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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Jonesi - The Black Arm

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#1 Lanscaper

Steward in Training

Posted 09 October 2012 - 08:57 PM


Skaa Godfather

Player Information
Name/Handle: Lanscaper
OoC Account: Lanscaper
Contact Information: PM, AIM, Skype, IRC channel #MistbornRPG @ freenode.net

Character Information
Name: Jonesi
Type: Skaa
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Skaa Contractee/Head of Family
Relationship Status: Widowed

-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Bronze
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Hidden. His family and the eldest members of the Skaa Rebellion might know of his Allomancy.

Appearance: Jonesi is an old man. His face is a maze of wrinkles and laugh lines hidden by a long white beard. His warm brown eyes show a man that has endured the harshness of the Final Empire yet has happiness and joy in the successes of his family and the youngest generation. His age has worn on him, but the nature of the Final Empire necessitates that he be strong in his old age. He is short, and naturally hunched over slightly, making him appear to be around five feet and four inches tall, but was nearly five feet six inches at his prime. Most of the time he wears a tunic and the leathers of his profession, all in the nondescript browns and grays befitting a skaa.

Special Skills: Reading, Writing, Plumbing, Drafting, Unarmed Combat/Wrestling, Reading People.
Strengths: Jonesi's greatest strength is his wisdom afforded to him by his age. Not many skaa get to his age, and thus the knowledge that he has acquired over the years, both from the Rebellion and from leading thieving crews, and now his family, gives him that much more of an edge in comparison to other skaa factions. As the eldest head of the six branches of his family he is in a position of authority and is not afraid to use the resources of his family for security. Jonesi is a leader bred by his time in the Rebellion, and then as he became the skaa foreman of the Meson workshop. But lastly is Jonesi's ability to squash any moral qualms and do what he finds necessary to protect his family's secret.
Weaknesses: Time has not been kind to Jonesi, his once strong and fit body is less than it once was. His mind is slowly losing track of the day to day activities within the shop, and as such his nephew has stepped into the role of foreman. Jonesi doesn't sleep well anymore either and rather has 30 minute naps roughly every six hours during the lulls in work.

Personality: Jonesi on the surface is the lovable elderly grandfather, loved by his family, indulgent of his grandchildren, yet still carries the burden of the head of the family with strength and grace. Most of the people in his life will only know this. At least until his secrets, his family's greatest secret, is threatened. Then the man who once held the nickname of "The Black Arm" surfaces, the man that would kill, that man who would disappear, the arm that rises from the ashes to strike at his enemies. The Black Arm cares only for his family, anyone else is inconsequential or acceptable losses for his goals.

History: Jonesi was born in the year of the Lord Ruler 855. His parents were of the second generation of skaa carrying allomantic potential. He was the eldest male in his generation, and the expectations of him to lead and protect his younger siblings and cousins were impressed upon him from his youth. But as he grew older he grew more rebellious, his minor acts of defiance led to beatings at his various workplaces eventually snapping him, showing that he was a Seeker. By luck or fortune Jonesi was not discovered, and once he revealed to his family what he thought had happened during the moments of his fading consciousness one uncle correctly identified his gift. His uncle was the one that trained him, teaching him the basics of when to burn, when not to burn, and all the knowledge about life as a Misting that he could pass onto his nephew. But this still did not change Jonesi's rebellious nature as a teenager and eventually he found the Rebellion and the skaa underground.

Upon the discovery of the Rebellion and the skaa underground Jonesi was infatuated with the idea of unseating the Lord Ruler, of upending the system of oppression. But for everything to come together first Jonesi had to survive, and that eventually became the defining feature of his life, survival. In his time in the Rebellion Jonesi learned several tips and tricks that his family did not know, but his time in the skaa underground revealed even more to the young teenager. His time in a thieving crew was more profitable, more lucrative, and even more luxurious than what the Rebellion could offer him.

Eventually though Jonesi was met with the stark reality of the Final Empire, that skaa had no power against the likes of the Steel Ministry. This was the first time that Jonesi survived an Inquisitors raid. By happenstance Jonesi was out of the den recruiting muscle for a job that was in the works, and a block away from the den he saw the crew leader being dragged out of the den by a Steel Inquisitor. He ducked into a nearby shop and left quietly through the back, leaving a tip for the bewildered and scared skaa in the shop.

A mere week later misfortune struck Jonesi again. He had been working on forming a thieving crew of his own, drawing on his skills as a recruiter and a Seeker intending to raise two misting street urchins he found into proper thieves. One of the urchins however must have gotten the attention of a Steel Inquisitor at some point as they were quickly hunted down and taken. One of the urchins must have told the Inquisitors about him, or perhaps his old crew leader given his name, because he quickly became aware that he was being hunted. Every time he burned bronze a minute or so later an Inquisitor would appear, either walking through the streets of falling from the sky fueled by Allomancy. He remembered a vague rumor about a man who had escaped the Inquisitors pursuit, it mentioned that the man had staged his death, but not how he had done so to escape the eyes of the Inquisitors.

One night an answer came to him in a dream. Fire. He needed to stage his death with fire. But to do so successfully he would need to make a new identity for himself unaffiliated with his current one, he needed to find a body similar enough to his own that the Inquisitors or Obligators would mistake it for him after the burning. He also needed to survive in the fire long enough, burning bronze long enough that a Seeker could identify that there was an Allomancer in the fire. The question was if that would be enough, and how would he be able to stay alive in the fire, and eventually escape.

Jonesi managed it. With his scant resources he faked his death. In the process however he killed thirty other skaa that were sleeping in the tenement that he had burned down to stage his death. He had strangled a stranger who looked like him. Jonesi felt responsible, yet at the same time he knew it was the cost of this survival. If skaa escaped from the burning tenement it would cast some doubt as to why he hadn't escaped. If his lookalike hadn't been seen walking into the building the likelihood of the Inquisitor accepting that he had died would dramatically decrease. At least he assumed that the death of his lookalike would be enough.

Jonesi refused to go back to his family, at least, not until he was sure that he wouldn't lead an Inquisitor back to them. His childhood and his own experiences had shown him how horrible those steel-eyed monsters were. Growing up as a child he had heard second-hand stories about entire families being wiped out, and that it was only because of the family structure that they themselves had escaped death.

It was then, while Jonesi was roving the streets, sketching out a small caper with some street urchins that he met Martin Meson. Martin Meson was the head of a small nobleman house, they had somehow managed to gain the plumbing contract for the sewers of Luthadel for the past century and had made a nice niche for themselves.

Martin Meson however seemed to have a problem. His skaa were disappearing, getting lost, and were being generally uncooperative. But uncooperative skaa was nothing new to him or his family. He knew how working in the sewers was, he had to supervise some of the more major repairs himself in his youth. Sticking a man into the depths of Luthadel generally made one uncooperative with the powers responsible for them being there in the first place.

Martin Meson's problems started when the tenements where his skaa were living were set afire and his entire workforce died. He'd been forced to lease new skaa that were horribly inept at the work and spatially channeled. So when he found a young skaa that was apparently unemployed sitting on the side of the street sketching out a map for some skaa street urchins. Well let us say that he focused on the details that he wanted to, that the skaa in front of him could draw a map and ostensibly not get lost in the labyrinth that was the Luthadel sewers.

So Jonesi became a skaa contractee under House Meson. Working there he found that the skaa that he was working with were perhaps the saddest bunch of men he'd ever known. He put up with working with the stupid bunch for six weeks before he was finally fed up with the ineptitude before he made an audacious proposal to the nobleman in charge, Martin Meson. He would recruit and enlist skilled skaa laborers that, like him did not have a current skaa contractor.

This was the beginning of the workshop. Jonesi made his own crew in the workshop that pulled off a wide range of jobs. However due to his access to the Luthadel sewers and his subsequent knowledge of them he made a reputation for jobs that many others thought impossible. The beginning of the workshop were also the beginnings of the legend of the Black Arm. The arm that reaches through shadows to take, to maim, to kill.

In time Jonesi found that his crew had far too much notoriety. Some of the members agreed with him, and ceased their underground movements. Others enjoyed the fame and could not stop, Jonesi made them disappear.

A few years later he figured that it was safe for him to contact his family. He slowly began the process of integrating his family into the workshop. He brought in his younger brothers and cousins. Among the surge of blood-related family there was no other Allomancers, rather the other Mistings were recruited and adopted into the family. After the surge of new family things settled down. They had families. Jonesi even married and had four children, two boys and two girls.

But as the years passed the times of peacefulness passed. One of his children, and a niece and nephew showed signs of Allomantic talent, and even some of the teen hotheadedness that he exhibited years ago. He had to implement drastic changes, in his attempt to protect his family, separations distancing of family, contacting other relatives and moving mothers away from daughters and husbands from wives. It was only partially successful. As time passed, one by one, his wife, his sons, and his daughters were killed by the cruel nature of the Final Empire. The instinct to protect that was fostered in his childhood roused itself, the knowledge and his time in the Skaa underground gave him the means to protect them.

So he set to it. He covertly set fire to a neighboring tenement and then spread rumors with the rest of the workers for House Meson. When the Mesons caught wind and thought about the potential danger to their assets they proposed that the workshop be converted to house apartments for the workers. Later on the Mesons realized the benefits about how they would be able to work longer hours and higher productivity. They played into Jonesi's manipulations, although with some twists of their own that he was not expecting. Still once the apartments were made Jonesi went about setting up lookouts, boltholes, escape routes, safe houses over the next decade. He used both metaphorical and literal muscle to take control of the immediate area around the workshop, at least as much control could be afforded to a skaa. But even after all of this Jonesi had lost all of his immediate family, though there are rumors that he has eight grandchildren spread and hidden throughout the city.

Since then many hundreds of skaa have entered into the workshop. Most of them were adopted into the family, and served one purpose or another to help in the ultimate plan. Others have left, although very few live to this day, and all of them fear the Black Arm's reach and dare not turn on him.

Roleplay Sample

It was still dark outside when Jonesi heard the key turn the padlock on the massive doors of the workshop. He rose from his chair, body stiff in protest. The sound of heavy chains clinking as they were pulled off the doors echoed and Jonesi hobbled to see why one of the Mesons were coming in at this hour of the night.

What he saw was the half excited, half tired, smoke-scented figure of Marcus Meson, the heir apparent. The first words out of the young man's mouth were, "There's been a fire at Keep Casuana!". This was not an exclamation of horror, nor filled with glee at the downfall of an enemy. No this was filled with the excited energy of sensing an opportunity.

Jonesi quickly thought about the keep, the layout, the exterior materials, how much man-power would be needed. But he kept silent, knowing that the Mesons would work that out on paper on their own later. Instead Jonesi answered with what House Meson had come to expect of him.

"What do you want done?" He replied in a flat voice. It was a skaa workman's voice. It accepted orders without question, it bent to whatever task was at hand with unending endurance. It implied that whatever problems would occur would be dealt with with efficiency, and that there was nothing that couldn't be prepared for, exception being an act of God.

"I want to pick your brain about some things." Marcus replied enthusiastically before he paused. "Although, grandfather wants to talk to you about something, he wanted me to fetch you." he admitted with mixed feelings. "But I can still pick your mind as we walk to his chambers."

Jonesi had a feeling that he knew what old Lord Martin Meson wanted. The man probably wanted him to arrange obstacles for the competing bids from the other construction houses. Martin Meson had never forgotten Jonesi's original profession, and was not above having the carriage of a competing house break down half-way to a meeting point. In some cases the money budgeted by the competing house was suddenly...gone. And in the most extreme cases a key player had a very unfortunate and poorly-timed death.

Jonesi had always complied, regardless of the risk it posed. He was the Black Arm. Catching him was like trying to pin down a shadow, or stopping the ash from falling. He complied and Martin Meson ensured that things went well for him.

There were of course limitations. Martin Meson was firmly grounded in reality and knew that Jonesi could only achieve so much, and only so often without catching unwanted attention. Jonesi conversely knew that Martin Meson couldn't stop other noblemen from killing his family, nor could he get obligators to be less frequent in their visits.

None of this appeared on his old wrinkled face, there was a scant pause as these thoughts passed through his aging mind. Jonesi simply replied, "I would be happy to supply the Young Master with whatever this old mind can think of. The first being..."

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Player Characters:

Noblemen: Winston Elariel

Skaa: Jonesi | Pipes

Work in Progress: Martin Meson - De Facto House Lord, Marcus Meson - House Heir, Jimmi - Foreman in Training, NeeSun - Kandra of a Thousand Minds, Zulo - Keeper of Forgotten Foods

#2 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:20 PM

Hey there! Sorry this took so long. We've finally looked at Jonesi all the way through, the biggest concern we have here is the number of Allomancers in Jonesi's family. Perhaps it's just the way it's worded, but his history makes it seem like the majority of his relatives are Allomancers. Remember that Allomancy is rare, and even more so among the skaa. It would be a good idea if you cut back on this, and/or mentioned there being other relatives who aren't Allomancers. They don't have to be important at all, but knowing they exist(ed) will help a lot.

Jonesi is accepted, but I'll be leaving the topic unlocked for now so you can make those edits. Please let me know when you're finished. Thanks!

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