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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Daphne

  • Rebel

Looking Good in Red
  • Age28

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 26 October 2011 - 05:40 AM

Skaa Smoker

Player Information
Name/Handle: Comatose
OoC Account: Comatose
Contact Information: Look at an earlier character profile. If that doesn't tell you. Find a different one. One of them will. I promise. (You can also just ask me).

Character Information
Name: Daphne
Type: Skaa halfbreed
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Fellise
Occupation: Prostitute/Rebel
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Copper
-Degree of Skill: Intermediate
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Daphne is around five ten and her build is slender but fit. She has long wavy deep auburn hair and and thin well-groomed eyebrows frame bright hazel eyes. Her nose is dainty and lightly freckled. Her skin, while on the paler side, is smooth and healthy looking. Though her work has forced her to learn the arts of seduction, whenever she can she does her best to be dignified and confident. Daphne's face is very expressive and has an intimidating glare when she chooses to use it.

Special Skills: Dancing, make-up application and hair styling, costume and disguise.
Strengths: Daphne's greatest strength is her mental and emotional stability. She has excellent judgement, and doesn't get angry unless the situation calls for it. She is also incredibly compassionate, will never hesitate to be a source of support for those in need. She would have made an excellent mother.
Weaknesses: Sometimes, Daphne can care too much about a cause, continuing with after the point when it should be given up. She also isn't very good at taking time for herself, and can become quite tired out. While she is quick to comfort those in need, Daphne rarely shares things about herself. This behaviour sets her apart from her peers, and keeps her from forming close friendships. She also lacks any sort of education beyond the random lessons the rebellion has been able to give her and what she's managed to wrangle out of her noble patrons.

Personality: Daphne is solid. She doesn't let pointless things bother her, and has a good, realistic perspective on life. This combined with her compassionate nature make her an ideal support figure for those around her. Though she loves listening to people's problems and trying to help them, with her own private thoughts she can be very reserved. Many of her peers see her as more of a mother figure than a friend.

Daphne can also become very dedicated to causes that she cares about. Once she decides to do something, it is difficult for her to give up and call it quits. She hates being inactive and always tries to be doing something to improve the situations of others or for skaa in general. Her main satisfaction in life comes from helping people, which is why she joined the rebellion.

She is so used to putting up a strong front, that it has become very difficult for Daphne to be vulnerable around anyone, even those friends who have managed to get close to her. Though she has no formal education, Daphne is very people smart. She's good at figuring out motivations of others, and using what she knows to survive.

CONTENT WARNING: Daphne grew up in a brothel. I've tried to keep things vague, but if you think you might feel uncomfortable, I won't be offended if you don't read.

Daphne was born in 892. Her mother was a former skaa prostitute who managed to convince a favorite patron that despite her occupation, she had noble blood. Being very good at what she did, Daphne's mother managed to escape the Luthadel brothels by asking her patron to buy her out. He did, and set her up in a small manor in Fellise to be his personal mistress. Business and a family back in Luthadel kept him busy, so his visits weren't all that frequent, so Daphne's mother was able to enjoy her prosperity in relative peace.

When Daphne was born, her mother grew worried. She knew what a half breed child would mean if anyone found out what she was. Not seeing another way out, she continued her deception, raising the baby as a bastard child of her lord. Because of this, Daphne's early years were ones of plenty, even though her mother saw her as more of an inconvenience.

When she turned four, her mother decided she was old enough to leave at a brothel and not be mistaken for one of the workers' children. Though she wasn't heartless enough to abandon the child, she wasn't above getting rid of her as soon as she was able to survive on her own. Daphne had always been more of a threat, evidence that could be used against her, than family. Having gotten rid of her burden for a bit of money, Daphne's mother skipped town with as much as she could carry from her manor and was never seen again.

Daphne grew up in that brothel, surrounded by sex and death. Over and over she watched as skaa girls were taken to bed one night and thrown out as a corpse the next. The brothel she was sold to was a lower end one, and couldn't afford the run afoul the steel ministry even a little. The workers were all inexperienced girls, the dregs of the underground with nowhere else to go. They came for free, sometimes by force, and were cheaper to replace than the expensive procedures needed to keep them child-free.

At first, Daphne served drinks and ran messages for the owner. However, there are men in Luthadel of all tastes, and it wasn't long before she caught the eye of her first patron. She had just turned five the first time she was bought. To this day she doesn't know when she snapped, but she guesses it was in one of those first few months. Unable to deal with it, she blocked her earliest experiences out completely, and is unable to recall if any of them were especially painful.

Unable to conceive children because of her youth, Daphne was safe from the axe for the time being. Because of her pretty eyes and cute nose, she soon became a valuable commodity, and was bought by a more prosperous brothel after a few months. It was at the hands of the ladies of this new brothel that Daphne received her education.

Her new home catered exclusively to noble patrons and the owner, Madame Pomelle, was of the belief that even though a noble man might pay to bed a skaa, what he really wanted to do was sleep with a noblewoman. To promote this belief, she invested in her girls, dressing them up in overstock gowns from dress shops and buying them jewelery made of colored glass or painted wood. She also paid for birth control and abortions as long as her girls were successful. If they displeased their employer, they were cut off. No one survived long after that. Even Madame Pomelle's favorites weren't completely safe, for if a noble insisted on straying on the side of caution, the Madame was forced to heed his wishes.

The greatest of them all was Evangeline. Her hair was dark and as smooth as silk, and her eyes were enough to seduce even the most faithful of husbands. As Madame's star, Evangaline was denied nothing. Some of her silks and jewels were real, and she was given all the most favorable contracts. Daphne heard some whispers of jealousy, but most of the other women were too in awe of her to do even that. She was a legend.

Then, about a month after Daphne arrived, Evangeline vanished. There were all kinds of whispers about where she went, but Daphne discovered the truth in bits and pieces, listening outside of Madame's door. Apparently, Evangeline hadn't been careful enough and had gotten herself pregnant. Worse, she insisted on keeping the thing. Apparently she was in love with the boy's father. Her lover was a skaa thief but he had been killed when the ministry raided his crew's hide-out. She felt the babe was all she had left of him.

Skaa lover or not, everyone knew what would happen to a pregnant woman in a whore house. Madame thought Evangeline was being a fool, and almost dragged her to the doctor herself until Evangeline threatened to kill herself. Not wanting to lose such a valuable commodity, Madame agreed to let Evangeline go into the underground and lay low until the baby was born on the condition she return when it was. Apparently this arrangement had been made some time ago, and now that the pregnancy was becoming noticeable, it was time for Evangeline to vanish.

Madame was in a horrible mood for months after, clearly regretting her decision. Once most of the brothel had discovered the truth, Madame insisted she did not know what she was thinking, or what in the world had possessed her to agree to such a risky plan. She claimed if she could do it again, she would have dragged the girl to the doctor and been done with it. If she harmed herself after that, it wouldn't have been Madame's problem. It wasn't until she was an adult and aware of such things that Daphne began to suspect that Evangeline, with her beautiful hair and striking eyes, likely had some noble blood in her and was probably a misting.

During this time, Daphne had begun her training. Madame told her she was very lucky to be starting so young. By the time she was ready to really take a man to bed, she would be one of the best. While she was still sold if the price was right, Madame was running a a high class establishment, and most of Daphne's time in her new home was spent learning the trade. When she did have to entertain, her patrons were far gentler than in that horrible dark place her mother had left her, and Daphne soon stopped wetting the bed and crying herself to sleep as she became desensitized.

The other women taught her all kinds of things. How to braid her hair and how to apply make-up were just a few of them. She took a liking to the paints and powders the women used to make themselves beautiful, and soon became so proficient many of the less experienced women had her help them get ready to entertain patrons. None of the women were able to have children, and the instinctive mothers among them took it upon themselves to take care of her when they could. As time went on, Daphne charmed her way into even Madame's heart.

Evangeline turned up sooner than expected. Apparently her baby was few weeks premature. She had him wrapped snugly in a small basket on the doorstep next to her. Being pregnant on the streets of Luthadel had not been kind to her. Her hair had lost its shine, her eyes were tired, and her skin looked stretched, giving her a wizened look. Madame, still angry at herself for giving in, and at Evangeline for making her took one look at her former favorite, and moved the slam the door in her face.

Evangeline stuck her shoe in, and forced the door open. She begged them to let her in, or if not her, the child. She'd sold everything she had brought with her to survive her pregnancy. Now, she was starving to death. She'd barely survived long enough to carry the baby to term. Now that he was here, she needed some place to live so she could take care of him. She screamed and argued, saying that even if they shut her out, they had to at least take the boy.

Daphne had never seen a baby before, and though he was all wrinkled and shriveled, she found herself wanting to take him in her arms and cuddle him. Something in that poor defenseless creature reached out and touched something within her damaged and confused mind. Though she'd never done anything like it in her life, she gently tugged on Madame's skirts and asked that she be allowed to keep the baby. She promised to take care of it, reasoning that with someone to take care of and play with, she wouldn't be as much of a nuisance. Her circle of mothers began to back her up, pleading with madame to let the child stay.

To this day, Daphne remembers the way Madame looked deep into her eyes, wieghing her for all she was worth. She wasn't sure if it was her pleas, or that of the other women that swayed her. Later, she surmised that Evangeline was soothing or rioting all of them, desperately trying to save her baby. Whatever the cause, Madame gave in, and the baby was allowed to stay, though he had to be kept hidden. Evangeline gave the baby she had given up everything for and slunk off into the darkness. And so, at the age of six, Daphne had taken on her first cause, and had begun caring for him.

He was named Charon, for his father. And slowly, surrounded by a constantly changing cast of beautiful women, the two began to grow up. When she was twelve, Daphne stopped being sold as a child, and started to be treated as a woman. Watching the older women, she began to learn from their mistakes. The successful ones taught her how to make a man think she loved him and how to make him love her. The failures taught her to be confident, to force her patrons to treat her as a woman even though she was only a whore.

It was about a year later that Charon was sold for the first time. He was seven, and Madame insisted that she had waited long enough. Daphne tried to fight for him, but even though her star was quickly rising, Madame insisted, claiming it was out of kindness for Daphne that she had waited so long. Daphne tried her best to prepare the boy for it, but something broke in him that first time, and he was never really the same. Where once he had been full of smiles and laughter now he was prone to sulking and staring at nothing. Children are resilient, and soon he began to adjust and started to perk up again, but Daphne could tell he was never really the same.

Daphne was fourteen when a girl her age, new to the brothel, was taken out back and disposed of. She'd gotten pregnant, and hadn't made enough money to warrant an abortion. Her last patron had been allowed to beat her to death. Madame like to profit wherever possible. Though the scene was common enough, for some reason this one hit home with Daphne, making her remember her first brothel. She'd already had one pregnancy scare, and while she was in Madame's good graces, she never wanted to be like those girls.

The procedure was a risky one, not well tested and requiring a long recovery period, but Daphne managed to convince Madame it was worth it. If things went according to plan, it would render her completely unable to have children. She brought little Charon along, ostensibly hoping to show Madame one of the reasons she needed to stay around. In truth, she'd noticed Charon seemed to have a way of getting what he wanted when he needed to. She didn't quite understand how he did it, but she was observant enough to realize what was happening and make use of it.

It was painful, worse than everything she had ever experienced, even with the powerful drugs they gave her. If she didn't snap during her time at her first brothel, this is the only other time Daphne could see it happening. She was unable to work for months, and near the end, she was sure Madame was ready to call it quits and kick her out. Charon was her constant companion and guardian. With his mother's silky hair and boyish good looks, even at the age of eight he was proving valuable to the brothel. The only problem was his temperament.

Where Daphne had retreated within herself to deal with things, Charon lashed out, becoming more and more wild. Daphne was the only one who seemed to have any sort of calming influence. It was because of this, and what Daphne later learned was Charon's rioting that Madame gave her the time to get better. Sometimes, she felt so weak she almost gave up. But then Charon would come, and she realized all she had to live for. She forced herself to get well. She had to.

As time went on, Daphne healed, and once again became successful. She soon paid for her surgery and time off in the money she saved on birth control. Daphne started to be frustrated with her situation, but she didn't know why. She'd done what she needed to do to survive. She and Charon were safe. But she was still angry. Soon she realized why. It wasn't enough just to survive. What did it mean if two people managed to survive when so many were killed every day. Daphne decided she was going to change things.

She began asking to take as many young patrons as possible. It was not uncommon for noblemen to send their adolescent sons to the brothel for their coming of age. The other women accused her of wanting easy jobs, until Daphne offered to take on their more difficult customers in return for the young ones. Madame let her do as she wished, but made sure her schedule was manageable. She also made sure Daphne's taking of the younger patrons was kept quiet. Most customers weren't particular about their boys' first whore as long as she was pretty and clean, and weren't willing to pay top dollar. Madame didn't want the nobles who were to get angry and so, to appease Daphne, a switch was always made at the last minute.

Her purpose with the younger patrons was simple. When she was with them, she did her job, but she did it on her terms. She didn't let them boss her around, and she forced them to talk to her like a person. Only her pretty face and her practice at charm saved her from some serious beatings, but she managed it more often then not. Even though they were noble and she was skaa, when the doors were shut and the clothes came off, they were just a man and a woman. In that situation, she realized the power she had as the more experienced party and made use of it. Later in life, she was able to capitalize on the fact that she was older than her younger patrons to impress them. Her hope was, that if she didn't let her patrons treat her like a whore when they were younger, they would begin to treat skaa as people when they grew up.

Daphne knew she was fighting a losing battle, but she was determined to do whatever she could. She began meeting with the other workers, trying her best to give them advice on how to behave. She told the younger girls to be more confident, and the older ones to be less bitter. Being sullen and disinterested was just as bad as being too frightened and nervous. If things were going to change, the noblemen had to see the skaa as equals.

'If you don't want to be treated like an animal, don't act like one,' became one of her mottos. She realized Madame was right in a way. Most nobles didn't want to sleep with skaa. They wanted to sleep with noblewomen, but were unable to satisfy their darker desires with an equal, trapped in an unwanted marriage, or unable to find a woman who wanted to be with them. Very few actually desired skaa women, and some of the brutality came from the frustration of them not being able to get what they want. They might have the woman, but most didn't realize they were also craving love and human connection. Daphne did her best to give it to them, hoping that be providing human companionship she was also proving she was human.

She tried her best to get the other girls to follow suit. Some did and were punished for it. Others thought Daphne was being arrogant in assuming she knew best. A few however, got the balance right and had some measure of success, making the times they made mistakes more bearable. The girls who managed it found their patrons more likely to come back, and that their space at the brothel was more stable. They formed a small circle of support and friendship, with Daphne at the head, which made the difficult times caused by both patrons and other workers bearable. Of course, the lifetime of a brothel worker in Luthadel wasn't long, and the faces in the circle seemed to always be changing, and Daphne found she was always trying her best to teach new girls to be people first and whores second.

It was around this time that Charon left. Daphne had noticed his moods growing worse. She tried her best to find time for him whenever she could, but she knew he wasn't getting the amount of attention he needed from her. He gave no word of explanation or any hint to where he was going. One morning he was just gone without a trace. Daphne wanted to cry her eyes out, but she forced herself to be strong. She was a leader now, she could not afford to show weakness in front of those who looked up to her. Charon would have to take care of himself. She couldn't afford to mourn for him. Not now. She just told herself he would be all right and moved on.

Her life was not without it's romances. One man, a skaa rebel, even managed to win his way into her heart. He shared her passion for change, and his vigour and revolutionary status entranced her. Despite his upbringing, which, though in a different way, was just as harsh as her own, he was surprising gentle. Though there was obviously an attraction between them, he never acted on it, always allowing Daphne to make the first move. He became a sort of story-book hero to her, and many times, Daphne couldn't see why he loved a brothel girl like her. Eventually, despite her already growing reserve she found she was falling in love with him as well.

It hurt him to see her used by nobles. She could see it in his eyes whenever she had to leave. He urged her to join him, run away into the underground. With her passion and dedication and his connections, they could forge a better life for themselves, working more actively to bring down the lord ruler and end skaa oppression forever. Daphne yearned to give in, to live the dream he had given her. In the end, however, she refused. The girls in the brothel needed Daphne. She'd made herself their leader, and she couldn't afford to abandon them now. Besides, how could she change the perception of the nobles while hiding in shadows and killing them in the night. Her opinion of the nobles was the one way in which her view differed from her lover's. He saw the world in black and white: skaa against noble. Having witnessed so many noblemen at their most vulnerable, no matter what atrocities they committed, Daphne had trouble not seeing them as human.

Though this disagreement often led to arguments, their fights were never lasting, and on the whole, their romance, though not ideal, was a happy one. But everytime she saw the look of heart break in her eyes when she left him to go to work, Daphne felt guilty. Who was she to torture him so, just so she could have a little happiness? He deserved a woman he could live his rebellious dreams with, who could be his and his alone. She began to realized she was holding him back. Though she tried to forget about it, the thought began to sour even the sweetest of moments. One night, it proved to much, and Daphne locked herself in her room and cried her eyes out.

She came up with a plan. One of the girls in the brothel was not doing well. She was a pretty thing, but didn't have the guts or the tact to work a gentleman properly. She was always weeping, had lost weight, and was having trouble sleeping. Hoping to kill two birds with one stone, Daphne worked her into the plan.

It was simple. Slowly, Daphne began to break things off with her lover. As she did, she began to mention the brothel girl, later introducing them as soon as she got the chance. As always, he was the perfect gentlemen, with a hint of danger when he spoke of convictions, and the girl was soon enamoured. That was when Daphne broke it off, asking him to still be her friend. Though it broke her heart to do it, she told him she didn't love him anymore, that she was in love with someone else. It was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but she knew that unless she made him hate her he wouldn't give up on her in time.

Daphne also made sure the poor brothel girl was their to comfort him. From behind the scenes, she fanned the flames of romance whenever she could. It took almost four months but, when the girl found out she was pregnant, she was spirited away in the night, and no one had any inkling where she went. Daphne forced herself to stop missing him, and hoped the two would be happy together.

About a year later one of Daphne's old clients tracked her town. Repulsed by what his father had made him do, one of Daphne's young patrons had joined the ministry, hoping to find a more moral environment there. Hearing Madame was being too lenient with some of her whores, there were concerns within the canton of inquisition. Erring on the side of caution, they sent an Inquisitor to kill them all. Finding out about the plan, and remembering the woman who had freed him from his immoral father, Daphne's client decided to warn Daphne. In secret, he got her to come out into the night with him. Daphne didn't know what was going on, only that an Obligator was ordering her around. While she hid in some sort of abandoned ministry watch post, the Inquisitor attacked her brothel, killing everyone inside, even Madame.

When Daphne found out she was furious. How could he save her and leave the others to die? The obligator tried to explain that he couldn't save them. If everyone was gone the Inquisitors would have known the information was leaked, and that the brothel workers were hiding somewhere. This way, no one had to know that Daphne escaped. Though Daphne hated herself for surviving when so many other had died, she swallowed her anger, knowing that raging against the man who had saved her would not do her any good. What was done was done. She Resolved to make sure her life would be worth saving. She had to make a difference more than ever, if she was ever going to make it up to those who had been lost.

The obligator found another brothel for her to work at, and went back in secret to fetch her silks and fake jewels. Many were torn or broken, but some survived or were mend-able. Her new home was not the same as Madame's, though it also catered to high ranking patrons. Here, prostitutes were required to cater to exotic tastes. Obese women, old crones, and little girls and boys replaced the graceful pretty workers Daphne was used to working with. The owner decided Daphne would play a noble whore, for those noblemen who didn't want to dirty themselves sleeping with skaa. The best part was, since she was unable to become pregnant, there was no risk of half breeds being born, so the lie was a fairly safe one.

Daphne did her best to continue her work, but it was difficult when she was forced to pretend to be noble. The other workers were full of themselves, thinking themselves irreplaceable because of their unique deformity or quirk. Daphne decided to take on the job of looking after the child workers. Many were sullen or reserved, refusing to respond. Others were wild and rebellious. A few seemed to be coping well though. On the whole, they all reminded her of Charon. Enlisting the more lively ones as her assistants, Daphne did her best to make sure all the children in the brothel were taken care of, and comforted them after a rough night or the loss of a friend.

She was out on the street, displaying her wares, so to speak, when a handsome young nobleman approached her.

'Daphne is that you? Can it be?'

She spun to face him, getting a better look. Hearing her name startled her. In the brothel, most called her girl, or woman, or worse. Only the children called her by her name. 'I'm sorry, do I know you?' she asked. The man was handsome, with a muscular frame and a lively step. His clothes were fine, but not too fine, indicating lower nobility. Assessing how much money a man had by his appearance was a vital skill in the brothels. His hair curled passed his eyes and hears, and hung messily. He obviously hadn't put any effort into arranging it. His jaw the chiseled kind that made smiles charming, and his eyes...

His eyes belonged to Charon.

Daphne stepped back, thinking she was seeing a ghost. She was twenty-four, which meant Charon would be eighteen by now, about the age this man appeared to be. 'Ch..'

'Valerre,' he interrupted quickly. 'It's Valerre now. As you can see, I've made some changes.'

Changes he had made. Taking money from his pocket, Charon, or Valerre as he insisted on being called, went then and there and bought Daphne for the night. Taking her to a room, he used the privacy to tell her all that had happened since he ran away.

Daphne couldn't believe her little boy was back, though it was impossible to call him that now. 'Valerre' was clearly a young man now. She listened intently as he described how he learned gymnastics from some skaa performers, and how he realized the advantages being a man in the flesh trade and capitalized on them. As his story unfolded, Daphne began to see how he had changed, and how he had stayed the same. His ego had grown. She could tell from the arrogance in his voice when he boasted of his many lovers, and how handsome each one was. All noble too, he was careful to point out. He was more lively as well, full of jokes, and refusing to take even to most sombre topic seriously. But the darkness was still there. Whenever he stopped talking, or performing, or whatever he was doing, Daphne could see the emptiness with him. Right where his heart was supposed to be.

He also told her about his allomancy. He'd shown excitment throughout his tale, but when he spoke of his strange power, his voice quieted. Daphne understood why. She didn't know much about the noblemen's magic beyond what she'd heard whispered from a patron or two, but she knew any skaa who had strange powers was something that shouldn't exist, and was in constant danger of being hunted down and destroyed. She resolved to never lose Charon, or Valerre, again. She would keep his secret safe and protect him, no matter what the cost.

It turned out, Valerre had found success working as an independent male prostitute, as only a man, being incapable of producing half breed children, could. As such, he had managed to procure some disposable income. Not much, but enough to let him pretend to be a noble when he was out and about in Luthadel. He didn't have a place to call home, but that didn't stop him from find places to sleep. Valerre assured her that, if one knew what to look for, there were noble men everywhere who wouldn't mind sharing a hotel room with a young man with a handsome face and good physique.

He dropped in to visit her as much as he could, and Daphne did her best to break through the armor of charm and frivolity he'd built around himself so she could fill the emptiness inside. Valerre however was set in his ways, and proved difficult to reach. Still, he seemed to have missed her and enjoyed spending time with her. There were only traces left of the bitterness over her abandoning him to help the other workers that had caused him to run. Over the next year, the two renewed their relationship, and became close friends. Daphne found herself letting herself grow close to Valerre in a way she never did with anyone else. Though he was self centered and uncaring, he found some way to care for her, and she felt he understood her better than anyone else could.

Then, several years later, Daphne's old lover found tracked her down. When her old brothel was hit, he'd feared she was killed. But when they looked through the mangled forms the inquisitors had left behind, he found no trace of her. He and the girl Daphne had set him up with were happily married with one young child. His family, he explained, he kept safely out of Luthadel, and he only saw them once in a while. He was still working with the rebellion, and he asked Daphne if she would join. There was a new cell growing, he said. Powerful forces were at work in Luthadel, and it was looking like the rebellion actually had a chance of accomplishing something big this time.

Daphne was torn. Because she was forced to play the noble, Daphne felt she was accomplishing nothing. Plus, if she fled, she knew she could probably take the children with her. Her friend assured her that the rebellion could find places for them. It would be dangerous, but the kids could serve as eyes and ears, playing the part of pit pockets. There was a good chance they would be killed, but there were worse things than death when working in a brothel. Besides, at the rate the children ran away, were beaten to death, or just gave up on living, serving the rebellion probably increased their chances of living.

And so, after some deliberation, Daphne joined the rebellion. To her surprise, Valerre joined her. 'I'm valuable stuff,' he told her. 'How many allomancers can a group of mangy skaa have? Besides, this cell is supposed to be in a brothel. It will be just like the good ol' days.'

Daphne found herself excited for the first time in her life. Finally, she would be able to do more than whisper in ears and try her best to seem human when nobles came to her seeking only pleasure. When she was taken to one of the rebellion's leaders to be interviewed, a sinister looking man who kept his face cloaked at all times, he revealed that she was an allomancer as well, burning copper to hide Valerre's allomancy unconsciously. After being told how to use her metal, Daphne was sure things were finally changing in her life.

Until she got to the brothel. There she and Valerre were informed of thier duties. They would entertain nobles, just as they always had, now trying thier best to pull whatever secrets they could out of their patrons to be used by the rebellion. Valerre would use his rioting to encourage this, while Daphne would help smoke the building, keeping the visiting rebel allomancers safe.

Inside, she felt all her hopes and dreams melt away like mist in the morning. Outwardly, she set her jaw and accepted her assignment. What had she expected? She was no hero, trained to lead raids or pull of daring schemes. She was a whore, plain and simple. That was what she was trained to do. The rebellion needed all the help it could get. It had to be efficient, letting people do the things they were best at to achieve the best results, and there was only one thing Daphne was good at.

Daphne is now 28 years old, and has been serving the rebellion for about a year.

Roleplay Sample

Daphne ran her fingers through her hair and twisted it over her shoulder, testing to see how it fell. Elaborate hair arrangements could become a nuisance when entertaining, but she also couldn't meet a noble patron looking like she had just gotten out of bed. So, she let hit hang loose, but brushed it and rubbed pomade into it until it looked just right. Satisfied with her hair, she moved on to her make-up. Tonight, she would keep things simple. She wanted to be pretty, but not intimidating.

The door to her room open and closed. "It's only me." Valerre's voice. Daphne didn't turn from the mirror. Valerre was a common guest in her room.

"I thought you had a customer," she said, lightly applying paint to her lips.

"I do," he said as he approached. When he got close, he let out an exuberant sigh. Whenever he yawned or groaned or sighed, Daphne got the impression that in some other life Valerre had been a pampered house cat. "The drunken sot passed out. I didn't fancy lying next to him all night letting him belch in my face, so I thought I'd take a break. There's no chance he's waking up any time soon."

Daphne raised an eyebrow, imagining the contrived look of hardship Valerre must have painted across his face. "Weren't you the one I saw plying him with drinks in the lobby?"

Valerre huffed dramatically. "Of course I got him drunk. Rioting can only do so much. You didn't see how up tight this one was when I found him. If I hadn't gotten a few drinks in him he would have ran out screaming as soon as I took my shirt off, and all his secrets would be lost to us."

"So instead, you got him to drink so much they'll be lost to him as well? Really Valerre, sometimes I think you haven't quite got the hang of this spying thing." Daphne chuckled to herself. Anyone who knew Valerre knew his information gathering duties for the rebellion weren't his first priority. While he always tried to get some information out of his clients, Daphne knew the handsome noble faces and figures were what he was really after. Not that his motivations mattered. Valerre still managed to gain some information here and there, and every visit from one of his clients could be used as black-mail later on.

Daphne turned to face her friend, only to find he was completely naked. "Lord Ruler Valerre, put some clothes on!"

"What?" he said, making no move to hid anything. "It's not like I have anything to be ashamed of. Besides," he said with a wink, "You've seen it all before."

Daphne rolled her eyes and turned back to her mirror. "You were a little smaller then, back before you knew how to bathe or dress yourself."

"You know, I always thought too much importance was put into teaching kids to dress themselves. Undressing, now that's a skill that takes some practice!"

Daphne turned to give him a flat look, taking care to keep her gaze firmly on his eyes.

Valerre quickly looked away. "These is nice," he said, taking a string of pearls from where they hung. "Are they real?"

"Painted wood. I sold the last of my real jewels to fund the rebellion."

"Shame, you always look grand with a little gleam on you." Valerre took the fake pearls and fashioned them around his neck. "Then again, I suppose I do as well. Don't you think?"

Daphne turned to look again, and couldn't help but laugh a little. He looked ridiculous.

"There it is," he said, smiling with only the corners of his mouth.

"There's what?"

Heedless of his nudity, Valerre pulled up a chair and put his arm around her shoulder. "Daphne's famous smile. It was becoming so rare, I was afraid it was extinct."

Reaching up, Daphne took his hand in her own, and let him hold her for a while.

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Daphne turned to face her patron as he opened the door. The room was small, featufing only a comfy bed and two end tables for furniture. He fumbled with the knob slightly as he closed it, revealing his nerves.

"Well," he said in an impatient tone. "What are you waiting for? Get on the bed."

Daphne looked him in the eyes, refusing to bow or debase herself. He was overconfident and aggressive. She would need to tread carefully or risk losing him completely. She had to show her autonomy without challenging his authority or she'd risk putting him on the defensive and closing him off from all the things she wanted to teach him.

"Why wait for the bed," she said, unlacing the front of her robe, "if all you want is this." She let her robe hang loose and open, tempting him, but not succumbing to him.

"I'm not in the mood for stupid games whore..." he said. He approached her, his posture growing threatening.

Before he could reach her Daphne stretched and lazily rolled onto the bed, making it clear she was only reclining because she chose to. She could not afford to let him think he could command her completely or she would never get her point across.

"That's better," he said. He sat down and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Now take those clothes off so we can get a proper look at you."

Daphne continued her roll off the other side of the bed and stood gracefully. "Milord," she said, her tone mocking. "Is that any way for a man to talk to a lady?" Slowly, she sauntered around the bed until she was facing him again.

"I'll talk however I want. You're no lady. You'r just some brothel harlot."

Daphne smiled and kneeled, placing her hands on his knees, all the while staring him right in the eyes. "And you're no man. Just a boy in disguise."

"How dare..."

"A man knows about romance," she continued, pulling herself closer to him. The eyes were the key. She caught his gaze and held him there. She laughed softly to herself. He was young enough that most of his arrogance was a mask for insecurity. Despite himself, he wanted her to like him. Mockery could shift the power dynamic more completely than any argument or show of power. When it came to being teased, most teenage boys were as sensitive as eight year old girls beneath all the bravodo.

"This," Daphne said with a wry grin. "Is not romance."


"This," she let her voice grow insistent, but it was her eyes that cut him off. Closing the distance, she kissed him tenderly. She held him there for a moment and then pulled away. "Is romance."

The rest went according to plan. Once clothes came off, the difference between skaa and noble was non-existent. To her advantage, Daphne was mature and confident in her body and with what she was doing, while her patron was awkward and inexperienced. He got what he paid for, but on her terms. When she got the opportunity, she shifted into conversation, asking him questions about himself. Boys his age loved to talk about what they were passionate about, and be listening attentively and offering feedback, Daphne was able to let him do most of the talking but still speak to her as an equal.

Then his time was up. Awkward again, he gathered his clothes and dressed, leaving Daphne in bed. As he went out the door, he turned back for a moment, and Daphne thought she caught the faintest hint of a smile.

As he closed the door, she lay back with a smile of her own. A man didn't turn back and smile at a horse when he was done putting it away after a good ride. Though it was a small one, she had made a difference today. And that made all the rest of it worth it.

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