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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Sounding Depths,

Zincell's Photo Zincell 13 May 2013

"Okay. I can do that." She said, smiling at Greyler.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 03 Dec 2013

Pipes grunted neutrally in reply. He turned to try to address Greyler, but an edge of wariness was returning to the young man. Greyler took off at a half jog mutely motioning them to follow.

That's odd Pipes thought to himself thinking about the total attitude change. But then again that wariness seemed to fit the youngest demolition expert he knew. He gestured the girl to follow the rapidly disappearing figure down the passage. "I'll follow in a bit, need to wrap up some things here for the next person that needs to take the Cold Express."

Pipes turned to the trapdoor behind them and set about resetting the contraptions with experienced hands.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 03 Dec 2013

"Okay." She said, and began jogging behind Greyler.

Pipes's Photo Pipes 06 Feb 2014

Pipes had just finished wrapping up the preparations for the Cold Express. It brought back memories of some of the stories that he'd been told about it. He himself had never had to use it in a time of desperate need, but he'd heard the stories of men and women that had used to to escape pursuit, some of this fancied that it had been used to escape Steel Inquisitors.

He turned to follow the girl and Greyler when some instinct made him stop. A sudden huge sound, and a wave of air and dust hit him as a section of the tunnel ahead of him collapsed. He couldn't tell if this was the work of Greyler or not, but if it was he needed to be very careful.

Zincell's Photo Zincell 06 Feb 2014

"...what just happened?" Zincell asked.