and harmless. One night, however, he was neither and broke into the estate home and ravaged the mistress.

The offending Skaa was put to death, but Amelie became sick with pregnancy very soon after. Her husband, Brax, a strict but honorable man, fretted over his wife for nine months, contemplating for the first three of these whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. Brax only kept it because Amelie insisted that the child to be born was not at fault and was the baby she always wanted. Amelie’s little jewel was born and even Brax fell in love. The child was their world, a gift that they both adored. Amelie’s pregnancy had made her weak, however and she spent the next three years of her life a sickly woman. Finally, her weak body could no longer support her life and she died in her sleep.

Brax was devastated but he and Sabine became closer than ever and, as the years went by, he couldn’t lay a hand on her in any attempt to Snap her. She reached thirteen and he felt the pressure, but decided to hide the child from the world, protecting her half blood status and her potential wasted Allomancer powers. He never told her what she was or could be, forbade visitors except for young friends of Sabine’s. He lied to his family and said his attempt to Snap her failed. His daughter was all he had left and the less she was exposed to the cruel world, the more he could keep her for himself.

His allowances were the perfect recipe for the young tom girl to grow confident and free-thinking. She rarely held back he words or actions, acting firs and wiping up any tears later. Hesitation and patience were not attributes she held dear. Her best friend was her cousin, Tamsin, who was often allowed to visit for weeks at a time, where the girls shared a fantasy world on the lush estate grounds near a private beach area. Tamsin, the reserved thoughtful child, seemed to compliment perfectly with the extroverted and impulsive Sabine. Both girls were clever and agreeable but reacted quite differently to situations.

A group of older boys decided that the small girls would be a good target as they played on the beach. Both at the age of thirteen, they were in between children and women, that awkward stage where emotions run high and awkwardness even higher. Leggy and scrawny, Sabine could hardly be seen as attractive or womanly. Tamsin was a bit better off, fairer and dressed like a lady. The two girls hardly noticed their own appearance, too caught up in each other’s company to care. The four boys approached and began to tease them, directing most of their vitriol onto the cuter Tamsin. At least her hair was brushed after all, and boys always reacted poorly to a girl they might actually be attracted to. The only time they acknowledged Sabine was when she shot insulted and told them to leave Tamsin be. Tamsin the very picture of cool, made a remark so clever and insulting that the boys upped the ante, sitting beside her, very close. Sabine did not hesitate and was on her feet and lunging in less than a second. Her fists pounded at the boy she had tackled before the other two could pull her off. All fight out of them, the three boys abandoned their teasing game for the day and Sabine and Tamsin went home to dinner as if nothing had gone awry.

When Sabine came eligible to be married and House Vesta stepped in to find a suitable husband, it was discovered that her father never attempted to Snap her. House Vesta decided to take Sabine away from her father and put her in the hands of Lord Lendell, since he owed them a favor. There, it was planned that she would be Snapped. Her father had no choice but to let her go and unknowingly, Sabine is gladly going, believing the purpose is to get socialized in Luthandel and visit her cousin.

Roleplay Sample
Sabine, with her hand on her wide-brimmed felt hat to keep the wind from blowing it away, walked along, gingerly stepping on the rocks that overlooked the beautiful sea. Very few people strayed this far out from the beach, very few wanted the feeling of utter vertigo that came over them when one looked over the edge of the cliffs. Holding on tight, she grimaced at the hat, regretting the decision to bring it along, not predicting the wind to be so much higher than normal.

Her dark boots delicately made their way along the craggy surface, she was graceful, practiced at this walk, each crevice, and every slippery spot familiar to her. The first time this feat had been attempted was nearly a fatal one. She hadn’t made it as far out as she had planned, wanting to feel nothing but open air and see nothing but ocean all around her. She had failed, nearly falling into the choppy sea below. Instead of this incident deterring her however, she was more determined than ever to reach her destination, to achieve her goal. Every single day after, Sabine had gone back to the cliffs, each time making it further than the day before, until finally, she was as at ease on the rocks as the gannets themselves.

Her dark hair blew violently around her heart-shaped face, but she only distantly thought about how difficult it would be to brush out later. Tragedy had not yet scarred the young woman, and so her heart was full of child-like adventures, impossible feats, and distant dreams. Her head was too full of fantasy to worry about how her hair might look.

The birds dove again and again and she watched them, delighted. They never ceased to be interesting. Two dove for the same patch of water, the same fish, apparently for they squawked at one another in outrage, neither attaining a meal out of the dive. Sabine laughed, the sound utterly lost among the ripping wind. She did not notice the man sitting among the rocks until she was nearly upon him. That’s when her hat blew off, heading right for him. The hat hit him and the dark felt wrapped itself around his face, clinging for dear life and Sabine rushed forward to assist him.

Pulling the hat free, she quickly placed it behind her back, as if to hide it. Unable to keep the smile from her face, she began to laugh, “I’m so sorry,” she said between joyous tittering. No ham had been done, surely he would see the humour in the event as she did. Of course, Sabine rarely realized that people were as light-hearted as she.

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#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 25 October 2011 - 05:42 AM

Man, I'm really sorry you lost that stuff, but it makes me happy that you still rewrote it ;) She's looking good now. Accepted!

I'll put her in Pending, and you can just add her initial post as her sample whenever you get around to it.

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