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A Fine Vintage

Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 02 Jun 2018

Victor stood staring out the window of his manor across the vast vineyards on his estate bordering Fellise. The skaa were hard at work. Instinctively, Victor reached for the power in his stomach, rioting the skaas' willingness to work. Truth be told, he didn't really feel like beating any of them for insubordination...at least for tonight.

Victor grabbed the decanter and poured himself a glass of wine, sipping and savoring the flavor. It was a fine red, and Victor checked the bottle for the date, smiling as he did. Yes - the Cairhaim 908 - a ten-year old vintage and a very good year for him.

A slight knock on the door disturbed him from his thoughts. "Enter," he said, and the door slowly opened revealing his youngest daughter, Kiriena.

Kiriena wore a red dress, very reminiscent of the wine that he sipped. She didn't curtsy, but unless they were in public, he didn't expect that behavior from his children.

"Kiriena," he said, smiling, trying not to think of how much she looked like Kyra. "How is your day?"

She smiled at her father. "I'm well, Father, and you?"

Victor smiled and took a seat, gesturing towards another chair for his daughter and turning off his zinc. Victor never manipulated his children's emotions; "I'm well, what brings you to my study today?"

Kiriena sat down. "You know the house in town that has been getting worked on? Well I saw wagons outside of it today. A Terrisman was helping move things in it looked like. I thought you'd like to know that we have new neighbors."

Victor nodded. "Where are your siblings?"

Kiriena responded quickly. "I last saw Liam in the kitchens - probably looking for a snack. Anaya, I think is in her room, and Bella was in the garden.

Victor stood and gestured for Kiriena to do the same. "Get them and tell them to meet me in the entryway. We should at least, welcome our new neighbors. Can I count on you to make sure they are dressed appropriately."

Kiriena smiled and nodded at her father. "Yes, Father, I will get them right away."

She turned to exit as Victor sipped again at his wine. "Kiriena," he said, another idea coming to his head. He turned and she stopped by the door waiting for instructions. "Tell your brother to get a bottle of the 908 Red for our new neighbor."
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Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 21 Jun 2018

As Kiriena left, Victor finished his glass of wine and went to his own closet. Several suits were hung up, and Victor looked through them, finding one that he liked. It was a black nobleman's suit with pinstripes. He selected a pair of well shined shoes and changed into the suit. He then selected a bright red cravat. It would be good to go with house colors for the first meeting.

Dressed, he moved to head downstairs, but quickly stopped and picked up a metal vial, replenishing his reserves of zinc. Leaving the room, Victor headed to the vestibule where his children were waiting for him. In sync, the three girls curtsied, and the boy bowed his head. Victor smiled. They were in a row, from oldest to youngest. The only exception was Anaya, who although she was a twin to Liam and was technically older, deferred to her brother who was the house heir.

Liam stood tall, wearing a solid black nobleman's suit with a blue cravat. Victor wasn't surprised to see that Anaya was wearing a blue dress. The twins often matched colors. Bella wore a yellow dress and Kiriena wore a red dress. Victor was happy to see that Liam had a bottle of red wine with him. He trusted that his son had followed the directions that Kiriena had given him.

"Do you have metals?" Victor asked his three oldest, who nodded. He had told his children to practice their allomancy. At least Bella was good enough with copper, that their practicing would be invisible to their host. Victor still wasn't sure if he would use his allomancy on the young Farskaar. "Are we ready?"

All four children nodded and Victor gestured for Liam to lead the way. Liam turned on opened the door, allowing the family to exit before following along.

Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 23 Jul 2018

The five of them entered a carriage that Kiriena had the foresight to call. Liam sat next to Victor and the three girls sat on the other side. Victor could feel his zinc reserves still, but his children, save Kiriena, emptied metal vials into their mouths. Kiriena took all of this in stride, and Victor could help but feel a twinge of guilt. Still, his youngest daughter seemed perfectly okay with her lack of allomantic abilities.

Victor knocked on the ceiling of the carriage and Victor felt slight the horse drawn vehicle go into motion. His children looked to him for directions.

"I'll do most of the talking," he said, making sure he met each child's gaze. "This isn't a sale, we're just introducing ourselves and welcoming our new neighbor. Be respectful and polite."

All four children acknowledged and Victor continued. "Liam, you will offer the bottle of wine after I have finished introductions."

"I understand, Father," Liam responded understandingly.

Upon arrival, the family waited until the chauffeur opened the carriage door. Victor exited first and turned, helping each of his daughters out. Anaya exited with ease, so Victor could tell she was burning pewter. The dance lessons she had received as a child had been a great addition to her pewter burning abilities.

Liam exited last, but moved up next to his father. The group adjusted their clothes and headed to the door, where Victor finally knocked.

Veeras's Photo Veeras 23 Jul 2018

((Out of Character: As I write both Victor and Veeras - I will include some of Victor's dialogue in this post for ease of reading and not having to switch back and forth for minor discussions))

Veeras made sure that the work was continuing. The house had been mostly moved in, and at the very least they had a sitting room and the kitchen up and running. Veeras, for the most part could see to his duties as steward, only having to check in to make sure the servants were keeping busy with more menial tasks.

A knock came to the door and Veeras moved quickly to answer it. Outside the door stood five individuals. A man, tall and middle aged, stood wearing a pinstripe nobleman's suit with a red cravat. Another man, younger, wore a similar suit with a blue cravat who stood next to a young lady with a blue dress that matched the young man's tie. The look of the two suggested that they were twins. Two other girls stood, one wearing a yellow dress and the other wearing a red dress.

"May I help you, my Lord," Veeras asked politely.

"I'm Victor Cairhaim, Master Terrisman, and these are my children. We are here to welcome our new neighbor to Fellise."

Veeras noticed that the younger Cairhaim held a bottle of wine as a welcome gift. "Of course, Lord Cairhaim. I am Veeras, Lord Farskaar's Steward. Please follow me."

Veeras opened the door farther and the group entered, waiting for Veeras to guide them. He took them to a sitting room, apologizing briefly as they walked.

"My apologies as we are still getting things settled. You may notice some servants working while you visit."

"That is to be expected, Master Terrisman," Victor answered.

As they arrived in the sitting room, Veeras was grateful that he had the foresight to make sure this room was set up early in order to make any guests that might appear comfortable. The Cairhaim family made themselves comfortable.

"With you permission, Lord Cairhaim, I will find Lord Farskaar for you, and send in a servant to see to your needs?" Veeras asked with a bow.

"Of course, and thank you Master Terrisman," Victor said.

Veeras bowed again and exited. He quickly found a trustworthy servant and told them to wait on the Cairhaim's in the sitting room. The servant was quick to oblige. As Veeras worked his way towards Elliott's room, he pulled up Victor Cairhaim in his coppermind. Victor was the head of House Cairhaim. He ran a local vineyard and winery and was a known rioter. That would be good information for Elliott to know. His wife had passed away and he was the father to four children.

Elliott had elected to take a nap after Lady Avril had left, and Veeras had been on his way to wake the Lord before he heard the knock. Now Elliott would need to get ready quickly. Thankfully he had a Steward to facilitate that.

Veeras knocked on the door, before opening it a crack. "Master Elliott, it is the time you requested to be awakened. You also have a visitor that has just arrived."

Elliott Faarskar's Photo Elliott Faarskar 29 Jul 2018

Elliott woke up feeling just as tired as before. The trip had been exhausting, and Avril's visit, though pleasant, had left his mind troubled with many questions regarding the mysterious members of House Sorelle.

He dressed up as quickly as he could, though he took a moment to comb his hair and make sure his grey shirt and dark blue vest looked right, -elegant, yet not too stiff-. Finally, he clipped the silver family sigil on his vest, downed one of his vials -filled with water and bronze shavings-, and headed downstairs, following Veeras.

Lord Victor Cairhaim and his children waited in a sitting room downstairs. Veeras held the door for Elliott to enter, and he nodded toward the terrisman gratefully as he passed, then turned to acknowledge the visitors.

“Lord Cairhaim,” he said, smiling as always. Memories of Avril’s visit still lingered in his mind, but he wasn’t going to let that distract him from the meeting. “It’s a pleasure to have you and your family here.”

Truth be told, that wasn’t entirely true. Elliott still felt tired, and he wasn’t getting any Allomantic pulses from the Cairhaim family, which was a bit disappointing. However, being visited so soon after arriving made him feel important, and socializing with other nobles was something Elliott had always enjoyed. Besides, Veeras had told him that Victor was a Rioter, so a part of Elliott was hoping to take an advantage of that, if possible.

Elliott sat in a coach as a skaa servant came through the door, carrying some cups on a silver tray. He looked at each of the visitors, his eyes lingering on the eldest daughter for just a moment. The blue dress fit the young noblewoman really well. Actually, it seemed like all of them cared deeply about their looks. Unlike Avril, he thought, images from her dress coming to him. That’s a shame. I’m sure she’d look even prettier in a more fitting dress…

Lord Ruler, Elliott, focus!

Elliott looked down, his face reddened just a bit -partially for staring at the young lady in front of him so bluntly, but mostly for thinking such insulting things about Avril-.

“I’m sorry I kept you all waiting,” he said, trying to break the silence before it got more awkward. “I was having some rest. The trip proved to be more tiring than I had imagined.”
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Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 10 Aug 2018

Victor smiled and his family rose as Elliott Faarskar entered the room. Victor nodded in respect, smiling as he did. "Thank you of course for your hospitality. Your staff has been very accommodating."

It was true. Even the skaa servants seemed to be working harder than most. Truthfully it had been quite a pleasant stay so far even with having to wait for their host. Lord Faarskar looked at each one in turn, his eyes lingering over Anaya for a bit. That was enough for Victor to start burning zinc. Of course Bella had her copper on which would hide his allomantic pulses from any seeker. Anaya, noticing it, smiled briefly at the attention. She wasn't one to get embarrassed. As Elliott looked down, Victor rioted his sense of embarrassment slightly. Emotional allomancy was a subtle art, and as Elliott had blushed in embarrassment, it wouldn't hurt to stoke that a little bit.

Elliott mentioned being tired from his trip, which was completely understandable. For now, Victor quit burning zinc. "Of course, and we do not mean to take up much of your time, we had noticed the construction crews for quite sometime and when my daughter saw your carriage, we thought we should introduce ourselves and welcome you to Felise."

Victor moved to stand at the side of his children, with Liam on his immediate left. "My name is Victor, as you know, this is my oldest son and heir, Liam, my eldest child Anaya, Bella, and my youngest Kiriena." Victor went straight down the line of his children. Liam bowed and the girls curtsied as their name was called.

Liam took over almost immediately. "Lord Faarskar, as a gift, we have brought you this bottle of wine from our own vineyards. This is our 908 Vintage Red. We hope you will enjoy it." Liam stepped forward and offered the bottle to his host, bowing slightly in respect.
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Elliott Faarskar's Photo Elliott Faarskar 26 Aug 2018

Victor Cairhaim’s family introduction had obviously been planned in detail. Elliott would have preferred something more authentic or improvised, but he decided to play along anyway. He looked at the young Cairhaim boy in front of him, took the bottle of wine from his hands, and nodded politely in Lord Cairhaim’s direction.

“Thank you,” he said, carefully putting the bottle on the table in front of him. A servant came quickly and, after looking at him to get a confirmation, opened the bottle and poured a bit of wine into six cups.

Elliott took his cup and leaned back, looking at the family in front of him. He hadn’t felt any Allomantic pulses so far, but he knew, thanks to Veeras, that Victor Cairhaim was a Rioter. Either the man hadn’t used his Allomancy yet, or there was a Coppercloud in the room. Taking a sip of his wine, he decided to flare his bronze for a moment, hoping to at least detect a soft pulse.

Nothing. No rhythm to follow, no music to make the meeting more interesting. At least the wine wasn’t bad. Elliott didn’t know much about wine, save for the fact that he liked drinking it.

“This wine’s really good,” he said, smiling softly. Not knowing what else to say, he decided to just take another sip of his wine, and stay in silence, his eyes travelling from one member of House Cairhaim to the next. Lord Cairhaim’s obviously rehearsed introduction made one thing pretty clear; either they performed the same act for every noble man and woman they met, or they had an interest in House Faarskar. Either way, Elliott was sure that Victor would speak again soon.

Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 19 Oct 2018

Victor smiled. "Yes, it's a fine vintage, one of the best we have produced. In 910, the yield was quite extraordinary."

Victor and his family sipped at their wine. His children were allowed such for their age, but they were limited in how much they could have. They would be fine with one glass. "I just wanted to let you know, that anything you need, we are close. Acclimating to a new area can often have it's own difficulties. We would be glad to help if you have need of anything."

The house was well done, and Victor thought he recognized the work. "I remember this house before the remodel, and if I don't miss my guess, this is House Sorelle work correct?"

Veeras's Photo Veeras 23 Oct 2018

Veeras stood by, willing to do whatever he needed as Master Elliott spoke with Lord Cairhaim. The man was a rioter, but the Terrisman noticed nothing different about his master's demeanor. The still didn't mean that he wasn't influencing Elliott. Victor Cairhaim had many years to practice and was likely very skilled.

Veeras scanned his metalminds, but didn't have any thing on Victor's children, except for birth records. It was likely at least one of the children had allomantic abilities, but Veera's had no idea what. Perhaps Elliott would know from his bronze, but it would be inappropriate to ask.

Victor spoke of the house and how well it was made. Of course, Victor had not seen the most beautiful room in the house - Master Elliott's music room with the piano that gleamed in the light. Veeras would make sure the instrument kept up in maintenance. It might even be worthwhile to tell the young Lord that his steward had perfect pitch just so Veeras could have an excuse to run his fingers over the ivory keys. Without permission, Veeras would not touch the instrument.

That room by itself made this whole house worth it, and Veeras was much more glad for being sent to serve Elliott here. His mind went briefly to the piece that Elliott had played on his violin for Lady Sorelle. While Master Elliott had been taking his nap, Veeras had transcribed the piece. The manuscript still sat on his desk in his own chambers. Veeras had even played the piece, but no matter what, he couldn't recapture Elliott Faarskar's own performance. It was almost as if he was having a conversation without having the second person there - almost as if it was a duet with one of the players.

Elliott Faarskar's Photo Elliott Faarskar 05 Dec 2018

"Ah, yes", Elliott said, smiling. Victor's mention of House Sorelle brought back a few images about Elliott's meeting with Lady Avril, earlier that day.

"As a matter of fact, Lady Avril Sorelle was here when I arrived, waiting to show me the place." He looked down at his cup of wine, remembering her standing at the entrance. "She's an... interesting lady."

She was more than just interesting. There was something really intriguing about her. Her attitude, her shifts in mood, the way she burned pewter... Elliott found himself wanting to spend more time with her, to get to know her better.

Focus, Elliott!

He looked up suddenly, meeting Lord Cairhaim's eyes. How long had he been distracted? Elliott noticed he'd been absently tapping the floor with his right foot, following the rhythm of a children's song. The one Avril had played on the piano.

The music made Elliott think of something else. Something that he'd been thinking of during most of his trip to Fellise. He looked from left to right, his eyes stopping briefly on each member of House Cairhaim, "So," he said, laying back on his seat, his smile widening at the sudden thought of couples dancing to the music. "Will you all be going to the balls? I must admit, I'm pretty excited about them".
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Victor Cairhaim's Photo Victor Cairhaim 13 Feb 2019

Victor gave Elliott a smile as he dropped out of whatever thoughts that he had. The young man had seemed to be distracted for a moment. Victor could put pieces together if he had willed it, but at this point, he really was just trying to get to know the other and maybe see if he could get a foot in the door business wise. The nervous tapping of Elliot's foot made Victor want to play a bit.

Victor himself tapped his chair a couple of times before answering the question as he picked up his glass of wine to take a sip. The signal was for his children who immediately stopped burning metals. Victor in turn began to burn zinc. Knowing that the other man was a seeker had it's advantages. Of course, it wasn't a secret that Victor was a rioter. Victor at this point didn't direct his burning at this point. People behaved in unique ways if they thought they were being manipulated. Elliott would likely wonder about his own emotions and whether or not they were being affected. It would be interesting to see how he reacted to his sudden allomancy.

"I myself go at times, but mostly my children go. It depends on the situation. I've been giving Liam a little more responsibility by allowing him to act as my proxy. Anaya and Bella often spend time socializing and dancing at the balls, and Kiriena is going to her first soon."

Anaya spoke up. "They are quite fun in Luthadel. There is good food, music, and dancing. It's nice getting to know more nobility in the city."

Elliott Faarskar's Photo Elliott Faarskar 06 Apr 2020

The music in Elliott's head shifted suddenly as a new rhythm filled him. The Rioter's March, he thought, excitement filling him. Lord Cairhaim was finally using his Allomancy. He smiled softly, listening to the man’s words, and flared his bronze, trying to define what exactly he was trying to make him feel. He didn’t have much practice with that, but had spent many hours with his brother in the last year, trying to get better at it. Still…

Nothing, he thought with frustration. There was something off with the pulse, something familiar, but he couldn’t exactly discover what. Maybe if he-

“They are quite fun in Luthadel,” Lady Anaya said, breaking his line of thought. “There is good food, music, and dancing.” Elliott felt his excitement slowly rising as he thought once again of the balls, imagining himself dancing with noblewomen, spinning as the music in his mind played to the rhythm of Lord Cairhaim’s Allomancy. What was the man doing? It didn’t matter; Elliott had to play along. He would just need to be careful with his emotions from now on.

“I can’t wait,” he said, smiling at Lady Anaya. “It will be wonderful to meet more people and get to dance. Do you-” he stopped, eyeing Lord Cairhaim. He had no choice, now. He kept his bronze flared, the familiar warmth filling his body, and spoke again, keeping his eyes on the eldest daughter. “Do you like to dance, Lady Anaya?”