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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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House Casuana

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#1 Mia Casuana

  • Lady of House Casuana

High House Noble
  • Age27

  • Relationship StatusMarried to Julian Casuana

  • OriginLuthadel

Posted 02 July 2009 - 06:14 AM

<center><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>House Casuana</span>
<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Great House</span></center>

Leadership Information Mia Casuana
Handle : Chaos2651
Contact : AIM - Chaos2651; YIM - Chaos2651; MSN - [email protected]

General Information
House Casuana has been a major player in the Final Empire for half a century, though it has existed much longer. It owns (or has contracts with lesser Houses, which in effect is the same as ownership) most all of the Southern Dominance's iron refineries, as well as a great many of forges across the Final Empire. Lucius Casuana, Mia Casuana's father-in-law and the previous Head of House, decided to make its presence obvious over all the Final Empire. To accomplish that goal, he started to construct manors in the Central Dominance in 887 F.E. (Final Era). Five years ago, Lucius constructed a Keep in Luthadel, establishing Casuana as a Great House.

Now, Mia Casuana is the Head of House. This is a curious happenstance, since Casuana is dominated by many strong male figures. If not Everett Casuana, who heads operations in the Southern Dominance, there is Leonard, who lives in Keep Casuana. The reason Mia rules is quite simple. Lucius left the House title to his son, Julian. Since Mia and Julian still have yet to produce an heir (nobles are quite infertile), Julian immediately had the House Title transfer to Mia. This causes much consternation in the powerfully masculine Casuanas.

Character Information
Player Members:
-Julian Casuana
-Mia Casuana
-Delzen, Mia's Terrisman
NPC Members:
-Everett Casuana
-Alistair Casuana
-Corin Casuana
-Leonard Casuana
-Riordan Casuana
-Kaolin Casuana
-Lyndis Casuana
-Blaise Casuana
-Gilford Casuana
-Declan Casuana
-Cyrille "the Wraith", notable Hazekiller. Leads Keep Casuana's security force, though focuses on hazekillers.
-Raguel Erikeller. Captain of Keep Casuana's Guard. Leads all non-hazekiller forces.

Home & Wealth
Ancestral Home: Southern Dominance
Current Location: Luthadel
Financial Avenue: Casuana has made its fortune by producing a great variety of weapons, mostly through its steelworks, across the Final Empire.

Canton of Finance: Casuana has two contracts with the Canton of Finance. The first sold weapons to a variety of Garrisons. The second, more recent one, placed an extremely high order of weaponry.
Luthadel Garrison: In this small contract, the Luthadel Garrison trained a portion of Casuana's Guard in Luthadel in return for payment, as well as special weapon credits.
House Deveaux: Nearly all of the metal Casuana's forges in the Northern and Central Dominances come from Deveaux mines.
House Renoux: Renoux transports Casuana goods across the Empire, particularly the Western Dominance.
House Quitose: Metals mined in the Southern Islands exclusively go to Casuana, particularly its forges in the Southern Dominance.
House Aime: Casuana owns Aime forges in the Southern Dominance, though Aime operates them.
House Haught: Ships goods down the Channerel River, then on into the Eastern Dominance.
House Erikeller: Casuana trains Erikeller soldiers.
House Venture: Breached contract. Casuana sizeably cut the quantity of weapons Venture would receive.
House Sureau: Breached contract; production halted entirely.

Allies and Rivals
-House Deveaux: This alliance came into fruition with the marriage of Julian Casuana and Mia Deveaux. Now that Mia leads House Casuana, Deveaux is its strongest ally, due to this familial tie.
-House Renoux: A known commerce House, Casuana and Renoux have a natural understanding when it comes to shipping Casuana's weaponry across the Empire, especially the Western Dominance, where Renoux originates.
-House Quitose: A House in the Southern Islands. Practically a vassal House to Casuana.
-House Buvidas: Buvidas was prominent in the Southern Dominance before Casuana began to buy its mining operations and refineries. The two are not in good terms.
-House Sureau: Mia Casuana expects Sureau to become hostile with Casuana very soon, due to Casuana's breach of contract with them.

Keep Description
For a House that makes it fortune with the production of weapons, it is no surprise how militaristic Keep Casuana is. The building was constructed like a fortress. Its outer walls are twenty feet tall, the tops michichelated to provide extra defense for archers (At the start of the Inquisition, Julian Casuana had more soldiers employed than any other Great House). The parapets are sloped outward in the flowing manner of the Southern Dominance. The entire Keep was constructed to show off the majesty of the Southern Dominance, so Lucius Casuana used its distinctive architecture throughout the Keep. All the exterior was originally white-washed to brilliance, but the heavy ashfalls from Tyrian proved too difficult to fight. The outer walls still show a small bit of white through the soot, but the ash falling from the arrow-loops look like black tears descending down the wall; white and black, the beauty of the Southern Dominance with the harshness of a military fortress.

The two gates represent this dichotomy. Both the East and West Gates (though their names are slight misnomers, as both gates are only separated by thirty feet, both on the south side of the complex) are small and utilitarian, only large enough for a single carriage to fit through. But when a carriage enters, there is the beauty only a Great House could display. A elegant stone roadway connects the two gates in a large semicircle, designed to hold the carriages of the nobility during Balls. And in the courtyard is a beautifully tended garden, complete with five tall trees, all with bright red foliage.

From the courtyard is the walkway to the inner Keep, built with similar elegant, yet militaristic architecture. The central Keep has a small protective wall (though it is a good deal higher from the Outer Wall), and inside, the Keep is designed like a cross, like a plus +. The very center is a large, circular tower which contains the main Ballroom.

The entrance is on the southern end of the plus, the same end as the other Gates. Its Inner Gate opens into the Grand Gallery, a long hallway showing various artworks--especially stained glass--but most of all, it displays Casuana Weaponry. The Casuana Seal, two swords in an X with a halberd extending vertically above them, is displayed prominently. The floor is whitewashed to brilliance, and at the edge of the walkway are two strips of steel, glistening to reflection. Of course, they aren't steel, but wood cleverly disguised to look like Casuana steel, though if Allomancers tried to attack, there would be plenty of anchors from the weaponry in the Grand Gallery. It should be noted that near the front of the Gallery, at the Inner Gate, there lie the Barracks for the Casuana Guard. It is not an easy place to infiltrate.

The stained glass in the Gallery shines brilliantly, but this is because there are two open-air gardens on either side, letting the red sunlight to illuminate them.

Past the Grand Gallery is the Ballroom, inside the main tower. It is a massive circular room, almost the entire width of the tower (there are two small, hidden passages which go from the Gallery around the circular Ballroom, though no one would know from the Ballroom's sweeping architecture that its walls were not actually the true walls of the tower). The edges are elevated, providing an area for dinner tables. The north end holds the large, Casuana family table, a long, rectangular table far larger than any other one in the room. Behind the Casuana table is the Ochestra Pit, for background music during Balls. The Ballroom has no stained glass windows, and though it has various paintings adorning it, many nobles would find it a detriment to the ballroom. Of course, one look at the dance floor has them in awe.

A grand fountain sits in the center of the wooden--yet whitened--dance floor, spouting purified water to massive heights, nearly the thirty feet up to the upper level of the ballroom. The bottom of the fountain was specifically painted a light blue, a strange color, yet it brightens up the whole chamber, as well contrasts the red sunlight (and limelights) coming from above. Underground, skaa work tireless to filter ash out of the water, and even more skaa work to pump the water. The kitchens and servants' eating area are also underground, accessible from staircases just to the west and east of the main Ballroom.

Such circular staircases also lead up to the second tier of the Ballroom. This area, at the apex of Keep Casuana, is more of a quiet meeting area. It is large, whitewashed like everything else, and in the center there is the hole which overlooks the dance floor, as well as the fountain. Here, there are many stained glass windows. The second tier's ceiling is a dome, and from the center of the ceiling is the second focal point of the Ballroom: its chandelier. It provides no light, instead, it is an assortment of stained glass and mirrors designed to reflect the beams of light in the most ostentatious way possible. The chandelier begins wide at the top, then narrows to a single point, the point at which the highest fountain waters reach. This creates an image of a double cone, focused at a point people can't help but gaze towards.

From the second tier, there exits to the west and east which go outside to the Inner Wall. However, there is no walkway directly from the tower to the north end of the Keep (so the + shape is missing its top). Various chambers offshoot from the Inner Wall--it isn't just a defensive structure, but primary hallways in the Keep--but the northern wing remains the most elusive. As such, the master bedroom is on the second of four floors in the north wing, for protection. The spot also has easy access to the tunnel systems, which have multiple escape routes out of the Keep in case of emergency.

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