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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2964074 Zero - Skaa Pewterarm

Posted by LordKronos on 13 February 2019 - 11:10 PM in Skaa

Edited - let me know if you need more!

#2964073 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 13 February 2019 - 10:13 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Victor gave Elliott a smile as he dropped out of whatever thoughts that he had. The young man had seemed to be distracted for a moment. Victor could put pieces together if he had willed it, but at this point, he really was just trying to get to know the other and maybe see if he could get a foot in the door business wise. The nervous tapping of Elliot's foot made Victor want to play a bit.

Victor himself tapped his chair a couple of times before answering the question as he picked up his glass of wine to take a sip. The signal was for his children who immediately stopped burning metals. Victor in turn began to burn zinc. Knowing that the other man was a seeker had it's advantages. Of course, it wasn't a secret that Victor was a rioter. Victor at this point didn't direct his burning at this point. People behaved in unique ways if they thought they were being manipulated. Elliott would likely wonder about his own emotions and whether or not they were being affected. It would be interesting to see how he reacted to his sudden allomancy.

"I myself go at times, but mostly my children go. It depends on the situation. I've been giving Liam a little more responsibility by allowing him to act as my proxy. Anaya and Bella often spend time socializing and dancing at the balls, and Kiriena is going to her first soon."

Anaya spoke up. "They are quite fun in Luthadel. There is good food, music, and dancing. It's nice getting to know more nobility in the city."

#2964005 Zero - Skaa Pewterarm

Posted by LordKronos on 27 November 2018 - 03:44 PM in Skaa

Type of Character: Skaa Misting

Posted Image

Name/Handle: LordKronos
Contact: PM Please

Posted Image

Name: Zero
Type: Skaa
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Unemployed, but freelances as a mercenary/bodyguard - he is a member of the Skaa Rebellion
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Pewter
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Hidden - but known amongst members of the Skaa Rebellion/Snapped

Posted Image

Zero stands at 5’10” tall. He is strongly built from physical training that he received after snapping. Zero has brown hair, wears a beard, and has one blue eye. The other eye was lost and he wears an eye patch over the socket. Due to his size and eye patch, some can find him intimidating.Trained as a bodyguard, he stands like one, seeming to take in as much of the room as possible. His clothing is purely utilitarian. He wears plain pants and shirt, usually with leather armor underneath.

Posted Image

Zero has a rough exterior, but it houses a heart of gold. He has a hatred towards noblemen for what they did to him and his mother. Seeing the nobility and the Empire as one and the same, Zero has a desire to see the Empire fall. Watching his mother die has caused him to have a semblance of PTSD that usually manifests in an easily roused temper. Meeting with Alistair has helped this problem. Alistair has taught him to trust again, and it has built a strong loyalty to those he considers his friends, yet he prefers working alone or in small groups. When not working with the Rebellion or freelance jobs, he enjoys having a drink or two at Skaa taverns (he prefers ale to wine), sparring (often giving tips if they are members of the Rebellion), or listening to stories. Zero responds tentatively to people he doesn’t know; it takes time for them to gain his trust, but they are not met with hostility until he sees them as a threat. Friends, on the other hand, are met with a grasping of arms, a hug, or a drink if Zero is at a tavern. Zero is attracted to women, but hasn’t ventured into any romantic relationships. He isn’t opposed to romance, but hasn’t felt a need to make that step in his own life. In a room, Zero will often make sure he can see as many entrances as possible. He dislikes having his back to the door, and if a chair isn’t available, he will stand. Zero prefers action to words, but is not afraid to speak his mind, especially if it has to do with security or defense, which he sees himself as an expert in.

Posted Image

Special Skills: (For example, things like Reading, Writing, Knife Fighting, Lying, Observation, etc.)Zero is fair combatant, especially with his hands or a staff. He is good with the sword and daggers, but prefers to have a staff in his hands.

Strengths: (Try to make strengths and weaknesses relevant to your character. Try to tie them into your character's personality, experiences, relationships, etc.) Zero is physically strong. Despite his hard exterior, he actually has a very kind heart - at least for skaa and the disenfranchised. He is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and allies.

Weaknesses: Zero has a temper - especially when he sees children being mistreated. It often takes someone else talking him down to avoid metaphorically (or literally) cracking skulls. He tends to stick out because of his eye patch, so often avoids being stealthy. He rarely sees the point. Zero has a blind side on his right due to his lack of an eye. Zero is also illiterate. He never saw a reason to learn how to read.

Posted Image

Zero Tesril was born in 892 in a skaa slum to a woman named Mara. Zero has never met his father and has no idea where he is located or his name. Zero knew his mother well and loved her dearly. He had a very typical skaa childhood, but was well developed for his age, and was often given physical tasks to complete, such as lifting and shoveling ash out of the streets.

At age 10, his life changed forever. Night had not yet fallen and the mists hadn’t come, but a nobleman was drunk and set his eyes on Mara. Zero wasn’t sure what happened when women were taken by the noblemen, but he for sure knew that they didn’t come back afterwards. Filled with rage, Zero tried to prevent his mother’s abduction. He ran through the city, trying to find his mother. Finally finding her, he ran to take her back.

The nobleman struck quickly, knocking out Zero’s eye with a dueling cane. Left for dead in the streets of Luthadel, Zero snapped. There had been trace elements of pewter in his stomach as he was hit, and a seeker member of a thieving crew discovered him, and nursed him back to health utilizing pewter.

The seeker’s name was Brayd Lind. Through Bryad, Zero met Alistair Zevros, another skaa thug. Alistair taught Zero not only how to burn pewter, but how to fight. Alistair started with martial arts and then proceeded to the staff and the sword. Zero showed a definite proficiency for the staff and focused on that.

Zero served briefly in the thieving crew, usually as a door guard. His eyepatch made him stand out, so he didn’t often go on raids. He wasn’t heavily involved in the scamming. At age 18, he left the crew on good terms and joined the Skaa Rebellion. As he grew, he learned of the fate his mother would have received at the hands of the nobleman. His anger had seethed and with that came a hatred for noblemen that could not be soothed. His personal experience in getting attacked as a child gave him a heart for children, and this combined with his hatred of noblemen could often lead him to make rash decisions if there was no one to hold him back.

Posted Image

Rage was the only emotion that Zero felt. He had taken his mother. Zero didn’t know who he was, but the man was a noble. Zero had watched. Noblemen sometimes took women with them. He didn’t know what had happened to them, but he did know they didn’t ever come back.

Zero wasn’t going to let that happen. His mother wasn’t going to disappear. He ran through the streets of Luthadel. Even as a ten-year old, he was strongly built from physical labor. He also swept and shoveled the streets clear of ash and knew them well. It didn’t take long for the boy to catch up. Mara Tesril saw him first.

“No,” she yelled at him. “Run!. Get away!”

Zero didn’t listen. He couldn’t listen. The nobleman knew he was there now though. Switching his mother to his other hand, the nobleman struck him in the face with a dueling cane. Pain flashed through his right eye. Zero scream and fell to the ground, feeling wet blood in his hand as he brought it to his face.

Zero’s mother screamed, but he couldn’t hear it over his own. The boy pulled himself up to his hands and knees. His vision was blurred, and his hand left a bloody handprint on the cobblestones. Inside of him, he felt a power that he didn’t understand. Zero noticed a white orb on the ground nearby and when he figure out what it was, he vomited.

Zero didn’t hear the man approach him, but he heard him speak. “Quickly Alistair, he needs pewter. He’s running out.” There was a brief scuffling as a dark haired man lifted his face, almost shoving a vial of liquid down the boys mouth. “Drink it, son. It will help. Trust me.”

Zero felt that power again - larger this time. “Burn it,” the dark haired man said, and Zero noticed another man for the first time - Alistair he assumed. “Your body knows how to do it. There ya go!” The man smiled at him, as he blacked out.

Zero awoke in a bed. The dark haired man sat next to him. Zero sat up in the bed. “Here,” the man said, handing him a vial of liquid. Some type of sediment sat at the bottom.

Zero found himself trusting the man. After all, he had taken him in. “What is it?” Zero asked, after downing the liquid and sediment.

“Pewter,” the man said. “It’s what kept you alive. We’ll teach you more later, for now, suffice it to say, you’ll need it until you fully recover.”

Zero nodded, his hand going up to his right eye. Over it was a leather patch. “My eye is gone?” Zero already knew the answer.

The man nodded. “There was nothing we could do to save it. My name is Brayd.”

“Zero,” he responded standing up.

The pewter inside of him made him feel stronger, and Zero flexed his hand, feeling a new strength inside of him. It was a sort of warmth that he had never felt before.

“I’m hungry,” Zero said, heading to the door. “Is there any food?”

Abruptly Zero ran into the door. That was impossible. It had looked farther away than it actually was.

“Slow down, son,” Brayd said to him. “You can’t see as well as you used to. It will take time, but you’ll adjust. Come on, let’s get some food in your belly.”

Zero followed Brayd to a kitchen, where he sat down to eat some baywraps. He would have a lot to learn indeed.
Present Day

Zero moved quickly, burning a bit of pewter to keep his balance. His opponent’s staff whizzed by an inch from his body. His opponent, a soldier with the Skaa Rebellion name Grizz grimaced.

“I thought I had you there,” he said.

“I’m full of surprises,” Zero responded with a smirk.

Zero spun his staff, and moved forward, striking high. His opponent blocked the attack, and Zero countered low, hitting the man on the leg. The man fell to one knee.

“Yield,” Zero said.

Grizz raised a hand. “I yield”

Zero moved his staff to his left hand and offered his right to Grizz.

“Always remember, if you know where one end of the staff is, you know where the other is also. The staff being a harder weapon is all in your mind.”

Grizz smiled and thanked him, and two more stepped into the sparring ring, not offering their names. Zero didn’t recognize them, but they were Skaa. He’d be willing to spar regardless.

“Bet my friend over there,” the taller of the two said, pointing in the crowd, “that we both could take you. He seems to think you’ll get the better of the two of us. I offer this challenge.”

Zero smiled and took a defensive stance. “Loser buys drinks?”

The smaller frowned. “But there are two of us…”

Zero’s smiled widened. “That means if I win, I get two drinks.”

The men laughed at that, but readied their staves to fight. Both attacked at once, Zero shifted his position to take on one at a time. The smaller moved towards him and Zero blocked his attack and countered with a move that pushed the smaller man’s weapon to the ground and setting him off balance. He then brought his own attack to the larger man. Zero attacked high as he had in the match with Grizz. The other man countered down, showing that he had either been paying attention to the fight with Grizz or he had more experience. Zero blocked and spun around the other trying to get to a point where he could see both of his opponents again, however, the smaller man had recovered fast. These two had clearly worked together before, and the smaller had made his way to Zero’s blind side. The two ended up running into each other.

Lord Ruler, Zero thought. I hate that blind side. Such a rookie mistake!

Getting tangled was enough for the two to surround Zero. A few more blows were traded before Zero yielding.

“To the tavern then. I owe you boys a drink,” Zero said. “Just remember, I want a rematch.”

#2963937 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 23 October 2018 - 04:48 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Veeras stood by, willing to do whatever he needed as Master Elliott spoke with Lord Cairhaim. The man was a rioter, but the Terrisman noticed nothing different about his master's demeanor. The still didn't mean that he wasn't influencing Elliott. Victor Cairhaim had many years to practice and was likely very skilled.

Veeras scanned his metalminds, but didn't have any thing on Victor's children, except for birth records. It was likely at least one of the children had allomantic abilities, but Veera's had no idea what. Perhaps Elliott would know from his bronze, but it would be inappropriate to ask.

Victor spoke of the house and how well it was made. Of course, Victor had not seen the most beautiful room in the house - Master Elliott's music room with the piano that gleamed in the light. Veeras would make sure the instrument kept up in maintenance. It might even be worthwhile to tell the young Lord that his steward had perfect pitch just so Veeras could have an excuse to run his fingers over the ivory keys. Without permission, Veeras would not touch the instrument.

That room by itself made this whole house worth it, and Veeras was much more glad for being sent to serve Elliott here. His mind went briefly to the piece that Elliott had played on his violin for Lady Sorelle. While Master Elliott had been taking his nap, Veeras had transcribed the piece. The manuscript still sat on his desk in his own chambers. Veeras had even played the piece, but no matter what, he couldn't recapture Elliott Faarskar's own performance. It was almost as if he was having a conversation without having the second person there - almost as if it was a duet with one of the players.

#2963936 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 19 October 2018 - 06:16 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Victor smiled. "Yes, it's a fine vintage, one of the best we have produced. In 910, the yield was quite extraordinary."

Victor and his family sipped at their wine. His children were allowed such for their age, but they were limited in how much they could have. They would be fine with one glass. "I just wanted to let you know, that anything you need, we are close. Acclimating to a new area can often have it's own difficulties. We would be glad to help if you have need of anything."

The house was well done, and Victor thought he recognized the work. "I remember this house before the remodel, and if I don't miss my guess, this is House Sorelle work correct?"

#2963909 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 10 August 2018 - 04:28 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Victor smiled and his family rose as Elliott Faarskar entered the room. Victor nodded in respect, smiling as he did. "Thank you of course for your hospitality. Your staff has been very accommodating."

It was true. Even the skaa servants seemed to be working harder than most. Truthfully it had been quite a pleasant stay so far even with having to wait for their host. Lord Faarskar looked at each one in turn, his eyes lingering over Anaya for a bit. That was enough for Victor to start burning zinc. Of course Bella had her copper on which would hide his allomantic pulses from any seeker. Anaya, noticing it, smiled briefly at the attention. She wasn't one to get embarrassed. As Elliott looked down, Victor rioted his sense of embarrassment slightly. Emotional allomancy was a subtle art, and as Elliott had blushed in embarrassment, it wouldn't hurt to stoke that a little bit.

Elliott mentioned being tired from his trip, which was completely understandable. For now, Victor quit burning zinc. "Of course, and we do not mean to take up much of your time, we had noticed the construction crews for quite sometime and when my daughter saw your carriage, we thought we should introduce ourselves and welcome you to Felise."

Victor moved to stand at the side of his children, with Liam on his immediate left. "My name is Victor, as you know, this is my oldest son and heir, Liam, my eldest child Anaya, Bella, and my youngest Kiriena." Victor went straight down the line of his children. Liam bowed and the girls curtsied as their name was called.

Liam took over almost immediately. "Lord Faarskar, as a gift, we have brought you this bottle of wine from our own vineyards. This is our 908 Vintage Red. We hope you will enjoy it." Liam stepped forward and offered the bottle to his host, bowing slightly in respect.

#2963907 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 23 July 2018 - 03:16 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

((Out of Character: As I write both Victor and Veeras - I will include some of Victor's dialogue in this post for ease of reading and not having to switch back and forth for minor discussions))

Veeras made sure that the work was continuing. The house had been mostly moved in, and at the very least they had a sitting room and the kitchen up and running. Veeras, for the most part could see to his duties as steward, only having to check in to make sure the servants were keeping busy with more menial tasks.

A knock came to the door and Veeras moved quickly to answer it. Outside the door stood five individuals. A man, tall and middle aged, stood wearing a pinstripe nobleman's suit with a red cravat. Another man, younger, wore a similar suit with a blue cravat who stood next to a young lady with a blue dress that matched the young man's tie. The look of the two suggested that they were twins. Two other girls stood, one wearing a yellow dress and the other wearing a red dress.

"May I help you, my Lord," Veeras asked politely.

"I'm Victor Cairhaim, Master Terrisman, and these are my children. We are here to welcome our new neighbor to Fellise."

Veeras noticed that the younger Cairhaim held a bottle of wine as a welcome gift. "Of course, Lord Cairhaim. I am Veeras, Lord Farskaar's Steward. Please follow me."

Veeras opened the door farther and the group entered, waiting for Veeras to guide them. He took them to a sitting room, apologizing briefly as they walked.

"My apologies as we are still getting things settled. You may notice some servants working while you visit."

"That is to be expected, Master Terrisman," Victor answered.

As they arrived in the sitting room, Veeras was grateful that he had the foresight to make sure this room was set up early in order to make any guests that might appear comfortable. The Cairhaim family made themselves comfortable.

"With you permission, Lord Cairhaim, I will find Lord Farskaar for you, and send in a servant to see to your needs?" Veeras asked with a bow.

"Of course, and thank you Master Terrisman," Victor said.

Veeras bowed again and exited. He quickly found a trustworthy servant and told them to wait on the Cairhaim's in the sitting room. The servant was quick to oblige. As Veeras worked his way towards Elliott's room, he pulled up Victor Cairhaim in his coppermind. Victor was the head of House Cairhaim. He ran a local vineyard and winery and was a known rioter. That would be good information for Elliott to know. His wife had passed away and he was the father to four children.

Elliott had elected to take a nap after Lady Avril had left, and Veeras had been on his way to wake the Lord before he heard the knock. Now Elliott would need to get ready quickly. Thankfully he had a Steward to facilitate that.

Veeras knocked on the door, before opening it a crack. "Master Elliott, it is the time you requested to be awakened. You also have a visitor that has just arrived."

#2963906 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 23 July 2018 - 02:56 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

The five of them entered a carriage that Kiriena had the foresight to call. Liam sat next to Victor and the three girls sat on the other side. Victor could feel his zinc reserves still, but his children, save Kiriena, emptied metal vials into their mouths. Kiriena took all of this in stride, and Victor could help but feel a twinge of guilt. Still, his youngest daughter seemed perfectly okay with her lack of allomantic abilities.

Victor knocked on the ceiling of the carriage and Victor felt slight the horse drawn vehicle go into motion. His children looked to him for directions.

"I'll do most of the talking," he said, making sure he met each child's gaze. "This isn't a sale, we're just introducing ourselves and welcoming our new neighbor. Be respectful and polite."

All four children acknowledged and Victor continued. "Liam, you will offer the bottle of wine after I have finished introductions."

"I understand, Father," Liam responded understandingly.

Upon arrival, the family waited until the chauffeur opened the carriage door. Victor exited first and turned, helping each of his daughters out. Anaya exited with ease, so Victor could tell she was burning pewter. The dance lessons she had received as a child had been a great addition to her pewter burning abilities.

Liam exited last, but moved up next to his father. The group adjusted their clothes and headed to the door, where Victor finally knocked.

#2963900 Arrival at Fellise

Posted by LordKronos on 30 June 2018 - 12:01 AM in Luthadel Outskirts

Veeras nodded at the compliment. "Thank you, Master Farskaar. I certainly intend to do the best I can to assist you, and you have, of course, done nothing to offend me."

It was the answer of a Terrisman Steward, and Veeras was a Terrisman Steward. Outwardly, he kept his cool, but inwardly, he was elated at the praise coming from the young man.

As Elliott mentioned taking his leave, Veeras nodded. "It has been a long day, Master Farskaar, I shall wake you in a couple of hours."

Veeras bowed as Elliott left. A couple of hours would give Veeras enough time to get the rest of Elliott's personal possessions into the house. Thankfully, his master's bedroom was already set. After checking on the servants and making sure they were properly instructed on what to do, Veeras went to his own room.

He didn't have much. He didn't need many possessions. A chest carried some clothing and a jewelry box carried metalminds that he could use to store various attributes. Veeras sat down, moving a few things around his desk. Then his body deflated as he grew weaker, storing some strength in the pewter rings that he had placed on his hands before leaving for Fellise. A few moments later, he stopped filling the pewterminds and began arranging things around in his room.

First Veeras made his bed. Elliott had been right - it had been a taxing day. Veeras of course, could tap his bronzeminds to make it through and he did so now, feeling the tiredness of the day wash away. Lastly, he pulled out his own violin case.

During his service to the Farskaar's, Veeras had kept this hidden, mostly because he didn't want to flaunt his abilites. Veeras was very skilled, but this was a part of his life that he had kept to himself. Veeras opened the case, and checked the instrument. It had not been damaged during the trip to Fellise. The bow was also in good shape. The case had done its job. Veeras plucked at the strings, wincing a little as he did so. The trip had taken the instrument out of tune.

Veeras tuned the instrument and then began to play. He played quietly as to not disturb anyone. The piece he played was a simple etude meant for teaching students how to play a legato line. The simplicity of the children's piece that Avril had played had inspired Veeras to play this one. As a bonus, he didn't even have to pull it out of his coppermind to play it.

Eyes closed, Veeras immersed himself in the music, keeping quiet, but embellishing the simple melody as he played, making it sound more complex than it actually was. Veeras had meant what he said. Sometimes the simplest melody could be the most beautiful. The ones that came from the heart are what spoke to musician, and through the musician, their audience.

Veeras opened his eyes, realizing his volume had increased to to a mezzo forte. He quietly packed away his his violin and placed it underneath his bed for later. Checking the time, he realized that soon he would need to wake Elliott. First he had to go to the kitchens to make sure they were preparing Elliott's dinner.

#2963896 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 21 June 2018 - 03:24 AM in Luthadel Outskirts

As Kiriena left, Victor finished his glass of wine and went to his own closet. Several suits were hung up, and Victor looked through them, finding one that he liked. It was a black nobleman's suit with pinstripes. He selected a pair of well shined shoes and changed into the suit. He then selected a bright red cravat. It would be good to go with house colors for the first meeting.

Dressed, he moved to head downstairs, but quickly stopped and picked up a metal vial, replenishing his reserves of zinc. Leaving the room, Victor headed to the vestibule where his children were waiting for him. In sync, the three girls curtsied, and the boy bowed his head. Victor smiled. They were in a row, from oldest to youngest. The only exception was Anaya, who although she was a twin to Liam and was technically older, deferred to her brother who was the house heir.

Liam stood tall, wearing a solid black nobleman's suit with a blue cravat. Victor wasn't surprised to see that Anaya was wearing a blue dress. The twins often matched colors. Bella wore a yellow dress and Kiriena wore a red dress. Victor was happy to see that Liam had a bottle of red wine with him. He trusted that his son had followed the directions that Kiriena had given him.

"Do you have metals?" Victor asked his three oldest, who nodded. He had told his children to practice their allomancy. At least Bella was good enough with copper, that their practicing would be invisible to their host. Victor still wasn't sure if he would use his allomancy on the young Farskaar. "Are we ready?"

All four children nodded and Victor gestured for Liam to lead the way. Liam turned on opened the door, allowing the family to exit before following along.

#2963895 Arrival at Fellise

Posted by LordKronos on 15 June 2018 - 04:18 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Veeras watched as Elliott pondered. There was much going through the young nobleman's mind. Indeed, Elliott cared deeply for this girl. That didn't mean there was a romantic interest, but Avril had somehow gotten into Elliott's head. This wasn't a bad thing necessarily. Veeras actually hoped that it would help Elliott find some peace away from his family - at least eventually.

Elliott was young, but he was already showing wisdom. Veeras knew the young Lord would often compare himself to his brother Darius, but in doing so, he often missed his own strengths. Elliott quickly came to the conclusion that Avril had likely become the mother figure in her house. Her childhood had ended early and she had to grow up quickly - a hard situation for any young person.

Veeras took Elliott's orders with a bow of the head. "Of course, Master Faarskar," he said, standing up straight. "Please know that it may take some time to find the answers you seek."

In reality, Veeras likely had most of the information in his copperminds, but just simply bringing out the information would be suspicious. Despite how much he trusted the Faarskar family, he still had to keep his feruchemy under wraps.

#2963892 Arrival at Fellise

Posted by LordKronos on 08 June 2018 - 02:17 AM in Luthadel Outskirts

Veeras listened intently as Elliott spoke. The young man was certainly very concerned about Lady Avril. Veeras himself had noticed a sadness in her - specifically in the way she spoke and held herself. It could have been interpreted as timidity, but Veeras could definitely see how his master had found sadness in her.

Elliott had good instincts. Perhaps it came from his musical training or his experience as a seeker, but the young man noticed patterns quickly. Making connections such as how her allomancy reacted to her emotions was skillful work. Veeras had no doubt that Elliott would have been a good soother as well.

Noise caught Veeras' attention. Skaa servants still moved about, getting Elliott's possessions to their proper places. Skaa were mostly docile, but a few had rebellious natures as history had taught, and the conversation that the two men were having was hardly for everyone's ears.

"Master Farskaar, perhaps it would be prudent to continue our conversation in a more private location," Veeras said, looking around to show his meaning.

After Elliott agreed, the pair went back into the music room, and Veeras shut the door behind them. He sauntered over to Elliot with his hands behind his back, putting together any pieces he knew to the puzzle. Jasper Sorelle was the head of House Sorelle and ran the Sorelle Building Company. He was a known widower. Veeras latched onto this. This would certainly explain Avril's sadness at earlier memories. It was likely the young lady still missed her mother greatly. But why did she do so when Lord Sorelle arrived? Perhaps Lord Sorelle had changed after his wife had died. If that was the case, it didn't bode well for his children, and Elliott was right to be concerned; however, it would be hard to prove.

"You are right to be concerned, I think," Veeras said softly. "There is a lot of pain in the Sorelle family, and it has perhaps affected all of them in a different way. You are seeing these differences in their reactions, I think."

Veeras paused, thinking about how he spoke. "Perhaps what Lady Avril needs, Master Elliott, is a friend. Someone she can trust and confide in. The young lady has already trusted you some, and maybe that in itself is her reaching out for help."

#2963889 A Fine Vintage

Posted by LordKronos on 02 June 2018 - 11:40 PM in Luthadel Outskirts

Victor stood staring out the window of his manor across the vast vineyards on his estate bordering Fellise. The skaa were hard at work. Instinctively, Victor reached for the power in his stomach, rioting the skaas' willingness to work. Truth be told, he didn't really feel like beating any of them for insubordination...at least for tonight.

Victor grabbed the decanter and poured himself a glass of wine, sipping and savoring the flavor. It was a fine red, and Victor checked the bottle for the date, smiling as he did. Yes - the Cairhaim 908 - a ten-year old vintage and a very good year for him.

A slight knock on the door disturbed him from his thoughts. "Enter," he said, and the door slowly opened revealing his youngest daughter, Kiriena.

Kiriena wore a red dress, very reminiscent of the wine that he sipped. She didn't curtsy, but unless they were in public, he didn't expect that behavior from his children.

"Kiriena," he said, smiling, trying not to think of how much she looked like Kyra. "How is your day?"

She smiled at her father. "I'm well, Father, and you?"

Victor smiled and took a seat, gesturing towards another chair for his daughter and turning off his zinc. Victor never manipulated his children's emotions; "I'm well, what brings you to my study today?"

Kiriena sat down. "You know the house in town that has been getting worked on? Well I saw wagons outside of it today. A Terrisman was helping move things in it looked like. I thought you'd like to know that we have new neighbors."

Victor nodded. "Where are your siblings?"

Kiriena responded quickly. "I last saw Liam in the kitchens - probably looking for a snack. Anaya, I think is in her room, and Bella was in the garden.

Victor stood and gestured for Kiriena to do the same. "Get them and tell them to meet me in the entryway. We should at least, welcome our new neighbors. Can I count on you to make sure they are dressed appropriately."

Kiriena smiled and nodded at her father. "Yes, Father, I will get them right away."

She turned to exit as Victor sipped again at his wine. "Kiriena," he said, another idea coming to his head. He turned and she stopped by the door waiting for instructions. "Tell your brother to get a bottle of the 908 Red for our new neighbor."

#2963888 Arrival at Fellise

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Veeras maintained his bow until the trio had left, and soon thereafter Master Elliott appeared. Once again, Veeras bowed as his Lord spoke. Veeras had heard similar things from Elliott's father, but he never really had proof - just conjecture. He did however trust the judgement of his employers, but still it was worth cautioning them against rash behavior.

"To me, he seemed a normal Lord, but I did not get the chance to really interact with him. The move in is ahead of schedule, so I would be able to advise, but without knowing what is causing your unease, I'm afraid I will be unable to help much."

It was a true statement. There was much more to the situation than met the eye. Both father and son wouldn't have commented on it anyways, but Veeras had recalled the words an author who said something to the effect of it was a mistake to theorize without facts otherwise the theorist would find facts to support their theory rather than making theories to support facts.

#2963886 Arrival at Fellise

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Veeras nodded at the comments in silent thanks, moving then to place the violin beside the piano and taking his leave. He went outside quickly to check on the progress. Thankfully, the servants had been hard at work and most of the unloading had been finished. Veeras was just about to speak with the servants when a man and his child approached.

He introduced himself as Jasper Sorelle, and Veeras didn't have to go through his metalminds to know who the man was. Jasper was the Lord of House Sorelle, and Lady Avril's father. After telling Veeras that he was looking for his daughter, Veeras offered to lead Master Sorelle to the music room. That task accomplished, and Veeras was back with the servants, giving direction for the completion of the move.

It appeared that only his possessions had to be brought in, and as a Skaa servant picked up his violin case to deliver it to his quarters, Veeras spoke.

"I will take that," Veeras said, taking the case from the Skaa. "I should see my own living space as well."

Of course the second part was just an excuse to carry the instrument himself. There were very few people that Veeras trusted with his instrument. His hands itched to remove the instrument and play through what Lord Elliott had played earlier, but he waited. He still had much work to do.

After the violin was put away, Veeras wandered around the house, checking in on Skaa servants and making sure they were putting items in their proper places. As house Steward, he made sure to remind the Skaa to be careful as they moved some of the more fragile items.

Veeras then returned to the music room to updated Lord Elliott on their progress, as he did, a trio began to exit the room. Lord Jasper, Lady Avril, and young Aric exited the room, and Veeras gave them a bow of respect.

#2963871 Arrival at Fellise

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As Elliott began to play with her, Veeras smiled a real smile. It took a little longer than normal for the Terrisman to assume his normally stoic face. It wasn't perfect, but often the beauty of the music was in the imperfections of the piece. The small mistakes were what made the piece alive and unique to everyone who played the piece.

Lady Sorelle was clearly unpracticed, but the ability she showed after having not played for so long suggested talent, and Veeras definitely believed that talent should be cultivated, if for no other reason than it seemed like the Lady enjoyed playing. She clearly missed playing.

Master Elliott definitely had stronger skills, but he displayed the skill of a true accompanist. He followed Lady Sorelle's lead with skill. He played not to show off his skills, but to allow her to show off hers. It was an endearing move whether or not the Lady realized it.

As they finished, Lady Sorelle offered her apologies at her lack of skill, and Veeras wondered briefly if she felt embarrassed by her performance. Veeras had honestly been impressed, not because she had held on to so much, but her simple music had come from the heart.

Veeras felt like speaking, but it wasn't his place. Yet, Master Darius had told him to speak his mind more often.

"Lady Sorelle, if I may, sometimes the most beautiful melodies are the more simple ones, and the ones that come from the heart," he said, and then slowly turned his face. Speaking had felt weird to him. He gave a bow and continued. "My apologies, my Lady, but I've been told that I should speak my mind more often. I hope I have not offended."

He turned to Elliott. "Master Elliott, if you have no need of me, I will go check on the progress of the moving of your possessions."

#2963867 Arrival at Fellise

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Veeras followed the orders given to him, holding the violin when instructed to and giving it back when he was told. Master Elliott's playing was improvised and Veeras did what he could to keep up as the young musician played. Transcribing wasn't easy, and transcribing directly to the copper ring on his left hand was even more difficult. However, he had enough that he should be able to recreate it later and write it down for future generations.

Watching the interactions between the two young people was awkward to say the least. Did neither of these nobles have any experience in interacting with those of the opposite gender. Veeras kept his tongue, but there seemed to be some sort of attraction between the two. It wasn't necessarily romantic - yet - but they seemed to be building up quite the rapport quickly.

Following along as Lady Sorelle began to show them the rest of the house, Veeras couldn't help but be marveled at the excellence of the construction. House Sorelle certainly knew how to do their job well. The tour ended in the music room, and it took all of Veeras' skill to keep from gawking. It was a beautiful room, and at the center of it all, a beautiful instrument.

Master Elliott began to play, and a brief smile came to Veeras' face as he listened, again, transcribing what he could into his coppermind. It was difficult work, but perfect pitch helped. As he finished, Master Elliott was moved to tears. Veeras himself knew how much music could effect the performer as well as the player, especially when that music came directly from the heart. The changing melody showed that this was something coming directly from the young nobles soul.

Lady Sorelle took a seat next to him, reaching out to touch his hand. Elliott pulled back.

Oh, Lord Ruler! Are all young nobles so awkward with each other!

Then the young lady finally decided to play. It was a simple tune - a song taught to young novices, with an optional duet component for more advanced students. Despite all of her talk that she hadn't played in a long time, she played it well. It wasn't perfect, but then again, it shouldn't be. The way she looked at Elliott afterwards, suggested humor.

Lord Ruler, Master Elliott, take the hint. Play the duet with her!

Even though he was marveling at the awkwardness in his head, Veeras kept a straight face. Perhaps the Lord and Lady would develop a relationship, perhaps not.

#2963860 Victor Cairhaim

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Victor Cairhaim
Noble Misting - Rioter

Posted Image

Name/Handle: Lord Kronos
Contact: PM Please

Posted Image

Name: Victor Cairhaim
Type: Noble
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Fellise
Occupation: Vineyards and Wineries
Relationship Status: Widower

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

Posted Image

Victor is a tall man at 5’11”. He has black hair, but it is greying. Victor is of medium build and is rather thin. His eyes are dark brown. He can put on a happy face when dealing with clients. In private, however, his demeanor is morose.

Posted Image

Victor cares little for others. His focus is more towards himself and his interests (although this is more of a defense mechanism due to the loss of his wife). The exception to this rule is his family. He cares deeply for his kids (he has four). He gets along well with others when it serves his needs. Victor is able to put on a face for clients and other nobles, but is generally pretty jaded due to his wife’s death. He hates skaa (this thought process came from his parents who always treated skaa with disdain) and has no problem with punishing those that work in his vineyards for little things. It is something that he does take pleasure in.

Posted Image

Special Skills: He is exceptional at making deals and lying in order to make those deals happen. He is good at observing others and getting a sense for their emotions. This comes in handy when he uses zinc to alter emotions

Strengths: Despite his general morose nature in private, Victor is good at hiding his personal pain from others, and is good at building relationships with other people, even if they don’t know exactly who he is behind closed doors. He is good at negotiating deals and contracts. He excels at manipulating others.

Weaknesses: Victor is a strong man, but he has absolutely no combat skill. Combat has never interested him, and so he is useless in a fight. With the exception of his children, he is incredibly selfish and works generally to suit his own interests. He is prone to rages which generally take the form of abusing skaa.

Posted Image

Victor was born in 873 to noble parents named Gerald and Victoria Cairhaim. Growing up, he wanted for nothing. His parents had the money to see to his needs as well as his wants. As a result, he is used to getting what he wants. Despite this, his parents were rather cold. They didn’t interact much with their kids with the exception of teaching them their duty to the house. His emotional needs were left unfulfilled, and as such he felt empty inside. As the oldest child, he was taught how to run the family business of growing and fermenting grapes to create wine. His father would often take him on business trips, having him observe negotiations to learn how to deal.

On his 11th birthday, his father decided to see if his son was an allomancer. His father observed while he was beaten. The thing that hurt the most was that his father didn't seem to care. It was business as usual. Victor snapped that day and they found out he was a rioter. Gerald was excited to notice this and he immediately set to increasing Victor’s training in reading body language and utilizing his gift of zinc.

The rest of his adult life continued much in the same ways, but as he grew he began to attend balls in Luthadel. It was at a ball at Keep Lekal that he met Kyra. Kyra struck him immediately with her beauty and grace. It was his second ball, and seeing that she was alone, he asked her to dance. She accepted, and for the first time in his childhood, he felt like an empty void had been filled. He found himself being genuinely smiling for the first time in his life. Kyra and Victor began attending balls more often together. Victor and Kyra found themselves falling in love with each other and at age 20 they were married.

His parents, seeking retirement, left Fellise and left the business to Victor. He took over and continued to do well for himself. Being noble, Victor and Kyra had trouble getting pregnant, but when Victor was 27, Kyra became pregnant with their first children. She had twins - a girl name Anaya and boy named Liam. Three years later, they had another girl they named Bella, and a year after Bella, they gave birth to another daughter named Kiriena.

Victor’s parents had been distant, and this made Victor strive to be different than his own. He loved his children deeply. Following tradition, he had his children beat at eleven to see if they would snap. He observed all of the beatings but instead of the cold glare that he remembered from his father, he teared up. Anaya and Liam both snapped, the former becoming a pewterarm, and the latter a tineye. Bella became a smoker, and Kiriena alone didn’t snap. For weeks after Kiriena’s beating, he would often wake of nightmares just of his little girl screaming.

Shortly after Kiriena’s beating, Kyra became ill. Despite trying everything, Kyra succumbed to her illness and passed. This moment struck him deeply. His love for Kyra had been deep. His attitude changed to something more akin to his father’s. He became more selfish, and even though he still loved his children and cared for them deeply, they noticed he grew more distant especially towards Kiriena (she looked the most like her mother and he still carried guilt because of her beating).

Lying to get what he wanted became his defense mechanism. Victor sought his own interests, manipulating others to get what he wanted. He never remarried. No one held a candle to the beacon that Kyra was. He attended balls to make contacts, but as his oldest reach maturity, they went to balls more often. The pain is still there, and it always will be.

Posted Image

A knock came to the door, pulling Victor out of his thoughts.

“Daddy,” a soft voice came through the door.

“Come in,” Victor said.

The door open and there stood Anaya. She was fifteen now, and was becoming a fine woman in her own right. Her own mannerisms matched that of her mother. She was dressed in all black for mourning. He noticed she had decided not to wear make-up today. That was perhaps a good idea. Victor could see that she had been crying.

“It’s about to start,” she told him.

Victor nodded and stood up, hugging his daughter. That hole that had been inside of him as a child was there again now that Kyra was gone.

“It will be okay, daddy,” Anaya told him.

Oh, child. No it won’t Victor thought.

Victor held back his own tears, staying strong for his children as he met them to go to their mother’s memorial service. All of them had tear streaked cheeks. He met each one’s gaze and gave them a hug, noticing how much little Kiriena looked like her mother. In his mind he could hear Kiriena’s screams again. Screams all for nothing.

The family went and the funeral happened. It was all a blur to Victor. He didn’t really pay attention at all. All he remembered was coming back to Cairhaim Manor that night and making sure his kids got to bed. That is when the entire emotional release came. The tears fell, the pain felt so exquisite now.

“My Lord,” a voice interrupted his turmoil.

He turned and a skaa woman stood there with a glass of wine. He ended every night with one. The woman was just doing her job, but she was there. She had seen him cry. She had seen his weakness, and all the rage erupted as he backhanded her across the face. The wine spilled to the floor, furthering his rage. She looked up at him, fear in her eyes and her split lip trembling as he beat her.

#2963847 Veeras

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Fixed those issues, but to clarify:

He has copperminds with all the knowledge of the keepers, but he generally wears two - one with general knowledge and his fine arts.

He was raised by the breeders and then turned over to the keepers for training.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also I edited on my phone, so if I missed something Let me know.

#2963829 Veeras

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Type of Character: Keeper

Posted Image

Name/Handle: LordKronos
Contact: PM Please

Posted Image

Type: Terrisman
Age: 35
Gender: M
Place of Origin: Tathingdwen
Occupation: Faarskar Steward
Relationship Status: Eunuch

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Feruchemist
Metals Used: Two Copperminds Bracers - one contains general knowledge and the other is his fine arts metalmind (plays, songs, dances, ect.). As with all Keepers, he has copperminds with all the knowledge of the keepers, he just doesn't wear them at all times. Two tinmind earrings, and two tinmind rings. In them he stores hearing and sight. Recently he has started wearing pewter rings to store strength. Two steel armbands for speed, and two bronze earrings for wakefulness, and two iron earrings for weight. He also cycles through some copper rings to store new information on the spot that he can transfer to his other copperminds.
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Known/Hidden

Posted Image

As most Terrisman, Veeras is tall reaching to a height of 6'4". His skin is dark, and were he to grow his hair out, it would be black. However, in the fashion of Terrisman Stewards, his head is constantly shaved. His eyes are dark brown. Veeras is semi-muscular and often has a serious expression on his face. He wears the robes common to a Steward, but on the rare chance that he performs, he chooses to wear all black.

Posted Image

Veeras is a quiet and kind-hearted individual. He is the epitome of Terris Steward. He hardly speaks unless his employer asks for advice. Even then, Veeras is docile, choosing words carefully as to not upset his employer or his children. As a result, he often has to be ordered to speak his mind, but when he does, his opinion is well respected. Veeras is humble, and even his Master's are unaware of his musical talent. Despite his quiet nature, he loves the family he works for deeply, and specifically loves the children under his care. He is drawn to Master Elliott because of the young man's musical ability. The few times that the serious expression has been off of his face is after listening to Elliott play, even though he tries to hide it. Veeras has a habit of keeping a journal, which are written like letters to his family.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Raised by the Breeders but trained by the Keepers, he is good at reading, writing, and observing. His love, and specialty are the Fine Arts. Veeras is a skilled musician, and is able to play most instruments, although his preferences are violin, cello, and piano (the only one he owns is a violin). Veeras is also a talented singer and dancer, and due to his castration, has a strong soprano singing voice. He is also a good actor and artist. His acting ability makes him a good liar, but it is not something he often does.

Strengths: The Fine Arts are Veeras' passion. He is particularly a strong musician and even has perfect pitch. He is a phenomenal Steward, often following orders to a T and to perfection (at least as much as he can).

Weaknesses: Veeras docile nature is a weakness in that he often will hold back his opinions to avoid upsetting or offending his superiors. Having never known his parents, he can feel jealous around those who do. This is the primary reason why he's usually silent around the Faarskar children (not that he doesn't care, but he doesn't want to offend them). This also harbors feelings of loneliness.

Posted Image

Veeras was born in 883 through the Terris breeding programs. He never knew his parents or siblings, if he had any, and it quickly became a source of pain for him as he grew. Early on, the Keepers found out that he had feruchemical powers and kept this secret, training him in how to use his metalminds. One of these, his mentor Davrin, read to him the entire knowledge of the Keepers, so Veeras could memorize.

Davrin was also a singer and when learning songs, Veeras found the relief for his pain. Davrin was the first to witness the young Terrisman smile as he sung, and cultivated a love of music in him. As Veeras went to learn from the Obligators, it was remarked that Veeras had a talent for music and this was encouraged learning for him as he grew. He learned the basics of playing all instruments, but specialized in three: the violin, cello, and piano. He often found himself singing whenever he could manage it. The Obligators even allowed him to perform at times, and it was in these moments, that he found true peace.

Veeras was a quiet child and that moved through his adulthood. He always did what was requested of him and did it efficiently. He was admired by the Obligators for this and at age 20, he was sent off to become the Steward for the Faarskar family. It was with Astor Faarskar and his family that Veeras finally understood what family meant. Astor cared more for the happiness of his family than for riches, and it was something that spoke to Veeras on a deep level. This was something he had missed. He couldn't always, however, keep the jealous feelings at bay. They were there in the back of his mind, and he hated himself for feeling this way. He was robbed of his family as well as robbed of making one of his own. His feelings were justified, but to him, they were an evil thing, especially because he cared deeply for the Faarskars. He especially cared for the children. This only increased his guilt, and as a result, he found himself being more quiet around the children than he normally was. Veeras had no desire to offend his employers by sharing his feelings with them.

As he worked for the Faarskar family, Veeras found himself continuing his musical studies, but he kept it to himself. Veeras was a humble man, and didn't like to tote his talent. He would often go off on his own during his free time to practice his violin. Often he spent his time working "listening" to music in his head. The one thing that has helped with his personal feelings of jealousy has been Elliott's musical talents.

Posted Image

((Out of Character: The quotes used in this section are from Elliott's biography and are used with the author's knowledge and permission))

Veeras was packing, an action that he hadn't done in many years. For the most part, he had been settled into his life Mantiz. The Terrisman had served Astor Faarskar and his family for the last fifteen years, but now, that was going to change.

Veeras still served the Faarskars, but instead he would be a personal steward for Master Elliott as he moved to Felise to make contacts in Luthadel. Life in Luthadel was different than what Elliott was used to, but Veeras had faith that the young man would do well.

Veera's thoughts went back to the moment a couple of days ago, when all of this had been decided. As always, Veeras waited to be acknowledged before speaking, but his thoughts had moved towards his jealous feelings for the family. Veeras wished he could have known his own. He wished he had met his parents and wondered often if he had any siblings. As he served this family, he wondered what it would be like to dine with his own. His own thoughts were distracting and as Lord Astor asked his question, there was a slight hesitation before he replied.

"My Lord, I will do whatever you ask of me."

The response was simple and neutral, but Lord Astor wanted more. He wanted actual advice, and was ordered to speak his mind. Veeras complied, telling his Master what he really thought. Even a slight smile broke his normally serious face as he spoke.

"I think master Darius is right. If he goes away, anyone will be able to come and kill the rest of you. He has been this House's most important defense for some years, now. That makes Lord Elliott and Lady Freya the best candidates for the travel. However -and I'm sorry if I offend, for it is not my place nor my intention to do it- Freya is still too innocent to go there alone. As you said, Master Astor, the nobility there can be quite dangerous if you're not careful enough. Besides, Elliott is very skilled with a dueling cane. I'm sure he will be able to defend himself."

And that was it. Now Veeras was to accompany Master Elliott to Felise. Despite his happiness in Mantiz, Veeras found himself looking forward to the move. It would be good for him, and so he sat down and began to write.

Dearest Family,

It appears that a change will soon be coming to my life. I will leave the Western Dominance and accompany Master Elliott to the Central Dominance. I think this will help with my personal struggles. I'll be able to focus on serving one Master instead of a whole family. This should keep my negative emotions at bay.

Hopefully I will be able to process these feelings before Master Elliott finds a suitable wife. I am sure that helping my young charge at court will be a primary purpose of mine. Part of that means that the young lord will be spending much time with the ladies at the balls. Maybe I should encourage him to perform at some of them. Master Elliott has impressive skill with his bow.

Veeras paused and looked up, smiling as he tapped a hearing tinmind. In the distance he could hear Elliott playing his violin.

There is still that one note he misses… Veeras thought, turning back to his note.

I'm sure all will turn out fine. Part of my duties is to protect Master Elliott. I'm not a fighter, but I will follow this charge to the best of my ability. I will defend him with my life if necessary.

Again, Veeras looked up, and then pulled out a pewter ring and placed it on his finger. It would be a good idea to store some strength in case he needed it. If at all possible, he would avoid using Feruchemy. It would be a death sentence if he was caught, but for Elliott, he would risk it if he had to.

As always, I will serve to the best of my ability. Master Darius has told me I should be more upfront with my opinions. I promised him I would try. I do not know if I can, but I will hold to my word.

And now, I wish you farewell. I will keep you in my thoughts, as I know I am in yours.