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Mistborn: The Inquisition


Fiusha, fighting Coinshot

RabowJastor's Photo RabowJastor 13 Jan 2013

Out-of-Character Information

Handle: Mac
Contact: PM, AIM

Character Information

Name: Fiusha
Type: Noble
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Made-Up Land
Occupation: She exists to fight
Relationship Status: Combat

Powers?: Yes
Type: Allomancy
Metal Used: Steel
Skill Level: Advanced
Status: Known

Special Skills: Good at fighting. Good at Steeljumps.

Strengths: Good sense of spatial reasoning, which helps her Steeljumps, as well as the more offensive aspects of shooting coins.

Weaknesses: She's light and small, meaning she loses Push contests more often, and can't take a hit as well. She has to rely on dodges and subterfuge.

Armaments: Three glass daggers, one at either hip, with the last one sheathed on her belt at the small of her back. Wears decent leather armor good enough to deflect glancing blows, but they are sparse at the joints to allow for more flexibility. Thin wooden bracers on her forearms, studded with sharpened glass shards. Two spare vials of steel at her belt, two small pouches of clips tied loosely to her thighs, two pouches of steel dust tied loosely just above her knees. Her shoes have thick soles that provide excellent traction. She has a total of four silver earrings with no backing.

Overall Personality: She is dedicated to the contest that is combat. She is unfailingly loyal to her team-mates, and efficiently brutal to her opponents. Beyond that she has no personality to speak of. She isn't mute, she just has nothing to talk about unless it involves tactics.

Appearance: Short asian girl. Basically the stereotype of Waif-Fu.

Brief History: She came into existence a few minutes ago, fully trained. She exists to fight.