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Winston Elariel


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Before someone mentions it: I know that there is currently a Winston Elariel NPC, this would be a different character who is of the lower tiers in Luthadel.

Winston Elariel
Noble Tineye

Player Information
Name: Lanscaper
OoC Account:
Contact Information: PM

Character Information
Name: Winston Elariel
Type: Noble
Age: 18, born in the year 900
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tremredare
Occupation: Accountant/Cryptologist
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Tin
-Degree of Skill: Intermediate
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Winston Elariel appears to be an average young man. Approximately five feet and eight inches tall and a medium build, dark hair, and dark eyes. His eyes are often narrowed giving him an intimidating aura, and his movements sharp, and his face is constantly an impassive cold mask. To outsiders his voice is like a sharp cold wind - unnerving and chilling, but to his family and elders it is tempered by respect.

Special Skills: Observation, Detecting Deception, Reading People, and an inclination for the memorization of numbers and mental math and creation and breaking of ciphers.

Strengths: Winston is gifted in mathematics, as it was his obsession as a youth. His gift for mathematics and his inclination towards memorizing numbers makes him the ultimate private ledger. But it was his skill with tin that made Hector Elariel keep Winston as a ward rather than send him to the Ministry. As a Tineye Winston is able to pick up on minute facial twitches, but his ability to correlate those details with emotions is what allows him to become a lie detector, and was quickly drafted into Hector’s service.

Weaknesses: Because of his childhood Winston has a subconscious need for acceptance from his family, and a need to be validated by his elders. He has no offensive combat abilities to speak of, although he is certainly adept at running away and a bit of dodging.

His largest weakness by far is his emotional distancing, which has caused problems when he tries to connect with people. As of now there are only two people who consider Winston as anything more than an excellent ‘accountant’, Lord Hector Elariel and his son Winston Elariel. Everyone else is uncomfortable with him, including the rest of the Elariels. And while he is able to recognize emotions, and interpret how those emotions can be taken advantage of for manipulation of the target, he is unable to express the proper emotions to get the desired responses, and thus is unable to manipulate most people. Instead he currently relays his observations to Winston and Hector who take advantage of his skill set.

Personality: Winston is hard to read in terms of personality. Because of teasing/bullying (depends on your interpretation) by his older Mistborn cousin of the same name he disassociated himself from his emotions rather than deal with the emotional wringer that his cousin would put him through. He goes through life detached, with two anchors to keep him grounded to reality: "Your devotion to House Elariel will be rewarded." and "Math does not lie".

His cold demeanor often gives people a poor impression of him. And while he does not treat skaa poorly, he does treat them as less than human. To him everyone exists, and may or may not be helpful in his work for House Elariel. Also, he takes everything seriously and literally, and while he might not voice his opinion or thoughts on things, he does think about everything a person says, including the lies. When he is free he compiles these thoughts into a notebook (numerically encoded to look like sums and figures for goods) creating profiles for the different people and issues that arise during the day. He then compiles these into reports for the other members of the house. Most notably among the people who use this information is Hector Elariel, who keeps a copy of this book around (since it looks like a ledger) reviewing his protege's thoughts, and tucking the information away for future encounters.

One good aspect in terms of personality is that he is loyal to a fault. Once his loyalty is earned, you have it. As of now, before his entrance into Luthadel, he is loyal to Hector Elariel, his mentor and master - and through Hector's orders Alistair Elariel as well. As part of his loyalty he will only fully disclose information to those he is loyal to. As part of the fifth tier he seeks to serve, and has no ambitions of his own. He doesn't seek to work his way up the social ladder, and because of this Hector and Winston have felt comfortable keeping him around, dragging him into higher positions within the house. So while he is officially of the fifth tier, he holds positions more equivalent of someone of the fourth tier.

History: Winston was born into the fifth tier of the House Elariel in the year 900. His mother, Darialle Elariel, died in childbirth, and his father, Charleston Elariel, was captain of one of the house hazekillers teams for the Tremredare Estate. When Winston turned four his father died saving Hector Elariel. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, Hector Elariel took custody of the young Winston, thinking to mold the boy to his own designs, rather than have a relative use him against him in the eternal internal House politics. He attached the young boy to his son’s retinue, allowing his son to have some fun with confusing the house staff. The two were fast friends, and while the seven year age gap was initially hard to bridge, they had tremendous fun wreaking havoc together.

The young Master Winston Elariel, the son of Hector Elariel, often practiced the various Allomantic arts on his younger cousin. To the younger Winston they were all fun and games, but to the older Winston they were the beginnings of his manipulation of the people around him. Like when the two of them were found filching sweets from the kitchen he would lay blame on his younger cousin, saying, "He wanted to play a game of Mistborn Miss, so we were sneaking through the kitchen, and then I turn around and he's eating sweets. So I turn around to stop him, and as I reach him you found us." Then the younger Winston would look at the kitchen Matron, remorse and guilt apparent on his face (because of the rioting and soothing done on the part of the older Winston) and get off with a warning. Such events were common during their first few months together. To the older Winston there was an easy scapegoat, and the scapegoat was so cute that staff would often let the boy off with a warning or scolding.

The older Winston was constantly looking for ways to improve his Allomancy, but with so few targets he was allowed to test his skills on he inevitably ended up practicing on his younger cousin. He constantly asked his father to allow him to have more advanced lessons, but because of his age his father and trainers purposefully kept his lessons to the basics. Then one day while the two cousins were roughhousing a bit, the older Winston decided to test out the limits of pewter. The end result was his cousin on the ground, arm broken, and head swelling.

Lord Hector Elariel had the younger Winston come to his study after he had recovered sufficiently from his wounds. Both Lord Elariel, and his son Winston Elariel were present as they tested to see if young Winston was blessed with the powers of Allomancy. As Winston burnt tin for the first time, he passed out. The bump in the back of his head had not healed sufficiently, and the tin amplified the pain to the point that the young five year old fainted. Beginning then, little Winston started disassociating his emotions. The abuse from his cousin, the look of genuine concern on Lord Elariel's face, the emotions were too much, and thus they were suppressed and disassociated.

After his collapse Winston's life changed, his relationship with his older cousin morphed into something else. His cousin formally apologized, but shared a conspiratorial grin, hinting that without him his Tineye abilities would be latent and they wouldn't have their tin lessons together. They didn't have have same camaraderie that they had before, but the younger Winston still trusted his older cousin, and his older cousin trusted his younger counterpart.

For the first month their tin instructor slowly went through the basics constantly telling both Winstons to focus more. And then three months into their training their instructor started pitting them against each other in competition, seeing who could be the quickest or most accurate in their observations. "How many flies are above pieces of horse dung" was one of the instructor's favorites. After their first year of training, the instructor, impressed with the amount of self-control that his charges had, informed Lord Elariel that he would leave the boys to their own training, and he would check in with them occasionally and give him reports on their progress. Afterwards the younger Winston was allotted a small tin reserve for each week, and left to manage his burning on his own.

Winston and Winston soon afterwards developed an exercise to improve their training. Mistborn vs. Tineye, a very complex version of capture the flag which allowed the young lordling to practice all the physical metals while giving the younger Winston solid practice at sentry duty, which it seemed he was destined to become, after all that is what Tineyes are famous for.

It was when he was when he turned six that Winston's life started to change dramatically. The combination of having free access to tin, his formal education beginning, and being assigned as a serving boy to Lord Elariel, allowed to young boy to thrive.

Knowing that Lord Elariel had Smokers working at all times he would practice flaring tin while watching the people of the house converse. He began to see the connection between people, and began to pick up on the little things that would betray their intentions. A half-second of a clenched jaw, cheeks beginning to bunch together as the prelude to a smile or smirk, a smile that would fade after an exchange, a sudden stillness at a realization, all of these things were quickly hidden and happening so fast that if Winston were not burning tin he might not have noticed it. But he had noticed it. He might not know what these inferred exactly, but as he grew older he'd put more together.

In school while he learned letters at an average rate. However, his aptitude for sums and figures astounded his tutors. By age seven he was already able to compute large sums in his head, but when asked to show his work he would struggle to keep the columns straight sometimes creating different answers than those he announced, sometimes trying up to three times before he'd get the answers to match.

As a serving boy for Lord Elariel he was in a prime position to better understand politics and business, he was expected to be on call to run errands to all parts of the house, but it was in this position that Lord Elariel taught his young charge the art of espionage. He'd ask the boy to burn tin to listen in on clients before and after meeting with him, send the boy out to the market to see what new information he would bring back, and then taught him a bit about codes. Ciphers and codes opened a new world, and Lord Elariel was pleasantly surprised at how well his young charge took to them. He'd still make mistakes, like not writing neatly enough, or frame shifting an index table, but on the whole the boy had promise. He was satisfied that the boy was loyal to him, and in his progress to become a tool to strengthen his faction.

At age seven during one of his routine check-ins from his tin instructor he was asked "What do you see?". Winston began listing the environment around him, the details of the courtyard, the road leading out to the main avenue, and lords and ladies and merchants, and then he mentioned something that caught his instructors attention "...and that merchant is about to cheat Lord Varyl's son on silk, and the fountain has" his instructor interrupted him, "How do you know that merchant is about to cheat Lord Varyl's son? Did you pick up lip-reading since last week?"

"No," he replied uncertainly, "that merchant just...I don't know how to explain it, he's got this habit of, it's something to do with how he smiles..." he paused trying to think of the right word, eventually giving up, "I don't know, whenever I see him do it he always grins, like Madman Morrow on Pine Street, after the customer leaves. I also saw Uncle Leopold have the same...twitch, when he made a deal with a Renoux a month back, I remember that we got a good deal on that last ore shipment with them."

The instructor paused, Winston turned towards him thinking Did I do something wrong? After a few moments the instructor stretched out his arm, pointing, "See the young lord Stark on that bench, and the young lady Hassau? What can you tell me about them?"

Winston followed to where he was pointing and began reporting his observations "The young lady seems … flush? She certainly had redder coloring than the last time I saw her. Her eyes are trying to stay on the young lord face, but they kept darting down? Same for the young lord, except he keeps shifting his right leg slightly, like he is uncomfortable. He looks like how Uncle Gregor looks at his wife after he's had a bit of wine...does that mean they want to get married?"

The instructor ignored him asking instead, "Can you tell me who else behaves like those two do together?"

Winston searched his memory, and began telling him about how the D’Aubinge kitchen matron and one of the skaa serving boys seemed to have the same relationship, and the Hassau twins and the Aurelian boy have something like it too, and then he decided to voice his doubts adding "Of course I'm not too sure about the twins, they are always like that around each other...".

"Okay, that's good for today, I'll check-in on your progress next week."

As the instructor left Winston noticed that the instructor was a little redder, and he was walking a bit more stiffly than his usual gait, and briefly wondered what the redness could mean.

Unbeknownst to Winston, the eye movements and minute changes in body language were so subtle that his trainer hadn’t even noticed them until they were pointed out. While the blush was something that the trainer had noticed, he had expected his young charge to come to the conclusion that they were both embarrassed about something, rather than aroused. Winston’s account of the D’Aubinge kitchen matron was something else that the trainer had noticed, the woman was often beating the skaa out the door with random kitchen implements. While he had noticed that it was the same skaa getting beaten each time, he had never correlated the actions as such; passing off the blush as part of her exertion of beating the skaa, excusing the hint of a smile as some sadistic pleasure, and he had never picked up on the eye movements. Of course the blush and the smile very well could have been form said sources, just in a different context. He would have to do some surveillance before he reported his findings to Lord Elariel, make sure that what the boy had picked up on was real. As for the boy’s tidbit about the Hassau twins, if it proved true, well that was some good blackmail material, and he’d love to catch the girls in the act.

Over the next few weeks the trainer found more and more of little Winston’s insights to be fruitful, his mind appeared to catch the slightest detail and could make inferences as to what might be behind those details. Whether it was through some circumstantial knowledge, or through some past experience that he would compare it to, Winston was reading people’s intentions far better than he ought to. When he made his report to Lord Elariel about the boys progress including the younger Winston’s aptitude for reading people and emotions, Lord Hector’s first response was, “And my son? Does he show any such aptitude?” The trainer replied in the negative saying that there was no evidence that the heir of Tremredare showed any such skill.

A month later little Winston found that his education had an extra tutor, a Mr. Luric, for ‘advanced etiquette’. What was called advanced etiquette was actually the art form of reading and masking body language. From there on he was properly tutored as someone part of the fifth tier, a servant. However Mr. Luric also included several exercises to give Winston practice at recognizing different expressions and body language tells. Over the next three years and through his own experience Winston grew into a human lie detector unlike anything House Elariel had known before.

Throughout those three years his dexterity with quill and pen increased, his skill with tin grew to the point where he could sustain a slow constant burn for a prolonged period, his mathematical skills had gotten to the point where the tutors often felt more comfortable letting the boy work on his own, and his skill with one of the ciphers had gotten to the point where he could almost translate on the fly. Over these three years though, Winston found he no longer smiled, frowned, or even laughed. He no longer felt amusement, sadness, anger, or any type of emotion. The only time that he would ‘feel’ something is when he heard praise from Lord Elariel or his son, or when he accomplished something for the House. And to him, this was normal, he was a servant after all, the other emotions were useless in his capacity to serve his House.

This wish to serve started to wear on young Winston’s health. He’d stay up far longer than he should, keeping his tin on to watch for danger. He’d work hard on trying to develop more ingenious ways to build a cipher, maintaining simplicity but making the cracking of the code harder simultaneously. He’d take on more jobs than any boy ought to handle, and upon seeing him adults would wave him away sensing his ever growing fatigue. It took Lord Elariel to step in to guide him away from self-destruction, telling the boy that he had to have a minimum of eight hours of sleep each day, a maximum of four hours of code, have three meals a day, and so on. And in response the young ten year old followed the Lord’s instructions to the letter. Over the next two years it became a running joke that you could almost tell the time of day based upon the boy’s actions.

Once he had turned twelve his status as a serving boy changed. He became an apprentice to the counting house, and was often attached to either the Lord’s of his older counterpart’s retinue for business transactions. His job on the surface was to crunch the numbers and check the quality of the merchandise with tin. But his real purpose was to observe business partners and give information on what he could read off of their body language. As a member of the lower class in Elariel he wasn’t allowed to speak at these meeting, so instead he’d hand Hector or Winston encoded papers designed to look like a ledger (his first cipher creation).

However, there was a weakness in his rise to fame within the House. Only a scant few members of the House liked the boy. His emotionless mask and cold eyes were disturbing, and was only tempered by the fact that with people outside the House he was even more so. He couldn’t hold his end of polite conversation, was near impossible to use against Lord Hector’s faction within the Tremredare Estate, he was too much of Hector’s pawn, and the fact that he was gaining so much power was disturbing to many other faction leaders. But on the surface they couldn’t do anything to the boy, there were no hobbies that they could exploit, his only real interaction was with Hector Elariel and Winston Elariel, and his few co-workers who liked the boy simply because of the relief on their own workloads. And most of all, they couldn’t deny that his loyalty to the House as a whole was almost palpable.

So Winston rose to become a young man of some repute, at least to those who dealt with him. Like the first time that he had to secure additional boats from House Renoux. (see roleplay sample)

Now Winston is headed to Luthadel, at the request of Lord Alistair Elariel, by the recommendation of Hector Elariel. Something is stirring in the streets of Luthadel, Alistair knows this, and House Elariel will have their best foot forward, a strong united front to meet the challenges of the coming days.

Roleplay Sample:
Where are the Renoux representatives? For a shipping house you’d think that they’d be on time. Winston thought to himself as he stood in the hallways outside one of the several rooms on the outskirts of the Elariel Estate. His face was as always an impassive mask, a mask so long in place that he had forgotten how to change it, and because of its permanence it did not portray the nervousness that he felt but could not acknowledge. He felt this nervousness and ignored the unfamiliar sensations; it was not his place to have emotions as a servant of House Elariel.

He stood waiting for his guests to appear, and this would be the first time that he’d handle a contract on his own. Well rather, it was a meeting to finalize an addendum to an existing contract that Master Winston had already signed. However Master Winston was in another meeting with House Rousseau, so Winston had been sent in his stead. Mister Writ, one of the spies in the Renoux household had sent advanced warning on who was supposed to be in the incoming party. Fortunately it was one of the minor lordlings and sending Winston wouldn’t exactly be a slight on their honor. Well sending Winston in for any job might be considered a slight. He was only seventeen, and while his face might be expressionless it still showed that he was a youth.

He decided to look through his notes on the young lordling. Winston opened a small leather-bound notebook, daylight streaming through the window illuminating the text. He flipped through the encoded pages looking for his notes on the day the contract was signed. Once he found it he skimmed through the notes on Lordling Mikeal Renoux.

A carriage was approaching. Winston pulled out his watch from his vest pocket, his mind already making approximations of their distance One minute out, they’ll get through the main door after another minute and a half, and by the time that they sit down they will be ten minutes late. He covertly signaled the Smoker in the hidden compartment in the wall to begin, and received the acknowledgement signal. Winston closed his eyes and flared tin.

Winston focused through the sounds of the horses and the cursing of the coachmen as he almost lost control of a stallion as it passed the stables. Winston turned his head ever so slightly, his right ear pointed toward the approximate position of the coach, slowly moving his head to keep track of the moving coach. “Seriously Taldin, they expect me to deal with a servant?” an outraged young nobleman could be heard.

There was a sound of movement and the high-pitched tones of a Terrisman responded. “Master, I think it’s not what they expect you to deal with him, rather they want to know how you respond. Are you easily cowed by the reputation of House Elariel, or are you going to fight your way through their bureaucracy?”

A high giggle sounded from within the coach. “I’m sure that you can work up their ladder Mikeal, and once you finish this up don’t forget your promise.” A small bell tinkled for a bit and the carriage stopped.

Winston stopped flaring tin, taking the next minute to move into the room behind him where prelan Kora awaited in front of the desk. If they think that I’m some pushover servant, well lets unsettle them a bit. His lessons of etiquette with Mr. Luric flashed through his head, the proper distance between people, greetings, postures, and then he tweaked them. He walked next to prelan Kora so they stood side to side, both facing the door. He reached to the side of the desk, and grabbed a dueling cane from a vase, letting it rest against the desk, angled for immediate view and easy reach.

One of the general serving staff opened the door, announcing and guiding the lordling in. The man that entered reeked of sweat to Winston’s tin enhanced senses, his fine suit slightly rumpled and his hair a barely controlled mess. Why is everyone in this city so captivated by sex? Winston briefly thought. The man looked like he was about to say something and then paused. His eyes widened slightly in realization, his Adam’s apple moved higher up on his throat, his mouth parted just barely. Another nitwit that thinks I’m a bloody Rioter… of course they can never tell with an Elariel. My face may be expressionless, but it can still be intimidating.

Winston had spent the afternoon making sure that the room would serve to his advantage. The room had no windows, a low ceiling, and muted lighting. Dark mahogany walls were lined with the stern visages of past Elariel Lords, and the dark crimson upholstery on the furniture served to make everything more intimidating.

Winston decided to capitalize on the moment of weakness. “You are ten minutes late.” Winston drummed the fingers of his left hand on the desk behind him. “Let us get to business though, I have drawn up an amending contract” He reached behind him, hand going closer than necessary to the dueling cane, to grab a portfolio with the said contract, “and you may review it now, I think that these terms are generous to both sides.” Winston handed the portfolio to Kora, who walked the documents to the lordling.

The tall Terrisman eunuch stepped into the room, accentuating the low ceiling, his face only barely hinting at his discomfort in the room. He nudged his stunned master to accept the portfolio from Kora, after which Kora returned to Winston’s side. The Renoux lordling recovered slightly at the Terrisman’s interruption, and to Winston’s ire he did not begin reading the document. Instead he remained standing and asked, “And who are you? I’ve been announced and as part of a business transaction I would like to know who it is I’m dealing with.”

Winston simply looked at the lordling letting the silence grow palpable, letting his thoughts, his nervousness grow, and all the while he stared at the lordling seemingly unblinking. It was a trick that he had learned with his tin, to watch the facial muscles that prelude a blink, and at exactly the same time blink as well. Technically he was a fraction of a second afterwards, but since eyes have to refocus after blinking his own blink would be hidden, creating the illusion that he had not blinked. Finally Winston broke the silence, his voice edged with cold tones, “You do not recognize me?”

Mikeal Renoux flinched; however with his Terrisman’s intervention he regained posture and did not entirely lose face. “No, I do not recognize you. Else I would not have asked your name.”

Again silence. That means that he doesn’t remember seeing me at the last meeting as a clerk. Winston let his left hand move back to the desk next to the dueling cane and continued drumming, after a couple iterations of the pattern he stopped and in a coldly calm voice, “My name is Winston Elariel, and I am here under the direct command of Lord Hector Elariel.” He changed the cold tones for those of dissatisfaction, “I would have thought that you would recognize the man you last dealt with. Perhaps you should be less focused on wine and ladies, and more on business. In the future House Elariel may need to move our contracts to other more attentive parties.”

Embarrassment and outrage flushed through Mikeal’s face, turning his face even redder. He dropped the posture of a nobleman and in outraged tones answered, “You can’t be Winston Elariel, I remember him from the last meeting!”

“Oh?” Winston motioned to Kora, slipping some boxings into the obligator’s hand. “I swear my name is Winston Elariel and I was at the last meeting for the initial signing of this contract. Do you witness this?”

“I witness this.” Kora answered in even tones.

The color started to drain from the Renoux lordling’s face. Winston seized upon his advantage. “Perhaps you can get to reviewing the addendum to our existing contract, before I change my mind and change the addendum to an annulment.” Winston paused, letting his default emotionless voice return, “That way we can finish our business, and you and Vincelle D’Aubinge can return to your dalliance.”

Mikeal flinched again, but again with his Terrisman’s intervention he regained composure and opened the documents and started to read. Winston started to drum his fingers on the desk again applying pressure to his business partner. Once he finished reading he gestured for the obligator to move forward, and Kora crossed the distance. “House Renoux agrees to these terms.”

“I witness this.”

Renoux and his Terrisman made their leave. As they left Winston moved back into the hallway flaring his tin keeping track of his two new business partners. They got into their carriage and started to leave. As they left Vincelle D’Aubinge raised a question, “You look like you saw a ghost, what happened?”

Mikeal paused, “I think that I just learned why Elariel is a great house.”

Winston continued to flare his tin to make sure that the Renoux lordling left. Once he was sure that he was gone he reduced his tin to a slow burn. Opening his eyes again he turned to Kora, “That went well, you can return to your usual duties.”

“It’s always a pleasure to serve House Elariel.”

Once the obligator had left, he motioned to the servants, “Skaa, move the furniture and the desk back to the warehouses, and hang the portraits back in my uncle’s study. You can have use of your room afterwards.”

And with that Winston continued on to his room, and sent out the missives to his superiors and elders, writing a complete detailed report of the contract and the meeting as well as the new intel that he had acquired about the Renoux lordling.
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