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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Popping in to say Hi

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#1 Inanna


Posted 24 June 2009 - 07:17 AM

Just popping in, following the invite from Mistborn that was posted on www.mistbornempire.com.

I theoretically 'run' the RP there, although its more that I am their RolePlay expert and its my job to put it together. It's pretty quiet... So I thought I'd pop over here and say Hi and see whats up. Few members since I last looked (like more than one member now)


#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 24 June 2009 - 12:46 PM

Hi there, and welcome! I'm glad you decided to stop by. I'm Camille, your friendly neighborhood Global Moderator, so if you have any questions or need anything don't hesitate to ask.

There may only be a few of us, but we're getting up to some very intriguing plotlines already. I hope you decide to write up a character and stay awhile; we could always use a few more new faces around here. :D

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Posted Image

#3 Inanna


Posted 24 June 2009 - 09:25 PM

Idea certainly doesn't hurt. :) I'll keep an eye on my schedule and see if I can afford to put the effort into a new character & storyline. <3

#4 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 24 June 2009 - 09:54 PM

Of course, of course. Creating a brand-new character is always a big commitment, and it wouldn't be fair to anyone - yourself included - to get in over your head. That said, it's a favorite saying of mine that you can choose your level of involvement in these things. You can make a character that's in the thick of things and appears in most of the important plot threads, or you can make a minor character who mostly takes part in lesser RPs. It's up to you.

Of course, the last person I said that to has since become one of the most involved people on the site. ;)

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#5 Inanna


Posted 24 June 2009 - 10:23 PM

*chuckles* bonus for you. But very true.

I'm looking at the Kandra. Favorite Race. So, i'll think on it... :D

#6 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 24 June 2009 - 10:50 PM

Camille has a great skill of persuasion. I'm Chaos, the person Camille was referring to. And look where I am now, haha. Her speech, plus me just having interesting character ideas practically demanded me to come here!

I remember visiting Mistborn Empire a little bit before Hero of Ages came out. Very nice site!

I certainly hope you choose to make a character here. There's usually more people on, but I believe they will be back soon. I'm quite excited about how much activity we've had thus far, and it's only going to get better!

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