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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Open W2 D3 EA Warren Proulx Zincell

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#1 Warren Proulx


Posted 01 December 2011 - 07:22 PM

As Warren and Zahid turned off of Canal Street the steward asked, “Are you well young sir?”

Distracted Warren answered, “Hmm? Oh I guess. I'm just glad to have finally arrived. I just wish coming here hadn't been necessary…”

“I mean no disrespect, but I am glad to be here. It’s nice to be back.”

Warren glanced at his steward, “You used to live here?”

Zahid nodded affirmatively, “Many years ago, long before your parents hired me to be your steward. I used to work for a House here in Luthadel.”

They paused before a large stone building, “This place seems as good as any. Go arrange rooms for us.”

“May I inquire what you will be doing young sir?”

“I will take advantage of this opportunity. If I have to be here a while I might as well familiarize myself with the lay of the land. Stay here, I will be back tonight.” Zahid entered the hotel as Warren moved away.

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#2 Zincell


Posted 01 December 2011 - 11:49 PM

Zincell woke up in a roof in Luthadel, and stretched. Her sleep schedule was still screwed over from the nights she spent planning how to sneak in, and from when she did the deed, not too long before. She left her case hidden under piles of ash and rubble, and climbed down onto the streets.

Once on the stone floor, she started walking, filling her zinc and iron metalminds slightly as she did so. It was a slow rate, even Zincell could see the idiocy behind filling zinc inside a city you entered illegally, but her zincminds were nearly full, and she liked using her metalminds. This way she'd have an advantage later on with completely-full zincminds.

She kept walking, in a cautious yet somewhat distracted way. She'd never been to Luthadel before, though she had several dozen maps in her copperminds to help her move around it. She marveled at the city, it had so many things happening in it. The societies and subcultures made within small groups of skaa, the structures derived from the old Khelenni architecture, the designs used to--

Then she bumped into someone, and stopped filling her zinc the moment her body hit the ground.

"I'm so sorry, my lord" She said, realizing too late that she'd used an odd mixture of a skaa and noble accent by accident. Sounding similar to a noblewoman doing a poor job to pass for skaa. Not a week inside Luthadel, and she was already bumping into noblemen, this city was sure to be interesting if she survived her stay.
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#3 Warren Proulx


Posted 08 December 2011 - 10:16 PM

In fewer twenty steps from the hotel, Warren ran into something. It took him a moment to realize that something was a person, little more than a girl. Like I'm one to talk, she can't be that much younger than I am...

Bending over he extended a hand to the girl in the street. "It's all right, I think you fared the worse in our encounter." He helped the girl to stand. "It is I who should be apologizing, I should have been watching where I was going. I've just arrived and already I've- well... Are you well?" Before she had a chance to respond, he continued, "I don't suppose you would help me by showing me around the city?"

Warren took a step back and swept into an elaborate bow, "Oh how impolite, allow me to introduce myself, Warren Proulx of Belinsk. And might I request yours?"
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#4 Zincell


Posted 10 December 2011 - 04:09 AM

The terrisgirl froze speechless for a moment as the man extended his hand to hers, trying to figure put what to do and tapping zinc. He was a curteous nobleman. What in the name of the forgotten gods..? Zincell looked like a skaa with bandaged arms and he bowed to her. This nobleman helped her up from her position in the ground, apologized to her, and asked her if she was well, and he bowed to her. And an elaborate bow at that. What kind of nobleman worried about being impolite to a skaa?

Zincell had always been uncomfortable with lying, but what bothered her most at the moment was that she didn't know what to lie. She couldn't just say something random, if Klyde wanted her to pass off as a noblewoman later on, she wouldn't do well if there was a nobleman who "knew who she was". And the accent she'd blurted out was also restricting, she couldn't just start talking in a completely different way. Even if the nobleman hadn't noticed her accent, he'd notice a sudden shift.

She could probably pretend to be a noblewoman pretending to be a skaa, but why would a noblewoman pretend to be skaa? The food was worse, the treatment was worse, there were far fewer liberties. She couldn't answer his question about her name, she didn't know what noblewoman she would impersonate, and if she used a skaa name and met him later on at a ball, it could be a problem. Telling him her own name would create even more problems, obviously. And she couldn't show him around the city, it would blow whatever cover she ended up having one way or another, and she didn't have much prepared. Truth was Zincell had survived so long in the Final Empire by runnig away a lot, hiding, and avoiding conflicts. She didn't have a lot of experience having to explain herself to others, with or without lies. What could she do in this situation that wouldn't come back to bite her?

Finally, she decided to bow back, even lower to show subservience and her low status. Also, to try to avoid him getting any good long looks at her face.

"Your lordship is most kind, but, if I may inquire... What reason would someone of your stature have to honor me by desiring to know my name?" She said, speaking in that same accent. She'd figure something out later.

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#5 Warren Proulx


Posted 13 December 2011 - 07:46 PM

The girl’s response puzzled Warren. Was I wrong? It was possible, he was far from infallible, but that accent, a skaa wouldn’t speak like that… Replaying her words over in his mind Warren realized it wasn’t quite the noble accent he had thought it was, rather a strange mixture of it and skaa. It was almost as if she were a skaa trying to be a noble. But no, her reactions did not make sense with that theory.

What if it was the other way around? It fit, but it was improbable at best. Why would any self-respecting noblewoman pretend to be skaa? The only explanation he could think of was that she was in hiding, whether it was from rival houses or warring suitors, or both, no one wold think to look for a noble among the skaa. It was crazy, but what he had seen of her had shown she was pretty, so she would probably have had a number of suitors. Especially if she came from a House with any power. The girl kept her face turned away, so he couldn’t discern any clues from her expression.

It was obvious the girl wanted to keep her privacy, and forcing her into a complicated situation was probably not the best use of time. Warren thought about how he could answer her question, without contradicting her disguise. “I think it is only polite to ask the name of someone you might have knocked to the ground, even if they are skaa. My father used to say ‘It’s better to ere on the side of caution today, for you never know who will have power over you tomorrow, however unlikely.’ Wouldn’t you agree?” He paused, “I guess if you won’t give me your name, I will simply have to live with it, despite my curiosity.”
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#6 Zincell


Posted 14 December 2011 - 12:35 AM

Could he really be that polite? To an apparent skaa? The noble part of the accent hadn't been that strong had it? Well maybe the pronunciation wasn't, but the word choice was certainly not skaa. Zincell made sure her frustration at her own nervous stumbles didn't show.

"Your father sounds like a wise and cautious man." She said, still bowing and stalling, while tapping zinc. Warren seemed to react slightly to the comment, but she couldn't really see the reaction from her angle.

Maybe she could pass for a special servant? Most renowned skaa servants had a mixture of skaa and noble picked up from exposure. Many minor houses that couldn't afford a Terris Steward often used more skillful skaa to fulfill a similar purpose with a far lower quality. The excess of formalities in the way she'd spoken could also imply she was a servant. A private tailor or smith? Her clothes didn't fit the part. A private tutor? She couldn't pull it off. A personal trainer? She didn't have the body. A chef? That could work, but she was still too young, and dressed too poorly. 

Aha! A chef's assistant, and private waitress! A private chef's assistant and waitress to a wealthy house with a high respect for the nobility. The kind of person who would bring nobles their food in mornings if they were ill, be woken up at inane hours of the night (if the chef was prestigious enough) to cook, and who would be accustomed to mistreatment and neglect, explaining her previous question, while also being less fearful of noblemen as other kinds of skaa. She'd barely even have to tweak the accent! Zincell stopped tapping zinc, so as to avoid wasting it. She should have tapped more zinc before, to come to the conclusion earlier. Now that she had her cover, she could start tweaking the accent gradually, and start building on that, no problem. It could still be a noblewoman disguised as a skaa, but now it was a specific kind of skaa that Zincell could easily manage to appear to be. She'd tricked a kid into believing she was a mistwraith, how much harder could this be? She smiled slightly, in part because she'd figured it out, in part because she'd enjoyed the man's response, and in part because she'd met a polite, young nobleman and she didn't often have the chance. His could be a great accent for her collection.

"If you are so curious Lord Proulx, you can call me Cell if you wish." Zincell said, in a somewhat happier tone than before. That was decent enough. Cell could be a diminutive for any number of names, both skaa and noble. It was also what some of her friends called her when she was younger, so it wasn't really lying anyway.

"My lord, if you'll forgive my inquisitiveness... What is a man of such gentility as yourself doing in a city such as Luthadel?" She asked. Of course, it was probably to establish a trade, or to attempt to become a great house, but she was still figuring out what she was doing, and a bit more time would help a lot.

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#7 Warren Proulx


Posted 14 December 2011 - 08:22 PM

Warren thought about the girl’s, Cell’s, response. Clever, she never actually said Cell was her name; merely something I could call her. Any yet? There wasn’t even a hint of a lie in her face when she said it, like there would be if it was completely random. A nickname then.

The girl’s question, innocent enough, struck a nerve. While trying to maintain an appearance of joviality, Warren gritted his teeth. “Why do any come to Luthadel?” Those that have the choice that is. “For wealth and power. My house has decided we have kept ourselves secluded for long enough.” True enough, but not the real reason. “I hope to arrange for several new contracts soon.” Warren was still displeased with his brother’s decision, but Marlon was the Acting-Head, not Warren.

Back to the name, Celine perhaps? It fit but Cell just did not feel like a Celine. She presented a puzzle, an enigma Warren was determined to unravel. There were not many people like her, people that were actually interesting.

“So, what are you doing in Luthadel? Hiding from a jealous lover?” Warren chuckled. He made sure to keep a careful watch for her reactions; not just her words but her movements as well. Most knew to control the former, fewer the latter. The challenge with her would be doing the unraveling without getting caught…
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#8 Zincell


Posted 15 December 2011 - 01:47 AM

A short, accidental laugh jumped out of Zincell at the man's question, and a smile appeared on her face.

"You flatter me, my lord. I have very little experience with romance, I'm afraid" None at all, really, unless the breeding center counts .

"I'd say I came to Luthadel to learn, after all every day is an adventure within this dreadfully black city. It's full if hundreds of years of history, of ideas, of people..." Also technically true. Zincell was far better at speaking with half-truths than lying. It made her less nervous. She smiled as her eyes scanned the area to look for an example.

"If you were to look at, say, that hotel over there, you'd see that it was built between the years eight hundred and fifty seven, and eight hundred and sixty one, because the space between the bricks is greater than the space between them in the buildings surrounding it, and that was because that was the only period of time when three mines to the west of the central dominance started giving out a different kind of mineral that was quite a bit harder than the kind used before, requiring a diferent proportion in its mixture that was not taken into acccount by the skaa taskmasters, and so the skaa workers that were not given proper instructions, and had to use more cement, or else their tools would break." It was so interesting because that had led directly to the use of the now standard tools in mining.

"Of course, in eight hundred and sixty one, the proper mixture between the newly discovered material and the other minerals they used to make proper cement was implemented, which is why the distance between the bricks of buildings made in later years is smaller. Most buildings made within that period were destroyed or demolished, except for that one, and six others a bit farther east. And you can't see that anywhere else because those three mines exported those minerals only throughout the central dominance." And if I accessed my copperminds I could tell him what houses the mines belonged to, where they were specifically, and what the exact minerals were, and who discovered how to fix the proportions, and how it was implemented, and why they... But that would be such a waste.

It took Zincell a moment to realize how much she'd rambled. It was just so inteteresting that so many things in Luthadel had a long story tied to them. Way to screw up the cook's assistant idea!. She'd spent too long teaching skaa, now it was coming back to bite her.

Zincell had gotten too used to rambling, the man probably thought she was crazy now. She'd left her bow and started gesturing without noticing, she'd even stopped slouching, and realized she was actually taller than Lord Proulx. Zincell blushed, partly out of shame for her carelessness, but decided to work it in.

"Or... Or you can see just a building, of course. No need to get excited." She said, somewhat shyly, slouching again and with her now redder face looking at the ground. He'd probably gotten a good look at her face now.

The nobleman seemed unable to speak for a moment. Nobles don't like to be lectured by apparent skaa you fool. Zincell tensed up slightly, expecting a violent outburst of some sort. The last time she'd lectured a nobleman she'd been slapped violently and sent away under threats. If this man was as polite as he seemed, his slap may not hurt as much. Maybe he'd just scold her and interrogate her further.

Way to look suspicious, genius.

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#9 Delissia

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 09:01 PM

Delissia hurried down the street. Klyde, it seemed, was still drifting in and out of consciousness, his mind foggy from the medication Lady Cray was giving him to help with the pain of his burns. It hurt Delissia to see that formidable man in such a state, and broke her heart to see those deep dark eyes that had once seemed to swallow her soul dazed and unfocused. She'd had to get out of that hospital for the afternoon. She didn't think she could bear it anymore. So, when Cray had mentioned Klyde might benefit from a good meal, Delissia had set out to get Klyde some food, leaving him and his new friends behind.

As she walked, Delissia tried her best to adopt her customary pretty smile and bright eyes, but somehow today it just wouldn't quite come. It was her fault Klyde had been injured. Her fault that many people had been injured and that her hotel had burned down. All because she was afraid to deal with her problems. And with Klyde.

I can't think of him like that she told herself for the thousandth time. He's a skaa. There, she had said it. Klyde was a skaa. And a thief besides. It was wrong for her to be with him. She knew that now. She must strive to be the best noblewoman she could be, and support her god's vision for the world. She could help Klyde because of her fault for injuring him, and out of common good, but she could let herself help him because she genuinely cared for him personally. Nobles and skaa did not... could not mix in that way. And she was a noblewoman. She had to be.

As she walked, she spotted a strange pair conversing. The man was obviously a young noble, well dressed with stylish blonde hair. The girl was... why, could that be Klyde's new friend Zincell? Upon closer inspection, it seemed that she was. Delissia had only met Zincell briefly, and hadn't been formally introduced or had the chance to talk to her yet. All she knew about the girl was that she was involved with Klyde somehow, and that meant she was in some sort of trouble. As she looked more closely, Delissia noticed a distinct discomfort in both of their postures, and the awkwardness that hung around them.

Delissia squared her shoulders, brightened her expression, and walked over to them before she could reconsider, she marched on over to them. She was Delissia Renoux, whether she used the name or not, a social butterfly and skilled conversationalist. If there was anything she was good at, it was tramping awkwardness flat into the ground, so nicer things like companionship and excitement could spring up. Zincell might be a new, slightly unsavory looking friend, but she was a friend nonetheless, and needed Delissia's help. A situation like this was actually exactly what she needed if she was going to remind herself of who she really was.

"Pardon my intrusion," she said brightly with her prettiest smile, "But would you happen to be new to Luthadel?" When she spoke, she addressed the nobleman. She didn't know what he thought of Zincell yet. Appearance wise, she looked like a skaa, but nobles generally didn't speak to their lessers unless it was to give orders. Klyde had been too delirious to tell her anything about his new companion, so Delissia decided to pretend they were meeting for the first time, making a fresh start. And so, after a brief hesitation, she curtsied to Zincell as well.

"I don't mean to presume, it's just that I like to pride myself on my memory of faces, and I haven't seen you before. Then again, as a new comer myself, I suppose it's just as likely you've lived hear all your life and we just haven't met yet. It is a grand and wonderful city, is it not? So many new places and people, I still haven't gotten over the excitement of it all. Anyways, regardless of whether you are new or old to the city, we haven't met yet, and since you seem like a nice young gentleman, it seems a shame that this situation has not been rectified sooner. I do hope you don't consider me too bold. It can just be so hard to meet new people some times if you aren't proactive about things. And so, if you don't mind, I'd like to introduce myself."

Catching her breath, Delissia curtsied (prettily of course) and held out her hand her greeting to both of them. "My name is Delissia Arnell, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

#10 Zincell


Posted 18 December 2011 - 09:32 PM

Zincell let out a sigh of relief when Delissia appeared. Maybe it was "Be polite to the skaa"-Day. It could explain why Delissia was going along with it as well. Zincell didn't leave her bow, and kept facing downward.

"My lord, perhaps it might be beneficial if you were to allow Lady Arnell to provide you with the tour of the city you wished for" She said, still in that same, odd mixture accent, hoping she could be allowed to leave the area. Though it would be unlikely, given that the noble seemed to be curious about her, even more so now that she'd lectured him on the age of bricks in a particular hotel.

By the Cazzi moutain of souls, what had she gotten herself into?

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#11 Delissia

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 10:13 PM

Delissia took up Zincell's cue without pause. It was clear the woman was uncomfortable, and possible she had some other business to be about. If she wanted Delissia to take over, or to at least manage the conversation, Delissia was more than happy to oblige. So, Delissia turned her attention onto the young noble, hoping to distract him from Zincell so that the young woman could fade into the background or escape the situation all together if she wanted to.

"So you are new to Luthadel!" Delissia chirruped. "Fantastic. You'll fit right in here my good sir, don't you worry. Everyone I've met since I've gotten here has been so kind and friendly and nice, and I've made the most wonderful friends. I'm so excited to have met you now. Discovering a new city is always more fun when you have someone to make discoveries with, and it seems many of my friends have been in Luthadel for a while. Lady Lucille Deveaux and her four gentleman friends from Urteau are new as well, but I haven't gotten much opportunity to take in the town with them yet. Just wait to you meet them, they are all such delightful people. Especially Lady Lucille. Why, I think she's one of hte nicest people I've ever met, which is why it's such a shame I haven't managed to rope her into a walk about the town with me yet. I suppose I can't blame her, being from House Deveaux, she must be awfully busy. In fact, I've been quite busy myself. Establishing yourself is a new city is quite busy work. There are all kinds of new acquaintances I have been meaning to make that I haven't gotten around it yet. Which is why I'm ever so happy to have met you at this opportune moment Lord..." as was her custom, Delissia realized she had ploughed into conversation without learning the poor man's name.

"Forgive me, milord. It seems I have rudely forgotten to ask for your name. How silly of me!" Delissia gave a pretty guffaw, laughing at herself to show just how foolish she had been. "If I haven't offended you too gravely, might I have the pleasure of your introduction?" she said with an apologetic curtsy. Some women didn't know the trick of changing their curtsies from cheerful, to respectful, to apologetic, and Delissia couldn't help but feel bad for them. A properly executed curtsy was almost as useful as a properly pretty smile, in the right circumstances, and the poor unfortunates who still hadn't mastered them didn't know what a valuable social tool they were missing.

#12 Zincell


Posted 18 December 2011 - 11:01 PM

Zincell's cheeks started to loose their bright, sun-red colour and she smiled slightly at the woman's overwhelmingly cheerful demeanor. The poor nobleman seemed to be quite stunned by Delissia's irritatingly happy tone. Zincell still wondered if that was all an act, or if she really was so ridiculously happy. Either way, good for her. If Delissia can pull that off well, I could learn a few things from her.

While Warren was distracted by Delissia's question about his identity, Zincell's feet started to move slightly away, so that she'd have an easier time leaving. Of course, she wasn't about to make any sudden movements and run for it. The human eye was designed for picking up sharp movements after all, and she didn't want to call the man's attention to herself again.
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#13 Warren Proulx


Posted 19 December 2011 - 02:52 AM

The arrival of the Lady Arnell exchanged one feeling of shock and being overwhelmed for another. Warren had barely processed Cell’s lecture when the noblewoman joined them. She and Cell had a short (-ish) exchange before she launched into a lengthy monologue. Truth be told, he did ignore most of it, focusing instead on the irregularities.

That lecture means she’s certainly educated, more likely for a noble than a skaa, and even among nobles that fact was probably not well known… Then when Delissia had curtsied at Cell there was something… odd. It looked like they were meeting for the first time but, there was something not quite right, nor did they act like they knew each other. It was worrisome, Warren took pride in his ability to read people, and here it was failing him. Looking again at Delissia, Well one thing I do know is she isn’t as happy as she appears to be. Regardless of its reality, Delissia’s demeanor had a positive effect on Cell.

He almost did not notice when Delissia asked his name. “Hmm?” he asked before regaining composure, “Oh, Warren Proulx, at your service my lady.” He gave a bow similar to the one he had given Cell. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Cell moving slightly away, probably getting ready to leave, which displeased Warren. If she left now Warren would likely never see her again, and never solve the puzzle…

“Perhaps she could Cell, though I think I would prefer if both of you accompanied me. It would certainly be enlightening, both socially and historically.”
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#14 Zincell


Posted 19 December 2011 - 04:27 AM

A very wide variety of curses in several dialects and languages flew through Zincell's mind as Warren asked them both to accompany him, and her ears turned a bright red again as shame consumed her. The words of her teachers echoed in her ears, too emotional, they'd said. Proper stewards and stewardesses didn't blush, they didn't giggle, they didn't sulk, or whine. They were professional.

Why couldn't she think of anything? Zincell had been given plenty compliments on her intellect before, by several different people. She had never even been this nervous in such a peaceful situation. She'd been this nervous once when she'd almost gotten herself killed, but never in just a district, talking to people, in plain daylight.

Maybe it was that deep inside, Zincell knew she wasn't really that good an actress, she just knew how to copy accents and mannerisms. Zincell knew nothing of staying in character, as shown by her horrible slip with the brick speech. If she kept failing like this she could end up at the end of an inquisitor's axe.

She filled brass to take advantage of her now hotter body temperature as she tried to think of something.

"My lord I wouldn't wan't to get in the way of important noble socializing. Lady Arnell mentioned she has contacts among the Deveaux, and if you plan to obtain contracts, a major house would be a great place to start, would it not? Whatever you decided to speak of is likely not something ears such as mine should hear" She said again in that same accent, still bowing. "So I ought to retire, I think, three is a crowd after all"

Zincell moved her feet slightly again, but didn't leave her bow. Maybe Delissia would be able to help her out on this.

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#15 Delissia

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 05:35 AM

Delissia looked back and forth between her two companions. It would seem there was a dilemma, and she had failed to defeat the awkwardness of the situation. Zincell obviously wanted to leave, meaning Delissia had been correct in trying to distract Lord Warren. However, Lord Warren seemed intent on Zincell accompanying him, and Delissia couldn't insist upon leaving the girl behind, since she barely knew either of them.

"Yes, that sounds lovely. Three heads are better than one after all, and we will be much less likely to get lost. However, if Lady... Cell, is it? If Lady Cell has an engagement, we can't really keep her from it, not in good conscience at least." Delissia frowned as prettily as she could and thought for a moment. "I know," she said suddenly, brightening as the idea occured to her. "How about we schedule a time to meet later in the week? That way we could all go adventuring together, and Lord Warren would have the pleasure of both of our company. How does that sound to both of you?"

Delissia knew the fix wasn't the best, but putting off the encounter would give her time to figure out what was really going on with 'Lady Cell'. She hoped the girl hadn't been trying to con Lord Warren. Although she felt some loyalty to Klyde and his followers because of her part in injuring the crew leader, she didn't think she could live with her conscience if she allowed a nice young man like Lord Warren to be conned.

#16 Zincell


Posted 20 December 2011 - 06:14 PM

Lady Cell? Lady Cell? What in the seventeen spherical layers of Stintzy hell? Did the soot stained clothes and the trousers with small holes in them mean nothing? The bandaged arms, nothing? Just what was going through Delissia's mind when she called her that? For all she knew about Delissia, she was a very visual person, always wearing one offensively bright colour or another, always doing things that looked a certain way. She of all people should have thought she looked like a skaa, right?

Zincell stayed still, and said nothing, as she waited for Warren to speak and tried to figure out what to do if he accepted the deal.

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#17 Warren Proulx


Posted 21 December 2011 - 02:59 AM

Interesting. She called Cell a Lady. Now it is entirely possible she is a complete imbecile, but something in her eyes tells me she’s smarter than she wants to let on. Or she knows Cell as a Lady.

They were both looking at him, likely expecting an answer. Warren mulled it over in his mind. If he let Cell go, there was a chance she would disappear. Then again if he gave her a chance to prepare for their next encounter she might be willing to agree to the encounter. Granted giving her time to cement her cover story it could be more difficult for me to break through. Warren paused, But it might be worth the challenge…

Warren gave the two women a charming, or at least he hoped it was, smile. “I suppose I would be amenable to it, as long as Cell agrees of course.” It was out of his hands now, and by the Lord Ruler he hoped it would turn out well.

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#18 Zincell


Posted 21 December 2011 - 04:46 AM

"If your lordship insists" Zincell said, still bowing. This Lady Cell thing was going to come back to bite her, she just knew it. How did Delissia manage not to realize that? This mess just kept getting bigger and bigger. This was why she shouldn't have gone around filling zinc while walking.
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#19 Delissia

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 04:14 PM

Delissia saw Zincell tense up when she addressed her by title, but knew there was nothing she could do about it. While Warren hadn't addressed Cell as a Lady, the way he spoke to her indicated he was treating her as an equal. It would have been rude for Delissia not to do the same, and in polite society, a lady called acquaintances she wasn't on first name basis with yet by their title. Delissia hoped the honorific wouldn't get them into too much trouble in the future.

"Excellent," she said, clapping her hands lightly, hoping to break the spell of silence that seemed to have settled over the group. "I am so excited for our future venture! There's something about making plans with new friends that just gets the blood running, isn't there? I just know that with the two of you at my side there will be nothing that can go wrong. Even a bleak ash fall won't be able to stand in our way."

Delissa began rummaging in her bag for her appointment book. "That reminds me. We must schedule a date. While an ash fall might not get in our way, another appointment or public event might. It would be such a shame for this to fall through, after all, I just know we all are going to be such good friends. Lord Warren, perhaps we shall start with you. When do you think our second meeting shall occur?"

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Posted 22 December 2011 - 02:16 AM

Warren reviewed his schedule in his mind. It was mostly empty, actually entirely so. He hadn’t yet had time to make any appointments. First he would need to make some contacts and these two young women were probably his best chance at doing so. It would be best however, if the Ladies Cell and Delissia were ignorant of that fact. They would be more likely to help if he came from a position of apparent power. Otherwise, they might try to use him for their own ends.

He flashed another smile at his two acquaintances, “Let’s see,” he gave them a look of thoughtful concentration, “I believe the only free time I have in the near future is three days from now, I have the entire afternoon open.” He looked from one to the other, “I do hope that works for both of you.”
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