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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Lord of Hoodwink

Matthias's Photo Matthias 24 Jun 2012

Now, now, the young Lord Valoren wasn't being entirely honest with his recollection. Possibly it would take one to intervene, just to make sure the facts were all straight in these young men's minds?

"Don't be bashful my prince. The romantic here met with his to-be in a dress shop and was overcome with his endearment to the young lady that his thoughts could not instruct his tongue in the proper manner."

To add injury to the hurt, Matthias burned away a little zinc on Kaled's annoyance. A small enough spurt that in the presence of a Seeker would be untraceable.
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Kaled Valoren's Photo Kaled Valoren 30 Dec 2012

A small burst of anger sparked a wildfire of incredulity, like a match setting a whole plantation ablaze. Before he'd even realised it he was standing, his chair scuffed back several inches from the force of his rising. Before he could explode Kaled noticed bared teeth through the bushy veil, a small mischievous glint lighted those dark brown eyes and Kaled knew then. Just knew.

Matthias was a Rioter. Anyone who was a Valoren would know that. They kept no secrets they didn't need amongst themselves. But what was told in confidence couldn't be exploited just to make him appear the victim in this farce. He wouldn't do that to Matthias.

There was still a way to salvage it at least. Forcibly calming himself he grinned right back at this Lord Churchill as if they'd just shared the greatest in-joke ever. The other noble lads might be observing the theatrics with some confusion but Kaled needed to appear a good sport after almost losing his temper.

Still grinning, he mused. "And should we not also inform these lads of how Lord Churchill likes to make those noble-born courtesans dance on his lap, instead of around the patron's tables?" It was at least partly true. Kaled wouldn't tell them Matthias only ever visited skaa brothels though.