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A New Student

Trev's Photo Trev 10 Jan 2012

Ignas had finally given Trev a little more work. Apparently he'd recently found a new skaa allomancer, a pewter-burner like Trev. He had set Perrin to working with the girl – Nessa - but the rebellion's sole mistborn didn't have the time to train a pewterarm. Trev, on the other hand, often had more time than he knew what to do with. The brothel was quiet, and he'd left it in good hands. So here he was at Lan's shop to meet his new protégé.

Ignas hadn't told Trev much about the girl. She'd come off the streets, where she had been the plaything of a skaa thieving-crew, and she was skittish, that was about all Trev knew. No wonder if she was. Any skaa with half a grain of sense would have more than a little paranoia. Being alert to danger would keep you alive, and everyone was a danger, really. Even Ignas and Trev posed a danger to this girl in their own way. They were trying to pull her into a cause that could easily get her killed. If she didn't trust them, who could blame her?

But they needed her. And Trev, therefore, needed to train her effectively. And that wouldn't happen unless he could win at least a little of her trust. He'd brought Ferret with him to help break the ice; she sat on his shoulder, whiskers twitching in response to unknown signals, as she gazed with interest at the world as it passed by. Some people took to the creature, although others didn't see why he wouldn't make soup out of it. This young thug wasn't much more than a girl, though, he gathered; the animal might be able to appeal to her. Ferret wasn't much of a threat. It was worth a try, at least.

He slipped in through the side door, the man on watch letting him pass without remarking on it – Trev was a familiar enough sight here – and went in search of Nessa.
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Nessa's Photo Nessa 12 Jan 2012

Another day, another trainer. Yesterday's "session" with Perrin had turned into an adventure filled with Mistwraiths, races, and dresses, which some people in the shop weren't particularly happy about. But Buckets had more important things to do than train a Thug all the time, which left Nessa waiting on some stranger.

And so she sat in her usual spot on the counter of the shop's kitchen, idly munching a baywrap until whoever it was showed up.

Trev's Photo Trev 12 Jan 2012

By taking the shortcut of asking where she was, Trev found the girl fairly quickly in the kitchen. His student-to-be was perched up on the counter, watching her surroundings from the vantage point; he noticed she had her back to the solid wall, and all the possible entrances to the room in view. She was long-limbed and scrawny, skinnier than Ferret, and she had huge, hungry-looking eyes even while her mouth was full of baywrap. They'd washed her up and put her in decent clothing for a skaa, but that didn't begin to erase the look of a street child.

He knew the distrustful light in her eyes well enough. So Trev kept his distance when he came inside the door of the kitchen, leaning back against the wall.

"Hallo there," he said in a friendly voice. "I'm Trevelan, and this is Ferret." In response to the word, Ferret shifted on his shoulder, nosing around at his face and chuckling at him softly. "She doesn't bite unless you pull her tail. Or unless you're a rat. Anyways, I'm here to teach you Allomancy, and Ferret's here because I like her. Any questions before we go and get started?"
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Nessa's Photo Nessa 12 Jan 2012

Who was this man?

He was slender, shorter than Nessa, and had some sort of weird animal on his shoulder. He didn't look like much of a Thug, but then again, neither did she. He kept his distance for now for some reason - trying to get Nessa to come to him, maybe? She stayed put on her counter for now.

"Just one," she told him with her mouth still half-full. "Can I finish this first?"

Trev's Photo Trev 13 Jan 2012

When you had lived on the streets for a while, food became a very powerful motivator. Trev could still just barely remember his earliest years, fighting over scraps. Nessa wasn't going to have to worry about that anymore. But it was going to take a while before those hollows filled out a little; the more she ate, the better. He wasn't about to drag her away from her meal.

Besides, that'd set her against him from the start.

"No hurry. You can finish it. Mind passing me one of those baywraps?"

Nessa's Photo Nessa 20 Jan 2012

So, he wanted to get on her good side. Well, at least someone in this place was willing to try that without throwing water on her head first. Her mouth was full, and she didn't feel like talking, but she did slide the platter down the counter towards Trevelan's side of the room.

Trev's Photo Trev 20 Jan 2012

Trev stepped forwards to stop the platter smoothly, before it could go over the edge of the counter and smash on the floor. He caught up one of the baywraps, and offered a small piece of the bread to Ferret, who sniffed it and then took it delicately out of his fingers.

"Too much bread and she'll bloat," Trev explained, after he took a bite of his own. "She's better off with scraps of meat, and best off with the mice she can catch. Ferret's a hell of a mouser, she's got the instinct strong. Chases anything that moves. Want to watch her go?"

Nessa's Photo Nessa 03 Mar 2012

Nessa shrugged. This man really was strange, and his creature was even stranger.

"I guess," she said, her mouth still half full.

Trev's Photo Trev 30 Nov 2012

Nessa was still standoffish in tone, unsurprisingly, but he took her response as a yes. Hopefully this would work a little.

Trev plucked Ferret up off his shoulder and gently deposited her on the floor. She nosed around his boot while he drew a handkerchief from his pocket, and then he squatted down and dangled the end of the cloth over her head.

He pulled it away just before she pounced for it, then dangled it a short distance away on the floor. Trev chuckled as she described tight circles on the floor, squeaking excitedly as the cloth fluttered temptingly just in front of her nose.