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Instant Messenger

Kaled Valoren's Photo Kaled Valoren 01 Oct 2011

^ Yay, restore my identity xD I seem to have a knack for inadvertently uncovering bugs. Maybe I'm just walking bad luck.

Chaos's Photo Chaos 01 Oct 2011

It wasn't your fault at all. This mod just wasn't written very well, so I never added an important field to make the Multiple User Accounts work when you quote someone. Sorry about that :/ But hey! That was a pretty crucial bug, so I'm glad you found it :D

Kaled Valoren's Photo Kaled Valoren 01 Oct 2011

Go me :D

Sarah's Photo Sarah 08 Oct 2011

^^; I use aim; either archmageness or fortuneismine for the ids. I usually am always on both, but archmageness is generally more widely used (I've had it longer).

Lyrebon's Photo Lyrebon 25 Jan 2012

Might aswel throw these up:

AIM: Marilyn Monroe (k2_dragonblue)
Skype: Lyrebon

DemonPony's Photo DemonPony 25 Jan 2012

AIM: SnwflakeObsidian
GTalk: endingfire @ teh gmails dot com

Lanscaper's Photo Lanscaper 26 Jan 2012

AIM: Lanscaper

Eclipse's Photo Eclipse 14 Jun 2013

I'm on AIM too!:


Tal Spektor's Photo Tal Spektor 21 Aug 2013

Pm works perfectly. However, for express service, mail me and make it clear who you are, where from and all that nonsense. I am not always online (I retain unpredictability), so if you want to Skype me, please let me schedule.

Mail: [email protected]
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Guest_Abraxas MacGuile_* 12 Nov 2018

Same, but nix the gmail at the moment. I'm trying to pull off Discord at present, though