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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Kaylen Hasting

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#1 Kaylen Hasting

Magnus Venture's Desk

Posted 07 July 2010 - 04:47 PM


Player Information
Handle :Kaylen
Contact : [email protected] (that's hotmail and AIM)

Character Information
Name: Kaylen Hasting
Age: 20
Type: Noble
Gender: Male
Occupation: Armourer/Assassin
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Advanced

Hair: Kaylen has coal black hair, which is deceptively smooth. Most people would associate the colour with coarse, harsh textures, but it feels like silk. Despite its softness, it has some weight to it, making strong winds less of an annoyance. His hair is worn long, sides reaching halfway down his neck, and his fringe stopping just short of his eyes, to avoid obscuring his vision. It is cut slanting to the right-hand side of his face.
Eyes: In contrast to his black hair, Kaylen's eyes are a streak of colour ? literally. Kaylen's eyes of light blue have a streak running through the middle, a streak of vivid blood-red. Despite not knowing how the strange colouring occurred, Kaylen is proud of his eyes, as they are often a talking point and focus of attention. Whilst attention is the last thing an assassin desires, a mistborn assassin can only be afforded a small measure of anonymity.
Height: 6'5?
Weight: 125-130 lbs.
Voice: Kaylen has a deep but quiet voice, commanding enough to get the attention of those he is speaking to, but quiet enough not to draw unwanted attention.
Overall Appearance: Being an armourer, as well as nearly 10 years of training with duelling canes, knives, allomancy and his fists, Kaylen has developed a well-toned body. However, this training does not make Kaylen invulnerable, as proven by the large scar running down his side, as well as a small 'X' on his cheek, both obtained in clashes with enemy allomancers. Despite his discontent with the noble way of life, he is still unable to rid himself of his proud, upright stance.

Special Skills: As an armourer for his house, Kaylen is able to work both metal and wood ? having provided for Hazekillers ? to some degree of skill, and is also an accomplished lockpick. He is an expert liar, a skill he found necessary and invaluable in hiding his pro-skaa mentality from other nobility.
Strengths: Give Kaylen a pair of obsidian daggers, a few vials of metal and a bag of coins, point him at an enemy, and you can be fairly certain that he will rise to the task. Kaylen is a formidable fighter, having had many years of practice fighting both with and without allomancy. He is also a non-judgemental person who will listen to both sides of the story before making his descision. Sometimes involved in familial business trades, he has developed a quick and intelligent mind, always able to turn a solution to his advantage.
Weaknesses: Whilst he a cold assassin who will not hesitate to strike fatally, when his friends are in danger, Kaylen will often take large risks to save them, often putting himself on the line. He tries to project a calm, level headed personality, but sometimes his anger and passion have been known to get the better of him. He is also, despite his level of courtly training and analytical abilities, very easily suseptible to womanly charms.

Kaylen, unlike most nobles, does not harbour a hatred or disregard of the skaa, but instead sees them as equals. He is a kind-hearted induvidual who is willing to logically reason through a situation and come to an educated descision, instead of blindly side with his house or ally houses. He does attempt to manuever house alliances, but only with houses who take less harsh stances on the skaa. He has occasionally been called upon by his uncle, Lord Conrad Hasting, to assist him in conducting business exchanges and contracts with other houses, and so he has had to train his analytical skills and financial mind, although he finds these things tedious. He is sympathetic to the skaa rebellion, and hopes to one day see them cast down the Lord Ruler and corrupt nobility. For years he has secretly helped the rebellion, subtly manipulating ? both through emotional allomancy and verbal skills ? House Hasting to be relatively friendly towards skaa, and hopes to join the rebellion. For all his kind-heartedness, Kaylen is a ruthless fighter, and when sent out on assassination missions for Hasting, he will not hold back or hesitate. The prospect of battle turns logical, reasoning, kind Kaylen into brutal, powerful and deadly Kaylen.

Kaylen was born into House Hasting, as the nephew of Lord Conrad Hasting, and first cousin to his eldest daughter Colette. His mandatory Snapping-beatings occurred at the tender age of 7, and Kaylen's father and uncle were both delighted to find out there was a new young mistborn in the family. For the next 13 years, Kaylen's allomantic talents were kept a secret to all who were not of House Hasting, and even to a few people in the House. Trained in secret, Kaylen was taught by both a mistborn and several mistings, and because of this, his study of allomancy was most extensive in pewter, steel, tin and brass. With his cousin Colette being a Rioter, Conrad thought it would be good to have his mistborn nephew educated in Soothing over Rioting. Kaylen took care to hide his allomancy, specifically requesting to be trained in fighting without allomancy, as to better conceal his secret. He was also educated in courtly matters, to aid his House in forming political allies. Kaylen has always had a small tie with the rebellion forming in the skaa underworld, and has on multiple occasions given misleading information to teams of soldiers who went hunting for rebels.

This sympathy towards skaa stems from when Kaylen left Luthadel to help oversee the House's armouries in the Southern Dominance. Whilst in the forges learning to work metal, he worked alongside members of his House, as well as skaa workers. He found it odd that skaa should be punished severely, even occasionally killed, for making mistakes, and yet when members of House Hasting made the same mistakes, they were given a light punishment, perhaps half wages for a week. The excuse given by the taskmasters "they're only skaa, my lord." was deeply troubling to Kaylen. Why should being skaa make someone inferior? The Steel Ministry proclaimed it was because the ancestors of the Noble Houses had supported the Lord Ruler during his campaigns, but should a God not treat all his people equally? This feeling led Kaylen to spend increasing amounts of time among the skaa workers, where he earned their trust and heard whispers of an underground rebellion movement in Luthadel. He promptly returned home, eager to help the rebels throw down the Lord Ruler, even if it meant totally destroying his way of life as part of the nobility.

Roleplay Sample
The mists curled silently around Kaylen as he travelled through Luthadel's streets, returning back to Keep Hasting. Officially, he had been surveying the local skaa population, looking for signs of dissent, and to make sure they were working as they should be. What Kaylen actually did, however, was quite different. Taking his bag of clips usually used for Jumping and Pushing, he made sure that every skaa family was given money enough to buy food for themselves. As a nobleman, many skaa treated him with suspicion, but he had proved his goodwill and sympathy in this area. Kaylen reached into his coin bag, preparing to Jump to rooftop level, when he realised he only had about five clips left. Damn, I'm going to have a tough time explaining that one to Father... As soon as this thought entered his head, a coin drove through the mists close to Kaylen's head. Instinctively, he spun, dropped to a crouch, and downed a vial of metal, berating himself for extinguishing his bronze. Through the mists, he could see five men running at him. And with his bronze, he could see two Coinshots, two Thugs and a Rioter rushing him. Withdrawing his five remaining clips, Kaylen shot them at the oncoming Mistings, only to have them deflected by the Coinshots. Those five clips were more a distraction than an attack, however, as Kaylen subtly Pushed and Pulled the coins into strategic locations. Drawing his knives, Kaylen said silent thanks to all the training sessions against a group of various Mistings. As the Thugs came closer, followed by the Rioter, Kaylen felt his confidence boosted, no doubt an effect of the zinc. what an ameteur.... thought Kaylen, as the first duelling cane came whistling through the air towards him.

The next five minutes was a rush of allomantic powers; Kaylen artfully duelled with the Thugs, whilst repelling every last projectile the Coinshots threw at him, using a number of them against his pewter-fuelled opponents. As both the Thugs co-ordinated their attack, swinging at Kaylen from both sides simultaneously, he Pushed on a clip at his feet, and soared above them both, Pulling on metal fixings on the buildings around him to land behind the Thugs. Dropping one of them with a dagger to the neck, he noticed that the second Thug had a metal necklace. Bracing himself against a window bracket behind him, and strengthening his body with pewter, Kaylen Pushed against the necklace, sending the Thug barelling into the Coinshots behind him. Leaping forward, Kaylen snapped a kick at a Coinshot's face, his pewter-enhanced strength breaking the man's neck. He then slashed the chest of the second Coinshot open, and proceeded to riddle the Thug with holes, using the spent coins lying around the street. As the four Mistings lay dead, Kaylen heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see a duelling cane descend towards his face. The Rioter.

Catching the cane, Kaylen snapped it in half and grabbed the Rioter by the throat. ?Tell me who sent you, and I may let you live.? Kaylen growled, employing brass and zinc to make the man more afraid, more willing to co-operate. The Rioter looked defiant for a moment, then seemed to crumple in on himself, defeated. ?We are of House Casuana. We were told one of House Hasting's mistborn patrolled this area, and were told to kill him.? Kaylen laughed and put the Rioter down. ?Casuana thinks to bring down a mistborn with five Mistings? And one of them a Rioter? That is indeed wishful thinking.? This drew a grim bark of laughter from the Rioter, as he smiled devilishly at Kaylen. ?Whilst Rioters would not be the first choice for fighting a mistborn, young lord Hasting, have I not convinced you throughout this conversation to stop burning bronze?? Kaylen cursed in shock, turning the metal on, and discovering no less than ten Mistings around him. Five Thugs, three Coinshots, and two Lurchers. Sending a coin through the Rioter's head, Kaylen smiled to himself and prepared to push away the inevatable surge of metal. And I thought tonight was going to be boring...

Kaylen stood victorious, with fifteen dead Mistings at his feet, many bags of clips at his belt, and an assortment of pewter, steel and iron vials in his hands. Stashing them all away, he secured one coinbag to his belt in place of his own, then shook the others, checking they were nice and full. As he walked towards the skaa slum, where he intended to distribute this spare wealth, both to the regular skaa and the small group of rebels who lived nearby, unkowingly protected by Kaylen, the thought occurred to him that he could easily be killed for supplying skaa with an abundance of clips. Then another thought came to him: he was untouchable. He was a ghost in the mist. A silent blade in the night, an unstoppable force.

He was mistborn.

- Kaylen Hasting; Noble Mistborn

#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 07 July 2010 - 06:03 PM

The writing is solid. Excellent job.

I have two issues:

1. I'm not entirely clear why Kaylen is sympathetic to the rebellion. There should probably be some hints in his history which provides some rationalization there, since the nobility is fairly well insulated from feeling sympathy to skaa. Also, Camille pointed out to me that Hasting, as a whole, is not friendly to the rebellion. You can manipulate some NPCs, but you won't be able to sway the higher-ups.

2. The RP sample's writing is solid, but I think I can say with reasonable certainty that Casuana doesn't have that many Mistings. It's getting most of its Mistings through its allies, but even then, it doesn't have fifteen to spare. They would not directly attack in such a manner, as they do not have the forces to spend in a strike like this. Trust me, I know, because I play them :P

But, you don't have to change the RP sample. It's intended to be a sample of the character and your writing, which you passed with flying colors. The thing with the Rioter? Yeah, that was cool. The RP sample doesn't need to be canon. The way it currently is written couldn't be canon. You could remake it with a different enemy House, but I don't think you should go through the effort. I get that Kaylen is cool, and that excites me to RP with him.

So, if you just explain why Kaylen is sympathetic to the rebels, I'll accept him immediately. It gives him depth, and I loved the "giving clips to the skaa" element. That was great.

#3 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 07 July 2010 - 06:21 PM

Okay, the history is solid now. Accepted!

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