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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Umbra Raisaal

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Player Information
Name/Handle: KChan
OoC Account: KChan
Contact Information: Write up a request to meet with me and burn it in the dead of night. The Organization That Does Not Exist will contact you.

Character Information
Name: Umbra Raisaal
Type: Noble
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Hazekiller, Hazekiller Trainer. Also fights alongside Raisaal's other Allomancers.
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Iron
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Umbra stands tall, straight-backed, and proud, with a strong military bearing that reflects her strict martial upbringing. She was once considered handsome, even beautiful sometimes, with fair skin, a strong jawline, high cheekbones, and the very dark, slanted eyes for which those born to House Raisaal are known. That is, until the incident. Now, instead of smooth, uninterrupted skin, there is a vicious burn scar running along the right side of her face, running from just under her hairline down past her jaw, spreading across her neck, and disappearing under her collar. Though most people don't know just how widespread her scars are (naturally), she wears a black leather glove to cover a similarly damaged right hand (depending on the occasion, she will commonly wear a matching glove on her left as well, but not always).

Before she was burned, Umbra rarely wore dresses – even when she did they were simple, utilitarian garments – but since the incident, she has given them up entirely. Now all she wears is the military-style uniform common to Raisaal's hazekillers and instructors: dark gray trimmed in red and black, accented with gold-brushed wooden buttons, made entirely of crisp, sleek lines with a high collar and simple epaulets. Instead of gowns, she now wears the house's dress uniform to balls.

Despite her otherwise un-feminine tendencies, she has always taken very good care of her jet black hair, washing and brushing it until it shines; its naturally thick waves brush her shoulders, and she always keeps it neatly trimmed. In stark contrast to her use of a glove to hide the scars that cover her hand, Umbra parts her hair on the right side, pulling it away from her face on that side and purposely keeping her scar in full view. And while she sometimes wears a touch of makeup to accent her eyes or color her lips, not a speck of it has ever touched her scar.

Special Skills: Combat, teamwork, leadership, athleticism. She is also a skilled dancer and possesses a talent for very delicate Allomantic control.
Strengths: Had Umbra been born a male, she would have been a very desirable match. Her decisive nature and quick thinking make her a natural leader in battle, and she carries herself with an aura of command that is more commonly found in male military officers. She is both skilled and experienced in battle, and has a particular knack for working together with her brother to perform spectacular maneuvers and combinations even in the most chaotic of fights. Also, because she no longer allows fires or braziers to be lit in her quarters, she is becoming more resistant to the cold than she once was.
Weaknesses: Umbra's strengths are also one of her chief weaknesses: because she is female, many members of the court tend to regard Umbra as intimidating or unseemly, rather than deserving of respect. The scars that show prominently on the right side of her face serve only to alienate others further, though Umbra herself is partially to blame when it comes to her distance from others. She has also become pyrophobic; while she forces herself to deal with lanterns and torches and the like (mainly because she has to), even blazing fireplaces bother her, and she will often position herself at the furthest point of a room from an open hearth. The larger the blaze, the more it bothers her, until eventually she either falls into panic attacks or simply shuts down.

Personality: The first word that comes to mind when one mentions Umbra Raisaal is probably “Lucar”. She is completely and utterly dedicated to her twin brother: he is her best friend, confidante, companion, and her partner in both “crime” and combat. She trusts him more than anybody else, and is only truly herself when they're alone.

At her core, Umbra is disciplined, focused, dedicated, and precise. Everything about her – from her hair to her uniforms to the way she keeps her room – is kept just so, and though she is perfectly capable of handling change and unpredictability at work or in combat, disruptions in the status quo of her personal life can be difficult for her deal with. During these times, even more than usual, she depends on Lucar to be her anchor. Knowing that he will always be there for her, and that this one fact will never change, enables her to cope with things that might otherwise inhibit her ability to function properly.

Umbra does not respond well to threats – particularly not to those made against her brother. She is extremely protective of him, often disregarding her own safety in favor of assuring his. This protectiveness doesn't just extend to the typical dangers from assassins, enemy allomancers, and so on, either. In Umbra's eyes, anything can be a threat, including – and especially – women. She knows that as the Raisaal heir, Lucar will have to marry at some point, but she secretly dreads the day she'll no longer be the only woman in her brother's life. Overprotective and a little jealous, she truly wants him to be happy, but she doesn't want him to be hurt.

And she doesn't want to be replaced, either.

Of course, the idea of marriage for herself doesn't often enter her head. She fully intends to stay in Raisaal for the rest of her life, meaning that if she were to marry, it would have to be to someone low-ranking enough to warrant marrying him into her house, rather than the other way around. Even then, she was never particularly interested in romance for herself, and probably wouldn't even know what to do if she were approached by a potential suitor. Of course, since the fire, she has put the idea out of her mind completely. After all, surely no man in the fickle Final Empire would want a scarred and mangled bride. Not that she thinks about it, of course.

She isn't all serious, though; she does have a sense of humor and an ability to have fun, it's just that most people probably wouldn't understand the way she expresses either of these things. To Umbra, going to tea parties is a tedious chore, but she'll have the time of her life running training exercises out in the mist and ash in the middle of the night. She also has a secret fondness for novels, though she's only ever told Lucar about that.

History: It's impossible to tell the story of Umbra Raisaal without talking about Lucar. Fraternal twins, born only minutes apart in the year 890, the two have been inseparable since they were welcomed into the world. Oddly enough, no one truly knows which of the twins was born first; their father was absent during the births, and due to complications that occurred during labor and delivery, everyone else in attendance was so busy working to ensure that mother and children all survived that no one remembers whether Lucar or Umbra is the elder of the twins. This has become a long-standing joke between the two of them; both Umbra and Lucar insist that s/he is the elder twin, leading to each calling the other “Little Brother/Sister” (or sometimes “Big Brother/Sister” when one of them wants something). The two developed in near lockstep, reaching first words, first steps, and other milestones at almost exactly the same pace.

Born into House Raisaal, Lucar and Umbra began training as hazekillers as soon as they were able to hold a shield unaided. Their father was their primary instructor, as was customary; however, the twins also received instruction from their mother, Clefae. While not as skilled with the physical aspects of hazekilling, as a Soother she was instrumental in teaching them to withstand attacks of emotional Allomancy.

It was during this time that the twins began to show a great capacity for teamwork; even as children, they preferred working as a pair to training alone, and performed better when acting together. Even outside of training, much of their time was spent together, from lessons to playtime. As they grew, it became clear that they didn't use typical language to address one another: mere looks, gestures, and clipped phrases were usually enough for the two to communicate. Their closeness showed in other ways as well; for example, Umbra actually caused a minor incident with another House when another little girl on a playdate complained of not liking Lucar, and Umbra – feeling compelled to defend her little brother – subsequently gave the girl a black eye. She probably would have given out a matching set, had Lucar not pulled her off the other girl in time. Unfortunately, in doing so, Lucar put himself in front of Umbra's attack, and the black eye meant for the now sobbing playmate was accidentally dealt to Lucar instead. Umbra was absolutely distraught that she had harmed her beloved brother, and moped around for days, afraid to even give her all in training, lest she bring him harm again. Lucar, however, noticed this immediately, and approached Umbra, as though about to confront her about why she was holding back. Onlookers were shocked when, instead of speaking to Umbra, he just smiled and proceeded to punch his own sister right in the face. Instead of crying, though, or even uttering so much as a word of complaint, Umbra immediately got back up, caught her brother in a tight, thankful hug, and the pair resumed training as if nothing had happened. They sported a pair of matching black eyes for weeks.

The twins grew over the years in a world designed to make them strong, both individually and as a pair. They trained together constantly, honing their skills, working as a team and playing off the strengths and making up for the shortcomings of the other.

Naturally, when Lucar and Umbra Snapped, they did so together.

On their twelfth birthday, the twins were given a surprise party - a coordinated attack from seven older opponents almost twice their size. Immediately, they fell into the teamwork that had been drilled into them for years, defending each other as they sought to repel their attackers. Neither can recall how long the fight actually lasted, but Lucar knew the moment it ended. His mind was in a haze, his body tired and bleeding, and he felt a well of energy inside him. He grasped it, and with a furious shout violently slammed one of the attackers into the wall - from thirty feet away. Umbra, meanwhile, Pulled on a rack filled with training weapons, upending it and spilling its contents all over the floor – and, at the same time, sending herself flying forward and accidentally slamming herself into another one of the attackers. A moment later, Lucar, flung backward by his Push, slammed into Umbra, sending all three to the floor in a heap. The twins were on their feet a moment later, backs pressed together in defiance, eyes blazing with martial fury.

The fight was called to a stop immediately, and the twins, bruised and bloody from the brutal assault, were seen to by the Raisaal physician and then put into bed to recover from the ordeal.

Lucar and Umbra, soon after, discovered the attack had been set up; by Raisaal tradition, the customary beating to induce Snapping was replaced by a surprise, intense training session that pushed them beyond their limits ((For more into on this tradition, see thread ‘House Raisaal’)). Raisaal was not an economically strong House at this point in time, but what they lacked in finances, they made up for with Allomancers - which they attributed to the method in which they induced the Snapping.

Whether or not they were correct, House Raisaal had two more Mistings - Lucar was a Coinshot, and Umbra was a Lurcher.

Once the twins had recovered, their joint training resumed with double the intensity. Not only did they have their Hazekiller training, but there was their Allomantic education to be seen to as well. They balked at the idea of being trained separately, but fortunately for them, they didn't have to be: their grandfather, Gyrar, was Mistborn, and not only did he instruct each of the twins in the use of their respective metals, he was able to teach them how to use their abilities in concert, as well.

Alongside their Allomantic tutelage, but done with far more secrecy, the two were instructed in [TRUNCATED: THE BLACK HAZE DOES NOT EXIST] making them far more formidable a force.

Lucar and Umbra spent an additional two years in training, more than normal Raisaal hazekillers, to ensure that they had learned everything they needed to know. Lessons in leadership, tactics, stealth, everything they would need to lead a team of hazekillers into combat. Upon ‘graduation’, at age 22, they were thrust into another Raisaal tradition - spending five years, incognito, as hazekillers-for-hire to the nobility of the Final Empire. The first three years were uneventful, taking them to every corner of the Empire in service of whomever offered the most coin, protecting nobles of nearly every family. They didn’t return to Luthadel until their fourth year, when they were given a long-term contract for House Elariel.

Unrecognizable before leaving Luthadel, the twins were now virtually unknown - which was exactly how they wanted it. Treated as any other hazekiller by Elariel, they were assigned to guard two minor members of the family, Daerra and Vivian.

Daerra was just another principal, but there was something different about Vivian. Something that bothered Lucar, and in such a way that Umbra, as strong a bond as she had with her brother, could spot a mile away on a misty night: there was something between him and Vivian Elariel. She had been raised with the expectation that Lucar would marry one day – he was, after all, the heir – but that didn't prepare her for reality as much as she had assumed it would. Suddenly, she wasn't the only girl in her brother's life. Oh, of course she was still important to him – she wasn't stupid enough to think that would ever change – but things were... different... somehow. And while she was happy that at least her brother had found a woman he actually liked, and would never dream of doing anything to sabotage his happiness, she couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous.

She knew it a lot earlier than he did, of course, but it finally hit him – at the same time as her fist did, catching him square in the eye during a sparring session. She could tell from the look on his face that he hadn't been thinking about what he was doing, that his mind had been somewhere else, and so she didn't feel particularly guilty about blacking his eye. Again. Alright, maybe a little. But not much. Maybe just a twinge. He was her brother, after all.

She still chided him for not paying attention, though.

He had noticed his own affections for Vivian, finally (even if Umbra wasn't sure how to feel about that), but he was still irritatingly dense about young Lady Elariel's feelings for him. For the decisive and driven Umbra, this was almost more infuriating than the idea of Lucar courting anyone to begin with, and she finally lost her patience and told him, point-blank, that she could tell Vivian was interested in him.

And, of course, she told him right in the middle of a sparring match. And, once again, Lucar was distracted, and Umbra blacked his eye. She noticed with some small satisfaction that she had hit the other one this time; at this rate, if she kept catching the same eye over and over again, she was afraid she would cause some sort of permanent damage.

Her little brother really needed to be better aware of his surroundings.

It was during their time with the Elariels that their lives would change forever. One night – the night after Vivian had finally put Umbra out of her misery and made her move with Lucar – they were on duty, protecting Daerra Elariel during an excursion out of the keep when disaster struck. Agents of House Sureau, sent to kidnap Daerra for ransom. The group was caught by surprise, but not for long; Umbra and Lucar put their training to good use and immediately took control of the fight. At first, everything seemed like it was going to be alright; the kidnappers were outmatched by the twins and their men, hazekillers trained personally by the twins. Surely they would be retreating soon.

That was when Umbra first smelled the smoke.

Lucar noticed it at the same time she did, of course, and they kicked the fight into overdrive. Unfortunately, the kidnappers, using the fire to their advantage, began to turn the tide of the fight. They were closer to the exits, and would be able to escape easily if it got too bad; Daerra and the twins' group were hunkered down in a much worse position. They couldn't leave until the kidnappers either left or were dealt with, and that obviously wasn't going to happen any time soon, even with the fire spreading rapidly.

Finally, Umbra saw an opportunity through the thickening smoke: a narrow window of escape opened by some fortuitous movements amongst the enemy men. But it would close in moments, as soon as they noticed they had left a gap. They only had one chance.

And there was only one person who could get through that quick enough.

Umbra didn't even stop to think. She seized Daerra by the arm and shoved her into Lucar, then pointed them both towards their only hope of escape. She knew he would take it. He would have to – the number one priority was protecting the principal, and here was a perfect way to get her out of the burning building.

She could only hope that he wouldn't realize the structure was too weak to for her Pull herself out with him.

The building groaned as Lucar Pushed off, carrying Daerra – and, most importantly, himself – to safety. The first priority met, Umbra called the retreat, ordering her men to get out of the building any way they possibly could. But Umbra herself was surrounded; the enemy had closed in on her, and though she would have normally embraced such a fight, the fire was already upon them. She could hear men screaming in pain, her own voice joining them as the flames took hold of her as well. It was over. She knew she would die here. But she wouldn't die alone. There were still the Sureaus to deal with, and she would spit in the Lord Ruler's eye before allowing any of these men to escape and go after her brother.

She flared iron, took hold of as many anchors in the weakened structure as she could, and Pulled with all her might.

The building groaned in protest, but the fire had weakened the structure to the point that it was about to fall anyway. With Umbra's help, it crashed to the ground around her, pinning her on her side – and the enemy men with her – underneath an inferno of flame and rubble.

She was only half-conscious and delirious with pain when she was vaguely aware of something lifting off her, and then she was scooped up and carried out of the inferno. Idiot, she thought even as the world darkened around her. They burst out into the night air, the flames were quenched with a torrent of water, and then everything went black.

She woke up in a bed some time later, wrapped almost head to toe in bandages and feeling like she was still on fire. The first thing out of her mouth, of course, when she worked up the ability to speak, was to ask about Lucar. He was recovering, they told her; he had been burned too, if not as badly as she, and was confined to his own bed. He wanted to see her, though, they said, and would be allowed in as soon as he was strong enough. Satisfied that her brother was safe, she left the doctors to their work and drifted back into blissful unawareness.

She spent much of the next year in bed, dosed on Laudanum for the pain to the point that much of that time is pretty much one oblivious blur in her memory. She remembers the physicians moving her left arm and leg – the only parts of her that weren't burned in some shape or form – to keep those muscles at least from atrophy, and the constant changing of her bandages – painful even through the effects of the laudanum – and being moved to her own family's home, and Lucar at her bedside, holding her unharmed left hand and talking to her. The laudanum made it so that even when she did say anything to him in reply it was probably complete and utter nonsense, but even in that drug-induced haze she was glad for his company all the same.

Eventually, she was declared to be strong enough that she could begin trying to get out of bed. It was an uphill battle: having spent so long lying in bed and unable to be handled pretty much at all, her muscles were severely atrophied, and it took significant time, effort, and therapy just for her to relearn how to do things like walk, bathe, and get dressed. Lucar was at her side every minute possible, not trusting anyone else to look after his sister except when modesty demanded that even Umbra ask him to step out of the room temporarily.

It was during this time that Umbra banned any sort of open flame from her quarters: candles, braziers, and even fires in the fireplace were strictly disallowed; the only illumination she allowed was oil lamps with their glass shades, and even these she ordered kept well away from her person. It was colder, of course, but if it meant keeping fire away from her, Umbra would learn to deal with the cold.

In time, with Lucar's help and that of the doctors and attendants, Umbra was cleared to begin the retraining process. Just as with everything else, her body had to re-learn how to fight again, and she threw herself into this task with everything she had. She didn't want to think about her scars, or society, or anything at all except for her brother and her training. Even when her body screamed at her to stop, and she almost couldn't move for the pain, she pressed on, refusing to give up until she had achieved her goals for the day. She didn't even find out about Raisaal's rise in power until she had built back almost all of the ability she had lost due to her downtime. So, they were a Great House now. That was interesting.

Umbra was happy for her house, of course, but for the most part, the change didn't affect her that much. She was still Lucar's sister, she was still a Hazekiller, and she had never particularly cared much for genteel society anyways. After the fire, she had even less of a reason to mix and mingle with the rest of Luthadel; she would go to protect Lucar, or if he asked her to go, but otherwise all she wanted anymore was her brother and her job.

But she wouldn't be able to escape other people entirely. Knowing that she would be stared at and whispered about because of the incident and her scars, and that acting ashamed of them would only make it worse, Umbra proudly put them on display. Though she wears a glove on her right hand, she brushes her hair away from the scars on her face and displays them openly. Even if the stares and whispers never stop, at the very least there's the chance that she can unsettle the gawkers into silence in her presence.

And that brings us to the Umbra of today: fiercely dedicated to her brother and her job, with little care or patience for anything else, looking forward to a future as one of Luthadel's elite Hazekillers. The twins face their new position in Luthadel with a united front, fearless and strong.

Roleplay Sample

Umbra's punch landed square on, knocking her little brother back briefly. He recovered quickly, though, and launched himself over her head with their trademark grin. He was going to try to kick her from midair, wasn't he? Yes, indeed he was. How inconvenient.

As soon as he landed on her back, Umbra flared iron, Pulling as hard as she could on a spike in the ceiling. She shot upwards, hoping to catch her little brother off guard and unbalance him. He knew her well enough, however, that he would probably expect that – and sure enough, he pushed off soon enough that her flight didn't even faze him. Oh well; she would have another chance. She sought out the anchor she needed and Pulled, sending her flying towards Lucar at an alarming pace. She wanted to press the attack quickly, not intending to give him any time after landing before she struck.

He launched himself over her again, of course, and launched a trio of coins she easily avoided by Pulling sharply to the side. She skidded to a stop as he turned to face her, both of them poised and ready to move at a moment's notice.

“That hasn’t worked on me since we were thirteen, little sister,” he said with a grin, playing a coin across his knuckles in his usual manner. Then suddenly, he was on the move again, flying towards her with a mean-looking kick.

Silly little brother. Had he forgotten the rules of their game?

“But this works every time!” Umbra said with a grin. As he flew towards her she tucked and rolled, coming easily back up as he was about to fly over her. Without pausing, she put all of that beautiful upward momentum behind a good solid punch. She could see him slow somewhat as he tried to Push away, but it was too late. She knocked the wind out of him, and he Pushed off some piece of metal on the floor, vanishing into the rafters above.

“Your turn, little brother,” she called up after him.

“What’s the score?” Came Lucar's voice from above. It was hard to really tell in this room, but it seemed like he was jumping around. “My last count had me ahead by seven...”

“What do you mean, score?” Umbra asked into the void above. “There's never a score!” Lucar was trying to mess with her, but if there was one situation in which Umbra could be patient, it was combat. Now was the perfect time to catch her breath while Lucar played his games from above. While he was jumping around up there, she would be down here, rested and ready to go when the action picked up again. She kept moving, though, never leaving her back to one particular direction for too long. He would have to make a move soon, after all, or else forfeit for taking too long to move.

As careful as she was, Lucar still managed to get behind her. It wasn't surprising, really, but what was somewhat startling was the elbow that crashed down into her shoulder, and then how suddenly her feet were no longer on the ground. She could hear him shouting a triumphant “Tag!” as she began to fall.

Without so much as a second thought, she Pulled herself upward, landing upside-down with her feet on the ceiling.

It was a difficult feat, but after years of wild and crazy bets and challenges with Lucar, she'd become rather good at standing on the ceiling with near-perfect accuracy. The only thing that ruined the effect was the unfortunate tendency of her hair and clothes to annoyingly hang the wrong way. Oh well. At least Lucar appeared to be reacting suitably down there.

“How's the view from down there, little brother?” she asked teasingly, but the real question was what she was going to do now that she was up here.

“The blood rushing to your head really brings out your lovely eyes, little sister,” he taunted in return, sticking his tongue out at her.

And then he began to rise, hovering gracefully in midair as he Pushed off his various anchors and eventually coming to a stop right at eye level. “Fine time to be clingy,” he said with a grin.

Umbra's grin widened. “I'll show you clingy!” She released her anchor, flipping right-side up with practiced grace, then Pulled again, this time straight towards Lucar. She flew towards him, arms outstretched, as fast as her flared Iron could make her go. He wanted clingy? “Clingy” wasn't standing on the ceiling.

It was tackle-hugging your little brother in midair as hard as you possibly could.

He wouldn't leave it at that, though. Before they could fall so much as halfway from the ceiling by Umbra's guess, Lucar had wrapped his arms around her tightly and began Pushing off of every anchor he could find, laughing like a madman the whole time.

“How long do you think you can handle this, little sister?” he asked as they spun in some sort of demented half-dance around the room.

“Longer than you!” was Umbra's laughter-filled answer. Not one to be outdone, she sought out some anchors of her own and Pulled, throwing them totally off-course. He Pushed back, of course, and suddenly their flight was more erratic than ever.

“Are you sure?” He shouted back, and before she could reply, she was skimming against a wall. He must have Pushed on the wall behind her to soften the impact; she'd be unconscious right now otherwise. “Careful, little sister,” he teased as he Pushed them away, “there’s a wall there.”

Yes. Yes there was. There was also another wall across the room, which Umbra Pulled them towards as soon he was no longer pinning her. Unfortunately, before she was able to so much as think of a witty comeback, the Allomantic fire within her was snuffed out.

As it turned out, Pulling your little brother through the air took a lot of metal. Go figure.

Lucar's must have given out too, because the pair of them crashed to the padded floor, landing in a breathless heap. It was a really good thing that padding was there; that landing would have been very unpleasant otherwise.

“There's also a floor there,” she said at last between gasps for air. “Just thought you should know.”

“There is,” Lucar agreed, turning his head to flash her a weak grin. “I figured I didn’t need to tell you about it, though. I know how well-acquainted you are with the floor.”

“Just as well as you are, little brother,” Umbra replied with an exhausted grin identical to Lucar's, “And you know it. Good game.”

Laughing, Lucar pulled himself to a sitting position, doing the same for Umbra. They rested then, backs together, Umbra’s head leaning back onto his shoulder. “Good game, sis,” he replied, tilting his head upward. From where she was sitting, Umbra couldn't see his smile, but she could hear it in his voice. “So, what’s the score now?”

Umbra just laughed. “The floor won, obviously.”

“The floor always wins.”

“Stupid floor.”

“We’ll get it next time.”

She laughed. “Love you, bro.”

Lucar grinned. “Love you too, sis.”

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