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In Anna

Inanna's Photo Inanna 27 Jun 2009

    And, nope, I don't need my handle changed... Basing this off my previous Kandra that I never got around to RPing.. The Bio was written from 'her' perspective. If it is short it is because she did not disclose to me anything additional. RP Sample, however, should fill in a few of the blanks along with ensuring that I'm not cheapening out on the character creation.

    Its just... .4 am, and I need sleep so I'll work on this more tomorrow.

    On a side note, you may want to credit a little of where you gained the information. I noticed a few of my write-ups in your informational sections, including the Kandra. Not a big deal, fly at it, but credit is always nice. <3

"I N A N N A"

Player Information
    Handle : Inanna
    Contact : arie.designs [at] gmail.com
Character Information
    Name: In Anna or Inanna or "Ina"
    Age: 7th Generation
    Type: Kandra
    Gender: Prefers the female form
    Occupation: Blessing of Awareness - Hirable
    Marital Status: N/A
Appearance - Depends on the body given.
Her body as a Kandra:
    Hair: Silvery Blonde, Long
    Eyes: Depends on her mood. (Blue for calm, Green for Anger, Brown for boredom)
    Height: Average
    Weight: Willowy
    Voice: Whimsical, Musical & Lilted with Sarcasm and Coldness.
    Overall Appearance: [NEEDS FILLING]
    Special Skills: Infiltration & Impersonation.
    Strengths: Politics, Weaponry (small to mid-large sized weapons).
    Weaknesses: Politeness & Stamina
    Arrogant for a Kandra, In Anna prefers the female form and shows a little more of an independent personality than the majority of her peers in her generation. Her time out of the Kandra Homeland is frequent enough to avoid the majority of the politics. Preferring to simply be an assassin, In Anna refuses any other involvement.
    Her last contract has ended. Once a contract has ended the history of it is no longer relevant. In Anna now waits for the next in the Homeland, PM if interested.
Roleplay Sample

Chaos's Photo Chaos 27 Jun 2009

Glad to see you're making a character, Inanna! Good to have you here :D

I didn't know Kalub was getting his write-ups from Mistborn Empire. You point me to other things that I got from you, and I will be more than happy to link Mistborn Empire as a source! In fact, I need to start contributing to that Wiki soon.

I'm not going to accept you just this moment--I'd like to see that RP sample before I do--but I like what I see thus far.

One suggestion, perhaps. I was under the impression that kandra names weren't separated with a space, so wouldn't it be more correct for the name to be InAnna?

Inanna's Photo Inanna 27 Jun 2009

That is fine. I wasn't ready for it to be approved anyway.

And I think you are right about the name. *chuckles* I'll research it a little more, but I'll change it when I write up the RP Sample.

Chaos's Photo Chaos 27 Jun 2009

Yeah, because the three kandra names I can think of off the top of my head are TenSoon, OreSeur, and KanPaar.

Also, I looked for myself, and yeah, Kalub totally copied and pasted your stuff for the kandra section. Tsk tsk to him! :P

Chaos's Photo Chaos 28 Jun 2009

If you could also write a History section, that would be great. History influences how the character interacts and what sort of character conflicts she will have, regardless of whether such information will be revealed to others.