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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Sounding Depths,

Zincell's Photo Zincell 13 Nov 2012

Zincell finished climbing down the ladder and was hugely thankful when she got to stand on some sort of platform. Once standing there, she leaned forward so that the weight of her bag was falling mostly on her legs, and she put her hands on the front of her thighs. Her breathing was slow and controlled, but she still looked tired.

She looked up at Pipes, squinting at him slightly in the torchlight.

"So, what now?" Zincell asked, a bit more weakly now that the tiredness was getting to her
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Pipes's Photo Pipes 13 Nov 2012

"You catch your breath." Pipes replied as he repacked his bag, the necessary equipment set aside on the platform. He moved to open the trapdoor in the platform and as he did so the roar of the water below increased in volume, water occasionally spilling over the lip and onto the platform. Attached to the trapdoor was a mess of three heavy lines, water soaked and wide as a man's fist. Pipes went through the process of attaching himself to each of the three lines through a set metal rings and ropes of his own. He looked up so see the girl watching him closely, although in the dim lighting of a single torch he was unsure of her expression.

He tossed her a sixteen foot coil of flexible rope. "Tie one end of that to yourself, make sure the knot is tight and can stand some weight."

Zincell's Photo Zincell 13 Nov 2012

Zincell did as she was told, which was slightly harder than she thought it'd be with the gloves. The loud water and apparent current began to make her uneasy.

"Are we going to swim?" She asked Pipes.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 13 Nov 2012

Pipes grunted in affirmation. More like sinking in style than swimming Pipes added to himself. He had finished securing the leading ropes on the trapdoor to his leathers. He looked over to where the girl struggled with the coil of rope tying it around her waist in what was an unfamiliar knot. Well'll see how this turns out Pipes thought to himself wondering if he'd have to dive back in to save the girl. He tossed a snorkel to the girl, which she caught uncertainly. That done Pipes opened the over-sized oilskin sack that Jonesi had provided putting his loose gear and pack into it. He dragged the sack across the platform to where the girl rested.

"Put your gear and anything you don't want to lose in here." Pipes told her.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 14 Nov 2012

Zincell did as she was told, and put her pack in the sack, though she didn't have anything else to put there. She stretched like a cat for a moment, her muscles growing sorer, and began tapping brass. That water didn't look particularly warm.

"So, um... what are we doing now?" She asked. It seemed somewhat obvious that they'd be swimming-- and she'd be tied to him, probably to have her survive, and they'd be using the snorkels to dive, meaning it was probably somewhere pretty deep... and she really really didn't want that to be his answer.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 14 Nov 2012

Pipes ignored her question for now, instead focusing on the sack and sealing it up tight. He attached it to a metal ring on one of the leading lines in the water and let the entire bundle slide down into the water with a small splash. The current took it claiming it as its own and swept it away in the speeding current, guided by the line it was attached to.

"We're going in." Pipes affirmed. "Get over here, and follow me in after a couple seconds." And with that Pipes put his snorkel in his mouth and jumped in.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 14 Nov 2012

Zincell put the snorkel in her mouth and waited a couple of seconds before jumping in behind Pipes. It was dark, cold and there was a strong current and she didn't know what direction she was supposed to go in. Zincell tapped brass at a higher rate, grateful for all the time she'd spent storing it earlier throughout the week, and began swimming in the direction that the rope pulled her. The snorkel allowed her to breathe without much difficulty, though it was a weird experience.

They got to a net, and Zincell followed the pull of Pipes' rope as he moved across it. Her limbs were longer than Pipes', and had little difficulty keeping up, but the darkness and the current confused her and somehow she ended up moving in the wrong way when the current switched directions, and her knot became undone.

In hindsight, it had been a very poor choice of knot, given the function it was supposed to serve.

Zincell's sense of direction got muddled in the darkness, and she moved wrong, causing water to enter her snorkel and almost drown her by surprise. She took it off of her mouth with a hand, and went on to hold her breath while she tried to escape the dark, wet, confusing hole. With no rope to guide her, and barely any air in her lungs, she reached a bit desperately, swimming with the current and speeding up as she tried to reach, if not where Pipes had gone, at least somewhere with air. An eternity later, she was gasping in air as her head reached the surface of the water, and went through it.
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Pipes's Photo Pipes 19 Dec 2012

Pipes was irritated. Well he knew that he had made the decision for the girl to learn the consequences of her own mistakes, of not admitting that she didn't know how to do certain things. But still moving across the net as water pounded against him was tiring work, and he knew that his snorkel would only give him at most a minute of air. He would have to go up to breach for air and go back down again.

In his minds eye Pipes knew where he was on the net, a talent of him being spatially aware. His hand moved to the rope that he was attached to, not the one that held no weight on the end of the line where the girl was supposed to be. The rope that would lead him to the exit tunnel that went to the edge of the net, the tunnel positioned such that the river's current forced water through the opening making a counter current. It went upwards such that the chamber over his head formed an air trap when the height of the upward tunnel was above the elevation of the underground river. He knew he was getting near the surface, he could feel the tumultuous current as the river below him sent water to this dead end.

WHACK! Pipes was dazed, his snorkel fell from his mouth, his upward momentum slowed but enough to carry him to the surface.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 24 Dec 2012

Zincell felt something hit her foot, and then she felt a body near hers.

"Um-- Pipes, sir?" She asked, hoping strongly that it wasn't a corpse, or worse.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 04 Jan 2013

Pipes sputtered as he broke the surface. There was water in his ears so he could tell that someone had said something, if not what they were saying. It was likely the girl, unless someone was above them, which would probably be Greyler wandering around aimlessly.

Whatever the case since he'd lost the snorkel it would be hard to head to go back down anyways if whatever had made the noise wasn't the girl. He had to find the trapdoors release first though. His hands fumbled at his lines finding the right one and following it towards it's anchor point. As his cold fingers found the release the spring loaded trap door opened outwards revealing...light? Someone was up there and they had a torch.

As his eyes adjusted to the light Pipes heard the familiar voice of Greyler. "Ah...people. Oh Pipes, there you are, been waiting for you."

Greyler. He was a short man with long grimy and ragged hair and was covered with the dirt and grime of years spent in the sewers. Years ago Jonesi had run across a younger Greyler, Seemed inconsequential, yet another street urchin that had found the safety of the sewers. Until that young Greyler had tossed a pebble to make a tunnel collapse to run away from strangers. Over the next year they had several run ins with Greyler with disastrous effects. Somehow Jonesi had reached out to him and had come to an agreement that he would stop destroying the tunnels.

Since then Greyler wandered the sewers and informed them of the places that needed repair, the places that he had been breaking. Talking with the man was difficult though. He hated eye contact, and had problems expressing ... everything. But ask him to figure out anything mechanical and he could disassemble and assemble it and tell you how to improve it. He was a mathematical and spatial genius of some sort.

He had known that Greyler would be meeting them at some point, the main reason why they were here was to get a list of what Greyler needed to excavate the massive stones they needed for the Casuana job and how to navigate it to the surface.

"Greyler, mind tossing down the ladder?" Pipes asked, still treading water. Greyler did something and a wood ladder slid down into the water. Pipes swam over and slowly climbed the ladder, partially because he was waterlogged but mainly because he was cautious of Greyler. Everyone who saw how Greyler was a master of the area around him, and how the simplest move on his part could cause havoc for everyone around him, they ought to be cautious of him.

Pipes turned back towards the hole at the girl climbing up. "Girl, meet Greyler."
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Zincell's Photo Zincell 05 Jan 2013

Once Zincell's eyes adjusted to the light, she was glad. And somewhat confused. And then glad again, as Pipes seemed to know the man.

"Nice to meet you, Greyler" Zincell said automatically, while climbing the ladder. "I'm Cell."

She finished climbing, and gave Greyler a small wave before turning to Pipes.

"...Please tell me we don't have to swim the way back, sir." She pled to pipes as she got water out of her hair.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 08 Jan 2013

Pipes heard the girl, but he was more focused on Greyler, the young man seemed far more animated than normal. While with any other man the fact that he seemed energetic and happy would set Pipes at ease, it disturbed him seeing anything other than the constant distrust that normally played across his features.

"No, there is another way back, and the river only flows in one direction girl." Pipes told the girl. He glanced at a now frowning Greyler.Pipes continued on with the introduction"Greyler is our guide in this section of Luthadel, he's an expert and you'd best follow his directions exactly." As he continued the frown was replaced with a slight smile.

"Yes, yes. I'm guiding you to Old Keep." Greyler smiled and shuffled off expecting them to follow.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 09 Jan 2013

"Oh good" Zincell said after a moment, with a smile. Having an expert in the area was good news. After a while of following in silence she decided to ask a question.

"So, why are we going to Old Keep?"

Pipes's Photo Pipes 09 Jan 2013

Before Pipes could answer Greyler started talking, "Stones! Big giant STONES" he roared. "Old man wanted me a figure out how to get em up there."

Zincell's Photo Zincell 18 Feb 2013

"Okay." Zincell said, not quite sure how to react. "And what're we supposed to do once they're up there?"

Pipes's Photo Pipes 26 Feb 2013

Pipes opted to stay silent while Greyler paused and seemingly considered the thought for a moment. "S' more interesting. Making things go up is more interesting than making them go down. Down's too simple, up's more fun." Pipes listened to Greyler, he was slurring his s's more than usual, but then again Pipes was not entirely sure what usual was with Greyler.

Pipes watched the girl plodding along behind the shuffling Greyler. She had every right to be miserable given that she was still dripping wet, yet she seemed to be more engaged in the conversation with Greyler. Which seemed odd to Pipes thinking about the conversation so far, did she even understand what she was talking about, or for that matter what Greyler was talking about?

Zincell's Photo Zincell 26 Feb 2013

"It certainly is." Zincell said, again unsure about how to react. "Things in general just fall downwards, an upwards trajectory needs more creativity-- but you didn't answer. What are we supposed to do once they're up there?"

Zincell was starting to realize she hadn't been told jack about what they were supposed to be doing in advance. Was this how they usually operated? Seemed likely to cause lots of mistakes.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 13 May 2013

Pipes decided to step into the conversation, unsure about if Greyler could articulately respond to that questions. His mind was great at solving puzzles but not so great at explaining them, at least from what he had seen so far.

"They're for Keep Casuana." Pipes answered gruffly. "Them young Meson heirs thought of it, save on shipping and operation costs by using what is around." Pipes looked at the girl in the flickering torchlight and saw some comprehension but lingering frustration so he continued his explanation. "You know that big giant dome that the Casuana's had for their Keep? Well the thing got cracked in the heat of that fire." Pipes could see comprehension dawning on the girls face.

"House Meson is now trying to get the winning bid on the project. So to save money we use materials on site something or other the noblemen will sort out. We save money, we can bid lower, and we might get the bid which would help Jonesi disguise you as a new hire for a cover story or some such, maybe get you some extra income."
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Zincell's Photo Zincell 13 May 2013

"Okay." Zincell said. "So what am I supposed to do once we're there?"

Pipes's Photo Pipes 13 May 2013

His instructions from Jonesi were to judge her aptitude, and to see her responses to things. So far she had seemed fairly normal and willing to take orders. Well if he were to use some of the people associated with the Workshop perhaps she might be considered plain. He himself was not entirely sure of the reasons why Jonesi seemed to be so interested in this girl in comparison to some of the other Mistings that he had found in the past. But that was inconsequential at the moment, he had always followed Jonesi's instructions despite his reservation and questions.

"You're here to observe and learn for now. Jonesi mentioned you knew how to write so you're also here to keep track of the numbers as Greyler calls them out." At which point Greyler added in some incomprehensible sounds while nodding excitedly.