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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#1 Valerre

  • Rebel

Looking Good in Red
  • Age22

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

  • Allomantic StatusHidden

Posted 09 January 2012 - 11:40 PM

Skaa Rioter

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Name/Handle: Comatose
Contact: PM to start, and possibly AIM, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype upon request.

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Name: Valerre
Type: Skaa
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Gymnast/Rebel/Brothel Worker
Relationship Status: Difficult to keep track of, even for him.

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(If Applicable. Remove section if your character has no powers)
Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Intermediate (Valerre has a lot of natural skill, but not much formal training. Thus, some aspects of his rioting are more advanced than others).
Status: Known to the rebellion, necessarily hidden to the rest of the world, as his allomancy is proof of his mixed blood.

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Valerre is about 5'9" and has a well defined musculature. His hair, black, is fairly curly, and hangs down into his dark (almost black) blue eyes. His movements are confident and often arrogant, especially when he is impersonating a noble. His gymnast training and his time in and out of brothels has made him very aware of his body, and thus he moves very gracefully. His face is a handsome one, with a striking nose and well shaped jawline. Even when he is in skaa garb, there is something vaguely aristocratic about him, hinting at his mixed heritage.

When dressed as a skaa (when he is dressed at all) Valerre wears the nicest skaa clothes he can and tries to be as clean as possible. His noble attire is always on the cutting edge of the current fashion, and is of the nicest quality he can afford. Valerre takes great pride in his appearance, no matter what situation he is in, it is clear he's put effort into how he looks.

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On the outside, Valerre is humorous, charming, an unfailingly nonchalant. He is confident to the point of arrogance, and he is known to hurt people's feelings with his biting sarcasm. He is kind to those whose approval he seeks, or to those he deems have earned his kindness, and dismisses almost everyone else. He loves attention, and will do almost anything to get it, using all the talents he possesses to do so. He has a quick wit and will not hesitate to use it both the cheer people up or to tear them down should the fancy strike him. He is mostly incapable of seeing things from other people's perspective or seeing the big picture. He is entirely wrapped up in his own life and problems, which leads him to be self centered and makes many of his dilemmas seem much bigger to him than they really are. This, combined with his powerful and turbulent emotions make Valerre a bit over dramatic at times.

Then there is Valerre's other, more hidden side, which he keeps hidden at all times under his humour, uncaring attitude, and pursuit of pleasure. Sometimes those who know him well might notice it in the form of a hollow, empty look in his eyes that doesn't fully fade away even when he is in the midst of laughing or a slight tension in his face when he forces a smile. It is harder to detect when he is going through other emotions, as this deeper darker depression blends in easily with both anger and sadness. Valerre thinks of himself as a shallow person out to get simple pleasures, and doesn't like troubling himself with deeper things. Because of this, he is sometimes the one his dark side is the most hidden from. Sometimes, however, it comes out in full force. When Valerre is in one of these dark moods he is unresponsive, has difficulty eating and sleeping, and only his closest friends can ever pull him out of it.

Valerre always seems to have a relationship of some kind of another on the go, but such connections rarely last long. These rarely go beyond the physical, for Valerre often mistakes lust for love. Also, because of his desensitization as a child, Valerre is often careless with his body, and most physical intimacies have become meaningless to him. Despite this, it is in these physical connections that Valerre tries to find meaning in his life, which leads to much conflict and frustration for him.

Valerre is a creature of emotion, and because of this when he falls in love, he falls hard. With Valerre there is not middle ground. If he doesn't love someone, he usually hates them, if he's not happy, he's usually sad or angry. Because he has been burned by love in the past, he is hesitant to form real connections with people and prefers to focus on the physical side of romance. While his charm, energy, and sense of humor make him popular, his unwillingness to get close to people means he has few true friends. The few that he has he guards fiercely, often becoming jealous when they give too much attention to someone else. Those who manage to establish this level of connection with him are the only people who Valerre cares about other than himself, and have his unwavering loyalty.

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Special Skills: Gymnastics, Seduction, Conning.
Strengths: Valerre is very physically capable, both in the bedroom and out on the streets of the Final Empire's meanest cities. He has good instincts which, combined with his superior strength, acrobatics, and speed serve him well. He is also good at piecing together observations to see through people, particularly men who he is interested in seducing. His charm and good sense of humour make him likable and he uses this to make friends easily.
While he is a capable gymnast, Valerre's combat training did not begin until later in life, and thus, while he has the body of a warrior, he's still better at doing fancy tricks than actually fighting. Also, he can be very lazy when he is not interested in something, which hasn't helped his learning of new things. Mentally, Valerre is very self centered, and despite his observational skills, he as difficulty seeing things from other people's perspectives. Because of this lack of perspective, he is prone to blowing his own problems out of proportion, and his emotions can be fairly volatile and unpredictable.

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[CONTENT WARNING]: Valerre grew up and now works in a brothel as a male prostitute. I have tried my best to keep more sensitive portions of his history vague, but if you think you might feel uncomfortable or are easily offended with this sort of thing, I will understand if you don't want to read it.

Valerre was born in 898. His mother managed to survive her pregnancy with the use of emotional allomancy. Used to the luxury of her elite brothel, Evangeline had not done well on the streets of Luthadel, and had a very difficult pregnancy. Valerre was born in an alley behind a small skaa shop. The crew leader who was letting Evangeline share his bed in return for food and shelter didn't want the ‘mess' of birthing all over his hideout. Her pregnancy had been hard on her, and until she found this crew leader about a week before she gave birth, she had been near starvation. When Valerre was born, Evangeline was thrown out of the crew leader's hideout. He claimed she no longer looked that good anyways, and he didn't like the way Valerre was always crying.

And cry Valerre did. Evangeline never had enough milk to feed him, and he was always too cold, or too hungry or too thirsty, or too dirty. It was sometime during this time of hardship, or perhaps even before because of his premature birth, that Valerre snapped. Evangeline was no mere skaa. She was a noble whose house was destroyed by it's enemies when she was still a teenager. With no money and nowhere to go, she had sold herself to a brothel. At the time, she had still been proud of her heritage, and had been too ashamed to admit to being a noble, and wasn't fully aware of the daily dangers faced by skaa whores, so she claimed to be a skaa.

Working in the brothel, she had disdained the other workers at first, hating herself for having to lower herself to the station of a skaa. However, when she met Valerre's father, everything changed. He was a skaa thief, and he showed her how really similar skaa and nobles were, and how little divided them besides wealth and station. She found herself finding more in common with him than any of her noble patrons, and so, when he died in a ministry raid, only her pregnancy prevented her from following him into death. It took considerable soothing of Madame and the other girls, but Evangeline managed to get Madame to agree to let her carry the baby to term and then return.

However, when Evangeline returned, she found the effects of her soothing had vanished in her long absence. There was no forgiveness or sign of compassion in Madame's eyes, nor fondness for the woman who had been her star worker. Seeing there was no hope, Evangeline desperately tried to save the life of her baby. She had brought every last scrap of brass she could find, and burned it all in her efforts to see that her son would survive.

Some combination of Evangeline's soothing and natural sympathy made little Daphne speak up and Madame accept the girl's request. Valerre of course, was too young to remember any of this, and to this day he has no idea what happened to his mother. Growing up, Daphne was his mother, older sister, and his best friend. The other women of the brothel doted on him, and developed a certain amount of fondness, but Daphne was his entire world. Upon Evangeline's parting insistence, he was named Charon, after his dead father, though he was never told this.

Valerre was sold for the first time when he was seven years old. He was still too young to understand what was happening, or that he had only survived this long because of Daphne's constant campaigns on his behalf. Valerre was ushered into a dark room where he was ordered to undress and wait until a drunken nobleman stumbled in.

That night, Valerre was changed forever. Unable to deal with the trauma, Valerre retreated within himself. Only Daphne's warmth and kindness succeeded in coaxing him out of his shell, and whenever she was not around or failed to do so he found himself unable to interact with anyone, paralyzed by day dreams of the waking nightmares he faced at night.

Over time, Valerre became acclimatized, and once again began functioning in society. Within, however, he was constantly struggling with a deep and dark depression that threatened to overwhelm him. When it got particularly bad and Daphne wasn't around, Valerre took to telling himself bed time stories Daphne had once told him from memory. It was from these stories that he got the name Valerre. While Charon was weak and unable to deal with his situation, Valerre was strong and dynamic, the perfect hero. While it did not form fully until after he left the brothel, it was from these stories that the seeds of his adult persona were sown and began to take root.

As he grew, Valerre began to notice there was something different about him from the others in the brothel. It was like his brain had an extra muscle in it, one that, if he wanted something bad enough, could latch into someone else's mind and make them more likely to feel as he did and give him what he wanted. At first, he'd merely thought it was a method of sharing his feelings, showing people how he felt by broadcasting his emotions. He thought everyone could do as he did, but as he grew older he realized he was wrong. It was only after this realization that he began to refine and develop his strange extra muscle. As he became more conscious of his ability, he also realized he couldn't make use of it all the time.

When he was eight years old, Daphne got a surgery that made her horribly weak. When the doctors brought her back to the brothel, it looked like she was almost dead. Scared that cruel Madame would tire of her, Valerre stood vigil day and night, whenever his duties allowed, and used every tool at his disposal to convince people to leave her alone. Seeing the only life he cared for other than his own in jeopardy made Valerre realize exactly how much Daphne meant to him. The realization changed him. Damaged as he was, Valerre found himself unable to cope with the strength of the emotions that he had kept locked away up until this point. He became wild and unpredictable, flying from calm to extreme anger or heartfelt tears in moments. After feeling dead inside for so long, Valerre latched on to these overpowered emotions, and they became like a drug to him. When he was angry, he purposely tried to work himself into a frenzy, and when he was sad he revelled in his melancholy. In the grips of emotion, he finally felt alive again.

Upon her recovery, Valerre quickly noticed that Daphne was beginning to change. Where before survival for both her and Valerre was Daphne's key goal, now she began to expand her horizons, trying to help the other women in the brothel. During Daphne's sickness, Valerre's attitude had isolated him from the other brothel workers, and now the only person whose friendship he could count on didn't seem to have time for him. As Daphne began developing relationships with other women, and with men outside the brothel, Valerre began to feel like he didn't fit into her life any more. And so, one day when it became too much for him, he ran away without saying good bye.

He wondered the streets for a few weeks. When his food ran out, he found he could focus on his own boredom or inattention and project it onto unsuspecting shop keepers in order to get away with stealing what he needed to survive. While working the brothel, he'd realized he could delay the more horrific parts of his nightly encounters by amusing his patrons with small tricks like walking on his hands and somersaulting. Sometimes, if he had some emotional grapple to spare and they were drunk enough, he could latch on to their fatigue and get them to pass out without touching him. He became more adept at these little tricks, and soon learned they could be used in front of other brothel workers to sate his appetite for attention. While the other workers had tired of his antics, out on the streets, Valerre found that his talents came in handy.

He was narrowly escaping some garrison soldiers who had caught him shop lifting when he was noticed by Lord Harling. Lord Harling ran a skaa circus, and, impressed with Valerre's acrobatics and agility at a young age, invited him to join his show in exchange for regular meals and a place to sleep. Tired of always being on the run, Valerre was easily taken in by Lord Harling's lavish praise, and quickly joined up, introducing himself as ‘Valerre' for the first time. He decided then and there that he had left boring old Charon behind at the brothels. To survive in this new world, Valerre was obviously the better choice. Lord Harling had the genial kindly personality perfected, as he had used to recruit numerous skaa children throughout his career. He always liked to acquire them young, so he could shape them how he wished.

His trainers, however, were less forgiving. Lord Harling used them to save face, letting them play the bad guy, while he played the sympathizer when necessary. Valerre was put through the most rigorous training of his life, all bent on preparing to perform as soon as possible. Often times, the acrobats and performers were trained more like animals than people. Valerre was constantly exhausted, and was so tired he didn't even have time to dwell on his misfortune of having fallen into Lord Harling's clutches, or to realize how horrible his life was. All that existed for him was eating, sleeping, and training to be the best gymnast he could be. Unbenownst to Valerre, Lord Harling had a soother on staff whose only job was to soothe away all unnecessary distractions from the performers.

Valerre's training was so rigorous, he didn't start making friends until he turned thirteen and was deemed ready to perform. Out in front of the crowd, Valerre was finally the center of attention and loved every moment of it. It became common place for him to make his stunts more elaborate at the last minute, just so he could bask in the applause a little longer. As long as the response from the crowd was favorable, Lord Harling let Valerre get away with it, but made sure his trainers reminded him that any slip up would be punished harshly. However, Valerre continued to succeed time and time again, quickly becoming one of Lord Harling's favorites.

He also developed relationships with some of the other performers, particularly another gymnast his age named Taryn. Because of their similar stature, the two boys often ended up practicing and performing together, and as soon as their schedules allowed more than gymnastics, eating and sleeping, the quickly became close friends. As they grew closer, Valerre began to notice he felt different about Taryn than he did about any of the other people in his life, and soon began to suspect he had feelings for him. Because the closest thing to romance he had ever experienced had been in the brothel at the hands of noblemen, Valerre did not realize that the majority of society would view his feelings for someone of the same gender as wrong. In his mind, he just felt he was finally realizing what those noblemen had been willing to pay so much for.

He also began to get signals that Taryn might be reciprocating some of his feelings. Growing up in a brothel had given him the ability to judge how people were feeling and guess how they might be feeling out of necessity. In the business of a pleasure, a boy who could not tell he was displeasing his patron could quickly wind up dead. Things were different with Taryn though, and the more Valerre examined his feelings, the more he realized this. The noblemen, he realized bought him to use him, and cared only for themselves. While they might trick themselves into thinking they cared for him, and whisper words of affection to heighten their enjoyment, Valerre had been nothing to them. Taryn was quickly filling the void Valerre had opened in himself when he left Daphne. For the first time in his life, Valerre was beginning to understand what it meant when the heroes in Daphne's stories fell in love.

As the two boys grew, they soon developed a relationship. At first Taryn resisted when Valerre tried to kiss him one day. He said it was weird, and that Valerre should never do that again and leave him alone. Valerre, however, knew Taryn had feelings for him too, and persisted, challenging the pre-conceived stereotypes Taryn had of what romantic relationships should be. In this, Valerre's ignorance of how real world relationships worked proved to be in his favor. Any time Taryn answered something with "That's the way things are," Valerre honestly responded with "Why?" or "Why not?" Unable to justify to Valerre why they couldn't be together after he finally acknowledged he returned Valerre's feelings, Taryn relented, and the two began a romance. It was not a steady one by any means, Valerre's nature and Taryn's discomfort made for more than one tempestuous disagreement, but the two often worked things out in the end. Between Lord Harling's growing regard, the rush of performance, and Taryn, Valerre was becoming happier than he had ever been before.

After touring around the central dominance for a while, Lord Harling soon found greater success for his show amidst the corruption and more lax skaa trade practices in Klessium. As long as Valerre continued to perform well, Harling turned a blind eye to the relationship he was forming with Taryn, although he often expressed his opinion that his performers had been bought to perform, not to socialize with each other. Aside from the odd fight with Taryn, tension with the other performers because of Valerre's quickly inflating ego, and the continued harshness of his training, the first few months the troupe spent in Klessium passed by quickly and relatively peacefully.

Things changed as Lord Harling became more successful. Suddenly, some very important people in Klessium became interested in Harling's little show and decided they wanted a piece of his success. After all, it was the performers and trainers who were making the money, Lord Harling was just a facilitator and could easily be replaced. While a show like his would have been costly to set up, now that it was up and running, another party could come in, replace Harling, and start making money immediately.

Harling was killed halfway through his third month in Klessium by one of the skaa gangs. His successor didn't share his fondness for performers who did well in front of a crowd, and was equally harsh to everyone. When Valerre bristled against the harsh treatment he had become unaccustomed too, he only worsened his situation. Misdemeanors that Harling would have punished with a few harsh words or a lash or two were now met with full fledged beatings. Not knowing the extent of the effects a worn and battered body had on performance, Harling's successor did not know how much to hold back in his punishments, and several performers were seriously injured and were cast off when they proved unable to perform. Within a few weeks after Harling's death, Valerre knew he and Taryn had to escape.

The plan was simple. With their mutual acrobatic skills, Valerre knew he and Taryn could easily outmaneuver their task masters if they managed to escape. All they had to do was find the right opportunity. After a bit of planning, and some convincing on Valerre's part, the two decided the best time would be during a show. The next time they performed, Valerre and Taryn hopped out of the ring unexpectedly during a balancing act and fled into the crowd, using them as cover until they got out onto the streets of Klessium. As usual, it was storming outside, and the rain washed away any tracks or traces of scent the young men left behind.

Despite their plan, the guards still managed to get outside before the could vanish without a trace and began pursuing them. Confident in both his and Taryn's abilities to escape the guards, Valerre decided it would be best if they split up until they could ditch their former masters. It worked. After escaping his pursuers by climbing through a second story window and leaping out the other side onto a roof top, Valerre swung down and hid behind a small shed in the alley and waited until the guards passed him by. He intended to wait another twenty minutes just to be certain he was safe, but as the seconds ticked by, all he could think of was Taryn. With ten minutes left to count out, Valerre left his hiding place and went searching for his friend.

He never found him.

Alone on the harsh streets of Klessium, Valerre took to pit-pocketing in order to survive. Every time he turned a corner, he expected to find Taryn there waiting for him, but he never was. And slowly, but surely, he lost hope of ever finding his first love again. It wasn't long before Klessium's thriving underground took notice of his talents and Valerre was recruited into one of the many skaa gangs that ran the under-city. It was while working in the under-city that Valerre finally discovered the mental grapple he had been using to get what he wanted all his life was really something called allomancy.

His crew leader assigned someone to train him, however Valerre proved to be a difficult student. While his trainer was able to do some things Valerre couldn't do, Valerre could tell he was more subtle than his trainer would ever be, and that the man was doing it all wrong. Having rioted for his entire life without knowing what he was doing, Valerre had developed his own way of using, understanding and thinking about his allomancy, and had difficulty learning the more conventional method of 'pulling' on emotions. Despite his trainer's lack of success, Valerre now knew it was the metal zinc that made his strange talent work, and once he had a steady supply was able to practice on his own and improve his talent by independent study.

He turned fifteen about a year after joining the skaa gangs. His allomancy and acrobatic skills made him an asset to his crew, and despite his youth, Valerre found himself rising in rank within the structure of the under-city. While he had dabbled in relationships from time to time, none of the men (or the occasional woman) he ended up sleeping with were anything like Taryn, so Valerre mostly kept his romantic encounters short and secret. Things changed when he met Ivan.

It wasn't the same as it had been before. With Taryn, Valerre had felt an overwhelming attraction both physical and emotional that had been all but impossible to resist. Falling in love with Taryn had been what Valerre had always assumed having his emotions pulled on would feel like, completely out of his own control. Things with Ivan were different. They started slowly at first. In a conversation over drinks one night, Valerre accidentally began talking about Taryn, which he never did. Later, he decided it was because something about Ivan just made him comfortable talking about it. Ivan immediately realized what Valerre was about to disclose, and forced him to stop talking before he gave away too much.

Ivan was about Valerre's age and was a talented thief, but other than their age and current circumstances their lives had been very different. Ivan had grown up on a plantation, and had formed a relationship with one of the other male workers there. When his family found out about it, they began spouting superstitions and calling it abnormal, and worrying that any unorthodox relationships would bring the wrath of the taskmasters down on them. When he refused to change, his parents had driven him out. He soon found himself in Klessium and joined the underground there, and never saw his family again.

While Valerre had realized since leaving the brothel that relationships among people of the same gender were not the norm, he hadn't realized that some people thought they shouldn't be happening at all, or that people might dislike him because of who he was attracted to. When he first learned about how Ivan had been treated over the years, he was furious, and only Ivan's calm assertions that he was fine now could calm him down. From Ivan, he learned that by watching how people interacted with each other, he could tell who they were attracted to. Valerre honed this talent and used it in combination with his rioting to increase his skill at seduction. As he became more promiscuous, Ivan taught him to be discreet.

At first, Valerre thought of Ivan as only friend, but as time went on, he began to realize he was more than that. His one night dalliances began to stop as he spent more time with Ivan, and he began to share things about his past he hadn't shared with anyone, not even Taryn. The memories these conversations brought up were painful, but Ivan was there to help Valerre through the tears, and find a tentative peace on the other side. It was soon after Valerre told him about the brothel and Daphne that the two became lovers.

Their relationship ran much smoother than Valerre's and Taryn's had. Ivan had a calming influence on Valerre, and was able to deal with even his most difficult moods. They had problems like any couple from time to time, but Valerre began to feel content with his life, and was actually happy for a time.

Just before Valerre turned sixteen, Ivan killed himself. Valerre discovered him with an empty vial clutched in one hand with the other grasping at his throat as he strangled to death. He had shown no signs of being overtly unhappy, they had not been having troubles in their relationship, and there was no sign of assassination. Ivan was just gone, and Valerre had no one to blame.

He couldn't deal with any memory of Ivan, and so he left the thieving crew and took up the trade he had left behind in Luthadel. This time, however, Valerre was in charge of his own destiny. Using what funds he had stashed away he set himself up in a hotel, and after that lived night to night. Sometimes, he found a nobleman to seduce and went home with them for the night. Other times he blackmailed them into giving him enough money to get through the next few days. Sometimes he just sold himself. With his rioting to help him, he became fairly prosperous, but he also knew the danger of being a skaa allomancer. As he began to have more disposable income, he began to spend it on fine clothes and fancier hotels that had baths and spas where he could keep himself well groomed. He began to change from an expensive male prostitute into a flirtatious young nobleman who just happened to accept payment when his lovers thought it 'necessary'.

He was stalking some prey when he found Taryn again. The years had changed him, but for Valerre there was no mistaking his first love. Abandoning his quarry, Valerre followed Taryn for the rest of the day. Several times he tried to go up and speak to him, but each time his courage failed him. Finally, Taryn went home for the night and Valerre followed him there.

When Taryn opened the door, he was greeted by a plain looking skaa woman who threw her arms around him and ushered him inside. The lived in a small apartment under a weaver's shop that had an outdoor entrance. Before the door slammed shut, Valerre caught sight of a young child who couldn't have been more than two years old toddling around the room and laughing happily.

He waited outside that house for several hours before he got up the courage to knock.

When Taryn opened the door his eyes widened with fear. In his expensive clothing, Valerre looked like a lower class nobleman, and Taryn likely feared he was here to take away his wife or beat him. As he struggled to spit out his courtesies, a look of realization slowly came across his face.

"Valerre... is that you?"

Valerre forced himself to smile. "Of course it's me, dumb-dumb. Now come here and give me a hug."

As Valerre advanced, Taryn backed away, shutting the door behind him. "What are you doing here Valerre, how did you find me?"

Valerre lowered his hands, confused. "I saw you in the street today and followed you. What's the matter? It's not every day you're reunited with..."

"You shouldn't have come here," interrupted Taryn. "I have a good life now Valerre. Mara inherited this shop from her mother, and it's owned by one of the High Houses. I'm able to do the heavy lifting and watch for shop lifters, so we both can stay out of the millls and forges, and we have a place all for ourselves to raise our daughter." Taryn folded his arms over his chest and put on a stubborn look Valerre knew all too well. "We can't afford any trouble Valerre. You should go."

Valerre stared at Taryn, dumbstruck. "You mean you're happy here? With that woman?"

Taryn shifted his feet slightly. "Yes I am."

"None of that, look me in the eye and tell me you love her."

"Mara loves me, and I love the life we've created together. I love our child. That's enough."

"And what about us?"

Taryn chuckled. "We're not anything Valerre. We were randy teenagers. We didn't know what we were doing. Eventually, everyone has to grow-up and get realistic. I'm finally happy with my life, and by the looks of that jacket you've been doing well for yourself. All we can do for each other now is to mess everything up."

Valerre stared into Taryn's eyes, not really believing what he was hearing. "How... how can you say that? I... I love.... loved you."

Taryn laughed, and the mockery cut into Valerre's soul. "That wasn't love Valerre. I can't explain exactly what we had, but it wasn't natural. And it certainly wasn't love."

Valerre wanted to scream, to lash out, to use his allomancy to force Taryn to love him again. Instead, he did nothing. Instead he felt himself fading away within, retreating to the shell that Ivan had so painstakingly pried open.

He left Klessium the next day. Ivan was gone forever, and Taryn might as well have been. There was only one more person in the world who Valerre cared about and he was going to find her.

It took some time. Luthadel was a big city. Valerre returned to his casual encounters with nobleman to pay for his stay at random hotels. As he searched, he began to break down his depression, bottle it up, and lock it away step by step. He remembered the persona he had created as a boy. He wasn't Charon any more. Charon was weak and sad. He was Valerre now, and Valerre was interesting and dynamic in personality. He renewed his persona and embraced it, using it to hide the pain he felt inside from everyone, including himself.

Eventually, he found Daphne, and together they joined the rebellion. Valerre didn't actually care about the rebellion, he just wanted to be near Daphne again, and was content to follow her lead. With his skill set and allomancy, he proved competent at finding information for the rebellion to use, and creating encounters that could be used as black mail against certain noblemen.

Still, when he think no one is watching, or he is just in the wrong sort of mood, the darkness Valerre has tried so desperately to escape from all his life seems like it is ready to break through to the surface and overwhelm him. He tried losing himself in acrobatics, falling in love, and burying himself in passionless physical enjoyments, but the feelings of depression have never really left him. As time goes on, he begins to fear they never will and again and again he sees Ivan clutching the empty vial in his cold dead fingers.

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"It's true!" Valerre insisted. "Phyra Venture is not exactly a patron one can ever forget."

His companion, one of the girls from the brothel, shook her head, covering her mouth to hide her laughter. She had a lovely laugh, that carried well. It was the kind of laugh that was meant to be caught by unsuspecting ears and encourage them to locate its source. It was the laugh of a prostitute, and a good one.

"Really Valerre," she was saying, bearing a lovely smile, "I don't know where you come up with these stories." As they strolled down the street, Valerre made sure to keep his distance fromn her, and kept track of his body language. Even an unintentional insiuation that they were together could be detrimental to their work.

"I don't see why you find the idea so ludicrous. The woman's lusts were legendary, and it's not every day you find men as desirable as myself for hire. Alas, even I could not satisfy her alone. We had to call in Millie as well."

Though her smile remained bright, the prostitutes eyes went dark for a moment. It was then Valerre remembered that Millie had been killed only a few weeks ago by a drunken noble. Valerre realized he hadn't spoken to her since that night with Phyra Venture. It wasn't often that noblewomen hired prostitutes, but then, Phyra Venture had hardly been a regular noblewoman. And now she's dead too. All of Luthadel was buzzing with the news. Such an exciting night, and now I'm the only one left to remember it. He would have preferred to entertain one of Phyra's handsome male cousins, of course, but for a woman she had proven surprisingly interesting. Crazed and insane of course, but still interesting.

His companion had changed the subject, and was nattering on about something Valerre decided was pointless and stopped listening to. As he nodded in respect to a passing noble, Valerre saw it. A quick glance, down and up, aimed at him and not his female companion. The man was around his age and handsome enough. He also had a certain naivete in the way he held himself. In short, the perfect target.

Focusing on his interest in his quarry, Valerre immediately latched on to the noble's emotions, hoping to bring him to a similar state of mind. Leaving his companion hanging mid sentence, but trusting her to start smoking, Vallerre abruptly turned around and began to follow the man. As he neared him, he snuck his hand deftly into an exposed pocket and retrieved a small coin purse.

After waiting a second and letting the man get farther ahead, Valerre knelt to the ground, slipping the purse from his palm and pretending to pick it up.

"Sir," he called, "Sir, I believe you dropped this!" After a moment, the man spun, a look of innocent surprise on his face. Perfect.

Predictably, his hand immediately went to his coat pocket, and found it empty. Then his eyes widened slightly and went to Valerre, sliding up and down his figure once again. Nervously, the man approached, taking the purse from Valerre's outstretched hand. As their fingers brushed, Valerre took a moment to focus on his attraction for the man, his appreciation of the delicate cheekbones and good jawline, and flared his metal for the briefest of instances.

Taking his purse, the man coughed into his hand discreetly, no doubt attempting to get his emotions in check. "Ugh... thank-you, I suppose," Valerre focused on his feelings of duty towards Daphne and continued his rioting, "I don't know what I would have done..." Valerre kept rioting. "I... I don't suppose you would allow me to buy you a drink in repayment?" Again, the man's eyes flicked downward, taking stock of Valerre's fine clothing as he offered out his hand to shake. "Lord..."

"Valerre, milord," he said, accepting the handshake, and then bowing his head in obeisance. "Just Valerre is fine. My family is mostly gone, and our business is defunct, our plantations all sold off. Can't say I feel like much of a lord anymore, title or no." After letting himself dwell on his supposed misery for a moment, Valerre looked up, meeting the man's gaze with his own, flashing a charming smile. "On that note, I think a drink would be most welcome. Provided you don't have somewhere better to be..."

The man's hand snuck into his coat, and came out with a pocket watch. Checking it, he tilted his head slightly, considering his options. Focusing on his curiosity, interest, and attraction, Valerre flared his metal once again.

"I'm not too terribly busy," the man said, putting his pocket watch away and giving Valerre a practiced smile that still showed nervousness at the edges of the lips. "It would seem you are in luck, Lord Valerre. Thank the Lord Ruler my family doesn't expect much of me most days." Again, he offered Valerre his hand. "Lord Gendry Liese, at your service."

Smiling, Valerre tugged on his mental latch gently as their fingers brushed again. "My pleasure."

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Valerre lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling, focusing on nothing in particular. Lord Gendry lay beside him, snoring into a pillow, one arm draped clumsily over Valerre's torso. As the pair had left the area where the other brothel area was smoking, Valerre had been forced to continue the seduction without the use of allomancy. While he had accomplished to feat multiple times before, Lord Gendry had proven exceptionally uptight about his feelings and attractions, and large amounts of drink had been needed. Unfortunately, it seemed Lord Gendry was almost as inexperienced with drinking as he was with flirtation, and had passed out before Valerre could do anything worthwhile with him.

And now he lay awake, unsatisfied, with nothing to think about except for how lonely he was. Laying in bed with an attractive man's arm around him seemed like a strange place to feel lonely to Valerre, but somehow, when the deed was done, he could never quite stop the feeling of loneliness from creeping up on him. It was as if, the more he tried to fill himself, with lust, or love, or anything, the more empty he became.

Turning to his side, Valerre studied his newest patron for a moment. They were back at the brothel now. Valerre wasn't sure if the man would remember paying for the night. He had coaxed him back there as a sort of dare. The drunken nobleman had not believed him when he confessed to work in a skaa brothel, and so proof had been needed.

As things were, he didn't seem like he would be waking up anytime soon, whether Valerre was there or not. So, he gently worked himself out from under Gendry's arm and. leaving his clothes scattered on the floor, went to find the only person who could make him feel anything.

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