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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House Valoren

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#1 Lyrebon

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 04:17 AM

House Valoren
Minor House

Player Leadership Information
Handle: Garren Valoren
OoC Account: Lyrebon
Contact:Let's get physical.

General Information
House Name: Valoren
Classification: Minor
Socioeconomic Rating: 5
Colors: Scarlet Red / Golden Poppy
General Description: A once High House in years gone; now a minor House with internal problems.

Character Information
Head: Garren Valoren
Heir: Kaled Valoren
Player Members:
-Garren Valoren
-Kaled Valoren (Son of Garren & Eleanna)
-Matthias (Spy)
NPC Members:
-Eleanna Valoren (Wife of Garren)
-Raleane Valoren (Sister of Garren)
-Aurele Valoren (Daughter of Garren and Monessa Falgina)
-Oltin (Terrisman Steward)
-Orvelle Valoren (Cousin to Garren)
-Janette Valoren (Wife of Orvelle)
-Laurenc Valoren (Cousin to Garren)
-Amellia (Daughter of Orvelle and Janette)
-Elise (skaa servant)
-Selinde (skaa servant)
-Teryg (Master Blacksmith)
-Farern (Experienced blacksmith)
-Roshile (Experienced blacksmith)

Inquisition Notes

Home & Wealth
Current Location: Luthadel
Ancestral Home: Belinsk, Farmost Dominance
Financial Avenue: Transportation (providing trade vessels for clients where canals don't reach but they do source canal barges also – formerly port shipping in Belinsk); Forging; Allomantic metals.


Great Houses
-House Venture - [Positive] – As with Deveaux, Venture is the primary opposition to the Sureau coalition but Deveaux's affairs with Valoren are not yet concerning for Venture.
-House Deveaux - [Neutral] – Garren is hoping to improve his relationship with the Deveauxs but he doesn't yet know where he stands due to the nature of his business.
-House Casuana - [Neutral] - Like its sister House, Deveaux, they have no reason to assent Valoren.
-House Elariel - [Neutral] – Garren has no dealings with Elariel but could possibly open up negotiations at a later date, prompting their neutral status.
-House Tekiel - [Negative] – While part of the Sureau coalition, Kaled has a relation to Sanna that may improve with time. Garren, therefore, has no reason to openly oppose Tekiel.
-House Sureau - [Unfriendly] – Being associated with the opposition immediately puts Garren in this position with Sureau.
-House Hasting - [Unfriendly] – For the same reason as Sureau.

Other Houses
-House Araede - [Ally] – Old friends in the Farmost Garren helped during the Belinsk rebellion.
-House Falgina - [Ally] – Monessa's House. Having estates on the southern border of Farmost they helped Garren set up his shipping business in Belinsk. They still remain strong allies.
-House Sortell - [Positive] – Kaled Valoren is acquainted with Wyldin Sortell.

House Deveaux: – {Pending Negotiations}
House Araede: – Exchange Allomantic metals (iron and tin for pewter (or its compounds, including copper)).
Araede hires Valoren's transportation service from Farmost to Luthadel, so that some of their ladies may attend balls.
Garren employs Araede Allomacers to protect his transportation for a small fee.
House Falgina: – Specialising in carpentry and supply Valoren with trims, frames, carriages and barges for their transportation business and even worked on Garren's ebony cane.
House Sortell: – House Valoren provides Sortell with Allomantic metals for their courier service.

Governance & Customs
Decades of treachery and civil unrest has split the House into two distinguishable factions, mirroring its founding over 150 years prior when Aleron Valenian abdicated from his family to form House Valoren. And again when Guillaume Valoren betrayed his brother, Danton, by killing him. Now it is Garren's turn to protect his rightful claim to the House title as Marius' (Aleron's first-born) bloodline. Garren controls the mines with his name on the deed, but his extended family employ most of the miners. He's successfully bribed their satisfaction for now, but wants to break away from their manipulation and form the free House Aleron envisioned.

Guillaume's bloodline reside in the Farmost at Valoren's remaining estates there. Orville Valoren, Garren's cousin and eldest grandson of Guillaume, proclaims that Valoren is his and promulgates himself as House Lord, but still recognises Garren as the legal House Lord, barely. Garren desires a contract with House Deveaux; a contract that almost certainly invites civil war.

Due to this desire, Garren is strict with his regulations but does allow for innovation and creativity. He demands a lot of Kaled and Matthias but grants them the ability to assist in House affairs to however large a degree they wish. Being so few there is no set policy except those designed to keep Valoren alive in Luthadel.

There is no Snapping ritual but they do hide their Allomancy (what little they have). Despite the freedom, Garren's word is law, even his Ministry daughter abides by it.

Aleron Valenian was born 737 to an Eastern minor House; the Valenian's were relatively unimportant, despite having survived for so long at minor level. Their persistent stubbornness meant that the elders couldn't sell themselves to any other House as a vassal. Perhaps the only smart idea they'd had. Aleron found himself disenchanted with the rest of his family by his teen years as a cause of several unsuccessful business ventures he personally felt he could have maintained;
something with which he saw the potential to make their House great. He involved himself with the politics on this notion. However, the elders couldn't recognise the wisdom in the young boy behind their own misguided prejudices and haughty claims to not needing a “boy” for man's work.
The fact that Aleron wasn't the heir to the Valenian name didn't irk him so much as the ignorance and contempt the elders showed him. His ideas, he knew, were practical but ones he couldn't truly convince himself of – and therefore never pushed his position forward – until he met his wife-to-be.

At the age of 18, Aleron was considered eligible to be a bachelor, being constantly reminded of it on a daily basis; his parents commonly presented him with matches, of which none caught his attention. Until he happened across Safaryn – instantly recognisable for her curled red hair, so vibrantly accentuated by her extravagant white dress he picked her out of the usual rabble immediately. Even more so, he was overwhelmed by her knowledge and love for medicine and scholarly pursuits he'd taken to spending private time with her, rambling about their favourite literature, their philosophy and what they wanted to do with their pursuits.

This, unfortunately, was received with cold hostility from his family, calling his choice blinded and of poor judgement, for there were several whom the Valenian peerage had already selected as the only viable matches for Aleron. This confining tradition along with years of being shunned as insignificant gave him the unexpected courage to abandon his family. Some scholars figure his primary motive was love in this event - if Safaryn hadn't caught his eye at her father's ball he may not have been able to break away from his heritage all the way to the Farmost Dominance.

At the age of 25, in the Farmost, he set up his own business and in only six months made his name well known to the upper circles, proving a prowess for business he never had the chance to under Valenian's restrictions. He turned down multiple proposals from High Houses to invest in his business, as he saw this as the amalgamation of assets that it was. Though he still did business with many influential figures that he could sustain himself.
By applying his own abilities he quickly distanced himself from the rest of the Valenians. However, extended correspondents from his parents and the House Lord, claiming a part of his assets rightfully theirs, caused Aleron to legally renounce his family name. Aleron then declared the formation of House Valoren, a family that would stand for the integrity and valour his, now-renounced, family never had and worked to better himself and his new family name.

In a few short years, House Valenian waned and finally toppled over itself – their heir had matched up with a House that had declared bankruptcy, and their last chance had walked out of the door with Aleron. Had he gone through with the political marriage it might have saved Valenian.
The remnants made their way to Farmost in the wild hope Aleron would accommodate them. Instead, they found a different man to the one raised in the east. Except, Aleron was still the same man, the Valenian's were so clouded by their own arrogance that when they saw the lord of a soon-to-be High House, it crippled every pretence ever held about the “boy.”
It was well known that Aleron had always had a good relationship with his two sisters, whom are certain to be the same Arianna and Selene Valoren in the records. Together they mothered several children of their own into the Valoren bloodline, but it was Aleron's son, Danton, that would carry the family name into the next generation.

Danton Valoren came to the world in 770 but he didn't inherit the title of House Lord until he was 40. The year 771 saw House Valoren ascending to High House status, of which they retained right through to the end of Marius' reign.
Aleron also had another son, Guillaume, two years after Danton. The two brothers fostered each others' creativity as they grew, often challenging one another to complex strategic games in their teen years. However, at some point, Guillaume started regarding his brother as a political rival, rather than as family. But he was two years younger than Danton and therefore not eligible to be heir. That irritated him.
So much so infact that what had been cultivating forms of challenge between the two became dangerous, with Guillaume becoming more vicious up until the point he almost killed Danton. As much as he tried to claim it as such, it was no accident.
When Guillaume entered his adult years he'd become disillusioned by jealously that he again almost killed Danton. This time, however, Aleron witnessed it and punished Guillaume with exile to the border estates, threatening to expunge his name from the family records and have him imprisoned on an attempted murder charge.

Aleron lived a long life before he handed the title over, satisfied he had forged the name to the best of his abilities. He then stood back to watch his son take the reigns. With his latter years, Aleron marvelled as he witnessed the tenacity which Danton exacted as Valoren's head. Aleron saw Valoren grow to greater power amongst the nobility, often expressing how proud he was to have a son that out-matched his own father's expertise.

At the turn of the century, both Danton and Guillaume fathered their children. Danton had three – twin boys Marius and Nevarr, and a daughter – while Guillaume had just one son, Artus. Marius Valoren, first-born to Danton, was the successor Guillaume hoped Danton would never have. His lust for the power his brother held translated to his son as Aleron never reneged Guillaume's expatriation. Despite this, Danton managed to keep his jealous brother relatively satiated, as is reflected in the 37 years it took Guillaume to finally assassinate Danton.

827, a year of life, and of death for Valoren. Artus gave the family Beynand Valoren, and Guillaume put the knife in Danton's back. Guillaume took the House title for himself, making Danton's death look accidental, and allowed Danton's children to remain. But he wouldn't have long to revel in his glory. Marius knew the truth, but the evidence was so scarce it wouldn't have held in court. Nevarr, tormented by the thought of living under the same roof as his father's killer, drove him to madness.
Eventually his mental state deteriorated to the point Guillaume dismissed him as a raving lunatic. Marius presented the only concern Guillaume had to solve. Marius was outspoken against his uncle's rule, often interrupting his uncle in public debates, and generally ridiculing him whenever the chance arose, without ever speaking a treasonous word.

Several months after his betrayal, Guillaume planned the deaths of Marius and Nevarr; he'd considered Nevarr the easiest target deciding first to get him out of the way. To do this he tried to poison the boy at their own ball. With so many patrons the culprit that slipped the poison in the boy's drink could be chalked up to anyone with a reason to cripple Valoren's business. The poison was subtlety placed in the middle of the night but for some reason the glass that held the poison ended up in Guillaume's hand. As he choked on his own plot, Nevarr made as though to aid his uncle and, as Guillaume's eyes lit with realisation, Nevarr cast off the illusion of madness speaking very much so with a clarity of mind.

Marius recollected this story to his grandson, Garren, at a later date, having overheard Nevarr at that moment. As Guillaume lay dying, Nevarr said: “Venom to your work; follow my father, traitor.” As it turned out, Marius was the one that switched the poisoned wine after hearing of the plot from his auntie, wife of Guillaume, who had a compassion for Danton's bloodline.

The deed done and a twist of fate that ensured no Valoren was reasonably convicted of the murder, Marius assumed his rightful claim to the Valoren title. His brother Nevarr presiding at his side. Upon seeing his sanity, gossip amongst the nobility of Farmost expressed surprise, for they all thought he'd truly gone mad. Being a charade, however, seated Nevarr as a dangerous political opponent.

For the next 52 years, Marius and Nevarr ran House Valoren like it had never been before, elevating their power even further beyond the heights of what a High House could afford. Before long they were ready to compete for that enviable position all major House names desired: Great House status. Of course, they were competing now with the ten most powerful Houses in all of the Final Empire, which was no easy task. Along the way, Lucien Valoren (839) was born to Marius with Nevarr never having children (although he did have many women so who's to say he didn't father progeny).

Artus was later framed as being envious of his father's power and having fostered years of ideas of betrayal and vengeance had worked against him as the court found him mentally unstable.

Beynand, son of Artus and Marius' nephew had been granted estates in the border, similar to his grandfather's exile except with more land to operate. Beynand's family controlled most of the mining crews and extraordinarily harboured no ill will towards Marius and Nevarr, despite what happened to his own father. Nobody expected him to know of the double plot that had back-fired on Guillaume and therefore he had no reason to hate his uncles.

855 saw the birth of Orville, Beynand's first son and five years after that his second, Laurenc. Nevarr died shortly after leaving Marius to contend with hostilities from the lower Great Houses. Eventually he was forced to ally with other High Houses in Belinsk to solidify his progress. The loss of his brother dealt him a harsher blow than he'd admitted though it began to show in his businesses.

Lucien didn't make his father's life any easier either; he was carefree and abandoned his principles in order to pursue frivolous activities as gambling and duelling – often the result of his insulting comments. Marius reined him in by confining Lucien to his quarters, locking the door and requiring he be examined on topical subjects to assess how far he'd progressed in his studies. Lucien rebelled at this, having an affair with a rival House's second daughter. It sparked further animosity between them when she gave birth to Garren and Raleane. They were allowed to be born but it would fall on Lucien to look after the children as the mother's family couldn't accept a political rival's blood into their household.

So Lucien raised Garren and Raleane by himself, often taking his displeasure out on Garren when he turned to his teenage years. By this time, Marius' influence was waning, the Great House title slipping further into the distance. Marius, at the age of 80 however, died content in the knowledge he'd fostered a grandson as smart as Garren.

This was 880, the prefatory year in Valoren's five year decline and almost collapse under Lucien Valoren's control. Having no accomplished skill with business, his people skills non-existent, Valoren suffered. Until 885 when it was brought to light that Lucien had been abusing his own daughter and Garren acted in self defence against Lucien during one of his “assaults” on Ralaene. Lucien was severely injured and incapable of fulfilling his responsibility as House Lord. Garren took his place and began building House Valoren back to it's former glory.

Manor Description
One enters the foyer through a large oak door inlaid with a carving of a tiger – the mythical beast representing House Valoren's attribute of valor.

In the foyer, a large stone staircase opposite stretches up to a balcony overlooking the entrance. It keeps stretching around to the left into a study area with open arches along the upper foyer wall. To the left of the foyer, on the bottom floor, is the living room, which has been expanded to accommodate an open, two-floored library. On the bottom floor there is a seating area in front of a large fire place. The walls are dark red with the Valoren red/gold adorned drapes flanking the fire place.

Behind the seating area, towards the front of the manor, two small wooden staircases lead to the second floor balcony. This balcony runs the majority of the circumference of the room. Underneath the balcony are bookcases, interspersed with tall frosted windows and red drapes. Bookcases dominate the upper balcony. Above the entry doors the balcony passes into the study area overlooking the foyer.

To the right of the foyer is the dining room and beyond, towards the back of the manor, the kitchen.

The servant quarters are at the back, with a separate kitchen that leads into a large stable. Adjoining the stable is the forge – an impressively large, sheltered hut.

Upstairs, and to the back, are the bedrooms and Garren's study. Above the kitchen is a spare room often used for sparring and, as such, is lightly adorned with dιcor.

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