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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Daeric Vaudin

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#1 Daeric Vaudin

  • Runaway Heir

Atium Chandelier
  • Age21

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginUrteau

  • Allomantic StatusOpen

Posted 11 December 2011 - 05:29 AM

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Player Information
Name: KChan
OoC Account: Camille
Contact Information: Write me a letter on official letterhead. If you want a reply, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Character Information
Name: Daeric Vaudin
Type: Noble
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Urteau
Occupation: Law Student
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Steel
-Degree of Skill: Borderline Intermediate-Advanced
-Status: Open

Appearance: At roughly 5'9”ish, Daeric is neither too tall nor too short, with build that falls just on the slender side of average. He keeps himself in relatively good shape with his Coinshot training and his fondness for recreational dueling, and carries himself with an easygoing gait that shows his lighthearted personality. He has fair skin, bright green eyes, and a curly, unruly mess of hair that is an odd sort of mixture between light brown and reddish-blonde. When given the choice, he prefers to dress in sharply-tailored suits accented with bright colors where appropriate, but given his current situation in Luthadel, he has to wear pretty much whatever he can afford. No matter the situation, though, he always has his trademark grin for anyone who needs it.

Special Skills: Daeric's study of law means he is well-read, extremely educated, and highly skilled at interpreting and analyzing information. He is also an accomplished marksman and a skilled duelist, though he far prefers sparring to actual fights.
Strengths: In addition to his academic strengths, Daeric has a strict personal code of ethics that he refuses to violate. He will not stab another person in the back, and refuses to use his chosen profession to the detriment of others. He is a loyal and caring person, and makes friends easily.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately, one of Daeric's biggest strengths – his kind, caring nature – is also the chief of his weaknesses. The Final Empire is a ruthless, cutthroat place, making it very difficult for a gentler person to even survive, let alone get ahead. He is also rather proud, often refusing to accept help when he probably should.

Personality: Daeric Vaudin is not your typical lawyer – or your typical nobleman in the Final Empire, for that matter. He has a kind, gentle spirit, and will go out of his way to make the people he loves happy. His carefree demeanor and vibrant personality are a stark contrast to his house's dull, monochromatic atmosphere, and his tendency to look deeper and ask questions when learning are at odds with the Vaudins' typical black-and-white mentality. A dreamer and a romantic at heart, he is both sensitive and sentimental, easily befriended (and hurt, but not willing to show it to even the closest of friends) and eternally optimistic. Even when he has to force himself to be through the inklings of depression and self-doubt that sometimes creep into the back of his mind.

While he knows that kindness is not necessarily rewarded in the Final Empire, he can't help but act that way anyways. He is who he is, as he will gladly tell anyone who asks, and he doesn't want to be anyone different. He is also both loyal and proud almost to a fault, bending over backwards for his friends but having great difficulty accepting even the smallest bit of help when he needs it. He is a caretaker at heart, and sees it as his responsibility to take care of the people he loves – not the other way around.

History: Daeric Vaudin was born in the year 897 to the Lord of House Vaudin, Bradford, and his wife, Abigaille, in the city of Urteau. One of the higher-ranked noble houses in Urteau, the Vaudins earn much of their wealth in the profession of law: from acting lawyers who draw up documents to be witnessed by obligators, represent clients in civil cases, mediate disputes, and any number of things to authors, editors, and publishers of texts relating to the legal field, and anything else in between. Because of this, there was really only one choice for the Lord's son:

Daeric Vaudin was to be a lawyer.

His childhood was one of wealth and comfort, but it was also strict. His education began as soon as he was old enough to learn how to read, and he wasn't encouraged to succeed – he was expected to. Everything from the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics to the vast and complex legal code of the Final Empire were drilled into his head from a young age, and he was expected to learn it all. It was sink or swim, except where the Vaudins are concerned, sinking isn't an option.

As the type of scholar who learns best by exploring and asking questions, Daeric found his lessons stifling and oppressive from an early age. And while the other Vaudin boys accepted this lifestyle as a matter of choice, Daeric sought refuge from the drudgery with a group of boys from other noble houses: Jalen Domaille, Winchester Duchemin, and Frederin Damerell. All four boys were around the same age, all four were from houses of close enough rank, and all four would much rather laugh and joke with each other than sit at a desk listening to a tutor read from his lecture notes.

It wasn't long after he first bonded with the other three boys that Daeric's seventh birthday – and thus, his Snapping – approached. Neither of his parents were Allomancers, and neither was his older half-sister, but there were always high hopes among the Vaudins when a new child had his or her turn to face the test. And so, the day after he turned seven, Daeric was subjected to the customary beating, witnessed by his father and two Seekers. The test was brutal, but it wasn't very long before the young boy succumbed to the physical onslaught and began burning steel instinctively. The test was stopped immediately, Daeric was seen to by a doctor before being put to bed to recover, and the Vaudins were thrilled: they had a new Coinshot.

Daeric's lessons continued as he recovered, his tutors coming to his bedside to drill more information to his head. His friends were allowed to visit too, of course, but not very often. Still, they helped lighten the mood in the sickroom, and eventually the recovery period passed and Daeric was allowed out of bed at last. His lessons resumed as normal, with the addition of Allomantic training that was conducted in a very similar way to the rest of his education: do what we tell you to, because we tell you to, and repeat it until you get it right. Daeric quickly came to dread his Allomantic training almost as much as his classroom sessions, but at least he was able to move around for once instead of sitting still.

The four boys grew closer as the years went on, flocking together in every spare moment of free time to lighten their days after what were often hours-long deluges of information or relentless Allomantic drills. They even convinced their fathers to send them to the same dueling master just to have more time together, though the plan sort of backfired when Daeric and Jalen quickly outpaced Frederin and Winchester and were split off into their own session.

In time, the other three boys faced their own Snappings as well, and though they were supposed to keep their abilities secret, each of them inevitably ended up sharing with the group anyways: Jalen was a Soother; Winchester, a Smoker; and Frederin, a Seeker. When no one was listening, the boys often had fun discussing various ways to combine their abilities. They even studied together, pursuing their chosen subjects the way they chose, not the way some stuffy old tutor told them to. And when the time came for them to start attending balls, they spent more time talking about books with one another than paying attention to their dates. It didn't take long for most women in Urteau to give up on them entirely, but they didn't mind – three of the boys didn't care all that much about courtships, and Jalen had plenty of other ways to flirt.

For the most part, Daeric's life seemed good, at least from the outside. His family's wealth ensured that he was well taken care of, he had good friends, and a promising future. But the strict, overbearing, black-and-white Vaudin lifestyle was wearing on the naturally gentle-natured and inquisitive Daeric. He gave up asking questions of his tutors, his Allomantic training and even his dueling sessions felt more mechanical than informative, and any information he managed to retain from his tutors was memorized and parroted back by rote without much thought or application. He did what he was told because he was told to do it. He went through the motions because it was expected to him. He kept breathing because it would anger the Vaudins if he keeled over unconscious on the good carpets.

As sure as ash is black, his own house was suffocating and crushing him.

It was around this time, when Daeric was nineteen, that the group underwent a dramatic change. They had gone to the debut for a young Deveaux, some painfully shy creature named Lucille, but the party didn't go well for the girl of the hour. She spent most of the time in the shadows of the ballroom, and while Daeric himself wasn't sure how to approach her without scaring her off, Jalen finally shoved him aside and went to talk to her himself. Daeric didn't know at the time what was said, but by the end of their conversation, Lucille was smiling, and Jalen looked more thoughtful than Daeric had ever seen him.

A couple days after the party, Daeric noticed a drastic change in his world. Any time he was with his friends, the crippling pressure that had been overwhelming him simply vanished. Oh, it had always lessened when he spent time with those three, but this was completely different. It was like he was his old self again, and it wasn't until he brought it up that he learned what was happening: Jalen – the same Jalen who never talked about Soothing, who had claimed for years to have quit it forever – was Soothing him. The Deveaux girl had taught him something, he explained. That he could Soothe people without using them as tools. That he could help them, even. He asked for Daeric's permission to continue, and Daeric, recognizing the good it was doing him, agreed.

It wasn't long afterward until Daeric ran into Lucille again and struck up a conversation. Jalen had mentioned that she liked books, and was hoping she would join their group – and though Daeric was slightly suspicious of his friend's motives (as anyone should be when it comes to Jalen's dealings with women), he found himself wishing for the same thing. It was during that very conversation that he convinced Lucille to join their little gatherings, and made a new friend in the process.

Though their book club was fun before, bringing Lucille in was like letting in a pure beam of sunlight into the room. The group grew happier and more carefree by the day, and they grew as people as well: Jalen began resolving his Soothing crisis, Lucille came out of her shell and blossomed into a vibrant young woman, and Daeric finally got his feet under him again, learning how to deal with the pressures of his home life without relying on Jalen's Soothing.

And so life continued happily on for two blissful years. Their little group of five, sometimes joined temporarily by some acquaintance or another, or one of Jalen's latest love interests, spent as much time together as possible, from any scrap of free time they had to the requisite mid-ball book discussion. It wasn't long before Lucille was passed up for dates as well, but none of the four young men cared – it meant they could dance with her more themselves, after all!

There was however, one little complication: the more time Daeric spent with Lucille, the more he started thinking of her as something other than a friend. After all, she was beautiful, she was intelligent, and she was her own person – all things Daeric valued in a woman. He never told anyone – especially not Lucille – as he valued his group's friendship too much to risk ruining it, but he secretly began to hope that one day, she might come to see him the same way.

But it all came crashing down when Lucille informed them that she was being sent to Luthadel. Her father worried she wouldn't strike a good match given her life and reputation in Urteau, she told them, so he was shipping her off to learn how to be a better noblewoman from her cousin Camille. And so the group sorrowfully said their goodbyes, even seeing Lucille off as she got on the barge.

It took them all of a couple days to decide that it had been long enough, and they needed to visit her.

And so, less than a week after Lucille's departure for Luthadel, they set their plan in motion. They had packed as much of their things – and money – as they could managed to sneak out of their families' keeps, and at last, they were ready to board the barge themselves.

And so it was that after a journey filled with cramped quarters, boredom-fueled mischief, and a mild case of cabin fever, The Four found themselves in Luthadel, ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

At least, until their Fathers find out where they've gone.

Roleplay Sample

Coming Soon!

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#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 24 December 2011 - 04:40 AM

Daeric's great! I'm excited to see more of the four.

Accepted. Well, in Pending :D

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