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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Lucar Raisaal

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#1 Shivertongue

Chunky the Mistwraith

Posted 14 June 2012 - 04:29 AM

Noble Coinshot and Hazekiller

Player Information
Name/Handle: Shivertongue
OoC Account: Shivertongue
Contact Information: AIM, PM

Character Information
Name: Lucar Raisaal
Type: Noble
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Best Looking Man In Luthadel (it's a full-time job); Hazekiller; Heir to Raisaal
Relationship Status: Single-ish

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Steel
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Hidden

Appearance: Lucar stands tall, straight-backed and proud, with a strong military bearing that reflects his martial upbringing. He is considered quite handsome, some even going as far as to declare him beautiful, with fair skin, a strong jawline, high cheekbones, and the dark, slanted eyes for which House Raisaal is known. He bears a strong resemblance, in many ways, to his fraternal twin Umbra - at least, before The Fire.

While The Fire didn't leave the scarring on Lucar as it did on his sister, he was not unaffected by it. Lucar bears vicious burn scars along the right side of his upper body, extending from the right side of his neck and down his shoulder, across the upper regions of his back and chest, and all the way down his arm. Like his sister, he covers the hideous burned hand with a black leather glove. He wears clothing that cover his scars, including high collars to hide the damage on his neck.

Like his sister, he takes particular care of his short, jet-black hair, styling it’s spikes with the utmost care. He can often be found wearing the uniform common to Raisaal's hazekillers and instructors; dark gray trimmed in red and black, accented with gold-brushed wooden buttons, made entirely of crisp, sleek lines with a high collar and simple epaulets. He can, occasionally be seen in other, more casual clothing, however, and he will never wear the uniform to a ball. As the heir of Raisaal, he is expected to look his best at such social functions.

Special Skills: Combat, teamwork, leadership, athleticism. He is a skilled dancer, an artistry that carries over into physical combat, and possesses a talent for very refined Allomantic control. He can also be incredibly charming when he wants to be.
Strengths: A brilliant strategist, gifted with a decisive nature and ability to think quickly - not to mention the private tutelage at the feet of his father - has made him a natural leader in combat situations. Skilled and experienced in battle, especially against other Allomancers, Lucar's greatest strengths are exhibited when fighting alongside his sister, Umbra.
Weaknesses: Umbra. Lucar is dedicated to his sister, and the memory of his failure to protect her during the fire still haunts him. Lucar's strategic mind can also be a liability, as he thinks in such terms even outside of combat, often leading him to overcomplicate simple, everyday things. He tends to try and win at everything, including but not limited to meals, reading, and conversations. This habit is off-putting to many people.

Personality: The first word that comes to mind when one mentions Lucar Raisaal is probably “Umbra”. He is completely and utterly dedicated to his twin sister: she is his best friend, confidante, companion, and his partner in both “crime” and combat. He trusts her more than anybody else, and is only truly himself when they're alone.

At his core, Lucar is disciplined, focused, dedicated, and precise. Everything about him - from his hair to his uniforms to the way he keeps his room - is kept just so. Similar to his sister, Lucar is adept at handling change and unpredictability at work or in combat, and unlike her, he is adept at handling disruptions to the status quo of their personal lives. Knowing this can be difficult for his sister to deal with, Lucar tries to ensure that he is always there for her to fall back on, an anchor in turbulent times. It is because she needs him for this that Lucar is capable of holding himself together; without her, he would be adrift, just as lost, his ability to even properly function inhibited.

Lucar does not respond well to threats - particularly not to those made against his sister. He is extremely protective of her, often disregarding his own safety in favor of assuring hers. This protectiveness doesn’t just extend to the typical dangers from assassins, enemy allomancers, and the like, either. In Lucar’s eyes, anything can be a threat, including - and especially - men. And although he knows this is less likely to happen with her than with him, as he is the heir of House Raisaal and must marry at some point, he secretly dreads the day that his sister is married off to secure an alliance with another house. Such marriages are too often purely of convenience, and not of love. Lucar has made it a private vow that if his sister marries, it will be for love, love that she deserves.

Provided, of course, that whatever man catches her eyes does not replace him.

Of course, Lucar knows that he will have to marry at some point, likely as a political alliance as well. It is his duty, as the heir to the house, to ensure that there is an heir, and to ensure the continued power of Raisaal through a strong marriage. While occasionally interested in romance, one of Lucar’s rules is that anyone who loves him must be friends with his sister as well; any woman who cannot accept how close they are is clearly not the woman for him. He hasn’t met anyone that meets this standard, with one exception - Vivian Elariel, who captured his mind and heart, and then vanished the same day he almost lost his sister. Since the fire, romance has been the last thing on his mind - occasionally, though, his thoughts will take a wistful turn back to Vivian, what could have been and what he hopes will eventually be, if she is ever found. While he knows Umbra thinks she will never marry - and actually thinks her scars will scare away any suitors - Lucar believes she is mistaken. Despite what she considers a hideous deformity, he believes his sister is still beautiful, and could have any man in Luthadel. If she wanted them.

In a major contrast to his sister, Lucar is very sociable, with the natural ability to command a room with his very presence. His naturally charming, affable demeanor makes him hard to dislike and easily puts most people at ease. Lucar himself is largely unaware of this trait.

History: It's impossible to tell the story of Lucar Raisaal without talking about Umbra. Fraternal twins, born only minutes apart, the two have been inseparable since they were welcomed into the world in the year 890. Oddly enough, no one truly knows which of the twins is the first born; their father, Victor, was absent during the births, and due to complications that occurred during labor and delivery, everyone else in attendance was so busy working to ensure that mother and children all survived that no one remembers whether Lucar or Umbra is the elder of the twins. This has turned into long-standing joke between the two of them; both Lucar and Umbra insist that s/he is the elder twin, leading to each calling the other “Little Brother/Sister” (or sometimes “Big Brother/Sister” when one of them wants something). The two developed in near lockstep, reaching first words, first steps, and other milestones at almost exactly the same pace.

Born into the minor House of Raisaal, Lucar and Umbra began training as hazekillers as soon as they were able to hold a shield unaided. Their father was their primary instructor, as was customary; however, the twins also received instruction from their mother, Clefae. While not as skilled with the physical aspects of hazekilling, as a Soother she was instrumental in teaching them to withstand attacks of emotional Allomancy.

It was during this time that the twins began to show a great capacity for teamwork; even as children, they preferred working as a pair to training alone, and performed better when acting together. Even outside of training, much of their time was spent together, from lessons to playtime. As they grew, it became clear that they didn't use typical language to address one another: mere looks, gestures, and clipped phrases were usually enough for the two to communicate. Their closeness showed in other ways as well; for example, Lucar once caught Umbra attacking a young girl during a playdate - an event that caused a small House incident - for an insult the girl had directed at him. Hastily pulling Umbra off the girl - who already had one black eye - his sister accidentally delivered the second punch to Lucar, giving him the matching black eye intended for the girl. In the days that followed, Lucar noticed a palpable sensation of grief enveloping his little sister, to the point where she even held back during their training - something she had never done before. Unable to bear it any more, Lucar approached his sister, gave her a warm smile, and punched her in the face. She fell to the ground without a word, sitting dazed for a moment before rising to her feet. She returned his smile and grasped him in a tight hug, which he returned. The entire exchange happened without words, according to onlookers, but to the twins entire volumes were spoken. They sported a pair of matching black eyes for weeks.

The twins grew in a world designed to make them strong, both individually and as a pair. They trained together constantly, honing their skills, working as a team and playing off the strengths and making up for the shortcomings of the other.

Naturally, when Lucar and Umbra Snapped, they did so together.

On their twelfth birthday, the twins were given a surprise party - a coordinated attack from seven older opponents almost twice their size. Immediately, they fell into the teamwork that had been drilled into them for years, defending each other as they sought to repel their attackers. Neither can recall how long the fight actually lasted, but Lucar knew the moment it ended. His mind was in a haze, his body tired and bleeding, and he felt a well of energy inside him. He grasped it, and with a furious shout violently slammed one of the attackers into the wall - from thirty feet away.

Umbra, meanwhile, Pulled on a rack filled with training weapons, upending it and spilling its contents all over the floor – and, at the same time, sending herself flying forward and accidentally slamming herself into another one of the attackers. A moment later, Lucar, flung backward by his Push, slammed into Umbra, sending all three to the floor in a heap. The twins were on their feet a moment later, backs pressed together in defiance, eyes blazing with martial fury.

The fight was ended immediately, and the twins, bruised and bloody from the brutal assault, were seen to by the Raisaal physician and then sent to bed to recover from the ordeal.

Lucar and Umbra, soon after, discovered the attack had been set up; by Raisaal tradition, the customary noble beating to induce Snapping was replaced by a surprise, intense training session that pushed them beyond their limits. Raisaal was not an economically strong House at this point in time, but what they lacked in finances, they made up for with Allomancers - which they attributed to the method in which they induced the Snapping.

Whether or not they were correct, House Raisaal had two more Mistings - Lucar was a Coinshot, and Umbra was a Lurcher.
Once the twins had recovered, their joint training resumed with double the intensity. Not only did they have their Hazekiller training, but there was their Allomantic education to be seen to as well. They balked at the idea of being trained separately, but fortunately for them, they didn't have to be: their grandfather, Gyrar, was Mistborn, and not only did he instruct each of the twins in the use of their respective metals, he was able to teach them how to use their abilities in concert, as well.

Alongside their Allomantic tutelage, but done with far more secrecy, the two were instructed in [TRUNCATED: THE BLACK HAZE DOES NOT EXIST] making them a truly formidable force.

Lucar and Umbra spent an additional two years in training, more than normal Raisaal hazekillers, to ensure that they had learned everything they needed to know. Lessons in leadership, tactics, stealth, everything they would need to lead a team of hazekillers into combat. Upon ‘graduation’, at age 22, they were thrust into another Raisaal tradition - spending five years, incognito, as hazekillers-for-hire to the nobility of the Final Empire. The first three years were uneventful, taking them to every corner of the Empire in service of whomever offered the most coin, protecting nobles of nearly every family. They didn’t return to Luthadel until their fourth year, when they were given a long-term contract for House Elariel.

Unrecognizable before leaving Luthadel, the twins were now virtually unknown - which was exactly how they wanted it. Treated as any other hazekiller by Elariel, they were assigned to guard two minor members of the family, Daerra and Vivian.

Daerra was just another principal, but there was something different about Vivian. Something that bothered Lucar, and in a way he could not put his finger on. He found himself looking at her more than he should, and feeling flustered whenever she caught him. Even more confusing, she was on his mind at odd times, even during practice with his sister. Then it finally hit him - Umbra’s fist, with a punch he would have been able to dodge if he had not being preoccupied with Vivian’s eyes. The blow did more than knock him on his back; it knocked into him the truth.

He was crazy about Vivian Elariel.

He tried to avoid her, unsure of how to deal with these new feelings. But it was all in vain; if he didn’t come to Vivian, Vivian would come to him. She’d find him when he was off-duty, offering a small smile as she passed, just a moment in time that would remain with him the entire day and float through his dreams. Those moments grew longer over the months, and occasionally she would stop and talk to him. He had no idea why - she was a noble, after all, and in her eyes he was little more than a servant. All she was doing was making his infatuation worse, and the sinking feeling that nothing would come of it made him almost physically sick.

Once again, it took Umbra to knock some sense into him. Literally.

Stunned by her revelation that his affections for Vivian were returned, Lucar once again failed to dodge a punch from his sister. Later, when Vivian asked about the black eye, he stammered something out about ‘needing to be more aware of his surroundings’.
It was another two months before anything happened between them. Lucar was off-duty, chatting with his sister, when Vivian knocked on his door, asking if he’d like to come on a walk with her - her words indicating that she wanted HIM, not THEM. Practically shoved out the door by his sister, Vivian led him out to the grounds of Keep Elariel, where they walked and chatted about nothing in particular. It felt as though koloss were dancing in his stomach the entire time, but it was nothing compared to when she suddenly pushed him into a small alcove and against a wall. Her lips flew to his like a Mistborn pulling on an iron statue.

They spent the entire day together, in seclusion, simply enjoying each others company in the manner both had wished to for so long. Words were exchanged, eventually, as were long-held feelings. When night fell, and Lucar floated back to his quarters - without the aid of steel - he spilled everything to Umbra. The grin never left this face.

It would be the last occasion he would have reason to smile for some time.

It was during their time with the Elariels that their lives would change forever. The night after Vivian had taken the initiative with Lucar and put him out of his misery, they were on duty, protecting Daerra and Vivian Elariel during an excursion out of the keep, when disaster struck. Agents of House Sureau, sent to kidnap Daerra for ransom. The group was caught by surprise, but not for long; Umbra and Lucar put their training to good use and immediately took control of the fight. At first, everything seemed like it was going to be alright; the kidnappers were outmatched by the twins and their men, hazekillers trained personally by the twins. Surely they would be retreating soon.

That was when Lucar first smelled the smoke.

Umbra noticed it at the same time he did, of course, and they kicked the fight into overdrive. The kidnappers, unfortunately, quickly used the fire to their advantage, turning the tide of the battle. They had control of the exits, and would be able to escape easily if it got too bad; the twins, Vivian, and Daerra were trapped between a solid wall and a growing pyre that had been the building. They couldn't leave until the kidnappers were dealt with, and that obviously wasn't going to happen any time soon. Despite the rapidly spreading fire, they were determined to complete their objectives.

Lucar saw the opening just as Vivian did. Sharing a quick look that spoke volumes, he urged her through, and Vivian Pushed herself through and out of sight. Umbra shoved Daerra into his arms, and without thought, he clutched the remaining principal to his chest and flung himself through the flames, Pushing off a steel bolt in the stone floor. The last of his iron ingots plunged into the nearest attacker, the sickening crunch of his ribcage audible even over the roar of the flames. Nothing stopped him as he weaved and dodged attacked and bursts of flame. The principal was the priority, and he would die before he allowed harm to come to her.

Walls collapsing around him, Lucar burst out of the flames and into the open air, sucking in deep breaths. Daerra was set down, shaken but uninjured, quickly attended to by Elariel footmen. Looking over his shoulder, Lucar’s stomach fell as he realized Umbra had not been behind him, covering the rear.

She was still in there. Fear gripped his heart.

Quickly making sure that both the principals were safe, Lucar dove back into the pyre, his mind and body running on pure instinct now. He dodged flames and crumbling walls, heedless of any danger he might be in. The principal was priority one of the job, but Umbra was priority one of his life.

The building groaned, a sure sign of Umbra Pulling it down around her. Growling, Lucar flared steel, Pushing around him, keeping the path open for himself as he ran. The building collapsed behind him, but the path to his sister remained open.

She was on fire when he found her, half-buried under burning debris. With strength he didn’t even know he had, he threw the wooden beam aside. Scooping Umbra onto his shoulder, uncaring of how the fire on her spread to his own jacket and flesh, he carried her to safety, charging through the flames, his Allomantic reserves depleted. His body was moving on its own, without direction from the brain. He didn't stop even as he made it outside, continuing to move, throwing himself into the canal, Umbra clutched tightly to his chest.

His mind was in a haze, but he could feel her pulse, if only just barely. Darkness took him as he floated in the filthy water, his body too exhausted to remain awake.

Lucar’s first word upon awakening was his sister’s name, and the Elariel doctors had to strap him to the bed to prevent him from rushing to her side. A good portion of his torso and his entire right arm and hand were covered in third degree burns. The pain was intense, but it was nothing compared to the news he discovered his third day after regaining consciousness.

He’d been mistaken. None of the Elariel had seen Vivian exit, and the person he’d believed to be her was had not been. No one knew where she was, or if she was even still alive.

There was not enough laudanum on Scadrial to numb the pain of losing her.

He didn’t know how much time passed until he was allowed to see Umbra again, only that it was too much. The doctors wheeled him into her room, and it took him some time before he realized the pile of bandages in the bed was his little sister. He watched as the doctors began changing her bandages, slowly unwrapping her. They tried to pull him away, but he held onto the bedframe, his eyes locked on Umbra. The last bandage was removed, and he saw her face for the first time since the fire.

She was still beautiful.

Time flowed in a haze of drugs and pain. Once stabilized, the twins were moved back to Keep Raisaal, the remainder of their service ended as they recovered. Their father shared with Lord Elariel the twins secret, and an alliance began to form. Lucar was aware of the world again, his laudanum cut off as his body healed. Within a month he was allowed to move around again, with aid, and he spent most of his time at his sister’s side, holding her unburned hand and talking to her about nothing. He tried to keep his mind off Vivian, and Umbra was the only way he knew how.

During this time, Raisaal slowly rose in power, chipping away at House Urbain. Lucar was aware of this on a superficial level, receiving the same reports as his father, but his concern was entirely with his sister. When she was finally able to begin recovery, he took the physical therapy into his own hands. He taught her everything he could, getting female servants he trusted most for those tasks a man could not help her with. The therapy for both twins was slow-going, their burns horrible and muscles atrophied from lack of activity. As House Raisaal slowly grew in influence and power over the next year, however, the twins’ martial skills and conditioning came back to them, their bodies growing used to the new changes as they learned how to fight again. Lucar kept this information from his sister, wanting her to keep focused on her recovery.

Mental recovery was far more difficult. Umbra had a strong aversion to fire now, a fear which Lucar himself shared to a degree, but not to the point his sister took it. Fire was banned from her quarters, and Lucar expanded that, without telling her, to include his quarters and any hallway leading to their rooms. It meant being cold at night, but he had blankets. And it kept Umbra from screaming in her sleep.

The rise of their House continued, and by the time the twins were back in fighting form, Raisaal had overtaken Urbain, supplanting the former Great House. The change affected Lucar more than it did his sister; previously the heir of a minor house that specialized in hazekillers, he was now the heir of a Great House with a myriad of industries and contracts under it’s control. It was a bit daunting, to say the least; he had never expected such responsibility, and was not sure he knew how to handle it. Lucar knew how to fight, he knew how to lead men and women into combat, he knew how to fight allomancers of every metal. Umbra was less phased, believing little would change, and that they would return to the contract work they had done before.

But they couldn’t. Not anymore. It was one thing for a minor noble family to send it’s heirs into battle (and Umbra was an heir, whether she admitted it or not), but it was far too much risk for a Great House.

They were among the elite of Luthadel now, and life would never be the same.

With their new position, the twins took upon a new look. Raisaal needed to present itself properly, display their power with their very presence. The Raisaal hazekiller uniform was modified, and Lucar and Umbra adopted it as their signature look. Black gloves covered their burned hands, and Umbra wore the scars on her face openly. Lucar supported her in this, his bond with his sister stronger than ever.

And that brings us to the Lucar of today; fiercely dedicated to his house, the hazekillers that are his responsibility, and above all else his beloved sister. The twins face their new position in Luthadel with a united front, fearless and strong.

Roleplay Sample
Lucar’s head flew back, stars briefly exploding in front of his eyes. He shook it off with little more than a grunt, shifting his momentum with the aid of a sharp Push off one of the bolts set into one of the walls, and then another to send him over his little sister. Flashing her a grin, he Pushed down from the ceiling, driving one foot into her back and then propelling himself away. Pushing on another bolt, he spun to face her, landing on his feet, his body relaxed and ready.

Umbra flew at him a moment later, and Lucar burned Steel, Pushing himself up and over her. Another Push spun him to face her again, and he launched three coins in rapid succession. He landed on his feet, his heart racing, a wide grin on his face as he deftly played a coin across his knuckles. “That hasn’t worked on me since we were thirteen, little sister,” he said, baring his teeth. Going on the offensive, he Pushed off the back wall, flinging himself at Umbra with a flying kick.

“But this works every time!” Umbra said, and Lucar noticed her grin a moment too late. He quickly burned steel, attempting to Push himself back, but he wasn’t quick enough; before he could switch his momentum, Umbra shifted it for him. A fist slammed into his stomach, driving the wind from him and sending him upward. Lucar grit his teeth, pushing aside the pain as he had been taught. Pushing off a bolt in the floor, he flew upwards with the momentum of the punch, disappearing in the rafters high above.

“Your turn, little brother.” Umbra sang from below, sounding immensely pleased with herself.

Lucar caught his breath, frowning. His eyes darted about the rafters, locating a source of metal and Pushing himself into the air, landing lightly on his toes on a beam several paces away. It was too dark up here for Umbra to see him properly, but then she wouldn’t be using her eyes. She was too smart to rely on something so unreliable as sight.

Which meant he should be messing with her ears.

“What’s the score?” He asked, then quickly Pushed himself to another rafter far from where his voice had originated. “My last count had me ahead by seven...” He said, and then Pushed again, keeping his eyes on his sister as he flew about the maze of rafters.

“What do you mean, score?” Umbra asked, and Lucar chuckled inwardly, careful not to make any outward sound as he graceful moved through the rafters. “There's never a score!”

“You only say that because I always win,” he said, throwing his voice to make it appear as if he was several yards away from his actual position. He knew she knew what he was doing - this wasn’t the first time - and while he wasn’t especially skilled at throwing his voice, the training room carried sound very well. He took a moment to rest, watching her, knowing she was doing the same. He couldn’t let this go on too long, though. The unspoken rules of their game counted any period of inaction longer than sixty seconds as an automatic forfeit. Darting across the rafters with ease, he positioned himself behind her, then shot a coin at her feet.

The moment she spun around, Lucar pushed himself off the same coin, maneuvering through the beams with rapid Pushes, ending with a hard Push on the ceiling, sending him flying back to the floor with a hard elbow directly into his sister’s shoulder. “Tag!” he shouted, landing on the floor, a sweeping kick knocking her legs out from under her.

Before she could hit the floor, however, Umbra shot upward. Lucar groaned as he heard the familiar sound of her feet striking the hard wood of the ceiling. “I really should have expected that,” he muttered to himself.

“How's the view from down there, little brother?” she asked, her voice teasing.

Lucar stuck his tongue out at her. “The blood rushing to your head really brings out your lovely eyes, little sister,” he said, turning the taunt back at her. Burning a bit more steel, Lucar simultaneously Pushed on two points, one directly above him, the other directly below. He adjusted the amount of Push on the points, and slowly began to rise upward to meet his sister, hovering in the air.

It was a delicate technique, but after years of wild and crazy bets and challenges with Umbra, he’d become rather good at hovering in midair and controlling his Pushes just right, provided he had sufficient anchors. He gave her a wink, rising high enough to look her in the eyes but remaining just out of her reach. “Fine time to be clingy,” he said, grinning at her.

Umbra's grin matched his own. “I'll show you clingy!” she said, suddenly flipping right-side up and slamming into him, the force of her Pull knocking him loose from his delicate Pushing. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, grinning like a madwoman as she Pulled them to the ground.

Yeah, tackle-hugging your older brother in midair as hard as you could was considerably more clingy than simply hanging from the ceiling. He had to give her that.

He didn’t have to give her a victory, however. Lucar wrapped his arms around her and flared his steel, Pushing on the first anchor he found, and then another, and another. His mad grin matched her own, and he rapidly shifted between Pushes, forcing them to spin several feet off the floor. Laughter erupted from his throat as the spinning grew faster, making circles around the center of the room. “How long do you think you can handle this, little sister?”

“Longer than you, little brother!” Umbra replied, laughing. Their trajectory suddenly shifted, and Lucar realized she was Pulling on her own anchors, deliberately throwing off their path. His heart raced, excited despite himself, and retaliated with Pushes of his own, forcing them into wild, unpredictable patterns.

“Are you sure?” He called back, shouting now over the sound of the air whipping about them. He Pushed hard on one anchor, sending them flying off-course toward the nearest wall. At the last moment, he Pushed again, directing them so that Umbra just barely skimmed the hard wooden surface. “Careful, little sister,” he teased as he Pushed them away, “that was a wall there.”

They suddenly shifted direction again, Pulled across the room toward the opposite wall. She was going to try the same to him, was she? As if he would allow such a thing. Grinning, Lucar Pushed against the same wall- or he would have, if he’d had any steel left. That last bit of Push had drained his Allomantic reserves.

As it turned out, Pushing your little sister through the air took a lot of metal. Who would have thought?

Umbra’s must have given out too, because the pair of them crashed to the padded floor, landing in a breathless heap. Lucar couldn’t help but laugh as he splayed out across the padding, thankful it had been there to prevent a less-than-pleasant landing. For a long moment, the only sound in the room was their labored breathing as they struggled to reorient themselves with stillness.

“There's also a floor there,” she said between gasps for air. “Just thought you should know.”

“There is,” Lucar agreed, turning his head to flash her a weak grin. “I figured I didn’t need to tell you about it, though. I know how well-acquainted you are with the floor.”

“Just as well as you are, little brother,” Umbra replied with an exhausted grin identical to Lucar's, “And you know it. Good game.”

Laughing, Lucar pulled himself to a sitting position, doing the same for his sister. They rested then, back-to-back together, Umbra’s head leaning back onto his shoulder. “Good game, sis,” he replied, tilting his head upward and closing his eyes, a small smile creeping across his lips. “So, what’s the score now?”

Umbra just laughed. “The floor won, obviously.”

“The floor always wins.”

”Stupid floor.”

“We’ll get it next time.”

She laughed. “Love you, bro.”

Lucar grinned. “Love you too, sis.”

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High House Noble

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Woo! I love them both, glad to have them posted finally!


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