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Mistborn: The Inquisition



Daerra Elariel's Photo Daerra Elariel 29 Jul 2017

Daerra laughed as the threw another crumb of bread down into the canal, and watched as the waterbirds raced over. There was something entrancing in the way they struggled and fought against each other, doing everything to be first, to obtain the prize, even that prize was only a crumb.

Was that what Daerra was doing this afternoon with Etienne? Was she wasting all this effort over a crumb of information or leverage she could gobble down and promptly forget? Certainly, it might be useful at one point or another to get some intel on Damien. While Daerra had to admit to herself that her fascination with the mystery behind the man was a foolish fancy, at one point or another she was sure to be opposite him in a contract negotiation, at which point she would want to be ready.

But was that worth all of this? Did some potential leverage for a negotiation that may or may not occur in the future really justify this sort of manipulation? Surely Daerra Elariel of all people had bigger, more important things to occupy her attention.

"So then," she continued, not letting her thoughts sully her amusement, "Right when I got to the climax of the story, I gave the signal to Aaron. Earlier that day, we'd attached some wires to some of the window latches. He pulled on them from his hiding place to make them shake, and Lord Ruler, you should have heard how little Claudia screamed." Daerra had hoped the story, with necessary modifications to conceal Aaron's allomancy, might cater to Etienne's appetite for mischief.

"It wasn't very kind of me, I suppose, but then . . . It was just so hilarious. And I must been only 10 or 11 at the time. I imagine you must have gotten into all sorts of trouble at that age?"

Etienne Deveaux's Photo Etienne Deveaux 31 Jul 2017

Etienne had the hardest time imagining Daerra Elariel at ten years old playing such a prank with her brother, and despite the fact that he felt a little bad for a small Claudia Elariel, he was laughing too as he tossed small scraps of bread to the ducks. It was the contrast, the surprise. Of course Daerra hadn't sprung from nowhere fully formed, that was ridiculous - but like Damien, it was hard to conceptualize that she hadn't.

It had surprised him even more that Daerra was the driving force behind the pranks she had described. He'd have expected it from Aaron, never from the cool, collected young woman. But there was so much he didn't know about her. Etienne paused as she turned the question on him and then he laughed easily, "Oh, yes. I suppose I was about ten when I snuck into the portrait gallery at Keep Deveaux and made some improvements. I did quite a bit of artistry here and there for the Lords and Ladies of years past - lots of polka dots to liven things up - but I saved my best work for Lord Augustin Deveaux."

Daerra Elariel's Photo Daerra Elariel 25 Sep 2017

Lord Augustin Deveaux. There was a name Daerra would love to hear more of. From what she heard, the Deveaux potentate was a dangerous but cautious man, whose motives often escaped even her father's best guess-work.

"Your best work, hmm?" Daerra smirked, aiming to strike a balance between mockery and collegiality, hoping to avoid any hint of cruelty or disdain. "How ever did you top polka dots? Which of Lord Deveaux's presumably many style secrets did you decide to expose to the rest of the family?"