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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Posted by GanShu on 19 February 2012 - 04:07 PM in Kandra


Player Information
Name/Handle: Gela
OoC Account: Gela
Contact Information: [email protected]

Character Information
Name: GanShu
Type: Kandra
Age: Third Generation
Gender: Presumably Male
Place of Origin: The Homeland
Occupation: Professional Spy/Imitator
Relationship Status: Single

-Type: Blessing
-Metal(s) Used: Stability
-Degree of Skill: ?
-Status: Known

Appearance: GanShu does not like to wear a True Body, but in the cases he does, the kandra will generally take the form of a fairly short -- about five feet tall -- stone body. He tries his hardest to spend very little time in the Homeland, and as such does not often have a set appearance. He is a bit more massive than average, enough to make a slightly plump human if they are about six feet tall. He would most likely have to lose about sixty or seventy pounds in order to portray a starving adult, and even more to successfully imitate an emaciated child.

Special Skills: Observation, Imitation, Acting
Strengths: Because GanShu feels almost no emotion besides a select few things, he can do almost anything without feeling any internal restraint. This has made him a skilled assassin and fighter, and an even better actor, as he has always had to act an emotion in the appropriate situation since awakening.

Among kandra, he is one of the best at observing his targets before taking their place. Oftentimes, GanShu has confused even his masters, prompting them to wonder if they killed the wrong person. Due to his need to covertly observe, GanShu is also adept at hiding, both in plain sight and in areas. Because of this, he has also occasionally been enlisted just to conduct espionage.
Weaknesses: Oftentimes, GanShu has trouble evoking feelings of genuine friendship in both himself and others. He also fails to understand the highly emotional humans fairly often, though he tries his hardest to make sure it doesn't show.

As for physical skills, he takes a fairly long time to adopt a new body, when compared to the amount of times he's actually switched. It's still faster than almost all of the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Generations, but far slower than many of GanShu's fellow compatriots in the Third Generation and those of the Sixth and Seventh who also frequently go out on assignments. This means, when compared to his entire race, GanShu is just slightly below average, but when just compared to those who go out of the Homeland very often, he is pretty far on the low end of the scale.

Personality: GanShu is not bothered by personal attacks. He isn't bothered by unfortunate events. He does not feel remorse, guilt, or emotional pain.

It isn't a matter of showing outward calm as an internal tempest rages, letting out emotions only in a secluded area. He simply cannot be fazed. That is the power of the Blessing of Stability.

GanShu has no moral code, besides his conviction to be useful above all else. In his mind, there is no purpose for life except to be productive, to make a difference in the world by any means necessary before you die. Not that he has to worry about dying, as long as he's cautious. That's why he trusts no one and divulges information only when required to by a master. It's difficult to make friends, since he doesn't ever feel alone.

The kandra is a bit of a thinker, which does go slightly against his practice of practicality. However, he knows the value of having a hobby during one's downtime -- even if he can't feel stress. As such, he often takes the time to muse over philosophical questions about the nature of the universe from what he considers to be a fairly unique viewpoint.

When left to his own devices in a noble's house -- for example, when the part of his character just needs to be seen on occasion for whatever the plan is to work, GanShu often spends time reading. His excuse is that it cultivates a scholarly persona. GanShu doesn't really believe that reading in seclusion does something like that, but after all, what is a small lie when you feel no guilt for it?

One of the greatest questions that he spends his time trying to puzzle out is how things like anger, depression, angst, and loneliness are considered "negative" emotions when so much of the best parts of people's lives are because they have felt those for a long time, and can finally shake it off. GanShu's feelings, or at least what some people might vaguely refer to as feelings, are confined to a few of the things deemed positive, like happiness. Even those, the opposites of the "negatives", are deadened.

History: GanShu was awakened from his prior life as a mistwraith almost six centuries ago, before the humankind had accepted the kandra as a fact of life, as a species that existed on equal footing with them. The Father had granted them sentience, but he had not, as of yet, protected them. As such, his childhood, a time where he was barely aware of his existence, was full of death and worry. The Seconds gave him very little attention, and the Firsts were too busy leading the kandra to bother.

GanShu began to be accepted into society as a sapient being at the age of fifty, when his mind, such as it was, had fully come into its own. It was then that he began to be ridiculed. Almost every single kandra had a useful Blessing, but they all seemed to think the Blessing of Stability was completely useless. The young kandra didn't see it that way, though. No one could take words, insults, almost anything like GanShu could. The other kandra grew frustrated by his failure to respond to his taunts. Ironically, the very thing they were heckling him for was what helped him shrug off all the sharp, supposedly hurtful words they threw at him.

It had been ten more years. Ten long years. By that time, the First Contract had been created, and the kandra had begun assigning contracts to individual masters in an attempt to regain the atium the Father sold to nobility.

He had few friends among the kandra, almost none of whom were members of the Second or First Generations. As such, GanShu was happy to leave the Homeland to meet the inevitable. His first assignment was to a short, pudgy man of a weak noble house in the Northern Dominance. The general gist of the plan was for the kandra to take the place of the pudgy man's brother and help close a deal with another house to transport weapons. That was the idea. As many know, ideas generally don't carry over well to actual execution.

GanShu would impersonate twenty people over the course of his assignment, and kill four.

That was his first time breaking the laws of the First Contract, but it wouldn't be his last. No, it wouldn't be his last at all. Masters who received GanShu were often surprised -- and pleased -- by his willingness to betray the culture of his people. It was made clear to them that he would follow the First Contract up to the point where killing someone was the only option left to fulfill his assignment. It made them uneasy, but in the end his employers knew that GanShu wouldn't kill them unless they ordered it themselves.

His murders remained secret from the other kandra, who had no idea of the network of bones GanShu was building in almost every major city in the Final Empire. Every time he killed a human, unless the situation demanded he give up the bones, GanShu would bury them himself in a secluded location where he would be able to retrieve them at a later date. It turned out to be extremely helpful several times when on the run from guards, or people he had engaged on orders but hadn't been able to defeat.

The neutrality imposed on him by his blessing was a double-edged sword. It was soon clear that his ambivalence to murder, thievery, and blasphemy could not be natural. GanShu knew it was from a supernatural source. He accepted his duties and his religion, but felt no guilt or worry when he broke them and their tenets. That was what made him dangerous.

It has been an uneventful five centuries. Not technically, of course. They were filled with murder and fairly interesting details of intrigue, but that was all worthless to GanShu. Momentary. The schemes of short-lived, soft humans were inconsequential on the whole.

That's why GanShu will serve anyone, anything, in this coming time of turbulence.

Roleplay Sample

"She's dead," the voice called out, echoing down the long, cavernous hallway. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling illuminated GanShu's surroundings, allowing him to see the grandiose hallway. Walking, he could hear the sounds of his footsteps reverberating off the large, spacious room. As he approached the origin of the voice, GanShu stared straight ahead.

Regarding the dead body flatly, the kandra simply shrugged. At the moment, he was about six and a half feet tall, with blond hair and a long scar down the side of his face. Fantastic body, it was. A nice weight, nice height, and challenging to imitate because of some slight skin damage and the scar. "I have been told that humans find my process disgusting. You might want to look away."

GanShu's master simply chuckled. The kandra shrugged again, and began to open his mouth. At first, it was restrained as if GanShu was simply a human. Then, he started stretch the muscles, tearing and reforming them, moving his jaw further and further apart. Soon his mouth was a foot from top lip to bottom lip. Across, it was about eight inches. Making it grow larger and larger, the kandra placed his mouth around the legs of the freshly killed woman. Using his arms, he slowly moved the body further and further down his throat, digesting the flesh and bones and excreting those of the old body out the other side. Near the end, he had returned to around the same shape as a mistwraith before beginning to fit the bones with a body. Everything was in exactly the same order as had lain on the floor. Except for the extra bone. There was always an extra bone.

He started talking to his master without actually looking at him. "This body is interesting, certainly." The voice was still too low. Feeling around in his body, GanShu mentally found the voicebox, shrinking it to make his -- or hers, he had to get used to thinking of herself as a female -- voice higher. She was about five and a half feet tall now, a good bit shorter. The hair still wasn't in place, it'd take her at least another hour to get it done, but at the moment it was black in color. The body had unmarred, almost perfect skin with a pale complexion. "Forgive me, I am normally not this inquisitive. However, isn't it illegal for you to kill your own daughter like this? She is, after all, a noble."

His master simply chuckled again. GanShu nodded, knowing that the man was just as callous as GanShu herself was. "Technically speaking, you killed her, my dear kandra," said the master. The kandra shook her head. She had only stabbed the girl, not actually killed her. That was actually the fault of the person who had poisoned the young noblewoman. GanShu simply hadn't wanted the body to decay any from the poison. It would be a terrible shame to waste a good body, after all.