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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Zincell


Posted 19 November 2011 - 12:29 AM


Player Information
Name/Handle: Thoughtful Spurts
OoC Account: Thoughtful Spurts
Contact Information: email

Character Information
Name: Zincell
Type: Terrisgirl
Gender: Female
Place of Origin:The Terris Dominance.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Feruchemist
-Metal(s) Used: All Feruchemical metals. A pewter mind and a gold mind on each leg, a steel mind on each foot. Both hears used to have small tin earrings on them as well, but she stopped wearing them when she got to Luthadel. Her arms are covered with bracelets, each arm has a bronze mind , a brassmind, two sets of small tinminds, and an ironmind. In her upper arms she wears a large set of copper minds, and comparatively small one of zincminds. Has a collection of rings she fills periodically, but rarely wears them. (No Atium)
-Degree of Skill: Intermediate-to-Advanced. She's very good at using her metalminds. Though she's much more advanced at using her steelminds, tinminds for a few senses and her goldminds than the rest.
-Status: Known by the Synod.

Appearance: A young woman around 1.70 meters tall (5'7"), of a shapely build, and with dark brown eyes and hair, and fair skin. She is short for a Terrisgirl, something that has helped her pass as skaa at times. Zincell is never without her metalminds, and can rarely be found not filling one of them. Perfect posture, though her hands fall on her pockets like weights most of the time and she moves around in a tired, graceless way, unlike proper stewardesses, and sometimes slouches(though it doesn't really look natural on her), unless she's working as a stewardess. While she is pretty, she isn't really attractive or seductive, and doesn't find it too hard to blend into a crowd. People often think she looks a bit younger than she actually is.

Special Skills: Reading and Writing in quite a few languages (With her copperminds), and good Observation skills. Cooking, cleaning, medicine, dancing and table manners are also decent, though she has to be goaded into using those skills. She loves languages, engineering, the sciences and arts, and enjoys discussing things related to them. Though she doesn't know as much about them as she'd like because she has to keep things in her copperminds. She also knows how to play a few instruments, to be able to teach music to any noble master, and is very good with accents, imitating other people, and altering her appearance with minimum resources. Though she dislikes the dishonesty of it, she loves to show off.
Strengths: Zincell is strongly opinionated, intelligent, and friendly. She's very, very good at using her Feruchemy, and she is also good at finding compromises between extremes.
Weaknesses:Zincell has no training on fighting. She also has a tendency to think horribly under pressure, often stammering in the process of trying to get out of sticky situations, and having a hard time at making tough decisions that ought be one or the other instead of a linear combination of both. She cannot lie, or manipulate people to save her life and she's somewhat gullible.

Personality: Zincell is bit on the unstable side. She dislikes hitting people and violence as a whole, something that makes her a bit too squeamish for a city such as Luthadel, though she has no problem with gore, and knows a great deal of medicine. She loves whenever she's given a choice, maybe because she spent most of her life being told what to do and hating it. She's a bit squeamish, inexperienced, and more likely to take a beating than to fight back. She tries to be a pacifist, believing that it takes two to fight, and keeps her steel minds full as often as she can so that she is not slaughtered in a city as dangerous as Luthadel. Zincell is very studious and enjoys scholarly debates. She won't let someone's title get in the way of her showing them their mistakes. She's opinionated, thoughtful, and talkative. While by Terris standards, Zincell is quite rebellious, it's very easy to coerce her into doing things she doesn't enjoy (unless the things involve harming others) by talking to her angrily, or in any way that shows dissatisfaction. She likes pleasing people. She tries to please people, as she's been told she should. Zincell loves to voice her ideas, and to correct others, but she has yet to disobey an order.


Born in 901, Zincell was the daughter of a keeper that was sneaked into the breeding programs by the Synod. She was trained to be a stewardess and a keeper from an early age with a few of her siblings. She loved languages from an early age and learned a few well before she started using her copperminds. By the time she turned twelve she was to enter the breeding program but she was deemed unfit and spayed. She was trained more thoroughly to be a stewardess, which she hated, and her teachers often voiced the thoughts that she wouldn't be wanted as one because she had a too much of a mood, and noblemen wouldn't stand her back-talking.

Zincell's her training as a keeper was cut short because of a surprising event when she was bought by an impoverished nobleman due to being the cheapest Terris servant he could find. Her being one of very few stewardesses not yet in her forties may have also helped, as she was apparently "Easy on the eyes". The nobleman was somewhat unrefined and not particularly amiable, but she did her job surprisingly properly. While she was not enjoying having more work to do, or having to act like the bred automaton she was supposed to be, she was glad she hadn't proved a total failure as a stewardess. Zincell had heard of what happened to stewardesses who behaved improperly to their masters, and wasn't eager to face such consequences.

Of course, given her luck, the small manor not too far from Belinsk and the surrounding area entered into chaos within weeks of her arrival, and her master was killed in the process.

She thought to head back to the Undercanton of Culture, but decided against it. She'd always complained about how she didn't have enough “freedom” or “choice” and about how it was so unfair that her people were being bred and bought to be used like animals. The chaos was a blessing in disguise. She had been given a chance, right there, to just run for it and live. To take risks, to talk back, to prove that there was more to her, more to life than to just follow orders. And she took it.

And once she took it, she was too proud to go back on her choice and get back to Terris with her head down and her metaphorical tail between her legs. She went back to the house of the nobleman and took most of the riches she could find. It was a statement to the man's impoverishment (and maybe to the speed with which skaa thieves could work) that it could all fit in her case.

She'd go back to the synod later on, maybe she could even bring back more information to them from her adventures, and could fininsh learning the rest of the material they already had. Older villages in the Farmost Dominance, and the far into the Western Dominance had Lord Ruler's touch as slightly less strong, and there were stories, and dialects she could keep in her copperminds. She thought it would be a life of adventure, and while it was, it proved to be nowhere near as glamourous as she thought it would be.

She realized just how useful Feruchemy could really be for things not scholarly in her travels, and started using it as often as she could, greatly bettering herself at it through need. She started passing for Skaa as a precaution, now that she was a young terrisgirl traveling alone. Something she learned how to do with ease after a short amount of time of being among them. She seemed to have a knack for accents.

Even though she kept little company and rarely bought anything that wasn't food, Zincell had a few close calls in one of the larger cities, and decided to keep moving only through small villages from then on. Moving only at night, and often hiding in small alleyways to sleep. It took her much longer to get to the central dominance than it would have if she'd gone through the used routes, but she stayed alive and undetected all the while.

Zincell travelled through plantations as well, and managed to convert an older skaa woman to Larstaism, something she takes pride in. She met a young tineye going by the name of Faust at that hovel, the woman's son, in fact, and offered to help him do something with his talents. The two left the area the following night, and bought him tin in small quantities so he could use his ability and hone his skill a bit. Zincell and Faust's paths diverged soon after, though they would join again in Luthadel later on.

She spent most afternoons filling her steel minds and her zinc minds. Making time pass much faster from her perspective, and at the same time slowing down her body so as to make the little food she ate last longer. Most days filling a tinmind of sorts, and her pewterminds and ironminds as well.

She'd sometimes tap Zinc, Steel and Copper to speedily write a bit of knowledge down and putting it away in her copperminds as soon as she finished, then relearning it and being able to remember it without her copperminds. Though what she really learned there was very little, and she often felt guilty for corrupting it. Part of her told her that she'd failed as a keeper by not going to the Synod, that she'd chosen to fail as a scholar for selfish reasons. And sometimes she thought that part of her was right, but she still wanted to be free, to learn, to choose. She'd have time to be selfless later on.

After a while she got used to hiding from government officials and to rationing her resources well. And the mistwraiths stopped bothering her.

After months of moving through villages, her confidence that she wouldn't get caught grew, and she decided (foolishly) to try to spend long enough in Luthadel to earn herself some more money, now that she had very few boxings left.

Without actually knowing how Luthadel worked.

Roleplay Sample

Zincell drank water in a Luthadel bar. Part of her missed the Terris Dominance. She was filling her pewterminds, her goldminds, her ironminds and her tinminds for smell, and touch. She swallowed a sip of water, and coughed. She missed the mountains, and the caves, even if she'd never been allowed to go there. Zincell coughed again, this time more quietly. She'd already filled one of the goldminds she had on her, just one more to go and she could start on another set. She missed the smell of the air, the ocassional snowfall. She sighed.

But she couldn't very well just go back to Terris, with her adventure of failing to survive to be laughed at. She had to last longer in the capital. She could do it. Maybe.


She forced the doubts away. She would survive in Luthadel long enough to earn money, or she would die in Luthadel... Well that was comforting. Even more so with the immense variety of criminals in the area, and the ubiquity of death. If it was too much after a few months she should just head south and go see the islands. Zincell started filling her steelmind slightly, and slowed.

Coughing while filling a steelmind was a very strange experience, but it was a much more quiet one as well. She needed a job. She'd thought about actually getting a job with a merchant skaa of some sort or another, but wasn't sure how one went about to do that. Maybe she could join the skaa rebellion. She rose a slow ash-coated hand with a napkin on it and wiped her nose.

Many of her siblings had told her of Luthadel's balls, it's large buildings and keeps. They'd spent hours going on and on about Kredik Shaw, and the inquisitors, and the thieves, and the allomancers, and the politicking, and the carriages.

Not one of them had bothered to mention the ash.

Her clothes, men's clothes because those were the cheapest she could buy, were covered in a not quite thin layer of ash. She didn't have enough money to buy the proper soaps to clean it up. Her hair, cut short months before and messy because of a lack of care, also had ash in it. It wasn't that Terris didn't get ash, but Luthadel took it to new levels. She probably didn't have enough for two weeks in a hotel. Not that she'd use a hotel in her current circumstances, that'd just be wasteful. She could just as well sleep with her coat for a blanket in a roof covered in ash somewhere.

What little boxings she had seemed a pittance compared to what had been used to buy the stewardess robes now hidden in her bag, to protect them from the ash and general filth around the less respectable areas in Luthadel. Nothing compared to what she'd taken from the house of her dead master. Yet, she realized that by skaa standards, this was a fortune. In the eyes of the beggars, this was more money than they would see in a month, maybe a year.

Zincell had never realized just how much she had before getting to Luthadel, or how little. She sighed and slouched more. After coughing again, she cleared her throat quietly. This was what happened when she filled her goldminds at high rates, she got sick. Still, she'd emptied quite a few of them in the journey to Luthadel and she had to fill them up again. Something she didn't mind as much as other Feruchemists would.

She liked the feeling her metalminds gave her. Being in control, being able to choose how strong or weak she could be, how fast or slow, how healthy. Maybe that was why she was always filling or tapping them. That amount of freedom, of choice and power, that was what had enabled her to get to where she was. With freedom came responsibility, and having to deal with the consequences of her actions, something that in this case meant getting sick. Something that in itself could prove useful.

Obviously a bargain.

Zincell decided to start looking around to see if there were any good oportunities waiting for her to snatch them. She'd decided to experience Luthadel, and there was no point in backing out now before she'd done anything. She was sure to hear something in a place like this. Skaa were incurable gossips.

There were a couple men not too far from her talking about something that sounded interesting. There was a younger, shorter man that looked angry, and there was an older, taller man that looked as if he was tired and fed up with everything. Specially what the younger man was saying. She didn't want to do anything illegal, not yet anyway, but listening couldn't hurt, could it?

Well, it could. In fact, this being Luthadel and all, listening could probably kill, or seriously injure. But her curiosity got the better of her in these situations.

She'd heard a lot about Luthadel thieving crews, and at the same time, she knew so little about them. The older man jabbed his thumb toward the other, and back at himself. The fact that she only had what she considered a pittance left and that she didn't know anyone inside of Luthadel was also a weighty factor in her consideration of taking illegal action.

They were still talking, though with the noise Zincell couldn't quite make out their words. It was obvious they were planning something, the question was whether or not it would be profitable and whether or not they would have her.

A feruchemist could be of use, right? If anything they could use her to pretend to be a stewardess, or to carry heavy loads, or carry packages from one place to the other fast. Or to pretend to be a stewardess that went around carrying heavy loads from on place to the other fast. Finally a group of men and women near her stared to quiet down and she managed to understand something.

"What do you think I'm doing here, kid? Of course we need a crew. I might know a few people. Again, the problem is finding them, and convincing them to join. I've made my share of enemies here in Luthadel. First, we start with Cassi, and this mole I've hired her to find. Once we get an ear gathering info from the nobility, we can start building out team, tailoring it to the job we want to pull. We can't start blind, so eyes and ears are going to be of utmost importance."

Well at least the other man seemed thoughtful. The crowd began to get loud again and distracted her. After hearing a bit on some nobleman and skaa beatings, she resolved that it was better to listen to the two men, and started tapping her hearing tinmind.

"We should probably head out there now," Said the older man. “We'll head out, and you can watch the alley. I don't want to be disturbed until I get the information I need. This Cassi is kind of flighty, and if anyone besides me gets close, I'm scared she bolt.” The man paused and finished his wine. “You should probably lay off the allomancy too. We don't have a smoker, and around an informant, you can never be too careful. The really observant one's can piece together if someone is burning or not even without a seeker."

The young one, an allomaner apparently, stood up and said "I guess you're right. Well, if we're leaving, lets go." And he went out the door in a hurry. The older man also left, following the younger one while looking a bit troubled.

Zincell stopped filling her touch tinmind and started tapping it. She felt the bandages on her arms and legs. Zincell didn't need to tap her tinminds to feel the bandages properly, but the tinmind was nearly full and she needed to empty it a bit. Unlike many Feruchemists, who thought weakening themselves in one way or another was just the price you paid to be able to become stronger later on, Zincell thought different. The many months in the streets had taught her just how useful filling her metalminds was. The ability to deafen one's sences at will was underestimated by most feruchemists she'd met, and the ability to grow cooler at will wasn't even thought about.

She would have used large gloves, but all the ones she could find were expensive gloves made out of fine materials, or gentlemanly gloves used for dueling and the like. Neither kind was thick enough, or long reaching enough to hide Zincell's metalminds. The gloves were also quite expensive in these parts. And the bandages doubled as useful for first aid if she needed to help someone with a wound. Something she hoped she wouldn't need to do.

Zincell left the bar as well, with all her possessions in her case, just in time to see the younger man drop a coin, and shoot off into the sky. She started to walk away on the direction opposite to where the older man was walking toward. Zincell stopped filling her goldmind as drastically; whenever she did that while tapping tin everything tended to hurt. She had to learn more about them before she just offered her services. These were criminals after all, if she wasn't careful they could just kill her and take her metalminds to sell them for a fraction of their value.

Turning toward an alley, Zincell sat down besides her case and felt the bandages she had around her arms and parts of her legs, making sure there weren't spaces around that showed her metalminds again.

Of course, there was another reason for the bandages. In the previous months she'd been moving from the outskirts of the Western Dominance, to the central dominance, and even though she had thought she was careful, only going through small villages, or plantations, she'd still heard a rumor about a “A stranger girl covered in jewelry who would give to the skaa”, or something similar from a western street gang.

One of the causes for the lack of money was that... well she had been donating to beggars a bit too much for her own good. In fact, going around giving had made up most of her travel expenses, Allomantic tin for Faust was a close second, but she hadn't bought that much of it anyway, since she didn't have much clothing and rationed her food well. Something that had obviously stolen her a bit of the anonymity she used to use to be able to get around. There were starting to be rumours about her among skaa.

She wasn't a about to take out her metalminds and put them in her case, they would take up too much space, and she would probably need them in a city as violent as Luthadel. There was also the fact that she'd loose that sense of freedom she loved, of power, of control. So bandages it was.

The mists were thickening. Zincell stopped tapping tin, and started tapping brass, she thought the mists looked beautiful, but they were still cold.

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#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 20 November 2011 - 01:50 AM

You've done an amazing job building Zincell into the character she is today. We're all really impressed, and I can't wait to see her in the RP. ACCEPTED! ;)

And now, since I haven't made the linking guide yet, have a copy/pasted/somewhat edited explanation of our account linking system!

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But let's face it: switching between accounts every time you want to post from a different character is really annoying, even with our quick login box off to the left of the screen. To remedy that, Chaos and I have added a nifty functionality to the forums called MUA - or Multiple User Accounts (that is, I found the core mod and then watched Chaos actually code the thing).

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