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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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#2958140 Maddox Meson

Posted by StormAtlas on 18 December 2012 - 11:15 PM in Nobles

Maddox Meson
Type of Character Noble Misting

Player Information
Name/Handle: Storm Atlas
Contact Information:

Character Information
Name: Maddox Meson
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Officer in the Lord Rulers military
Relationship Status: Single

Powers Pewterarm
-Type: Misting
-Metal(s) Used: Pewter
-Degree of Skill: Advanced
-Status: Hidden
Appearance: Maddox is a tall imposing figure like his father. He stands at about 6’3 with broad shoulders and a muscular body due to his years spent both in the military and apprenticing under a master mason. His body is lined with scars from years of combat, and his nose is perhaps a little crooked from being broken so many times. Like most in his family Maddox has piercing blue eyes and in military fashion his blond hair his kept short.

Maddox was raised more as a solider than a gentlemen so prefers his military uniform instead of the current fashion of the nobles. However, Maddox being a man of hard labor often wears simple clothing that allow him to work with his hands.

Special Skills: Masonry, Architecture, Structural Engineering, Hand to hand Combat, Dueling and Sword play,
Strengths: Maddox is quick on his feet and an avid leader. His men like him because unlike a lot of nobles Maddox has always been one to command from the front lines.
Weaknesses: Having been gone for so long from Luthadel and being raised under the strict orderly chain of command enforced by the military Maddox is unfamiliar with the harsh politics of court. He also lacks the interest or ability to be an efficient businessman like his father. Though used to ordering employees and subordinates around and keeping track of supplies Maddox does not have the guile and ruthlessness needed to lead the Meson family against their rivalsHouse Sureau.

Personality: Maddox has a very temperate personality which keeps him level headed and able to function well in extremely stressful situations. Some see his moderate temperament as boring or bland but in truth Maddox use to be a very light hearted and jovial person, always loving a good joke. However, after spending the last six years in the service of the Lord Rulers army as an officer Maddox has had to become more reserved and outwardly a little colder. Out of habit he only reveals his true self to his family and close friends.

Maddox respects hard work and honesty. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and doesn’t care about the opinions of other nobles( a fault that works against him in the noble social circles).He detests laziness and gluttony regardless of social status. Although he is a nobleman, Maddox has spent most of his life working with Skaa and has seen their ability to overcome drastic situations. As a commanding officer and noble Maddox learned to keep certain feelings to himself but holds the skaa both under his command and those he grew up with in high regards.

Deep down Maddox is a romantic at heart. He isn’t shy around women but because of his distaste for his father’s perversion Maddox tries to act the part of a gentlemen.

As an officer Maddox learned to command and present himself as a leader, but he has had to learn to distance himself from the men under his command and his fellow officers because as a solider death is ever present. From an early age Maddox learned to enjoy the thrill of the fight. Sparing with his father and getting into street fights taught him to respect a worthy opponent; this is perhaps the only thing he inherited personality wise from his father.


Maddox Meson was born in 897 as the second son to a minor house. He lived in hardship as far as nobility can be concerned. His family’s wealth was built upon hard work and sacrifice all the while being looked down upon by the other noble houses. From an early age Maddox started to study construction as did all children of his family. He was tutored in engineering, math, geometry and architecture, and though he never was able to truly grasp numbers in the way his older brother Marcus had he excelled at engineering and architecture.

As a child growing up Maddox was subject to the violent outbursts of his father. As the second son and living in the shadow of his older brother, Maddox felt as though he received more of his father’s wrath then his brother Marcus. Though perhaps this was because his father sensed something was different in his younger son. Most children of house Meson were beaten at the age of 12 to test for allomantic potential. However, Maddox when he was ten.

Coming home late one evening from a business deal gone very wrong Maddox suffered the storm like rage of his father, Mannair Meson. Maddox remembers very little from that night except for the rage in his father’s eyes, the stench of liqueur on his father’s breath and the inferno that irrupted from his stomach and felt as if it spread throughout his entire body like wildfire. Beaten almost to the point of death by his father for lacking the skills to defend himself Maddox snapped. The only thing that saved him from death was the pewter coursing through his body.

Maddox Meson was a pewterarm, a thug, a misting. A trait he would have to hide for the rest of his life
on the orders of his father. There were very few allomancers in House Meson (though never proven it was often assumed Mannair was a thug because of his incredible strength in dueling.) so Maddox was a very valuable tool the family.

Maddox regained consciousness three days later to find he had a broken shoulder, arm, three ribs and a serious concussion. His father and mother where nowhere to be found but sitting next to his bed lounged his grandfather Lord Meson. He wore his spectacles half way down the ridge of his nose and ,his sleeves rolled up to his elbow. Martin Meson thumbed through a business ledger with stacks of papers piled around his feet. Maddox could tell through his foggy consciousness that his grandfather had been sitting there for days watching over him. He realized then and there that his grandfather would always be the one to be there for him, not his father.

After recovering from the snapping Maddox was assigned to their family’s master mason as an apprentice in an attempt to cover up his new found strength. They hoped that Maddox’s uncommon strength could be explained by the conditioning of a laborer. Yoosuk, the Meson House’s master mason was a skaa. A skaa who to Maddox’s great surprise was not a mindless beast as he had assumed all skaa to be. Maddox’s family was never very harsh with their Skaa workers. Lord Meson believed that if treated fairly skaa were more productive. However, being a noble Maddox was constantly made aware of how other noble houses treated their skaa as if they were less than human.

Maddox spent the next few years as a masons apprentice under the wise tutelage of Yoosuk. Yoosuk taught him how to not only use his hands but his mind. Day after day his body became harder and his mind became sharper. Yoosuk also taught Maddox to be patient and to be humble, a trait that often set him apart from other noble boys growing up. The children of certain houses, most notably Sureau teased him relentlessly, the few times he found himself amoung peerage. They called him Skaa and Ox as if he was nothing better than a petty laborer, but they knew never to push Maddox too far otherwise he was likely to beat them all senseless.

As he grew Maddox became closer and closer to his grandfather and his siblings and farther from his parents. He didn’t hate his parents, they just didn’t seem to have time for him and never seemed to get him. But his grandfather was always there for him, pushing him in the right directions with soft but confident words of advice.

Maddox looked up to his brother Marcus and he always found himself admiring his brothers confidence and innate ability to control a situation. When Maddox wasn’t working with bricks he could often be found trailing behind Marcus where ever he went. It was odd for Maddox growing up as the middle child but possessing more strength than even his older brother. He felt as if one day it would be his brother’s job to protect the family and Maddox’s job to protect his brother. His sense of loyalty and duty to his family outweighed anything else growing up. He was often found fighting with other nobles over the honor of his house.

Maddox envied his brother knowing that he would one day likely inherit the lordship but found resolve in knowing that it was his responsibility to protect the family in ways his brother couldn’t. Maddox was very protective of his younger sister and even a few of his younger bastard siblings that his father kept around.

Until he was 15 Maddox spent his days as a mason, building and creating. His nights however, were spent destroying. Though his father had shrugged off most of his responsibility as a parent Maddox still spent evenings in training with his father. Every night he was forced to spar with the House guards or with his father Mannair. Being a second son who failed to show an interest in politics or the administration of business earned Maddox a unique upbringing. He earned calluses instead ink stained hands and got into brawls instead of going to balls.

But at the age of 15 everything in Maddox’s life would change drastically. Maddox’s older brother Marcus was expected to become the next heir of House Meson, it wasn’t set in stone as the heirship was earned as opposed to inherited, but Marcus had already set himself apart from the rest of the candidates. Maddox’s and Marcus’ grandfather hoping to keep the two brothers from a battle over the Lordship decided to send Maddox to the military. The decision would gain political favor for House Meson with the ministry and remove Maddox as a potential rival heir. Maddox had to admit that it was a good political move, he’d seen houses fall before as a result of in-fighting, but the decision to send him away would always leave a sour taste in the back of his throat. Being forced to leave his brother and sister gave Maddox the impression of not only being alone but of somehow having failed his house.

So it was arranged as a political move to gain more favor with the ministries that Maddox would serve in his Lord Rulers army as part of the Civil Engineer Corps. Upon joining the army Maddox was assigned to a mobile engineering division who were tasked with constructing canals, bridges and dikes along prominent trade routes. The next few years rolled by quickly for Maddox, the Civil Engineer Corps was constantly on the move, only ever staying in one place long enough to finish a project. Though at first this gave Maddox a sense of not belonging any where over the years he realized the value of having been able to see so much of the Empire. The work was less laborious than his time spent as a mason’s apprentice, but soldiers of Maddox’s rank were required to stay fit and maintain drills regardless of their assigned professions so he continued to develop his physique.

After having served for three years in the Lord Rulers army and having seen very little combat (besides the occasional rebel raid) a small skaa uprising broke out in the Farmost Dominance. The rebel’s strategy was to destroy every means of trade the empire had in the Farmost Dominance. They blew up bridges, destroyed roads, and attacked every trade rout passing through their land in a guerrilla warfare campaign. Maddox was at that time stationed west of Tremredare making repairs and performing general upkeep in the mountain passes. So, being of noble birth with a knack for fighting and stationed nearby Maddox was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given a small contingent of engineers and laborers with an escort to maintain and rebuild the trade routes.
It was there in the Farmost Dominance that Maddox experienced his first real war. It was also there that he lost his innocence and awoke to the dirty blood soaked world that life in the Final Empire really was.
As an officer Maddox was forced into a position of leadership. Over the course of his time in that cold, remote land, Maddox saw men die, both skaa and noble alike. Worse was as an officer he had to command many of those men to their deaths. Even thought his unit was technically a non-combatant civil detachment, war always seemed to find them, and as far as the rebels were concerned they were a part of the Empire and had to die, combatant or not.

Maddox spent two years out in the Farmost Dominance building and rebuilding structure after structure. It seemed hopeless for a time, defending one bridge only to lose another. The hit and run tactics of the skaa where very effective in creating chaos. So when the Lord Ruler finally sent a full Koloss army and a Steel Inquisitor to eliminate the rebel force Maddox was greatly relieved. He had spent two solid years as a field commander building everything from garrisons to bridges with only meager war rations to sustain him. However, Maddox had learned a great deal about himself during that time. He had learned that he could bear the hardships as a leader and that despite his distaste for killing he stilled yearned for the thrill of a fight. He also discovered that wherever the service of the Lord Ruler took him he would survive, not only that but he would succeed.

During the final battle of the rebellion Maddox was gravely injured while trying to protect a strategic bridge. During a rebel attack Maddox’s small forces were overwhelmed, every member of his unit
falling prey to rebel allomancers. Though Maddox survived the encounter his back had been broken immobilizing him for weeks, even with his pewter enhanced healing. While Belinsk was being rebuilt Maddox was dismissed from the front lines because of his injuries.

After mostly recovering but still unfit for duty on the front lines Maddox to his embarrassment was sent back to the Central Dominance. However, before being able to return to the easy life that Central Dominance provided Maddox underwent grueling exit interviews given the soulless Steel Inquisitors. It was made quite clear that the only reason he was being allowed to leave the front was because of his injuries and that if ever so much as hinted at the rebellion we would receive a worse fate than the rebels. His cover story was to be that while on a construction project a wench had snapped and dropped a pallet of brinks on him, horribly injuring him. Maddox assumed the only reason he was even being allowed to live was his noble birth. He’d seen skaa in the army silenced for less.

Maddox spent the next year in the Central Dominance in luxury compared to his time on the front. Hot food, hot showers, and noble society with all of its frills (something he thought he would never miss) greeted him every day while he was assigned to the upkeep and maintenance of the canals along the River Channerel. He would spend his days repairing locks and dikes while watching the noble women of lakeside ride along the shores or float down the river on barges, their perfume trailing in the wind and their bright parasols a colorful contrast against the ashen sky. Nightmares still haunted his dreams, blood thirsty blue-skinned beast twice his height, and the soulless metal-eyed priests with their sadistic grins played through his mind, but at least now when Maddox woke he woke to parasols and perfume. His back still hurt him, especially when the chill of the mist was about and he found himself having to burn more and more pewter to chase away the pain.

He often wondered about his younger sister Michelle and brother Marcus while working. He had occasionally been able to go home on leave but never for very long. He wondered if his sister went to all the balls or if his brother sat around counting money like their grandfather use to. Their life seemed so strange to him, he both envied and laughed at the silliness of it at the same time.

It was while working one day on a small dam west of lakeside that Maddox was recalled home to Luthadel by his father to help House Meson. Maddox had been gone for seven years and in that time a lot had changed. His grandfather had retired and House Meson was now ruled by his father Mannair. Lord Martin, and Mannair along with his oldest son and heir Marcus had built House Meson into a reputable major house. When Maddox left Luthadel his house had been a minor one. Through his families hard work and dedication House Meson had more contracts now than ever, and it seemed as if Houses Mesons years of bad luck where finally turning around.

Lord Mannair with his vast contacts had arranged for Maddox a temporary leave of absences from service to assist in the increasing load of new contracts House Meson was bringing in. House Sureau was wavering in power and House Meson was making a play for more prestigious contracts. Both Maddox’s father and brother needed him to help fill the drastic increase of contracts.

It was finally time for Maddox to come home. However, this meant that Maddox had to be extra careful about his knowledge of the recent rebellions, knowledge that might just get him killed around the manipulative nobles of the court.

Roleplay Sample

Lieutenant Maddox Meson jammed his ink stained finger into the blue prints of a bridge looking up at the circle of engineers around him
“The re-enforce the buttresses here and here” he said indicating again with his larger finger

“We have to build a keystone into each arch, and this time make sure the foundations are sunk in far enough that current won’t offset the weight displacement.” Maddox rubbed his chin for a little bit looking down at the blueprints ignoring his junior engineers. This was the third time he had rebuilt this bridge and every time the rebels found a way to destroy it. But this time Maddox needed the bridge to hold. It would act as a strategic point in the battle that was about to begin. With the arrival of a koloss army the city belisnk was finally about to fall and Maddox’s bridge would play a key role.

He though back a moment to the when the Koloss had first arrived. Their Steel Inquisitors had tried to force them across the rivers without the use of the bridge. Needless to say their slow minds and the quick current did not equal a successful attack.

“Corporal Telgard, this time let’s reinforce the banks with stone as well. Engineer Reston, make sure that the mortar sets before we start on the banisters. Get to it boys, you all know what you need to do. Dismissed!”
The small group broke apart, each of the team leaders running back to join with their group of skaa laborers. Maddox noticed some of the men shiver as a chill wind picked up from the west. The snow hadn’t started falling too hard yet in the Farthermost Dominance but it was still a lot colder than any of his men were use to. Maddox hardly felt it though; he burned a small amount of pewter allowing it to push away the goose bumps that were starting to form on his arms. He stood at the base of one of the stone pillars a few feet from the rushing current. The waters were dark with ash and the current was strong with the snowmelt from the mountain feeding into it.

Looking up Maddox turned his attention to the edge a bridge where Sergeant Cols and three soldiers stood watch. Maddox shook his head in annoyance. Cols was a good man and a fine solider but Maddox was frustrated in receiving an escort of only a dozen men, and none of them where tineyes. All he’d asked for was one damn tineye as a scout but high command had decided they where needed elsewhere. Even though the bridge played a key part in the oncoming battle the Steel Inquisitor that had arrived with the koloss and replaced the senior officers had decided that the allomancers where needed elsewhere. Maddox shuttered at the thought of the Inquisitor, the metal disks of his eye prying into Maddox’s soul like clawed carpenters hammer. Cold pewter could mask but the fear inspired by the Lord Rulers personal priests, that was another thing.
He looked back down at the shore of the river and watched the current bound over stones blown downstream from the last bridge he’d built.
“We should be safe though” he thought to himself. Now that the koloss were here and the Still Inquisitor had taken charge Maddox figured that the rebels would have a lot more on their minds than his bridge.
Maddox shuttered slightly at the thought of the Koloss; huge hulking beasts, their blue skin pulled so tight that it tore in placea leaving exposed muscle.

At that moment there was a soft thud as something hit the bank behind him. Maddox turned around to find himself staring down into the lifeless eyes of Sergeant Cols, blood erupting in a spray from gash across his throat.

“Attack!” Maddox bellowed as a second body crested over the top of the bank splashing into the water behind him. Maddox flared his pewter and jumped the seven feet out of the river onto the top of the bank. He ducked as a blade cut through the air where his head had been only seconds ago, his life only barely saved by the enhanced speed of a thug.
Yanking his sword free from its sheath he drew it across his attackers midsection in a vicious cut that almost severed the man in half. Glancing around Maddox saw his forces quickly being overrun. The rebels had them out numbered 3:1 and where the soldiers of his guard where able to hold their ground his engineers where being sliced to ribbons.

Maddox yelled and kicked a rebel in the chest as the man was about to swing his ax at Maddox’s chest. Maddox caught him wide open and felt a satisfying crunch as bones cracked underneath the force of his boot. The skaa were too poor to own any proper sort of armor and human bones stood no chance against his pewter fueled muscles. Maddox lunged forward thrusting his sword through another rebel’s chest , his soot stained clothing suddenly becoming a patch work of red and black.
Maddox side stepped an arrow and was just about to impale another rebel who had one of his guards cornered when his sword ripped violently from his hand. He spun to see it arcing across the sky and straight into the back of one of his own men. Corporal Telgard fell to his knees, the tip of Maddox’s sword bursting through his chest.

“Shit” Maddox mumbled in surprise.

Maddox stared as one of his men fell dead by his own blade, the look in his eyes; surprise mixed horror. Maddox shook his head the bitter taste of guilt on his tongue. “Lurchers” he suddenly thought.
“Be careful they have allomancers!” Maddox yelled grabbing a wooden peg mallet off of the ground and running towards the direction his sword had been pulled.

He slammed into a rebel toppling him to the ground then swung the mallet at the face of an oncoming rebel skaa. Blood sprayed the front of Maddox’s tunic as the attacker’s head exploded underneath the force of the mallet. Maddox was already gifted with a natural strength and as the pewter in his system flared he was able to perform jaw dropping feats of strength. Maddox jumped over a pair of fighting men and landed in front of the Allomancer with a grin on his face. The allomancer was about a head shorter than Maddoxand had dark hazel eyes that shown with fear as Maddox approached. Maddox cocked his arm back and sent the mallet flying through the air like a ballista straight towards the allomancers chest.

The allomancer dodged to the left stepping past the mallet with the grace of pewter. Then, without warning, Maddox saw three coins shoot out of the Allomancers hand. Maddox didn’t have time to act, even with the enhanced speed of being a thug. He felt the coin rip through his chest and explode from his back. Three perfect holes on his left side began to spray blood, as Maddox stumbled back, a look of confusion washing over his face.

“Not. A. Lurcher” He mumbled swaying slightly. Maddox glanced up at his attacker, a smirk stretching across the man’s common face. Maddox had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book and he spat in distain.
“Mistborn!!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs flaring his pewter. The pain in his left side disappeared like a river bed slowly drying up, its source blocked at the headwaters. The shock from his injuries hadn’t set in yet and thankfully the pewter burned away the haze that was forming over his thoughts. Maddox jumped forward grabbing a dueling cane from the hands of a fallen solider and hurled himself at the Mistborn. His mind was calm for a moment as he swung the cane at the short man’s head. He didn’t think about the incredible power of a mistborn, he didn’t even think about bridge he’d been sent to rebuild in the name of the Final Empire. All he thought about where his men dying around him. All he thought was that if he failed to defeat this man in front of him, they were all dead. He had no other Allomancer in the group; high command had deemed his mission of secondary importance. Maddox was their only chance.

The cane exploded into a hundred splinters as it crashed into the mistborns’s forearm, a solid block that sent vibrations all the way up the shaft of the cane and into Maddox’s hand.

Before Maddox could react he was lifted up off of his feet by the iron of his belt and the studs in his armor and pushed into the side of the half constructed bridge. He felt more than heard the cracking sound of bone against the hard stone. Sharp spikes of pain shot up through his back as he bounced off the stone; his body limp as a rag doll and fell into rushing current of the black river beneath him. He faded in and out as the ice cold water rushed against his skin, feeling a chill for the first time in years, then as if the black sky and the black water had suddenly fallen into each other his world was dark.

#2958199 Maddox Meson

Posted by StormAtlas on 24 December 2012 - 05:19 AM in Nobles

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