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House Zerrung

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House Zerrung
Zerrung might and Zerrung fight
Major House

Player Leadership Information
Handle: Mailliw73
OoC Account:Mailliw73

General Information
House Name: House Zerrung
Classification: Major
Colors: Blue, Silver, and black
Socioeconomic Rating:5.5

Character Information
Head: Larius Zerrung
Heir: Votir Zerrung
Player Members:
- Wilor Zerrung
-Votir Zerrung
NPC Members:
-Larius Zerrung
-Silvre Zerrung (Larius' wife)
Miscellaneous: -Many servants, guards,etc.

Home & Wealth
Current Location: The manor is in Fellise but like many nobles, the Zerrungs also own a small town house in the Silver Quarter area of Luthadel for family to stay over or when they need to stay for business. Wilor often stays there, liking the city better than Fellise.
Ancestral Home: Tremredare, Western Dominance
Financial Avenue: House Zerrung originally tried to invest in many different financial options but that was not successful, only a few actually succeeded. A century ago, Larius' grandfather cut down the investments to the three most successful, specialized weapons, metal/stone mining, and architecture. As House Zerrung, was never a major house, it hardly got major contracts and as it is one of the most spread out houses, it doesn't procure much business, but is one of the most successful minor houses.

It's main focus and source of income is mining. Stone was begun mining in 875 near Fadrex City. Granite, marble, and cobblestone are mined there. Metals are mined near Tremredare. Specifically, it is Allomantic metals, steel, iron, copper, tin, and pewter are provided by House Zerrung. It is around a five day shipping time from Fadrex and around eight days from Tremredare to Luthadel. In about the year 875, Larius' father decided to make this mainly a raw materials house, now also including the timber business, cutting trees making timber and selling it to construction houses.

Architecture is the lesser income source of the three. Zerrung only gets a few architectural contracts and is mostly a contractor for larger houses. The specialized weapons are sold to Hazekillers and guards.

Previous to Philip Zerrung, the house was almost run into the ground by his grandfather. His father began to fix their situation but Philip is the one who raised the house to major status by eliminating unprofitable businesses.
Current family tree of House Zerrung, starting with Philip: http://www.familyech...747077356582956
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-Great Houses [Neutral]
-House Valoren - [Positive]
-House Conrad - [Ally] - Contract
-House Casuana - contract
-House Cobalt - [Ally] - Their multiple contracts and history of helping House Cobalt for years is a cause for alliance.
-House Tekiel - [Positive]contract
-House Corwin - [Negative] Zerrung feels that Corwin's mining steals from their own profits.

House Conrad: Conrad ships Zerrung stone and timber throughout the Western Dominance. In existence since 873.

House Casuana: House Zerrung trades metals (particularly steel to be forged into weapons) to Casuana and builds forges in the western dominance for Casuana's use in exchange for bulk weapons for Zerrung guards and to experiment with. In existence since 913.

House Cobalt: (raw materials) House Zerrung receives art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) for their manor, free art/music lessons, and custom art pieces upon request in exchange for shipping large amounts of quality wood and stone to Cobalt.

House Cobalt: (architecture) there have been two architecture contracts, the first for the outer keep in 901-905 and the more recent for the inner keep in 913-918

House Tekiel: House Tekiel ships Zerrung raw materials in exchange for gold and a 30% discount on raw materials.
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