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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House Elariel

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House Raisaal

Posted 01 February 2012 - 08:06 PM

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Player Leadership Information
Handle : Comatose
Contact : PM, AIM, MSN, Skype.
Note: This House was begun by Miang (who plays Claudia), and all the original content of this application can be attributed to her. Her original app can be found here. I have merely built upon what she started, and updated it as things change within the RP.

General Information
House Name: Elariel
Classification: Great House
Socioeconomic Rating: 9.8
Colors: Teal, Dark Crimson, and Silver.
General Description:
House Elariel has maintained a presence in Luthadel for a very long time. While not as financially stable as Venture, the Elariels are known for their market diversity which allows them to weather almost any catastrophe in a single financial sector. Politically Elariel has risen through the ranks to become second among the Great Houses by carefully planning her alliances, never committing to anything without considering the situation from each side. When they do make alliances, it is with lesser houses, that they use as a support base. Many of these lesser houses end up becoming vassals of Elariel.

While the Elariels are not as prestigious or powerful as Venture, nor do they share the Deveaux penchants of excellence and pursuit of perfection, Elariel is the preeminent house when it comes to subtlety and intrigue. Compared to the bold shows of strength other Houses are known for, House Elariel is noted for it's less obvious, but very present statements of power. Time and time again, Elariel has chosen quality over quantity and security over power. This attitude is why Elariel took so long to achieve it's rank as the second most powerful house, but is also how they held their rank as other houses have risen and fallen. This fondness of subtlety, intrigue, and manipulation, is present in everything from the subtle but detailed design of their comparatively smaller keep, to their carefully maintained neutral status among the Great Houses. Their penchant for manipulation is perhaps most obvious in their maneuverings of their lesser houses, sometimes even playing them against each other to keep them under control. They have one of the most effective networks of spies of any singular Great House, and are one of the most difficult houses to get spies into.

Character Information
Head: Lord Alistair Elariel (NPC)
Heir: Aaron Elariel (Lurcher)
Player Members:
-Claudia Elariel (Mistborn)
-Daerra Elariel (Seeker)
-Andrew Elariel (Soother)
-Vivian Elariel (Coinshot)
-Celia Elariel (Soother)
-Lady Isovel Elariel (nee. Venture)
-Lorena Elariel (Smoker)
-Winston Elariel (Tineye)
-Amaie Elariel (Rioter)
NPC Members:
(In Luthadel, 1st Teir)
-Lord Alistair Elariel
-Lady Helena Elariel (nee. Lekal)
-Lord Mikhail Elariel (deceased) (Pewterarm)
-Lady Janelle Elariel (nee. Tekiel)
-Lady Camerupta Elariel (nee. Raisaal) (Tineye)
(At the Elariel manor in Tremredare)
-Lord Hector Elariel (Rioter)
-Lady Laura Elariel (nee. Champney)
-Lord Winston Elariel (Mistborn)
Viridian Demesne (Body-guard and trainer of Aaron Elariel) (Mistborn)
Odairn (Lord Alistair's Terris Steward)
NeinSarr (Kandra regularly employed by House Elariel)
JinJin (Daerra Elariel's Kandra, who often plays her Terris Steward, Jinzan.)
Elariel tries to keep about thirty allomancers in Luthadel whenever possible. A standard distribution is: 1 Mistborn, 4 Pewterarms, 5 Tineyes, 2 Lurchers, 3 Coinshots, 4 Soothers, 3 Rioters, 4 Seekers, and 4 Smokers. They have more of a focus on the mental metals than most houses because Elariel Soothers and Rioters are among the best. They usually choose Tineyes or Seekers over the more conventionally valuable Pewterarms and Coinshots because of their focus on information gathering.

Inquisition Notes
Allomancy Rating: A
Integrity Rating: A-

Elariel is a house of caution. It has a long-standing neutrality policy towards other Great Houses since its ascension to Luthadel, which has given it a large reservoir of resources. A house can invest in Elariel and be assured of complete objectivity. If an Elariel girl marries outside, that does not imply the Elariels are allying with that house, as they marry girls out equally to all factions, ensuring their neutrality. They only tend to ally with lesser houses when they are superb business decisions from Elariel. Those Houses it subsumes are also expected to maintain neutrality.

Our sources indicate that Elariel has secretly made an alliance with Raisaal, which is publicly known now as a "business decision". Do not be fooled; they will announce the alliance soon. Since Raisaal's dealings are also impartial, this is a shrewd move on Elariel's part, for in a practical sense, they can still claim neutrality.

Their neutrality gives them an enormous intelligence network. Our estimates indicate that of any single Great House, Elariel's spy network is the most vast. However, they capitalize on it sparingly, and only in cases of defense. Surely another measure which shows their devotion to neutrality. Elariel moves slowly and with consideration of every contingency. This means that as long as you do not gain Elariel's ire (as Sureau had), they probably will be little threat to you. I assess a Danger Rating of B-.

Home & Wealth
Current Location:Luthadel
Ancestral Home:Tremredare, Western Dominance
Financial Avenue:
Unlike most Houses which have made their fortunes specialized, Elariel?s claim to great worth is in the way they have spread their money out. Boasting of interests in fields such as foodstuffs, textiles, and iron ores Elariel works at not being pinned into any one area. If they could be said to have a specialty it would be importing and exporting of goods across the Final Empire. They have built on this specialty by creating an empire based on the backs of several lesser houses.

Great Houses
-Venture - [Negative] - While not really hostile, Elariel's relationship with the Ventures remains uncertain, due to Phyra Venture's involvement in Mikhail Elariel's death.
-Deveaux - [Neutral]
-Hasting - [Negative] - Things have been uneasy between the Elariels and the Hastings ever since a year ago when Darlene Hasting (nee. Elariel) went missing. Following the discovery that a Hasting-made dagger was used to kill Mikhail Elariel, the Elariels have begun a grudge against the Hastings, moving their diplomacy status from neutral to negative.
-Sureau - [Unfriendly] - The Elariels avoid any dealing with the Sureaus because of their unpopularity among the other Great Houses, and because of their suspected involvement in the attempt on Daerra Elariel's life and the disappearance of Vivian Elariel. Since Vivian's return and confirmation of Sureau's involvement, relations between these houses have been on a slippery slope ever since.
-Tekiel - [Neutral]
-Casuana - [Neutral]
-Lekal - [Neutral] - Though neutral, the Lekal's marital connection to the Patresens has brought Elariel and Lekal closer together. Should Elariel forego their policy of neutrality, the Lekals may be one of the first places to go for an alliance.
-Raisaal - [Friendly] - This is a secret alliance, as the other Great Houses knowing it could destroy the notion of Elariel neutrality. Despite this, these two Great Houses are quite close.
-Fathvell - [Neutral]
Minor Houses
-Habren - [Ally] - Family Allies: The Habren's are cousins of House Elariel, but from the central dominance. The were a great supporters when Elariel ascended, and the two houses still share a close alliance.
-Patresen - [Ally] - Family Allies: The Patresens are the Elariels' Fadrex City cousins, and unlike the other off-shoots of House Elar, the two remain close. Through this relationship, the Elariels have become more friendly with the Lekals, due to the marriage contract they share with the Patresens. Whether the Patresens relationship to these two Great Houses brings them together remains to be seen. House Patresen is one of the High Houses of the Western Dominance
-Bellemont - [Ally] - Vassal House: Bellemont is a powerful lesser house specializing in mining iron. Bellemont has several family members married to some of the more distant Elariel cousins. They are basically a vassal house.
-Devnishae - [Ally] - Vassal House: House Elariel sponsored House Devinshae when it was near collapse and financed it's return to power. The Elariels take a cut of everything the Devinshaes earn, and, until recently, the Devinshaes have proven to be loyal vassals. Since Lady Devinshae's attempt one year ago to assert her house's independence, she and her retinue have been sent back to Tremredare, and her heir, Chella Devinshae, remains a permanent 'guest' of the Elariels.
-Pomeroy - [Ally] - Vassal House: Pomeroy has sold their production value to Elariel for a long time; their financial relationship has made them allies. This is the second of Elariel's lesser houses than can truly be called a vassal.
-Dautrieve - [Ally] - Elariel allied with this House years ago when Dautrieve came into a large amount of silver. They turned to Elariel to help them sell their goods, and the houses have been working together ever since.
-Hathaway - [Ally] - Though there has only been one major marriage in recent years between House Elariel and House Hathaway, their close business relationship makes House Hathaway one of Elariel's staunchest supporters in the Western Dominance. House Hathaway is prominent among the Tremredare High Houses.
-Demesne - [Friendly] - Though there is no formal alliance, but House Demesne has been a supporter of Elariel's for a long time.
-Renoux - [Positive] - Previous business dealing have led to a positive relationship between houses. This relationship is tenuous due to Renoux's new-found instability
-Aurelian - [Negative] - When Lord Aurelian married an Elariel bride, things were looking good for relations between his house and the Elariels. However, when he was caught having an affair with Lord Hassau's sister, the Elariels quickly cut all ties. When an alliance between Aurelian and Hassau looked likely, the Elariels viewed the Aurelians as outright enemies. Only the breaking of that alliance and continued efforts of Lord Aurelian and his formerly Elariel wife have managed to bring things this close to neutral.
-Atherton - [Unfriendly] - Business Rivals: This is a lesser house based in Luthadel. The Atherton family has been dealing with many of Luthadel?s foundries, some of whom buy ore from Elariel. They have been trying to compete by undercutting Elariel?s prices as they try to get their foot in the door of that market.
-D'Aubinge - [Unfriendly] - Business Rivals: The D'aubinges have been developing their farmsteads and plantations in the Western Dominance, which is cutting slightly into Elariel?s profit margin.
-Brehaut - [Unfriendly] -
This feud began when the Brehauts breached a contract with Elariel. Elariel then began sponsoring several of Brehaut's competitors. Things escalated until Brehaut was all but driven out of the Western Dominance. Because of Brehaut's close relationship with Hasting, who Elariel is neutral with, the two houses are no longer enemies, but things remain unfriendly between them.
-Seeris - [Enemy] - Family Rivals: Yet another cousin House to Elariel. Unlike Patresen and Habren however, House Seeris has always been openly hostile to Elariel. House Seeris has recently joined the ranks of the High Houses in the west.
-Hassau - [Enemy] - Haussau delved into the shipping business heavily in the Western Dominance where Elariel has their original residence. They are a competitor for Elariel?s import / export business and a financial rival.

Diplomacy:[Enemy] [Unfriendly] [Negative] [Neutral] [Positive] [Friendly] [Ally]

Major Contracts
-Canton of Resource: They have a large contract to provide most of the foodstuffs to the Ministry. In exchange House Elariel receives a great deal of money as well as a small amount of atium.

Great Houses
-Raisaal: Following the rescue of Daerra Elariel by Raisaal haze killers, the Elariels have hired their haze killers solely from the Raisaal ranks, and use those they hire to train their own. Many think this is just the Elariel's looking to buy the best, but in truth the Elariels are receiving Raissal trained haze killers at a discounted rate in exchange for helping House Raisaal attain and maintain their rank as a Great House.

Central Dominance
-Champney: Champney has recently come into greater wealth buying up several foundries in Fellise. They contracted with Elariel to buy some of their iron ore.

-Dautrieve: Elariel has a contract importing a large amount of Dautrieves' jewelry production in exchange for a fee and small percentage of the profits.

-Demesne: Aside from what they produce themselves, Elariel buys fabrics to clothe their servants, skaa, and family members from House Demesne. They also make extensive use of the Demesne tailors. Recently, for a very small allowance of atium, Viridian Demesne has been hired as a body guard for Aaron Elariel.

-Liese: Coming from the central dominance, House Liese buys all of their food, textiles, and iron ore through Elariel. In exchange, Elariel buys furniture almost exclusively from House Liese carpenters. Recently, the Lieses have agreed to increase how much they use the Elariel barges for shipping as well.

-Marsdale: They have a financial contract with this House for a small amount of their textile production.

-Rousseau: Rousseau provides boats that move Elariel?s goods down the canals out of Luthadel and into the other Dominances.

Western Dominance
-Bellemont: Ten years ago Bellemont entered into a permanent alliance with House Elariel. Since then the majority of their mining production has been imported and either processed or sold by Elariel.

-Devinshae: When House Devinshae nearly collapsed just over a hundred years ago, the Elariels scooped them out of the gutter, and loaned them the money to restart their hotel empire in both the Western and Central Dominances in exchange for a percentage of all future profits. The steady income earned from this contract and others like it are what give Elariel it's financial stability.

-Hathaway: Elariel transfers and ships Hathaway grain, for a percentage of every shipment on top of what they usually buy. The Hathaways are Elariels main plantation contract, and are based in Tremredare, in the Western Dominance.

-Patresen: Because of their close family ties, the majority of the Patresen's surplus grapes,wool, and mutton are bought by Elariel. Some of these food stuffs are used to fulfill the Steel Ministry contract,along with what the Elariel plantations produce.

-Pomeroy: This is another house Elariel deals with to produce and import foodstuffs.

-Renoux: Not wanting to choose a side in the Casuana-Hasting conflict over weapons sales, Elariel sells ore to Renoux and buys weapons from them. In this transaction, the Renouxs also act as guarantors of quality, buying weapons and armor from many different suppliers (including Casuana, Hasting, and Bulvier), and selling the best to the Elariels. The Elariels also export and sell Renoux dyes (Blushdip Red and Callowfield Yellow) to a variety of textile houses. However, because of the recent chaos in Farmost, where House Renoux has a significant number of contracts, this agreement is tenuous and the Elariels are looking for a more stable business partner to supply their armaments.

Northern Dominance
-Blanches: The Blanches aided in the construction of Keep Elariel, and ever since Elariel has imported Blanches stone and mortar from their home in the northern dominance and sold it in the central and western dominances.

Southern Dominance
-Davenpleu: Davenpleu ships Elariel goods to Luthadel from both Port Tresteau and Lansing City, for a percentage of the Hathaway grain the Elariels buy. They also give Elariel a discount on any fruit that they ship from the Southern Islands.

Farmost Dominance:
-Fainall: House Fainall is a powerful niche house in the Farmost Dominance, dealing with insurance, loans, and mortgages. Elariel has agreed to back them in return for a sizable cut of their profits. The recent rebellion and the resulting financial collapse in the region has strained relations between these houses. Right now, the Fainalls have managed to hold the agreement in place by feeding the Elariels useful financial information about their clients.

Governance & Customs
Because of Elariels' long history with internal unrest, House Elariel has developed a strong sense of family unity. Love and pride for their heritage, and respect and loyalty to their house and ideals are the first values that are drilled into children's minds. It isn't until later in life that most Elariel children realize the double standard their family lives by. Though all Elariels seem staunch loyalists, the seldom seen central keep tells a different story. This is where the Elariels learn and develop their talent for manipulation: on and with each other. The nobles, merchants, soldiers, servants, and even skaa of House Elariel are divided into constantly changing and shifting factions, all competing with each other for influence and power within the house. Each of these factions is controlled by a member of the high nobility. These factions are made up of networks of spies among the servants of rivals, officers in the House guard, and the lesser and greater nobility. These factions shift and change so often, and betrayal is so common, that even the leaders do not know where all the boundaries lie. At the time of Mikhail Elariel's death, the four major factions were controlled by him, his father, Lord Alistair Elariel, Lord Andrew Elariel, and Daerra Elariel. Upon his demise, many of his followers have joined with those of his father, the current lord, making this the most powerful faction at this time. Some, however, have seen some advantage to joining either Daerra or her father, Andrew.

It is these complex factions that have developed Elariel into the informant and spying superpower it is. Their understanding of subterfuge and reconnaissance has also made the Elariels wary of spies and informants employed by other houses, and traitors from within their own. Out of a desire to keep their private affairs private, no outsiders or skaa are allowed into the central keep, and access to the central keep by anyone but the high nobility is carefully monitored. Elariel has also implemented a policy of using obligators from their house whenever possible, especially when ones are needed in the central keep. When this is not possible, they try their best to exclude obligators from other great houses, though this is not always possible. Though structurally Elariel is among the least defensible of keeps, in terms of information, it is a nearly impenetrable fortress.

Elariels' previous troubles with internal unrest has also led them to create a rigid system of ranking. All the nobility of House Elariel are divided into ranked Tiers, each with it's own sets of duties and restrictions.
1st Tier
-All those descended directly from Andrew Elariel through his marriage to his first wife.
-These are the Elariel elite, who receive every advantage of their house's wealth and power. Only members of the 1st teir are allowed to inherit the house title. Every faction within House Elariel is led by a member of the first tier, and only they are allowed dealings with the other Great Houses, and they choose which projects and contracts are handled by who among the lesser tiers. So far, no members of the first tier have joined the ministry.
-Reside almost exclusively in the upper stories of the central keep, with the exception of Lord Hector, his wife, and his son, Winston, who live in Elariels' ancestral manor in Tremredare, and oversee operations there.
-Members of the 1st Teir almost never interact with skaa within the keep, and are served exclusively by 5th tier servants.
2nd Tier
-All those descended directly from Andrew Elariel through his marriage to his second wife.
-Though not involved in the rulership of the house, these lesser nobles still live lives of luxury, particularly if they are allomancers. They oversee holdings in the Western dominance, under Lord Hector's authority. They are responsible for most of Elariel's dealings with lesser houses, however the most important contracts, or those from the oldest allies, remain the responsibility of the first tier. The second tier make up Elariel's most influential presence within the ministry, though there are Elariel obligators from the 3rd-5th Tiers as well.
-Their places are split between their residence in the lower stories of the central keep, and the manor of House Elariel in the west, where they perform the function the first Tier performs in Luthadel, dealing with the High Houses of Tremredare instead of the Great ones in Luthadel.
3rd Tier
-All those descended directly from the original Andrew Elariel's uncle.
-These are Elariel's minor nobility. They have very little power or influence, and are useful to Elariel primarily for securing marriage contracts with lesser houses, and as allomancers.
-They reside in the outer wings of the Keep, or out in one of Elariel's holdings in the western dominance, where they are overseen by members of the second tier, who are, in turn, subject to Lord Hector's authority. While allowed access to the central keep, their coming and going is carefully monitored. The thirds are the first tier to interact with skaa directly, for few are powerful enough to be served by noble-blooded servants.
4th Tier
-All those descended from the second son of founder Mikhail Elariel's heir (the first Lord Esteon).
-The members of the 4th tier make up what is essentially the merchant class of House Elariel. Their power is limited to overseeing single contracts or groups of laborers. They are scattered across the final empire. Allomancers and those gifted at fighting make up many of the lesser officers in Elariels army and House guard.
-While allowed access to the central keep, their coming and going is carefully monitored.
5th Tier
-All those decended from founder Mikhail Elariel's second son.
-This is the servant class of House Elariel, made up of stewards, butlers, chief maids, and soldiers in Elariel's small personal army and House guard.
-Many of these serve the residents of the central keep, however, members of the 5th tier have their quarters on the lower floors of the wings, or in the soldier's barracks. Though they are ranked lowly, their rooms and belongings are always finer than any servants or soldiers the Elariels have hired from outside the family.
-Though they have practically no power in and of themselves, they are very useful for those of the up tiers, who use them to spy on one another. Terrismen are only one step below the highest of the fifth tier,and though they technically outrank even the most senior servant or soldiers hired from outside the family, the Elariel-rented skaa are the only ones completely subject to their authority.

House Elariel was founded in 595 by Lord Mikhail Elariel, son of Lord Conrad Elar, a nobleman of middling influence from House Elar. House Elar, though a Great House at the time, was torn apart from within by political intrigues, and House Elariel was one of several houses that were born out of the chaos of Elar's fall. It is because of the way in which House Elar fell that, though the Elariel's share their ancestors knack for intrigue and manipulation, to the outside world they always present a unified front, and loyalty to one's house is one of the most important lessons Elariel's children learn. Also, through the Elar line, the Elariel's claim to be descended from Lord Aaron Amin, one of the original nine Mistborn who were gifted with allomancy upon the Lord Ruler's ascension.

Mikhail Elariel set up his house in the western dominance, in the grand city of Temredare. Through his influence within the family, and his considerable skill at soothing, he managed to procure many of the shipping contracts Elar left behind. Eventually, however, shipping became only a means by which Elariel accomplished it's true primary financial avenue: buying things low, and selling them high for a profit. Though he started out small, as the generations passed, and his fledgling family grew, Elariel quickly began to gain a great deal of influence in their dominance. As they grew, Elariel continued to delve into many different economic sectors. This spread thier wealth out, but it also made them versatile and more stable. As they grew in prosperity, Elariel began to deal in money lending, often choosing to deal with houses near financial collapse. When some of these houses were unable to pay the interest, they became Elariel's first vassal houses.

In the late eighth century, Lord Andrew Elariel began making plans to build a keep in Luthadel itself. Surprisingly prolific for a noble, Andrew managed to sire four children on his first wife, and several more on his second. Not only did he have many children, Andrew knew how to use them well. When his preparations were complete, and his operations in the western dominance were stable, he began taking them on trips to Luthadel one by one. He managed to marry his two eldest sons to brides from House Chardain and House Arduenna, two of greatest houses of the time, and his eldest daughter he married into the powerful and ancient Sureau family. Andrew hoped that, by gaining connections to several different houses in Luthadel, he could enter in a position of neutrality, and build his power and influence before he made any enemies.

The Elariel's sudden and rapid rise in influence did not go unnoticed by her rivals. House Hassau especially was shocked into action when House Elariel, who normally built in power slowly but steadily, began to forge forward. The Hassaus began to marshal the other Houses of Tremredare, and in the Western dominance as a whole against the Elariels, in the hopes of preventing their rise. House Hassau wanted a keep of their own, and knew if the Elariels' made it to Luthadel, the chances of another western house rising in opposition to them was slim.

As the Elariels' plans began to materialize, disaster struck. Lord Andrew's second son, Daulton, was the first to be slain, leaving behind his wife Tiana, and his four-year old son Daeron. At first, it seemed Lord Daulton's death was the work of cut-purses, and so no action was taken. A careful observer, however, might have noticed the Elariels increasing their security. In the following years, several more assassination attempts were foiled, until finally, in 809, Lord Andrew himself was slain, and his first son, Lord Edmund, took the seat. His reign did not last long however, for he was assassinated a year later, and succeeded by his son, Lord Esteon, who was only fourteen at the time.

Over the next ten years, more assassination attempts were foiled, but the Elariels began to re-secure their position. With the help of his remaining remaining uncle, Winston, and his aunts, Esteon began the construction of Keep Elariel. The many feminine influences in his life at the time might account for why the keep is designed with beauty rather than defense in mind. The Elariels' continued talent for intrigue and its care in committing its resources enabled them to capitalize on an error made by House Hassau, and defeat the last of their opposition in the west. House Hassau continued to hold a grudge against Elariel.

Elariels eventual rise, however, did not continue on its smooth course, despite the defeat of the Hassaus. Because of his youth when he gained the high seat, Esteon's rule was forever one of consensus between the many forces and factions within his family. Unbeknownst to those who had the most access to Esteon's ear, a few of Andrew's sons by his second wife, looking to improve their situation, conspired with the Hassaus to remove Esteon, and place their own puppet as the head of their House. Eager to strike against their enemies, and hoping for a second chance to delay Elariel's rise, the Hassaus agreed. With the help of the traitorous Elariels, the Hassau Mistborn was able to sneak into the manor, and do away with Esteon. When day broke, the House fell into chaos. The traitors attempt to place on of their own on the high seat failed, and it seemed Elariel, so close to their goal, was headed towards the fate of their predecessors, House Elar.

And then Daeron stepped in.

The son of Lord Daulton was no longer the helpless four year old he had been when his father was killed. He had snapped that night, when he discovered his father's body, stabbed out in the grounds of the manor, and not into a mere misting. He was Mistborn, and one of the most powerful his family had seen for generations. With the help of his Uncle Winston, Daeron took control of the house. He used every tool at his disposal, from soothing and rioting so subtle even those who knew what he was doing could not tell how they were being influenced, to impressive displays with iron, pewter, and steel when that failed. The traitors were found and executed as examples. To help prevent such treachery from occurring again, Daeron altered the plans for the still unfinished keep, and began to create the tiered system of rank the Elariels still live by today.

After three attempts on his life by the Hassaus and their allies, Daeron set out to deal with them. He defeated the Hassau Mistborn first, after a chase that woke the entire Hassau manor. Avoiding dozens of allomancers and scores of hazekillers as he did so, Daeron escaped with barely a scratch. He did not stay away for long.

With some careful bribes, and the use of a kandra, Daeron managed to procure a list of the names, descriptions, and locations within the manor of every Hassau allomancer. As soon as he was ready, he struck again, methodically killing them off one by one. He killed the last seeker as the Hassau alarms sounded, and turned to face the Lord as he rushed into the room. The Hazekillers surrounding him were easy work, and were soon finished off. Cowering, Lord Hassau asked Daerron why he had left him alive? Daeron replied coldly, saying he wanted House Hassau to survive, severely weakened, as a testament to how far they had fallen. Though Hassau began to recover some of it's losses, and remains a prominent figure in Western Dominance shipping, it will never gain the influence it strove for before before Daeron's purge.

Because of the chaotic situation the Elariel's had created in the west, and Daeron's desire to move to Luthadel in a position of power, Elariel did not become a Great House until 831, following the marriage of Daeron to Lydia of the ancient Deveaux family. As he moved his family into their recently constructed keep, Daeron immediately took up the work his grandfather had left unfinished upon his death, and quickly established a position of official neutrality for Elariel among the other Great Houses. His Uncle Winston, who had loyally supported him throughout his reign, he left in the Elariel stronghold in Temredare, to oversee operations there.

Until the end of his sixty year reign as Lord of House Elariel, Daeron continued to build his House's influence. During the end of his reign, Elariel fell a bit in rank, due to the creation of a five house coalition. However, once the coalition broke apart in 893, with the feud between the Ventures and Sureaus, his son, Anton managed to raise Elariel to prominence as Luthadel's second greatest house. Because of their neutral status, and the effectiveness of the Sureau five-house coalition has made Elariel wary of large alliance groups among the Great Houses.

Elariel Ancestry

Excerpt From Descoteaux's A Geneology of The Great Families of the Final Empire

'Lord' or 'Lady' before name indicates the holding of the house title.
* Represents Great House

Lord Aaron Amin* (Died 70)-One of the nine original Mistborn.

Elanora (Amin) Tremredine (10-40)
Lord Andsell Tremredine II* (35-100) - Tremredine ascends to great house in 51.
Lord Eli Tremredine* (63-105)- Great House status lost upon Eli's assassination in 105.
Lord Andsell Tremredine III (92-113)

Edith (Tremredine) Chanel* (111-149) - Married Lord Chanel.
Lord Andsell Chanel* (132-178)
Lord Andsell Chanel II* (158-207)

Lord Edmund Andsell (190-215)-Younger brother to Lord Andsell Chanel III, began own house.
Lord Erik Andsell (216-279)
Eli Andsell (241-299) - 2nd Son of Lord Erik Andsell.
Esteon Andsell (283-322)
Daulton Andsell (305-340)
Anton Andsell (330-386)

Alison (Andsell) Elar (355-402)-Married cousin of Lord Elar.
Jerome Elar (382-420)
Lord Andrew Elar (401-482)-Succeeded when former Lord Elar died without issue.
Lord Geoffrey Elar (427-496)
Lord Anden Elar (455-501)
Lady Cassandra Elar (473-527)-Succeed when her father bore no male heirs.
Lewis Elar* (500-544) - Elar became a Great House in 535.
Brandon Elar* (527-549)
Conrad Elar* (550-596)
House Elar splits in 595, forming houses Habren, Patresen, Seeris, and Elariel, and several others that did not last to the present day.

Elariel Succession
In the succession, dates represent the length of the individuals? reign, instead of birth-death.
*-represents Great House

Lord Mikhail Elariel (595-623)
Lord Esteon Elariel (623-643)
Lord Terrence Elariel (643-650)
Lord Dorian Elariel (650-695)
Lord Anton Elariel (695-720)
Lord Simeon Elariel (720-731)
Lord Brandon Elariel (731-761)
Lord Andrew Elariel (749-809)
Lord Edmund Elariel (809-810)
Lord Esteon Elariel (810-820)
Lord Daeron Elariel* (820-880)-->Elariel became a Great House in 831.
Lord Anton Elariel* (880-895)
Lord Alistair Elariel* (895-Present)

1st Tier Family Tree (Out of Date)

Updatable 1st Tier Family Tree

Great House Family Tree - Elariel Branch

Keep Description
The Exterior
Keep Elariel was built to impress more than it was to defend. It is fairly tall, but not as spacious as other keeps, and is known for it's attention to detail rather than size. The original keep makes two thirds of a circle on the outer wall, while the interior side is split into four segments, each reaching a different height (the central keep, the upper wings, and the lower wings). A lower wing was added soon after the Keep's construction, off of the back of the central keep, housing the barracks for the Elariel soldiers, and tenements for the skaa needed to maintain the Keep, it's grounds, and it's inhabitants. The entire keep is raised several feet off of the ground, and there is a single flight of stairs running around the entire outside. The walls of the keep is covered with intricate carvings in the stone, with metal inlays. Statues from the Lord Ruler's theology and of important Elariel family members from before their move to Luthadel disguise the Keep's outer supports.

The Keep is surrounded by a ten foot beautifully carved and ornamented wall, with elegant metal gates. To the right of these gates are the Elariel stables, while the carriages are parked to the left. The wall makes a small box shaped yard around the circular keep that houses a small ornamental garden and pond on one side of the barracks, or soldier's wing, and a training area on the other. The central courtyard is hugged by the two main wings of the keep, in the center of the partial circle. The courtyard has a large fountain with three statues. One of the original Lord Mikhail Elariel, founder of the house, one of Daeron Elariel, one of Elariel's greatest Lords who was instrumental in gaining Elariel a place as a Great House, and rising above them, a statue of Aaron Amin, one of the nine original Mistborn who the Elariels claim to be descended from. There are also several benches for people to sit on.

The Central Keep
The central keep (at the top of the part-circle) is a very wide round tower-like construction, with squared edges. While not one of the tallest structures in Luthadel, it is fairly tall, being 12 stories in height. The central keep is topped with a magnificent dome of stained glass, that, when lit from the inside, can be seen from a great distance. This central structure houses the great hall, the lavish apartments of the highest ranking members of the family (1st Tier in the upper six stories, 2nd Tier in the lower ones), the treasury, and the library, among other things. The outside of this portion of the keep has intricate stained glass windows on every floor, as well as many small private balconies on the higher floors. It is also the only portion of the keep that extends downwards into a basement, and who knows what generations of Elariels have hidden down there. The nobility who are privileged enough to live in this part of the keep are served only by noble-blooded servants of their own house, and only the 1st teir are allowed to come and go freely. All other entrances and exits to the central keep are carefully monitored and recorded, to prevent spying, or at least, spying by outsiders. No skaa ever enter the central keep, and very few outsiders ever do without marrying into the family. Even the Lords of the other Great Houses are received in the outer wings, unless Lord Elariel wants to show them particular courtesy or honor.

The Upper Wings
Extending to either side of the central keep, are curved rectangular wings, forming the rest of the circle. These each reach six stories high. The highest floor of these wings contains several lavish drawing rooms and audience chambers for receiving and entertaining important guests. The top floor of the left wing also houses Elariel's contract room, where the Elariel obligators arrange, sort, file and keep track of the Elariel contracts. The chief obligator, along with a few attendants, return their records to the library of the central keep every night for safe keeping. Many 4th and 3rd tier nobility can be found here receiving instructions, or dropping of information. The 3rd tier nobility have residences, smaller dining rooms, lounges, and music rooms, on the fourth and fifth floors of both wings. The 4th tier have quarters on the third and second floors for the time they spend in Luthadel when not out overseeing contracts. The more important members of the fifth tier servant class, who are not soldiers, reside on the second floor as well, in slightly smaller rooms, while the lower ranked ones live on the best rooms on the ground floor. The remaining space on the ground floor is taken up by servants quarters for the noble servants Elariel has hired from outside the family and dining rooms for the lower classes, while the rest of the 2nd floor is taken up by kitchens (one per side) and several more smaller lounges. The outside of these wings are made with the same stone as the central keep, but are roofed in the cathedral style with turrets and and are lined with stained glass window which gain in extravagance going upward floor by floor.

The Soldiers' Wing
The barracks and skaa tenements, nicknamed 'the soldier's wing' is three stories tall, housing Elariel's guard and soldiers quarters and their armory on the upper two floors. The lowest floor is home to Elariel smithy, and the tenements of the skaa who need to be housed on the grounds. This arrangement makes it easy for guards to monitor the skaa closely, as they are prime candidates to be used as spies for the other houses.

The Lower Wings
The third level of the keep consist two circular structures at the ends of the two upper wings. Both are single storied buildings with flat roofs that contain many stained glass skylights. On one side is a bath house and steam room. One third for use by servants and those of lower rank in a large common room, and the rest divided into smaller more private rooms for the higher Elariel nobility. The other side houses the Elariel ball room, which is described in MB1 (Starting Chapter 18, pg 247, Hardcover):

"...the steps to Keep Elariel. It was a bit smaller than the keep of House Venture. However, Keep Elariel apparently had a separate party ballroom, while House Venture had it's gatherings in the enormous main hall..."

"...the squat ballroom building?one of several low wings extending from the main keep..."

"The Elariel ballroom was very different from the majestic Venture grand hall. The dim room was only a single story high, and while it had a lot of stained-glass windows, they were all in the ceiling. Circular rose-window skylights shone from above, lit by small lime-lights on the roof. Each table was set with candles, and despite the light from above, there was a reserved darkness about the room. It seemed... private, despite the numerous people in attendance..."

"This room had obviously been designed to accommodate parties. A sunken dancing floor lay at it's center, and this was better lit than the rest of the room. There were two tiers of tables circling the dancing floor: The first tier was only a few feet above, the other was farther back and about twice as high..."

"The deep, crystalline colors from above projected patterns across tables and people, creating an impressive atmosphere, yet making it difficult to distinguish faces..."

The statues and stone carvings on walls:
The three level format (but with taller third segments instead of single story ones):
The circular curving structure:
Stained-glass dome:

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